The Roots of Betsy DeVos’ Philanthropy and Aspirations

Some people know Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education for the United States while others know her as a staunch Republican heiress from Michigan, but she’s quite the activist at heart.


What has motivated her for most of her life is education and its privatization, but she’s done a lot more than that. The following should help highlight some of the work she’s done as an activist.


Early Betsy


The truth is that Betsy has been in politics for decades. She started her career in politics back in her 20s when she attended Calvin College. During those years she learned to gather her conservative thoughts in a thoughtful way so that she could argue her perspective.


Her passion led her to meet her future husband Dick DeVos a few years later. He also comes from money like her, and it was a match made in heaven that led them into deeper Republican circles.


Not long after that her husband attempted to run for governor of the state of Michigan but lost. Still, that attempt propelled them to continue the fight to push their ideas.


Looking at Betsy’s Philanthropy


Betsy’s political career can be understood by looking at her interaction with certain non-profit organizations. She has either started or participated in quite a number of them in her life. For one, she and her husband were the chair people of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


Betsy has also been a member of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management board at the Kennedy Center for some time. It is clear to many that she truly does value the appreciation of art, which is part of the reason she pushes art in her state. She is also a member of the Mars Hill Bible Church that exposes her deep appreciation of the Christian religion along with some of the things this faith stands for.


Still, the thing she is most known for is her involvement within the educational-choice movement that is really taking off in certain states around the country.


Some may say its strange that she is now the leader of public education for the United States when it seems that she is bent on introducing more private schools. Movements like the American Federation for Children or the Alliance for School Choice have given her the platform she needs to advance her agenda.


In a recent interview, she pointed out that the reason she got involved in the school choice movement was because she met parents at the Potter’s House Christian School where her children went to school. The parents she met were low-income, so they were breaking their backs to have their children go to school there.


To her, it was a great injustice to see parents struggle so much just to have their children go to a school they approved of. It is clear to see where her motivations come from and what continues to give her power to move forward.


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Mike Nierenberg is Wondering if Thing Are Looking Expensive In Real Estate

One main key factor mortgage professionals such as Mike Nierenberg have to look out for in the housing market is that of interest rates in the market, the higher the interest rates on mortgages, the more interesting that the job of Mike Nierenberg and his team starts to get.

Mike Nierenberg and his team will look to see how the bidding wars in the residential real estate market progresses in the United States. They are looking at facts and information on the median home sales price, the home sales and dynamics by market area, in addition to where strong interest still seems to be relevant.

As Mike Nierenberg and his team continue to watch the situation that is present with the recent federal interest rate hikes, they are looking at how they will move forward and continue to secure the yields that they promise to their investors.

They look at different signs in the marketplace such as the decline in loan applications for home purchases, fixed mortgage rates going from the lows it was found at for some time to above 4.60 at the last check.

Mike Nierenberg does not necessarily need to say it but things in the housing market does seem to be expensive. Institutions such as JP Morgan seem to agree and have stated different similar comments in the recent months on this matter as well.

They strongly think that the price hike in the interest will be more of a deterrent to home purchases over the next year or so.

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Isabel dos Santos Wants A Change

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s richest woman and the daughter of the former president of Angola. She is an activist for the increase in technological input in Africa, in order to improve sectors of the economy such as agriculture and banking.

Personally, Isabel  feels technology was responsible for GDP growth, reconstruction and overall development of Angola. Dos Santos is an advocate for the modernization of Africa’s infrastructure, she was invited to the Africa summit in 2019 in Brussels. This was to strengthen the relationships and collaboration between the African Nations and the European Union.

The current Chairwoman of Intel, said Africa is getting to a point where most transactions will be done through E-commerce at the expense of traditional trading. Along with that, there will be an increase in the number of bank accounts across African nations with the help of digital banking. Africa’s population is on the rise and she mentions ways to combat such problems. Amongst this is building small city with the help of urban planning or improve upon the already established transportation systems to reduce risk of congestion and pollution (Africanews).

Isabel dos Santos mentions the role technology could play in this sort of development and why Africa as a continent, needs to embrace such values. If Africa wants to progress they need to maintain a steady solid frame work that can be appealing to foreign investors and homegrown talent, she said. This will in turn increase the amount of Jobs in circulation, while keeping graduates satisfied. To get quality graduates the educational structure has be good and Isabel emphasizes that fact. Her company is in partnership with Google to install fiber optic cables from Africa to Brazil. That is the sort of partnership and connection Africa needs with the world. The ability to trade freely whist encouraging the growth of small businesses. Fostering developments like this will satisfy consumers and traders collectively.

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Good News with Equities First Holdings

People who are having a hard time gaining access to capital should check out Equities First Holdings. The stock-based loans company is looking to help people live out their dreams while on planet earth. Often times banks will give people a hard time when they are looking to receive a loan from the bank. People who have a history of bad financial actions will not have the option to get a loan. Using a stock-based loans company like Equities First Holdings allows the applicant the chance to use their stock holdings as collateral. One of the main benefits of stock-based loans is the fact that they have considerably lower interest the bank loans. You will have the ability to gain access through companies such as Equities First Holdings which will give you the financial options that you are looking to have.

Gareth Henry Becomes Part of a Mentoring Program

Heriot Watt University is one of the leading research universities and education providers in the entire world. Recently, the educational institution announced that it will fund a scholarship program for undergraduate students from Gareth Henry. Once this program is established, Gareth Henry will provide mentoring and coaching to students in an effort to help stimulate long term career growth. Gareth recently commented about the program by saying that he is offering one call during each term and three per year for students who are looking to receive guidance. Henry also said that he hopes that the scholarship program will help students reach high levels of achievement when studying the Actuarial Sciences field.

Gareth Henry currently lives in New York City where he has worked in numerous top managerial roles in the finance industry. He has served as the head of investor relations in which he has helped finance firms expand throughout the world. One of the reasons why Gareth Henry is supporting this educational scholarship program is because he believes that the relevance of actuarial sciences can greatly benefit people in many jobs in the financial sector. A key aspect of this program known as quantitative modeling will help students benefit when pursuing careers in finance. This program will also help students gain a better understanding of technology, machine learning and quantitative investing in order to enhance their knowledge.

The actuarial science degree at the Heriot Watt University is one of the few programs in the United Kingdom that is accredited in the actuarial field. If students perform at a high level in the program, they will be able to receive an exemption of many professional exams as well as help them gain an advantage in mathematics courses. Another advantage of this program is that students are able to get credit with the Society of Actuaries in North America. Therefore, this program is a course of study that will provide a technical background to get into top positions in the financial services field. Anyone who is looking to become a beneficiary of this scholarship program must be from the United Kingdom, enrolled in the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics course of study and have a legitimate need for financial assistance.

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The Colorful Doe Deere

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime, a vegan cosmetics brand in 2008. The brand is based in Los Angeles. She started the brand to meet quality and color demands that were lacking in the market. Furthermore, she wanted to use brands that were cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The brand became successful because Deere employee her marketing skills to promote the brand. She expanded the team to include distributors and retailers.

The brand has elegant and daring colors that teach women to live fearlessly. Doe Deere has always been a fan of color, and when she got the opportunity to start Lime Crime, she had a plan. She is also the founder of a jewelry brand called Poppy Angelof. The company designs jewelry of Victorian Girls for modern women and serves many other clients. She shows young girls how to be vibrant and pursue their dreams. Her experience has enabled her to create products that show women’s beauty inside out.

Deere wants every woman to be confident and love themselves. When she was designing the brand, she did not think it would receive much attention. When she discovered family heirlooms, she got an idea to start Poppy Angelof. The company develops classy jewelry and boast of loyal clients. Since she did not know much about jewelry, she took time to study its history and design.

Deere works with a dedicated team who work around the clock to ensure customers get value for their money. Deere preferred quality over quantity and passed this mantra to employees. She was inspired by the Victorian Era and makes jewelry that can be passed to other generations. Deere started Lime Crime in her house before finding a suitable location. She started the company with her husband, Marc Dumbleton.

She had a fashion line and sold clothes on eBay. Before long, she became popular for her makeup. The makeup she used were hard to find. When customers kept asking about her makeup, she decided to create a makeup life. She wanted to create something that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. The brand continues to create interesting trends.


Talkspace, a Text Therapy App

Talkspace is a therapy app that offers online therapy. Its Chief Executive Officer is Oren Frank who is also a co-founder. In Talkspace Reviews, one gets an assessment from a therapist, gets to choose a payment plan that suits them, a perfect therapist is found for them and then they begin therapy by messaging their therapist. Read more about talkspace at

Talkspace’s partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace and Michael Phelps on May 2018 announced a partnership meant to promote therapy as a tool important in helping improve mental health. It features a campaign in television in which Michael is bound to share personal experiences, also encourage others to speak openly on mental health and to showcase the benefits of Talkspace. The campaign was launched on May 2018 supported by digital assets.

Phelps struggled depression as well as anxiety at several times finding it difficult to get the help needed. When he started to open up and talk about his issues, he felt strong. He wanted to help others with those mental challenges as well to help them realize that help is easily accessed with Talkspace and also affordable.

Recent news on Talkspace

More than just therapy

Talkspace offers to its users a platform where they can get in touch with therapists through the internet. It aims to remove challenges faced by the mentally ill by the introduction of online therapy. This makes help to be quick and cheaply available to all. Talkspace provides space for their clients to connect with therapists online through texts, calls and video chats, as well as audio messages. The interaction between the user of the platform and the therapist is kept confidential. Apart from just therapy, Talkspace also offers advice online to its members as well as the rest of the world from its therapists.



Isn’t It Romantic is the new talk in town after it was premiered less than two weeks ago by Warner Bros.Pictures. It is a romantic comedy that talks about all the troubles of love by use of humor. Rebel Wilson was cast as the main character making the movie attract many viewers during its release. The only thing remaining is the worldwide premiere which will be done by Netflix.

In the meantime, those who have not yet watched the film are left to speculate what happens in Isn’t It Romantic. The film revolves around the life of a young architect, Natalie. Natalie is not outgoing and is often afraid to voice her opinions.

This makes her be overlooked at work and not be appreciated by her bosses despite putting a lot of effort into her work. Natalie lives in a tiny apartment in the shady neighborhoods of New York. She even lives next door to a drug dealer.

Natalie is cynical about romantic movies and does not believe in love. She hates the fact that rom-coms make out love to be all roses and smiles yet this is not the reality She is yet to find the right guy and fall in love, but she does not see this happening anytime soon. For Natalie to get home, she has to pass through some alleys, and it is here that she gets mugged and knocked out.

When she regains consciousness, everything is different from the way she left it. Her cramped apartment has turned into a massive and beautiful home and also has her office. Her secretary is now her greatest competitor at work and hates Natalie’s guts. Natalie tries to adjust to this but then Blake, a client comes along and is intrigued by her.

He is a playboy and Natalie does not know how to deal with the new attention. She turns to Josh, her friend for help but he is also buried in his own love story with Isabella. Natalie now has to make Blake fall for her for everything to return to normal. She does not have the slightest clue about love and has to learn new things along the way.

Isn’t It Romantic follows the journey of Natalie to finding true love and making things right. Rebel Wilson is the perfect fit for the role due to her charming personality and unique sense of humor. Her dream to become a successful actress sprouted from a hallucination that she had when sick with malaria.

She saw herself winning an Oscar and made a promise to achieve this. Rebel Wilson is a passionate and hardworking woman. She does many other jobs such as producing and writing in addition to acting. She even owns a clothing line.

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Persistant and Dedicated Entrepreneur and Businessman: Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is classified as an innovator in the market of investments, finance, credit and credit lines. Bhanu Choudhrie, born in India, migrated to the United Kingdom during his younger years. Bhanu Choudhrie is disciplined and determined to continue his successful strides in the market. Success is not created or built overnight. It takes longterm consistent dedication. Bhanu Choudhrie showed signs of determination and dedication at an early age.

Healthcare is one of the many industries Bhanu Choudhrie has contributed to in terms of financial investments. Healthcare is a popular topic for discussion in today’s market. From ear, nose and throat doctors to emergency-room care givers, the healthcare industry is diverse. Most countries are not fortunate enough to have affordable healthcare. In many third-world countries, the healthcare industry is seen as a luxury. For these countries, individuals rely on small, local doctor offices. These doctor offices often do not have the proper equipment, facilities or tools needed to treat patients. Individuals also rely on home remedies for their ailments. If an individual in an impoverished country needs immediate assistance, they may travel to the country’s capital to visit the hospital. Certain hospitals will wave the costs in an emergency situation. Hospital costs greatly vary from city to city. Read more business news about Bhanu Choudhrie at The Economics Times

For the United Kingdom and the United States, healthcare is accessed through employers and private systems. Individuals can purchase healthcare plans and pay a yearly premium. Annual premiums are fees incurred by the beneficiary of the healthcare insurance plan. Healthcare insurance plans allow individuals to include their family on the plan. This branch of healthcare is known as family healthcare.

This type of healthcare includes doctor visits, dentist visits, and other specialty doctors. Homeopathic doctors and herbalists may not be covered by generic healthcare plans. Generic healthcare plans offer basic services to individuals in the UK and the US. Compared to many other countries in the world, the United Kingdom and the United States’s healthcare seems like a luxury. Many other countries simply do not have the same level of infrastructure readily available to create these facilities for individuals and citizens.



Oren Frank: The Man behind Online Therapy Services

In our day to day lives, we often encounter experiences which affect our mental health. Some of the experiences may lead to depression. When in such a situation it is essential to seek for psychotherapy services. Oren Frank together with other founders came up with an online platform to make psychotherapy affordable and easily accessible. Talkspace is an app that sends unlimited therapy message to your inbox. Since its inception in 2012, the app has been sending therapy messages to over a billion people who require the service.

Therapy is often shared through a video chat. The organization has qualified administrative personnel led by Oren frank who is the group CEO. The organization recently brought a chief officer with rich experience in therapy. The previous director of UnitedHealth, Neil Leibowitz joined Talkspace to restructure how services are delivered. The company is hiring to realize its long-term goals of building an enterprise business. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

With the help of a chief medical officer, Oren Frank said Talkspace would soon start prescribing medicine to its clients. To abide with federal laws, Talkspace psychiatrists will only prescribe medication via a video tool. A recent study reported an increase in depression and anxiety among young people. Depression reduces one’s productivity drastically. Besides the business idea being new, Neil Leibowitz is optimistic and believes they will make it happen.

Neil Leibowitz was attracted by the brilliant idea and decided to join the organization. With the help of his fellow staff members, they want to make therapy affordable using an online platform. The approach will solve the problem in rural areas. Oren Frank stated that it is difficult for people who are living in rural areas to access therapy. The reason behind this problem is that is psychiatrists are situated in big cities which are a bit far from rural areas. The organization charges weekly premiums to receive or talk to a therapist through a video call. With the availability of internet connection, the organization will bring therapy near those who need it most.

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