How HCR Wealth Advisors Addresses the Debts Issue

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. The company helps its clients to create personalized financial strategies. In addition, HCR Wealth Advisors helps to educate its clients on investment as well as helping to protect them against risks. HCR Wealth puts the client’s confidentiality and security at heart in the process of serving them through trust and professionalism. The firm, based in Los Angeles, California, has made a name for itself in the investment advisory industry over the years.

According to HCR Wealth Advisors, there is a difference between good and bad debt. The firm points out that many investors overlook debts during their net worth calculations. To determine your net worth, you calculate the difference between your assets and your liabilities. HCR Wealth recognizes though that debt is an important part of many people’s financial picture.

HCR Wealth points out that the way the borrower uses the debt determines whether it is good or bad debt. As the firm explains, a person should consider the 28/36 rule to determine the amount to borrow. The 28 part indicates that you should not have more than about 28% of household income before tax to pay for home debt. The home debt covers your insurance, mortgage interest, as well as taxes against the properties.

The 36 part, on the other hand, addresses the entire amount of debt. You should ensure that no more than 36% of your pretax household income should service all debts, including home debt. HCR Wealth Advisors terms good debts as those that provide additional advantages to you. For example, low-cost loans for education and mortgages fall under this bracket because they have the potential for tax advantages. Many people can deduct the interest paid on such loans on the tax returns.

On the other hand, HCR Wealth identifies as bad debts the amount incurred either on personal loans or on high-interest credit cards. However, the wealth manager is quick to note that these loans can become bad if not paid in full on time. An example is taking a personal loan to finance a lavish vacation trip if you cannot really afford it. The consequences of not paying such a loan on time are harsh because some credit cards attract interest rates of as high as 19%. HCR Wealth offers advisory services to help to protect clients against risks involved in incurring such bad debt.

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Rick Cofer, The insightful advocate

Rick Cofer is an established criminal defense attorney in the United States of America. He has been involved in many cases over the years that have helped him develop an idea towards the best practices of delivering justice. In any crime committed, the law aims to punish the offender, at the same time offering a sense of solace to the victim of the crime. Additionally, it also the goal of the justice system that offenders are rehabilitated during their stay in the justice system’s rehabilitation centers and prisons.

According to thenewsversion, Rick Cofer, in a recently published article, provides his opinions regarding determinate sentencing and their eventual outcome on young sex offenders. He is of the notion that the application of determinate sentencing on young sex offenders is not the best solution to solving a sex crime that was committed. He argues that indeterminate sentencing is the most appropriate method of acquiring justice to victims and teaching a lesson to offenders as well as rehabilitating them.

Punishments that have a window for reduction and leniency upon an offender acknowledging their mistakes serve a higher purpose for all parties involved. Discriminate sentencing, on the other hand, advocates for the maximum possible punishment for an offender. Therefore, it is logically correct to state that to obtain the maximum results and the goals of the Texas family law, legal professionals need to apply independent thought while delivering determinate sentences.

Rick Cofer advocates for the application of a holistic rehabilitation system. A system that encompasses all aspects of rehabilitation and spirituality, towards reforming child sex offenders and first degree offenses. He is of the notion that through inculcating proper values into offenders while in the juvenile penal system could prove fruitful towards protecting society and the individual at large. Additionally, adequate treatment of the offenders instills some urge to reform to experience the joy of early release, probation, and or parole for them as enlisted indiscriminate sentencing.

On the other hand, discriminate sentencing reduces the hope of individuals ever getting out of prison and the justice system. Therefore, individuals undergoing discriminate sentences are more often than not less susceptible to reform. Additionally, Rick Cofer argues that the holistic approach of treatment and indiscriminate punishments to a great extent, help to curb cases of recidivism. Studies conducted by the Connecticut criminal justice system and a Maine study exhibited results that under four percent of released sex offenders committed crimes again. Considering that the reviews were conducted over three years upon release of the inmates, it is logically sound to conclude that the inmates are reformed.

In the United States of America, sex offenders are registered. For young offenders below the age of fifteen years, the information is not available to the general public. However, new legislation seeks to make young offenders above fifteen years open to the public, which prompts the question, Will it do more harm than good. Registration ensures that the crimes of the past follow the individual long after their atonement, which conflicts to ensure that young offenders reform, according to Rick Cofer.

Isabel dos Santos Maintains Her Strong Reputation

Isabel dos Santos was able to make an urgent request to the public through Instagram to defend her reputation and name after a contract has been declared invalid during a settlement with the nation and this was decided by the of the President of Angola known as João Lourenço. The debate and discussion between Isabel dos Santos and Joao Lourenco continue. The Angolan Head of State was able to decline the contract that was linked to the Marginal da Corimba, the Angolan businesswoman was able to state her message on social media and posted it particularly on her account on Instagram where she ensured that no individual can get its reputation and good name. According to Isabel dos Santos, each and everyone in this world has the right to have a stable reputation and a good name. Leaders and business owners know the significance of having a clean name because it is how they are able to earn the loyalty and trust of the people. Having a strong foundation of trust is crucial when it comes to earning respect and showing others that you are capable of doing good.

Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen in Angola and she is held accountable for the economy of her country as well as the companies that she is in partnership with. She stated that she is responsible for all of her staff, employees, friends, and partners who are dependent on her and every single one who trusts in her decisions and actions on a daily basis. Millions of people trust Isabel dos Santos because of her strengths and character. She values integrity and she has always been devoted to the people of Angola and her responsibility to work and to act in a correct and legal way. She said that her reputation and name is something that no can ever take away. She chose her path, she willingly chose to handle the challenges on her own and to do her best on every project that she did for the industry, the people, and her love for the country.

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All You Need To Know About Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal is a joint venture capital that specializes in the provision of engineering, procurement among other high revenue services. Founded in 2002, the company has spread itself across many industries in Brazil. The company offers top quality services for clients operating in the oil and gas, chemical and mining industries.

The company has set up camp at Sao Paulo, a town in Brazil. Other services offered include construction and commissioning services. Most of the company’s clients operate in the in fracture, petrochemical and energy industries. These fields often require high skill sets and high precision tools, both of which Toyo has invested in acquiring.

Katsumo Ishibashi is the CEO of the upcoming company. The company was awarded a contract that is so diverse; it could only be assigned to a company with the proficiency Toyo Setal has developed over the years. According to, Petróleo Brasileiro issued the contract, which required Toyo Setal to construct hydrogen production facilities. The facilities were to be installed in Rio de Janeiro. The project was set to be started as soon as the acquisition of materials was finished.


When the contract was issued, the projected date of completion for the project was mid-2016. The projects were considered some of the most critical projects in Brazilian history. The facilities Toyo Setal was to build were to be installed in facilities known as COMPERJ, which play a massive part in the production of light oil petrochemicals used in every household. The importance of the sights is encompassed by the fact that they are the only ones that were equipped enough to process the products from the heavy oil that was produced in local oil fields.

Toyo Setal is committed to taking care of the environment. The company is also involved in community development efforts in Brazil. Such efforts include the impact of management efforts in Rio Grande. The company started the efforts to help the community measure the effect of the construction of the pipeline, which affected the supply of water to the citizens. Their findings were the direct cause of amends being made in the pipeline construction plans avoiding the consequences.


Dr. Walden Offers Laser Hair Removal For Both Men And Women In NYC

Often times we hear about men wanting to do something about their receding hairline. Sometimes, we hear about men wanting to do something about their gradual loss of hair. Today, we won’t talk about that. What we’ll discuss is men wanting hair removed from their bodies. Yes, yes very different from the above mentioned. However, laser hair removal does not only benefit women, but it also benefits men too. Back hairs, chest hairs, and even facial hairs are a few examples where men may opt for laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

You are probably wondering, “how does laser hair removal work?” Laser hair removal works by “targeting hair follicles in the active growth phase.” Generally, it “zaps” the unwanted hair and prevents it from growing back. Unlike with shaving, tweezing, or waxing, laser hair removal targets hair producing follicles that are located under the epidermis.

In a recent article, we take a glimpse at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Skintology MedSpa in New York. They offer laser hair removal as part of their services at the location. The article begins to describe laser hair removal as a solution to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair. It then moves forward to talk about the mechanics of laser hair removal as previously mentioned.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. She graduated from The University of Texas Medical Branch in 1998 earning her Medical Degree in Medicine. After graduating, she also completed her Residency at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Integrated Plastic Surgery in 2003. She was also fellowship trained at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital in New York. In addition to her extensive educational background and training, Dr. Walden is also a highly recognized surgeon. In 2014, she was recognized as one of “Texas Super Doctors”. In 2016, she was recognized as one of “Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors” and was also chosen to be a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

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If you would like to visit the Skintology Medspa, their address is located at 157 East 57th St, Fl 1 New York, NY 10022. You may also visit their website, here. Click here to learn more

Betterworks Becomes A Major Part Of All HR Solutions

The Betterworks software may be relatively young, having only been released in 2013, but it is already an important part of the human resources sector. Betterworks CEO, Doug Dennerline explains the major issues facing the HR sector include a lack of engagement for staff members, developing effective managers, and transparency in the workplace. Betterworks has the ability to address all these issues and reduce the amount of work needing to be done to develop strategies for HR professionals to innovate in the workplace.

In the 21st-century, the level of unemployment is low with the ability of workers to compete to gain roles in any setting they choose. For this reason, it is vital for HR professionals to create a dynamic corporate culture which runs far deeper than simply paying lip service to the needs of employees.

An impressive corporate culture can take many different forms and usually includes the transparent return of feedback moving both to and from HR managers to keep all individuals happy in the workplace. Workers now feel the need to be connected to the workplace through a shared search for goals which can take many different forms. Recent studies have shown around 87 percent of workers are not engaged in the business they work in meaning they are not working to their full potential. Finally, Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline explains the need for more impressive HR managers is vital in providing the feedback and support employees need to feel engaged for the future.

Bhanu Choudhrie on Two Important Things

Remember that there are two things in life that you must always do as an aspiring business professional. Those two things are to stay positive and to keep a good mindset overall, then to prioritize what matters. When you prioritize, you become better and you become more effective overall.

Why Prioritizing Would Help You Achieve What You Want

Bhanu Choudhrie will prioritize, you should too.

Making to do lists is the first step into achieving your goals, whether they are short term or long term in nature.

It’s because looking at your goals and judging your progress on a daily basis is one of the biggest indicators and motivators towards getting what you want.

The action tells you when you are on the right path, and it informs you when you are not. Needless to say, it helps you move from task to task with ease. It assists you in getting things into motion when you badly need them to, and it even lets you take a step back and relax when you could afford to do so.

But getting things done through a to-do list could be quite overwhelming as well. When you are not making the most out of this super easy technique, then it could only get repetitive and grueling without giving you the benefits you want.

Yet, you could ensure to steer clear from repetition and stress by a simple thing.

One word: prioritizing.

Positive Mental Attitude

All in all, business mavens such as Bhanu Choudhrie keep in mind that acceptance, not evasion, is the key to recovery from life’s darker and even slightly stressful events. If you stop avoiding issues and address them instead, you would find a certain balance and sense of calm that would remain unmatched by any other thing in the world.

This is part of the zen of Bhanu Choudhrie and others that are in elevated positions. They are able to accept and let things go, this has a positive impact on their health, their outlook and their life in general. This impacts their business, their family, their ventures, and their many adventures that they take on in life.

Staying positive is key to Bhanu Choudhrie.

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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Changed The Chinese Retail Industry

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese entrepreneur and executive in the retail industry. He founded which is China’s leading online retail company. He is also the chief executive officer. When he first established this company it had a single retail location in Beijing. It now sells products across virtually the entirety of China.

Richard Liu was born in Suqian, Jiangsu province. His parents were coal shippers who showed him the value of working hard and getting a good education. After completing his secondary education, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended The People’s University of China. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. While he was a college student he also taught himself how to do computer coding.

His first job was at Japan Life which is a firm that provides nutritional supplements. He was able to leverage his computer coding skills at this company and climbed the ladder all the way up to the position of director of computers. Richard Liu Qiangdong left this company in 1998 so that he could become an entrepreneur. He started a company that sold computer parts.

His company eventually had several locations. However, the Chinese SARS outbreak was devasting to his business. Richard Liu decided to shift his company into being an online retailer. Over time he added other products to his website and it now sells a huge range of products. It is considered to be the Amazon of China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong introduced luxury goods to Chinese consumers. He forms partnerships with companies around the world who sell their products through When it comes to any product everything is authenticated to make sure it is the real deal and not a forgery, including luxury goods. People trust that anything they buy through is not a fraud.

His company can even sell products to people in remote villages, something no other online retail company in China can claim. In order to do so, Richard Liu has built warehouses all over China. He has also introduced technology such as drones to make deliveries to places that aren’t easily accessible by car. His company now operates the biggest drone fleet in the world.

About Richard Liu:

How Betsy DeVos Is Attempting Education Reform In Modern America

Today, Betsy DeVos is widely known as the secretary of education, which is a position she obtained through her many philanthropic efforts. As far back as the 1990s, Ms. DeVos was interested in bringing greater educational choice to the children of low-income families. Her passion for this cause was inspired upon learning that many families in her own community were forced to rely on underfunded public schools to provide adequate education for their children. Betsy realized this lack of choice set those children at a disadvantage in comparison to children attending charter and private schools.

Ms. DeVos began by donating to organizations that lobbied for more educational opportunities in low-income neighborhoods, but she eventually took a more active role. Among the many philanthropic organizations she chairs, Betsy is directly involved with Kids Hope USA, the American Federation for Children, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the Alliance for School Choice. Having been involved with these organizations throughout the years, Ms. DeVos has had the opportunity to watch several educational choice programs in action.

In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos commented on the effectiveness of those programs. She said she’s particularly proud of scholarship and voucher programs that help families send their children to charter schools. While these programs only help one family at a time, Betsy says the growing popularity of these programs are helping to send more children to charter schools. It’s just one way that local and state governments are initiating programs to help the children of low-income families gain access to more educational choices.

Ultimately, Ms. DeVos can see online learning providing an even greater range of choices for children and their families. While online learning is just gaining popularity, Betsy hopes to see it evolve to offer more choices for elementary and high school students. This option of online learning blended with classroom lectures can offer the best possible options. Instead of determining educational choice based solely on the community in which the child lives, home-based learning can provide many more opportunities.

Where charter schools aren’t available to many low-income families, Betsy hopes to see homeschooling gain momentum as another option. This could be an especially important consideration in providing more low-income families with better educational options. Instead of being restricted to the public school curriculum, Betsy DeVos hopes these options will provide better opportunities to parents regardless of socio-economic status.

Ms. DeVos anticipates seeing greater progress achieved in the educational system by combining improved government programs with advancements in technology. When children are presented with the broader range of choices in the communities and online, they can take better control of their own education. Eventually, families will be able to provide the types of education that will meet the personalized needs of their children.


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Ashley Brasier And Her Venture Capital Enterprise

Ashley Brasier has started Lightspeed Venture Partners to help her clients find money for their businesses. The company has grown to help people make their companies grow, and Ashley has used her passionate interest in prototyping to make these companies better. Ashley is an expert in the field who knows how to grow companies just like she did when she was with Thumbtack. She was educated at both Duke and Stanford, and she knows how to make a new company grow to greater heights. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

  1. What Is The Ashley Lightspeed Plan?

The Ashley Lightspeed plan is the plan that all companies are given when they are starting out. These companies given funding through her many partners, and they are put into a plan that will make their company grow as fast as possible. These companies are pushed to release their products, to make their company marketing plan, and the use their money wisely.

  1. Funding

Ashley Brasier finds all her funding through many partners that she has all over the country. She knows how to make the companies that she works with grow, and she finds venture capitalists who want to invest in her clients. These clients are growing at exponential rates because they have moved faster than the competition, and they have an expert in their corner who knows how to make them better.

  1. Conclusion

Ashley Brasier is a good partner for all companies because she knows how to make these companies grow, how to show them a better path, and how to find them more funding. She travels across the country every week to find better funding for her clients because she wants them to have the best options for funding, the most extra cash, and wants them to ask for more money when they need to expand. Learn more: