Infinity Group Australia making a difference in Australian debt management

Infinity Group Australia is a leading provider of money management and debt reduction services in Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the fastest growing organization in the region because of the nature of the services they are offering. The company is offering services that are helping Australians to get out of debt easily. The company was formed five years ago and has been very instrumental in reducing dents among Australian families. The company wants to address this issues because of the number of people who are falling into excessive debts in going up every day. Looking at dire cases of excessive debts, they are also increasing every other day.




Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies that are interested in the real issues that affect Australian families. They are offering specific solutions which will get anyone out of debt. This company was created by Graeme Holm, an MPA Top 100 broker in Australia. He created it to help as many people as possible with debt reduction. For many years, he has been in the financial industry offering services through the big financial institutions in the country. While working in this sector, he realized that there was a gap that needed to be closed, and that is when he came up with the idea Infinity Group Australia. Learn more:




Infinity Group Australia was established on the basis of offering working solutions to the clients. Anyone who approaches this bank for support will get solutions that will blow their mind on how effective they are. The company has a strict work ethic that ensures everyone gets the kind of assistance they would love to get. The services offered by the company are geared towards personal training on finances utilization. People who look for services from this company are trained in how to come up with budgets that allow for more savings.




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Infinity Group Australia has been serving clients for the past five years. In this period, the number of happy clients is 100 percent. The company has a working method that is 100 percent fool-proof. It rare to find a solution that works in this manner, but Infinity Group has made it possible. Once you join their list of clients, they will assign a personal trainer who will help you come up with the best budget plan that leaves you with more saving that can be used to repay the debt.



The Financial Wisdom of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm, the co-founder and director of Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd, was inspired to start this company during his years working in the banking industry. It was during this time that he got tired of seeing families have no choice but to concede to the bank’s loan offerings, which meant that they would be going into debt. This was not just a problem with the bank he worked for. It was a problem that plagued all of Australia. And it wasn’t just the banks. It was the entire financial system. So he decided to start Infinity Group Australia which seeks to help these families with financial guidance and advice.


He and his partner first spent six months in research and development and then began their endeavor. Infinity does what it does by each of their client families a personal banker who will act on their behalf as a sort of financial trainer. This system has proven enormously successful with all of their clients paying off loans much, much faster than previously and thereby successfully avoiding debt. He says it is key to doing this by learning to abide by a weekly budget.


Holm remains very involved in the day to day workings of his company. He says every morning he begins each day at 5:30 a.m. He ensures he is prepared both physically by spending some time exercising his body and his brain. Then he commences actually working, separating his work into things he delegates to others and company transformational things which he always handles. After that, he completes the hardest, most pressing projects first. At the end of the workday, he spends a few minutes planning his next workday.


Holm encourages his employees to share their ideas. In this way, Infinity has received some great ideas that have dramatically benefitted the company. On the other hand, he avoids getting advice or help from persons who lack integrity or strong morals. He has learned through observation that getting involved at all with such people can destroy careers. Learn more:


Infinity Group Australia reviews puts a huge emphasis on customer service and has done so well in this area that this year it was awarded the Customer Experience Management Awards 2018.

How Infinity Group Australia is Saving Families

There is a new company headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney, Australia that started in 2013 that is really making a change in Australia known as Infinity Group Australia. Now, before anyone tries to look up any Infinity Group Australia reviews here is a short summary about the good they have done for Australia. This company was founded by Graeme Holm and aRebecca Walker and what this company does is help individual’s financial situation. Recently, this company has became one of Australia’s fastest growing companies that reduce debt for Australians. Furthermore, besides just reducing debt this company also helps increase individual’s finances and helps people save money for their futures. Another high note about Infinity Group Australia is that just recently the company was listed as one of the Most Influential Companies in 2018 by the Australian Financial Review. This is a great honor for a company in Australia and was ranked at the 58th position on the most innovative companies list. Moreover, this company began literally just to encourage and provide assistance to individuals to reduce their debt they had, start gaining more wealth financially and again to help people save enough so they can have a bright future.


To start this company both founders had to do 6 months of research and development on the housing market market in Australia. What they found was that families were not being supported or being given the proper advice that could be very beneficial to a lot of families in Australia. Moreover, they also found that there was not any services that were meant specifically just to help these families in Australia. The great thing that Infinity Group Australia did was to provide a personal banker to all clients so they can be coached to use their money more wisely. In addition to that, Infinity Group Australia also provided clients with performance reviews, reports, and are helped to create a budget that they can start saving and raising out of their financial troubles they may have had. The way that the company works is by clients applying then building a weekly budget that accounts for food, gas, entertainment, etc. After the budget is made and the application goes through the client or family will receive a loan to pay off their debt, then a personal banker will guide an individual into slowly paying off all of their debt and to start saving and building wealth. Learn more:

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner Role in the Running of the DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, can be defined as a successful and committed entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties. The Company operates under the luxury real estate category and has in the past transformed the Middle East and other regions. In 2016, DAMAC Properties was included in the list of the 200 Fastest Goring Companies in the Globe. The list was compiled by Forbes and evaluated the revenue generation levels. The success of the group can be attributed to the approaches that are adapted by Hussain Sajwani and the contribution of other professionals. DAMAC owner has high regard for quality and unique designs and thus engages award-winning designers, architects, and constructors.

The company has a diverse product and service portfolio that meets the needs of diverse clients. The products can be categorized under luxury, commercial and residential properties. In the case of the luxury properties, there is the option of furnished hotel rooms, villas, and apartments. It is critical to note that the properties are located in major global destination and prime areas. Hussain Sajwani has active operations in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, and Qatar. In the Middle East, the properties developed by the group have won many awards. The developments are based on the ongoing market trends and the preferences of the customers. Based on its past performances, DAMAC Properties team can be credited for revolutionizing the luxury real estate market.

Brief Background on Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in Emirates attended the local schools during the early years. However, he moved to the USA where he enrolled in the University of Washington and pursued a degree in economics and engineering. After completing his studies, Hussain Sajwani returned to Emirates where he worked at GASSCO as the manager. He later created the Global Logistic Venture to offer hotel and catering services. In 2002, he formed the DAMAC properties Company to offer high-end products in the region. His commitment has seen him being listed as the 4th richest Arab with Forbes estimating his wealth to be over 1.6 billion dollars.

Philanthropic works of Hussain Sajwani:

The Rise of Victoria Doramus


Victoria Doramus is one of the few individuals who have the persistence and patience to endure through the challenges in the corporate world and emerge as winners in the long run. If you asked Victoria Doramus about her career life and the ups and downs, she would tell you several careers each accompanied by a million challenges. Her experience as a market trend analyst has opened doors for her in the corporate world. Apart from being a personal assistant to the filmmaker and producer, Peter Borg, she is also having a very long history in the media, where she has worked with Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, mindshare, and Stila Cosmetics.

But you ever imagine that the life of Art Direction & Trend Consultant Victoria Doramus is all about parties with cocktails and delivering speeches from parties to parties of companies celebrating their success around the globe; then you are very wrong on speculating. After a long battle with alcohol and drug addiction, she managed to put all that behind her and overcame her long life struggles. Although the process was long and tedious, she managed to handle it, and now she is stronger and never ready to hit rock bottom in her life again.

Brief History and Work experience

After attending the University of Colorado-Boulder for her undergraduate where she specialized in Journalism and Mass Communication, her interests have always revolved around art and history. In line with her interests, in 2102, she took an entire semester at the Western world exploring history and development from contemporary art to the ancient Greek.

Now she is a digital and print media professional with a creative mind. She has a productive work life with so many clients happy and satisfied clients that she has worked with. Her first job at Mindshare, where she planned for the media before becoming a cosmetics consultant. Then she went to creative Agency with her duty being organizing professional and personal scheduling. Then later in her life, she became the West Coast director of Trendera. All the challenges and difficulties that she faced on her way up had prepared her for the job.

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Solutions Provided by Graeme Holm through Infinity Group Australia.

Graeme Holm has had a rough moment trying to change the terms conditions to which the loan clients are subjected by the banks and other financial firms in Australia. After a long working experience in the banking sector where he worked for the biggest financial institutions in Australia, Graeme managed to acquire relevant knowledge and skills that made him understand the operations of the institutions’ activities. However, he realized that the way things were done in the industry was contrary to how they were supposed to be done. For instance, the credit customers often came looking for loans, which they had very little or no information about. This often led to misunderstandings between the customers and the lenders due to the ignorance of the clients.


However, their ignorance was understandable because not all the clients had been through finance or economic classes. So the best thing that the personnel of the financial organizations and the banks could have done was to guide and support their customers towards the proper repayment of their debts. Instead, the institutions just gave the money to the customers and left them to struggle with their genuine ignorance in their repayment process. This often led to a myriad of challenges during the repayment processes for many clients. Some of them even got to the points of defaulting the loan repayments, and consequently, their property ended up in the wrong hands of auctioneers. This was a painful process for the customers because instead of improving their living standards, the loans ended them in more financial troubles than they were before borrowing. Learn more:


This scenario challenged Graeme Holm, and he decided that he could sit no more and watch the clients of the credit sector suffer the unfairness and the impunity of the banks and the other lending institutions. He considered the solution that he could offer to these customers and settled on establishing a financial firm that could operate as a personal banker and a financial trainer to these customers so that their livelihoods could improve. Together with his wife, Rebecca Walker, Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia, an organization that would later become a redemption to many clients who suffered the impunity of the banks and the credit facilities.


With the establishment of Infinity Group Australia, many customers have been happy to get assistance in the management of their debts. The company has also offered advice to the clients on matters relative to wealth creation and management. Also, the elderly customers have also been able to access guidance on the ultimate solutions for their retirement plans. As a result of all these services, they claim that they are happier with their children and the rest of the family members because they have less to worry about their financial statuses.

HCR Wealth Advisors and the Guidance It Offers to Investors

Companies need to innovate in order to compete with each other, and this includes companies in the financial industry. As a result, there are many such innovative companies that people can find online. However, the fact that there are so many options could be a little intimidating for investors. One of the many options today for people looking for a financial advice is HCR Wealth Advisors. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that puts its clients first. And to achieve this approach, the firm strives to deliver exceptional service to its clients.

One way that HCR Wealth Advisors has established strong relationships with its clients is through their educational programs. With its headquarters based in Los Angeles, California, HCR Wealth Advisors offers an approach to wealth management that allows it to under the financial situation, needs, and goals of each client so that the firm is better able to provide each of its clients with customized financial advice that is suitable to their financial situation.

HCR Wealth Advisors promotes transparency with its clients by being upfront about its rates. As an independent wealth advisor, HCR Wealth Advisors does not earn commissions from the sale of any financial product. Instead, it charges an annual fee, based on the amount of client assets that the firm manages.  This transparency enables HCR Wealth Advisors to be straightforward and build a stronger relationship with its clients that lasts for the longest time.

It should also be added here that HCR Wealth Advisors can help people manage and deal with situations in life that can strain their assets. According to, these life events include divorce or marriage, starting a business, inheritance, retirement, and maybe loss of a loved one. These issues could prove financially challenging to an unprepared family. And HCR Wealth Advisors is available to help its clients navigate such events, that are both foreseeable and unforeseeable, and help to protect them from risks.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Ted Bauman’s Background

Ted Bauman is an economist by profession. Ted is one of the most celebrated Authors in Banyan Hill Publication. He has a readership subscription of over 100, 000 member which is the largest in the Banyan Hill publication. Ted has also grown his writing to incorporate the Alpha Stock Alert, weekly stock trading service and the Smart Money Service, EFT Trading Platform. Both of the services are grounded on algorithmic trading systems that Ted Bauman managed to introduce with the help of top Wall Street expert in this department. Ted is capable of creating a broader perspective that can be sued in marketing development as well as offer readers with outstanding views into what leads to profit as well as the threats that surrounds it.

The mechanisms that he employed towards becoming an outstanding financial writer were exceptional and unusual. One of the special aspects about Ted is that he is an economist by profession and he has never served in a commercial, finance industry nor has he been a specialist in investment, unlike his colleagues. Ted has served as a housing finance systems manager for many years. He dedicated his services towards Non-Government Organizations in big cities of the developing world across Africa, Asia as well as Latin America.

Ted Bauman always had great interest towards personal liberty in conjunction with safeguarding individual rights from big government and big businesses threats regardless of his background in the nonprofit department. During his service in the developing world, he attained firsthand experience on how the lives of people and prosperity were being halted from powers that were ruling them. This is the ultimate factor that triggered him towards joining Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman was born and raised up in Maryland, United States. His father, Bob Bauman serves as a state’s senator as well as the United States Congressman, was also an author in the Banyan Hill Publication. This was during Ted’s childhood. Ted was brought up in East Coast that was Maryland’s rural shore. This background aspect makes him feel like a country boy. Ted Bauman input in establishment of blockchain will have a long lasting impact.

Dr. Saad Saad Contribution in Child Safety Awareness

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine, and he is one of the eight siblings, they moved to Kuwait during the creation of the state of Israel. These were tough times, but they made it to Kuwait where Saad together with his siblings continued with their education. They knew from the word go education was their key to making it in the harsh world they lived. Their father who was a skilled petroleum mechanic did not shy away from reminding them of that, and they heed his advice. Three children became surgeons Saad included, two Ph.D. and two Master Degree in engineering and a teacher.


Eventually, Dr. Saad Saad moved to the United States where he became a practicing pediatric surgeon. He has many years of practice in removing objects stuck in children aged between six months old to fourteen years. In a recent interview, Dr. Saad revealed that he has helped over 1000 children get reed of objects stuck in either the windpipe or the food pipe.


Children will try to consume various objects now and then due to their curious nature. Sometimes the objects are of the right size, and they can reach the stomach, but other times they get stuck in either in the windpipe or food pipe. Parents sometimes leave their kids unattended, and this can be the moment they ingest the objects that get stuck, and they can be hot dogs, coins and peanuts. However, when the kids show symptoms when they have an object stuck and parents should attend to any discomfort displayed. A parent should seek guidance from a pediatrician but knowing how to deal with the situation might come in handy in case of a severe condition.


Dr. Saad explains that for children below six years old one can hold them upside down while tapping their backs to get the stuck object out. For older children, the Heimlich maneuver can be performed which involves pushing air from the stomach to get rid of the stuck object. Most of the time the maneuver will work but if it fails one is advised to rush the child to see a doctor. When one sees a child swallowing an object that might get stuck, it is not advisable to try and reach for it with the figures since this will worsen the condition. Instead, the kid should be taken to a pediatrician where an X-ray can be used to determine where the object is stuck. Where X-ray cannot be used to view the stuck object bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy will be performed. Dr. Saad has performed bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy multiple times during his career and even came up with a solution to make the processes more efficient. Dr. Saad has dealt with different cases of stuck objects, but batteries have proven to be more life-threatening since they produce toxic chemicals that are fatal. Learn more :

Southridge Capital Group Leadership Structure that has led to its Growth and Development

Southridge Capital is a company that offers financial solutions to its clients. This company has structured finance facets which include Credit Enhancing, Securitization, as well as the Financing Solutions. The Southridge team knows that many companies in need of financing do not implement all opportunities. One of the securitization solutions offered by Southridge Capital is company monetization for the already existing asset base through loans against capital, insider shares or a range of other different assets. In addition, Southridge Capital Group works directly together with creditors of other companies to eliminate debt in favor of common stock that helps the companies raise and grow their creditworthiness.


Southridge Capital Group structure is executed based on the liquidity level in the stocks of the company without the necessity of registration statement as well as minimal market impact which benefits the companies at hand. Southridge Capital also cares for its companies regarding any financial issues. Southridge also purchases curating solutions in line contexts. It provides their EPA, Equity Purchase Agreement that helps companies to make capital regarding their tastes and preferences regardless of the market state and conditions. Southridge also offers its clients a wide range of services such as convertible debentures, loans against common stock as well as the preferred convertible stocks. You can check out LinkedIn for more.

The Southridge management team is comprised of five characters. These characters are

 Steve Hick as the founding member and Chief Executive Officer of the Company

 Narine Persaud as the Chief Financial Officer

 Controller Laurence Ditkoff who is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Account Serves as the Research Director

 Henry Sergent who is a JD and CFA serves as the Chief Operation Officer and the General Counsel

 Linda Carlsen who serves as the portfolio management team member.

Southridge Capital Group recognizes and develops its social responsibility that the team demonstrates through formal and informal philanthropic activities. This group acknowledges and bolster community leadership, voluntary work and philanthropy since the team believes that these are the best ways to improve, develop the company, as well as to generate a positive impact not only to the communities but also to the entire society.


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