Reasons Kabbalah Is Receiving the Attention of Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars

Kabbalah center is the biggest international organization that has consistently shown the commitment to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. The center was established in 1922, by Rav Yehuda Ashlag with the sole purpose of equipping people with the wisdom, and the tools needed to facilitate the improvement of lives, and the elimination of chaos from the world.Recognized as the leading source of Kabbalistic wisdom, Kabbalah center is present in more than 50 locations across the world, and over 5000 people involved in studying weekly. Apart from availing physical locations for studying, the center also avails online learning resources such as lectures, downloads, CDs and DVDs, books and prayer services.

For a long time, Jewish people are the only people who have shown interest in tapping Kabbalistic wisdom, but this has since changed. This growing interest in Kabbalah by non-Jewish individuals may have been driven by the energy exhibited by Madonna. Besides investing heavily in the study of ancient Jewish tradition, Madonna opened up several Kabbalah centers. Other prominent personalities that have since shown interest in Kabbalah include the late Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, the Late Marilyn Monroe, the late Elizabeth Taylor and Paris Hilton among numerous others. There are good reasons why famous celebrities have developed an interest in Kabbalistic wisdom.

1. It brings calm to one’s life
Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard explained that Kabbalah eliminated 80 percent of the chaos in her life. Her remarks were echoed by Paris Hilton who said that she managed to cope with her breakup with Nick Carter thank to Kabbalistic wisdom. She claimed to have gone to the Los Angeles’ Kabbalah center immediately after they broke up, and she still visits on a regular basis.

2. Unbeatable innate strength
The late Sammy Davis told Times Magazine that his interest in Kabbalah was to become part of a 5000-year-old history of people who have strong personalities. The late personality was challenged by the inherent strength evident in the Jews even after having been under oppression for thousands of years. He wanted to be part of that legacy.

3. Unexplained connection with Kabbalah
People like the late Marilyn Monroe found themselves attracted to Judaism. She could not fit in fundamentalist Christianity that she was brought up in. Marilyn was attracted to the Judaism concept of having a close family life. She ended up converting to Judaism.Kabbalah fanatics such as Britney Spears have been somewhat dishonest about their intentions. She was introduced to it by Madonna, who has been her long time friend. After her break up with Kevine, Britney renounced all forms of faith but later developed an interest in Hinduism.Traditionally, only Jews over 40 years are allowed to study Kabbalah.

Sujit Choudhry: a Passionate Professor in Comparative Constitutional Law

The comparative law deals with the enactment and implementation of legal frameworks that govern countries. Its main branches include comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, and comparative commercial law. In higher learning institutions, students who study comparative law are emancipated about the elements of legal systems. They also learn how these legal systems relate and differ. The relevance of comparative law increases as economic globalization and democratization takes place.


Succeeding in a professional field such as the comparative law requires more than proper conduct and professionalism. Sujit Choudhry is one of the few legal experts who have mastered the art of comparative constitutional law. He has more than twenty years’ experience of serving as a legal advisor to countries such as Ukraine, South Africa, and Tunisia.  Visit this site.


Sujit Choudhry’s Research Publications


Sujit Choudhry usually conducts research on constitutional design topics. In his studies, he emphasizes on how the constitution can be used to enhance peaceful democratic politics and solve conflicts. He is an author of over ninety book chapters, reports, articles, and working papers. Most of Choudhry’s research publications focus on the Canadian constitutional law. His notable publications include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas.


Career and Academic Background


Sujit Choudhry was appointed as the first director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The institution usually collects and mobilizes constitutional knowledge. Choudhry also collaborated with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. The collaboration allowed him to assist in the management of three research projects scheduled for publishing in 2017. Choudhry is also affiliated with the United Nations Mediation Roster. He usually provides consultancy services to the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute. He studied law at high-profile universities, including Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto.  Click this.


Executive Board Roles


As an executive board member, Choudhry provides strategic planning insights to several committees and boards. The International Society of Public Law appointed him as a member of its executive committee. He also belongs to the International Journal of Constitutional Law editor’s board. Choudhry is also a member of the Constitutional Court Review editorial board and Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law editorial advisory board.

Follow him at his




Whitney Wolfe Leaves Room For Creative Planning In Dating With Bumble

One of the many issues with dating in general even with dating apps is that it causes people to spend so much mental energy in getting that date. As a result, they don’t have as much mental energy to spend on figuring out a plan for what they would do with dating. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has seen the issues that plague even many of the dating apps that are out now. Therefore, she has come up with an idea that will make it easier and quicker for the user to find a date. This new dating app is called Bumble.

Bumble is a lot like the other apps except that it has an advantage that takes it above the competition. This advantage is that it easily brings people a match. The other advantage is that it puts the responsibility on the woman to message the man that she is matched to within 24 hours. This not only makes it faster for the woman, but makes it easier for the men. Men have had a lot of issues when it comes to other dating apps. Whitney Wolfe has seen it herself and has decided to solve it for both men and women.

This leaves more room for both men and women to come up with plans for what they can do when they meet. The only thing is that it is important for people to not put too much pressure on themselves. The purpose of the date is to meet the person they are dating to get to know them.

Afterwards, they can decide after a few more dates whether or not they are compatible enough to pursue a more serious relationship with. The app that is created by Whitney Wolfe is very good at making sure that people are well matched with each other. Bumble shows that Whitney Wolfe thinks about the user and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

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Sam Boraie: Redeveloping New Brunswick in New Jersey

During the 1970s New Brunswick became blighted and dangerous because the middle-class residents moved to newer areas surrounding the city. Today, the city has developed to have several examples of urban renewal in the United States. New Brunswick is currently experiencing an unprecedented wave of growth and investment that has transformed the once falling city into a thriving urban center. The city is supporting smart growth by offering an assortment of affordable types of housing: high-rise, single-family, and low-rise residential. New Brunswick is also encouraging a mixed-use development where jobs, services, and housing are in proximity to each other.

One of the investors who are to receive credit for the revitalization of this city is Sam Boraie’s father, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie established the family real estate business after emigrating from Egypt in the 1970s. He started a small City-based real estate firm and grew to become a major redevelopment company that works in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark.

Mr. Omar Boraie saw a great potential in New Brunswick four decades ago, The majority of people doubted his dream of rebuilding New Brunswick with high-rise condo like those in New York. Today his vision of Brunswick is materializing, and people no longer think he is crazy.

Sam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development, LLC, a New Jersey-based premier development company that has spearheaded the development of several properties in the city. Sam Boraie has carried on his father’s legacy and according to continues to redevelop New Brunswick. Under Sam Boraie’s leadership, Boraie Development Company has garnered a solid reputation of providing exceptional services that focus on the urban real estate market. The firm focuses on three areas namely: real estate development, property management, and sales/marketing.

According to, the company deals with the development of commercial, retail and residential properties. Some of its notable projects are the Albany Street Plaza, One Rector Street, One Spring Street, Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment and The Estates at Waverly Place. In 2015, the company opened the leasing center of the Aspire building to summer occupancy. The Aspire is Boraie Development’s newest luxury rental tower situated at the center of New Brunswick.

The world-class residential building was built to accommodate the city’s rising population of young tenants who want to blend in modern design with convenience. The Aspire is located a few steps from the New Brunswick train station and is close to Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Rutgers University’s Downtown-City Center and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It features 238 residential units, a modern fitness center and an indoor and outdoor club.

It is also fitted with unique floor plans, gourmet kitchens, large closets, among other high-end features. There is a convenient concierge system that lets occupants pay rent online, receive messages concerning visitors and deliveries and stay updated on community event like shows at theaters.

The Life & Times Of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is truly an extraordinary guy thanks to the way he conducts himself and his business. When it comes to technology, Hope is similar to a kid in a candy store. Technology has always been his first love and his strong passion for it has paid off in a very successful career.

Jason Hope spends much of his time entrenched into the technology world as well as being entrenched into the world of helping others. Philanthropy is a big deal and that’s why he spends a lot of his time and hard earned capital in these two diverse sectors. Jason Hope’s passion for innovation sparked off his successful career where he found an untouched niche at the time selling premium text messages. He would parlay his knowledge into other technology avenues in which he currently makes a nice living from.

Jason Hope stated to INSPIRERY.Com that he earns his living from his investment portfolios. Having such a wonderful portfolio that’s made up of many businesses, he can now live a much more comfortable life than most. These business fall under the sectors of Search Engine Optimization, Interactive Software, Digital Media Solutions, and Business Information Systems. SENS Research Foundation also receives much of Hope’s time as well thanks to his passion for finding cures and treatments for illnesses. This includes anti-aging, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and certain Cancers.

Tend a bit more gas to the fire, Hope also does consultations for technology start-up companies as well as people whom are trying to get their specific ideas off the ground. You won’t find too many other business professional who are willing to give up this much time, money, and knowledge. This is what sets him apart from his peers as this is just a sliver of what this guy is all about.

Learn more about Jason Hope at’s-30-stock-increase-200173084

Goettl 101

Goettl Air Conditioning is here to serve you with its unique services and functions for your immediate home or office needs. They offer a wide range of service areas for you to choose from, and their trained staff can be at your door in a heartbeat if you live within the areas of greater Phoenix, Las Vegas or Tucson. If you ever find yourself living in these areas and, at the same time, in dire need of immediate assistance with air conditioning or heating repair and installation, then you are in luck. They are considered the best in the region and can answer your every question until you are both fully comfortable and satisfied.

Goettl Air Conditioning is likewise no stranger to social media and networking with clients and potential or existing customers, business partners and sponsors, employees from within and the general public. The company has a powerful social media presence all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. Each social media site is growing rapidly on a daily basis, which is always a good sign for any business in advertising. The Facebook and Twitter pages alone have over 1,000 followers and three or more posts paid to the timeline every day. Each post is usually responded to on a same-day basis.

“At Goettl Air Conditioning, we take pride in the ability of our technicians and staff to exceed your expectations with everything that we do. We offer the full gamut of home and commercial comfort services throughout. “

How to Win in College Football Sports Betting

College football betting is a bit different from the NFL, but winning is equally important in both games. There are five winning betting types for Football College which include spread bets, totals, moneylines and teasers and half times. You can place either of these bets on

Spread Bet

By using spread bet, you are simply equalizing the chances of winning a bet. College football line is usually released few day in advance before the game. The dates, however, vary depending on the day the game is taking place either Tuesday or Saturday. A + indicated an underdog team while a – indicates a favored team. usually gives you clear tips on how you can easily win the game depending on the teams playing history. The site looks into details all the odds that a team might win. If you consider the NCAAF odds, Alabama will win the 2016-17 National Championship league against Clemson. This, however, doesn’t limit bettors from placing bets on the latter as on who will win next year’s title.

With spread bets which you can place on, you can easily predict a win by closely following the college football odds at the site. In the 2017-18 college football, the Westgate LV Superbook gave an excellent opening with Tigers making a thrilling comeback. Despite the latter having the best odds, it’s the Westgate LV that made it to the next season. At times, a team might be stronger than the other leading to too many people betting on it. In such case, the sportsbook a line whereby the minimum winning margin for the favorite team is set.


Moneylines bets, on the other hand, removes spread out of the equation by giving bettors a chance to choose who they think will win. Football odds placed on each team determines the betting payout for each team. NCAAF odds have provided wagers for the division made in between the games whether it is quarters, halftime, periods or innings. Betting on halftimes allows you as a bettor to track halftime lines, and betting percentage fluctuate during this small window. These halftime betting are very important in helping you predict how the remaining half of the game will be like.

For all college football news updates, betting tips and guidelines, has got you covered. With a detailed database of college football odds history, you minimize your chances of winning by using the site. You can take advantage of these resources to ensure.


USHEALTH Group is based out of Fort Worth in Texas. They have become one of the most trusted choices in healthcare for Americans. They provide a variety of choices including disability and accident insurance, life insurance and insurance to cover specific diseases. Their insurance is designed to help individuals who are self employed, the owners of small businesses along with their employees and families. USHEALTH Group has helped over fifteen million clients with customized insurance plans.


USHEALTH is one of those rare companies who actually understand what their clients need. Their services were designed to give their customers a choice in what will work best for them. Their products are priced to be affordable as well as reliable and flexible. For people whose budget is limited or have concerns about a large annual deductible USHEALTH has a portfolio to fit those needs. Benefits begin with the first dollar applied and include covered services and discounts covering a large selection in available providers.


For the people who require coverage that is more individualized with a level of specific cost sharing, USHEALTH has a policy to cover these requirements as well. Their selection of policies to cover accidents, sickness and specific diseases is unique and affordable. They have made a commitment to achieving customer satisfaction.


Whichever type of healthcare policy is chosen by their customers USHEALTH gives them enhanced protection. Their line of insurance covers critical illnesses, sickness, disability, specific diseases, income protection, vision, dental and life insurance. The marketplace has a high turnover with customers and an extremely low factor of loyalty. USHEALTH is changing this by building relationships with people that are going to last. They promise dependability and they deliver on that promise.


USHEALTH Group owns a subsidiary called USHEALTH Advisors. It is through this company they are able to offer some of their customized plans. Health insurance is complicated and can be confusing but USHEALTH takes the time to be certain your buying experience is knowledgeable and precise. They have Advisors trained to guide you and have met very specific certification standards. These Advisors will not assist anyone until their training and certification have been completed.


The commitment to offering personalized attention has given USHEALTH the recognition they deserve for the care they give to their customers, their unique innovations and their business growth. As time passes, more and more people and businesses are looking towards USHEALTH to fulfill their insurance requirements.


The beliefs of USHEALTH is what sets them apart from other companies. They believe every single client is unique. That affordable coverage with individualized solutions is a necessity. They go above and beyond what many consider necessary to see to it every client they have stays with them well into the future.


Securus Technologies Appears in the List of Finalists for the 11th Annual Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards recently named Securus Technologies as the finalist for the annual Stevie Awards in the Customer Service Training Team category. Securus is a recognized company that specializes in providing technology solutions to law enforcement agencies. This announcement confirmed that Securus is bound to bag Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award in the highly anticipated 11th Stevie Awards.


Stevie Awards’ procedure for identifying finalists


Stevie Awards is an organization that pioneers in recognizing talents globally and organizing some of the worlds’ top business awards. Some of these accolades include the Stevie Awards for Great Employers and the International Business Awards. This organization will be issuing the awards to the winners on February 24, 2017, in Las Vegas. The Stevie Awards fraternity reviewed over 2300 entries sent out by companies all over the world. The criteria used to select the winner involved averaging the scores of each finalist. The first set of 77 judges gave their verdict regarding the nominees that were competing for different categories. Stevie Awards came up with a list of finalist upon averaging the scores of every candidate.


According to Securus Technologies’ vice president, Mr. Danny de Hoyos, his company is humbled to have received such a prestigious honor from Stevie Awards. He added that Securus is a company that strives to excel in service provision. Securus has highly trained employees who understand their client’s needs. Additionally, this company is driven by empathy, and it aims at providing solutions that alleviate stress from their customers.


Upon averaging the scores, the second set of judges made of seven judging committees will then decide what company gets to go home with the three most significant awards. This final selection is set to take place on January 23, 2017, to February 1. The president of Stevie Awards has confirmed that finalists will have a chance to share their stories of success before the judges make the final decision.



Adam Milstein

Ideamensch Interview with Adam Milstein About His Investment Career and Entrepreneurship Experiences



In an interview on Ideamensch, in December 2016 Adam Milstein shares experiences as an investor and partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is known in the investment industry and community as a leader and philanthropist. He is a partner of private commercial real estate investment firm, Hager Pacific Properties. As Managing Partner, he helps manage more than 100 properties valued at approximately $2 billion with three other partners. He also helps to keep the company’s real estate portfolio strong by including commercial, industrial, multifamily, and retail properties.



Adam Milstein heads the San Fernando Valley Office and directs disposition, financing and property management. When Ideamensch asked him about his idea for Hager Pacific Properties, he elaborated on his education and life experiences. He came to the United States in 1981 and became a citizen, continuing his education and earning a MBA. Two years later, Mr. Milstein started on a career in commercial real estate and discovered it was difficult. He decided to work as a Real Estate Commercial Broker and discovered much success, inspiring him to be one of the most successful real estate investors.



Ideamensch asked Mr. Milstein to talk about his business growth, entrepreneurship experience, and recommendations he would suggest to others. It’s one strategy he said helped his business grow, not setting specific and unrealistic goals which limited his success. The advice he suggests to others in the real market is to never let other people persuade you that the real estate market is abusive and uses you. He said investments into real estate takes time to earn profits and shouldn’t be considered as short-term investments.



In the middle of the interview, Adam Milstein admitted to one failure, the desire to become wealthy by investing all his money into one venture. He said it was a mistake and life experiences taught him that real estate is for long-term investments. Mr. Milstein says entrepreneurs must understand any issue and never rely on others to come up with solutions as the leader. The interview ended after he spoke about his partner, David Hager who influences his thinking and capable of helping others.