Susan McGalla Empowering Women

Statistics have shown that businesses having employees and staff from both genders perform 15% better than those lacking both genders. Companies with ethnic diversity, on the other hand, perform 35% better than those who lack the diversity. Women after leadership positions should know that the fundamental component of success in the industry is leadership.

Most of the significant United States’ corporations as listed by Fortune 500 are observing both gender and ethnic diversity. Women in the world are working round the clock to attain the quality education and leadership positions in the companies. However, women in the companies are continually facing competition from their male counterparts. Women must, therefore, seek a different approach to dealing with the leadership issues to succeed in their activities.

Some women have taken some positive steps in helping their fellow women to grasp leadership positions in different organizations. One of them is Susan McGalla.

Through a wide range of tutorials and educative session, Susan McGalla has supported women into becoming leaders and reaching their goals as leaders in their organizations worldwide. She is an innovative leader that has led female business leaders to advance in their places of work.

Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman. She is also an apt executive consultant. She is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She had a successful career life. She started her career in Joseph Horne Company where she served on different levels in the marketing and managerial departments. She then joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for the company and later on became its President and Chief Merchandising Officer. Under her leadership, the American Eagle launched Aerie and 77kids brands. She resigned from the company.

Susan McGalla was born and raised in Ohio. She attended Mount Union College where she graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Business and Marketing. She serves on the Mount Union College Board of Advisors.

Mike Baur-Good governance supports tech startups industry in Switzerland

Switzerland is a developed country in the world. It has the best political environment that supports the business environment. It also has very good infrastructural development. The development we see in Switzerland have been precipitated by good governance that ensures that public funds are not misappropriated. When development funds are put to the best use, then proper development will be seen to happen. We all know how infrastructure development supports business growth. In Switzerland, corruption is not tolerated. People have to engage in income generating projects that will make them earn a good living. The culture of people working to earn what they want in life has been key to the development of the country.



The infrastructural development in the country has made education available to all. Today you will find some of the best universities in Switzerland. With education being accessible, the number of skilled young people who are being churned out of the universities is huge. The industries in Switzerland have access to highly learned and trained professionals who have the requisite skills to come up with innovations that will make the business environment to grow.



With this development, there is something else that is happening in Switzerland. The country has the best technology infrastructural development in Europe. It is one of the countries where startups businesses are popping up now and then. In Zurich and other cities in the country, there many tech startups businesses that are coming up. The country is a global leader in the development of the startup businesses. This current trends in this development have been supported by the factors that we have listed above. When the business environment is surrounded by a peaceful political environment, it is likely to thrive. Switzerland has managed to outdo many other countries in the region a tech hub.



About Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory



Apart from the supportive political environment that supports tech startup businesses to thrive, there are other reasons. In Switzerland, there is a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This is a company that deals with mentoring and training startup entrepreneurs. The intention is to arm them with the requisite knowledge that is needed to make startups thrive. According to Mike Baur, the head of Swiss Startup Factory, many startups fail due to lack of knowledge on the part of the entrepreneur. Mike Baur has made his intention to train and mentor as many startup entrepreneurs as possible from all over the globe.



Social media rains fame and fortune for two-year-old twins

When Katie Stauffer, first posted a conversation between her two-year-old twin daughters, she probably never thought that it would turn her world dramatically.

It was simply a case of innocent child conversation leading into a sequence of events that finally placed fame and fortune on them and their family.

The video conversation recorded by their 14-year-old sister Kaitlin in summer has been viewed over 4 million times, catching the eye of marketers and big corporations among them Walmart, Rental Car, Amazon and Macy’s.

The twin sisters, Mila and Emma, are basically fantasizing about what they would like to be when they grow up.

At first, they seem to be going through the possibility of one making a good teacher while the other one would be a doctor. Emma says that she would like to be a teacher, but Mila quickly reminds her that she hates kids, to which she reluctantly agrees. With a good measure of humor, the kids go through a series of other possible careers including an engineer, an actress, and even a builder, each time carefully highlighting the pros and cons of each profession.

Looking at the global reaction to this video, several things come to mind. Children exposure and the negative and positive possibilities it presents them in life is one of them. Agreeably, these kids from Phoenix have a world that is well open for them to learn of what the world out there holds. At the thought of making a career as builders, Emma says to her sister that it would be “too sweaty for us.”

Such enlightenment on two-year-olds does not always make it to the big screen but the kids are now well on their way to it as several contracts are placed under their parent’s choices lists.

Declining to reveal how much the deals have amounted to, Stauffer said that they have been very lucrative. She has since left her job as an escrow worker to engage in her new task handling the twins.

The Career of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and entrepreneur. He has spent a number of years practicing as surgeon as well as running a number of business ventures. While he was a surgeon, Mark built a reputation of providing excellent care and advocating for the well being of his patients. While Mark experienced a lot of success as a surgeon, he would also look to get into entrepreneurship as well. Dr. McKenna started up a real estate development firm as well as a company that provided mortgage lending services. These two companies helped make a difference in improving the New Orleans community. In terms of educational background, Mark attended Tulane University where he completed medical school. Once he was finished with his medical education and training, he would practice medicine for a few years.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Mark’s business interests were lost. However, Mark looked to make a difference in his community by rebuilding the city of New Orleans. He completed a number of redevelopment projects which entailed putting together low to moderate income housing units. This helped many people get much needed shelter after the hurricane. In the year 2007, Mark would relocated himself and his family to Atlanta, Georgia. Once he relocated, he started up a company named OVME which would specialize in medical aesthetics. He would also start up a practice known as ShapeMed which would provide medical services in wellness and medical aesthetics for patients.

Mark has attained a lot of success in business during Mark’s career. One of the things that has led to his success is to read on a regular basis. He says that the book Think and Grow Rich was instrumental in giving him the visionary mindset to reach his goals. Along with reading on a regular basis, Mark also says that it is beneficial to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. With this approach, you will have the ability to get recommendations on how to reach a number of your business objectives more easily. Whenever he is not working, Mark spends time with his wife, daughter and pet dog along with training in the marital art JiuJitsu.

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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Gives Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

When Doe Deere founded Lime Crime she was following her own personal path to creating a top quality line of cosmetics that features the bright shades she personally loves. She admits she never thought there were so many women out there who were looking for the exact same styles of makeup.


When asked what makeup means to her, Doe Deere says that it gives her the freedom to be herself. She hopes that other women will also see her bright colors and feel they are free to express themselves. Doe Deere is nothing if not a fan of outward expression of her inner self. She appears in bright shades of hair and makeup that accent her doll-like features. She is known by Lime Crime fans as the “Queen of the Unicorns.” Lime Crime users call themselves Unicorns. They are bright, dazzling creatures that stand out boldly in a sea of horses.


When it comes to her advice for the next generation of female entrepreneurs, she encourages them to simply, “go where you love.” This simple, eloquent advice is a perfect pairing with the company’s vision to empower women to simply be their true selves and to strike out boldly in every manner. Whether that may be something as small as sporting a bright purple lipstick or as large as striking out and starting their own companies.


Lime Crime’s tagline is “Rebellion in Color,” which suits the company’s founder perfectly. When she founded Lime Crime, the mission was to revolutionize makeup and how it makes you feel. The company has been extremely apt to social media and currently features a prominent panel on its website using user-submitted images of them rocking Lime Crime looks.


Lime Crime is also completely Vegan friendly and has been certified as cruelty free by both Leaping Bunny and PETA. The company prides itself on only using the finest ingredients. They also are known for rolling out very specific collections. Learn more:


They recently launched an adorable line of eyeshadow pallattes called Pocket Candy Pallettes. These clever, brightly colored plastic pallattes come in a shell that looks exactly like the ’90s rave toy Polly Pockets. This is a great example of how Lime Crime isn’t afraid to break the mold and stand out in a crowd. Of course, every ’90s child will be scooping these up as fast as they can.


Overall, Doe Deere’s message is to be true to yourself and never be afraid to stand out!


The surprising facts about Securus Technologies in Crime Prevention

Secures Technologies is a Texas-based US prison technology company that deals in criminal and civil justice, solutions on technology-based investigations as well as the inmates and public safety. It was established in 2014, and Its CEO is Richard (Rick) Smith.

There are many people that the company serves in the US.

This company helps the society not only in the investigations and physical safety but also in the provision of employment to the citizens of the US and Canada. It has served 2200 correction facilities, a population of more than 2.5 million people, and at the same time employs more than 1000 individuals.

What are the real services that the company has offered to consumers?

Every organization thrives from the services delivery review from the customers. Different consumers encourage the company to advance more on its services to them. The most outstanding ones are outlined in the release including the provision of clues on the criminal transaction conversed through calls. The deals that have been most common among the many cases that the company has helped in solving include corruption within corporations, illegal drug sales and even killings among other crimes.

Which software does Securus Technologies use to deliver most of its services?

Securus Technologies use some of the powerful technology software to provide confidential information about the calls that the inmates make. However, at times other companies also approach them for such services and they always deliver the best services. The company used LBS software to record such calls and store them for investigation purposes.

The guiding principles and ethics of Securus Technologies in crime prevention

This great company operates on the principles of confidentiality, transparency, and truthfulness. The company does not let its customers down. The Better Business Bureau in the US credits it here for their quality service and operational ethics.


Michel Terpins Proves that Racing is Still Popular

Many kids wanted to become race car drivers. It is a career that is full of adrenaline and seems fantastic from an average racing sports lover. However, there is more to being a rally driver than meets the eye. Michel Terpins is acutely aware of this since he is one of the most well-known rally drivers in Brazil. At the moment he is a part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and this forty-year-old is not complaining about his life or old age.

He was among those rally drivers who took part in the Sertoes Rally celebrating the 25th time the rally was on. His navigator for the race was Maykel Justo, and they were able to finish among the top five racers. They won two stages out of possible three and were only slower because of technical issues. It was a three hundred and six hundred kilometre distance between Santa Terezinha de Goias to Aruana that had an impact on his final time, but Michel Terpins is not complaining about it.

He is one of the top rally drivers and is a familiar face for everybody who is a Sertoes Rally fan and has been in the business from the early two thousand. Michel raced motorcycles and then joined his brother who is also a racer.

Michel Terpins knows how crucial it is to work hard and how much attention he has to pay during every race and he wants to inspire other people to start racing as well. It is not a dull career, and he loves it. He also enjoys his connection to the fans of the sport. His name is well known in Brazil, and that is fine. It’s resilience and dedication that helped him succeed climbing the ladder of popularity and progress through various races over the years, and he doesn’t want to stop.

There are people who would say that he has had an easy life but anybody who knows anything about driving a race car off road will be able to attest that it takes a lot of mental and physical readiness to be able to race. The reaction time must be very fast and the team-mates must trust one another to work as a well-oiled machine.


Britons Are More Loyal To Hairdressers than Better Half

One significant part of grooming is the hair dressing part. This is a section of the body that attracts more attention compared to other areas of the body. That is why in areas like Britain, most citizens are loyal to hairdressers compared to their romantic partners. This may sound funny but it factual. Just like any other person in a different country, Britons are known for their multiple visits to the hairdresser. In fact, these visits and friendly relationships cannot exceed average couple relationships.


Most Britons are worried about getting a faulty haircut or style than they are concerned about getting into a fight with their partners. It is no wonder that in the United Kingdom, 69% of the citizens are committed to their partners while 74% of the same population is determined to the hairdresser. The relationships also have a reflection on the dwindling personal relations with other people. To make the matter worse, the relationships with the hairdressers take an average of over five years on the lower side. According to reports from the direct line of business, most of the older Britons have been loyal to their hairdressers. This is because 57% of the adults pay a visit to the hairdresser about 55 times in a year.


In the entire cycle of personal relationships as well as those with the hairdressers, natives of the north east area are more loyal to the persons who treat their hair. Two-thirds of this population explained that they always visit the same hairdresser. About half of the same population from the south west stated that they were loyal to one hairdresser. This community pointed out a particular shop in the locality. Most of the people who visit salons trim their hair every year. It is interesting that in a world sinking in economic crisis and political misunderstanding, news concerning people’s relationships with their hairdressers tops some of the media channels.

Will Smith’s Perfect Aging Has Got The Media In A Frantic

The media’s attention has recently been captivated by a Twitter user that made quite an interesting observation.
It involves Will smith and his role on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
We all know about the charming looks Smith offered while playing the main role in the 90s Sitcom about a teenage boy who moves to California with his wealthy relatives and gets himself involved in every situation imaginable that a teenage boy could possibly get himself into.
In a popular episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith’s character dresses up as a full on dad and shows up to a parent-teacher conference to get his cousin Ashley from getting into trouble.
In the episode impersonating Ashley’s dad, Smith appears with a fake mustache, big round glasses, a touch of scattered grey hair, and the inevitable dad fashion of the 90’s.
The Twitter user made the observation that present day Will Smith looks exactly like the will who portrayed Ashley’s dad more than 20 years ago!
Twitter users had a lot to say, involving mixed emotions and a bit of reminiscence towards Will’s role in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Some claimed Will Smith somehow looks younger today than he did in 1994!
There is also other crazy theories that Will Smith is actually a vampire that does not age!
Considering his great looks and kept up figure, Will Smith being a vampire is not totally out of the picture.
It could also just be great genetics and the simple fact that Will Smith has aged perfectly through out the years.
Regardless of what the situation might be that is keeping the media wondering why Will Smith looks exactly the same as he did more than 20 years ago, there is one thing we can all agree on: Share your skin care secrets with us Will!

Meme Scrapbooks are a True Sign of Friendship

Friendship sometimes makes a person do crazy things. More often than not, those crazy things are done purely out of love. There’s a guy named Khaled who might be the most epic friend ever and it’s for a reason that may surprise you.

It’s because of memes! Who doesn’t love memes? They’re a great source of humor to break up our sometimes monotonous days. Memes are silly pictures with word captions that can be found all over the internet. There’s typically a different meme trending every month if not every week. If you’re not at a computer at all times, it’s difficult to keep up with the meme trends! According to Buzzfeed, that’s exactly what Khaled was worried about with his friend Jasmin who was heading to boot camp. He didn’t want her to miss out on all the great memes since she would be without a computer for several months.

In boot camp, they’re allowed mail. That’s when Khaled decided to make a scrapbook full of memes! People all over the internet saw what Khaled was doing and they absolutely loved the idea. Many wished that they had a friend goofy enough and thoughtful enough to send them a meme care package because let’s face it, who doesn’t love memes? This silly idea was actually quite simple. All Khaled had to do was paste them on Microsoft Word and print them out. His care package required minimal effort and almost no money yet it’s something his best friend will love.

It’s also great because now she won’t have to worry about catching up on all the memes when she gets back! As we all know, meme trends change so quickly. Blink and you might miss some of the greats. Now, Jasmine has something to look back on and remember especially when boot camp gets tough.