Livio Bisterzo Reveals New Chickpea Based Snack

Starbuck’s has recently added an all-new gluten-free snack selection to its roster. The snack is called Hippeas and it is one of the most popular new snacks on the market for healthy food enthusiasts that are looking for something tasty and healthy that they can eat while they are on the go. The snack is…
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ClassDojo: A New Classroom Communication Platform

It is every parent’s joy to be a part of his or her child’s life. However, life is not cheap, and parents have to work to provide for their families. Like children, jobs are demanding and require their undivided attention. The consequence of this is that parents do not have the luxury of interacting with…
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How PPC Advertising Can Help You Succeed In Business

Are you looking for a great advertising platform that will enable you to reach your audience? Do you want to find a reliable ad agency or PPC specialist to guide you to profitable campaigns? If you are serious about running a successful ad campaign, you need to consider using the services of White Shark Media…
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NutriMost Is Finding Success with Both Health and the Law

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But it’s equally clear that this can become a severe legal issue quite quickly when business is involved. This is one of the underlying messages of a recent case involving a popular diet system called NutriMost. The company has caught a lot of people’s attention due to just how effective it’s proven itself to be. But a rival company went as far as to simply take one of NutriMost’s videos and place it on their own site. A few changes to the text within it is all it took to make the video misattribute positive results from NutriMost to the rival brand. This not only infringes on NutriMost’s rights, but those of the customers featured within the video. Thankfully NutriMost is working on receiving legal compensation for this theft. Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video The reason why they were such a tempting target is clear. NutriMost is quickly becoming one of the most popular weight loss systems around. And it’s equally clear why that’s the case. Unlike many systems NutriMost is highly focused on creating healthy lifestyles. Just losing weight tends to be a quick fix that doesn’t last. But losing weight while also working on creating a healthier lifestyle is something that will quite literally last a lifetime. And it’s also something that NutriMost has made far easier than almost anything which has come before them. As the name suggests, the program strives to really pack nutrition into every meal. NutriMost also places a heavy focus on the ways in which different foods can help people achieve different goals. The plan teaches people which foods will help them lose weight when they still need to do so. And afterwards, it has plenty of information about which foods are perfect for helping people stay at their stable goal weight. The results speak for themselves. And there’s good reason why even doctors are recommending it to their patients. Learn more:

Mike Baur is a Startup Expert

Mike Baur is a businessman who helped establish the Swiss Startup Factory AG. The Swiss Start-up Factory AG works with startups and helps transform them into global powerhouses. The company is headquartered in Zurich, a northern Switzerland city. Baur is quite a seasoned professional. He’s been involved in banking in the Central European nation for…
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