How You Can Make a Substantial Living by Becoming a Traveling Vineyard Representative

With the advent of technology, a lot of people are now working from their homes without being forced to unfavorable tight schedules or a nagging boss. Wine tasting and selling is one of these few jobs that primarily requires you to work from home at your pace. The ability to sell and taste wine from the comfort of your house has excited a lot of people who desire to employ themselves while at the same time enjoying the sweetness of the wine sold.

How Travelling Vineyard Program Works

The start-up cost for such a business venture is cheap and friendly. In most cases, what you need to buy is a Travelling Vineyard Success Kit. This kit gives you a variety of tasting glasses, wine bottles for your wine events (first two events), training materials, Personal Estate Website, and accessories.

Once you are ready and set, your next step is to sell the wine. Travelling Vineyard sets the required prices for you based on the type of wine sold, the demand, and the market sustainability. In most cases, these prices fall between the price range of $15-$25 per bottle.

Travelling Vineyard will give you a commission for each wine sold. Apart from his, you will also be eligible for sale and reference bonuses once the people you refer to Travelling Vineyard end up buying the referred wine products. As a way of encouraging you and others, Traveling Vineyard will give a 20% discount on any wine that you purchase on your behalf. The proceedings from your purchase will be reflected on your overall income.

Traveling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard is an American-based company that specializes in the sale of wine by offering an in-house wine tasting platform for its members. For more than 16 years, this company which is based in Ipswich Massachusetts has changed the lives of many people who prefer working at home, and those who are avid lovers of wine.

Benefits of Traveling Vineyard

The schedule used by the seller is purely based on his/her own preferences. In simple terms, the company gives you the opportunity to choose between working part-time or full-time. Apart from this, the amount of income earned solely depends on your efforts. The more hours you inject into this business venture, the higher your chances of earning more.

On their part, Travelling Vineyard has not set the number of hours that their sales representatives must adhere to and follow. The schedule used is purely on the preferences of the seller. For more info about us: click here.

On their social media platform, Travelling Vineyard is always keeping its clients and workers updated about the latest brands of wine as well as their webinar events where different people can meet and exchange pleasantries.

Lori Senecal – A Rising Star with Fast Company

If there is one thing that Lori Senecal realizes, it is the fact that effective leadership begins and ends with solid cooperation where all talents are utilized around you. With every endeavor she has engaged in, she has sought to take a creative approach to increasing revenue for all of her clients. She has definitely developed a solid reputation in the field of advertising, and she recently was recognized as the rising star she is, being cited in the Fast Company blog.


Lori Senecal was at a respectable position in the Fast Company ranking at #87 in the list of the top 100 CEO’s in America today. She made the list primarily for emboldening clients. For Senecal, this literally comes as no surprise whatsoever. She has always taken the approach that “risk taking” is actually a good thing.


When Lori Senecal first became CEO of CP+B, she managed to increase revenue by 21 percent. She was able to do this simply by pushing risk taking behavior. She started by creating an atmosphere where innovation was rewarded and not something that was at best taken for granted and at worsts something where employees would be penalized for failure. She let everyone know that creativity was not just “a talent, but a behavior.”


There have been a number of campaigns that have helped with her approach. One of these was Kraft Mac and Cheese, which recently announced they were removing artificial ingredients. CP+B and Kraft were originally hesitant to announce the change because of the already eating behavior of their young clients. However, after 50 billion new boxes were sold they started an ad campaign to help people get used to it. Senecal not only was able to successfully promote the change, but she was able to do it in a creative fashion with allowing comedian Stephen Colbert to devote a monologue to it.


These are just but a few of the creative approaches Lori Senecal has made to increase the revenue for her clients. This is why she has made the list of Fast Company’s top executives and why she will continue to be a rising star in the near future.  Follow Lori on Twitter.



Spotlight on Securus Technologies’ Acquisition of JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies, a leading communications company that has specialized in offering technology software answers to inmate facilities, is expected to acquire JPay Inc. secures Technologies offers solutions that assist inmate facilities facilitate investigation, conviction and coactions. There is nothing that thrills this company than looking for opportunities to allow it conduct its business in a better manner that is unmatched in the industry. This is one of the main reasons why the company is seeking to acquire JPay Inc, a leading digitized payments and communication services provider in inmate facilities. Securus Technologies made the announcement that the two companies had entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition.

Benefits of the Acquisition Deal

Secures Technologies will benefit a lot when it completes this deal. This is due to the fact that no other company has greater business capabilities when it comes to better management. Secures Technologies will be looking at thrusting its business to the next big level of facilitation and development. A recent study established that once this deal goes through, Securus Technologies will be regarded as the fastest growing corporation serving the inmate facilities industry. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies was optimistic that the company will be able to offer all that it can given its new position and capabilities.

Long Admiration of JPay Services

Secures Technologies revealed its long time admiration of the services that JPay offered and this acquisition could not have come at a better time than now. The deal came at a time when Securus Technologies was looking to expand its service delivery in the inmate facilities. Secures Technologies is considered as the top company in the US in as far as its service delivery in the industry is concerned. JPay is expected to share the name with Securus Technologies under the duo’s working capability. Rick Smith stated that they have monitored their growth and were keen at coming up with a sophisticated entity.

Rick Smith’s Comments on Positive Emails

Securus Technologies has specialized in the provision of both criminal and civil justice technology solutions that are aimed at solving as well as preventing crimes committed by incarcerated inmates. A number of blogs and emails have been allocated in the hope of making incarceration a better and safer alternative than leaving people loose out there worsening the situation. According to Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, the company is a major investment and it releases product and service development proposals weekly that assist corrections agencies in dealing with crime. They also help in preventing other social ills afflicting the modern society. The company also receives thousands of emails and letters from customers who appreciate what it does by offering great services as well as keeping the society safe. This includes both the inmates and their family members. People appreciate the social responsibility that the company plays well.

Positive Rich.

How Fabletics and JustFab Have Snuggled Right into the Hearts of Americans as Popular Sportswear

Fabletics and JustFab are widely considered to be “all-inclusive brands” based on their ability to effectively serve the emerging needs of various customers. JustFab recently grabbed the headlines when it launched its highly anticipated expansion line dubbed “Ready-To-Wear Collection”. The line is uniquely designed to dress women of all sizes courtesy of on-trend fashions coupled by flattering styles. More importantly, the collection incorporates various body sizes ranging from 24-34 & XS to 3X, which happen to be remarkable additions to the 16W-24W collection.


In retrospect, JustFab constantly pushes the boundaries by promoting innovation by working closely with its highly talented design team. Through this partnership, the company has successfully launched an “All Size” campaign which cuts across the diverse needs of customers. According to Adam Goldenberg, the company’s co-CEO, JustFab and Fabletics gained a strong footing by simply providing women with amazing fashion choices at reasonable prices. Fortunately, the brand’s strong presence signals a rise in market trends coupled by reliable customer feedback. Both JustFab and Fabletics are credited with bringing on-board Kate Hudson who undeniably played a critical role in taking the company to new heights.


According to Hudson, Fabletics unique ability to perfecting the art of developing durable exercise leggings signaled the development of the company into a force to reckon with. Since its inception, Fabletics sportswear not only caters for exercise purposes but also extends to leisure and casual activities.


JustFab’s Funding History


Under the insightful leadership and keen business acumen of its co-founders, JustFab is fortunate to have received several impressive donations from various sources. Each contribution played a critical role in the company unprecedented rise to stardom as follows:

  • On August 29th, 2014, $85,000,000 was wired into JustFab’s account courtesy of donations from Shining Capital, Technology Crossover, Matrix Partners and Passport Opportunity Fund.
  • On December 26th,2013, $15,000,000 was wired into the account from an undisclosed source.
  • On November 30th, 2013: $76,000,000 was wired into JustFab’s account from sources including Technology Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty and Rho Ventures.
  • On September 26th, 2013: $76,000,000 was wired into JustFab’s account courtesy of contributions from Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty and Matrix Partners.


The Development of Intermix and Intelligent Beauty


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg recently formed Intelligent Beauty to serve a specific niche in the market. Intelligent Beauty currently serves as a profound business incubator that is on course to generating over $500 million in revenue. The company’s iconic products include DERMSTORE, an in-demand online skincare and cosmetics platform, and Intermix. The latter was later developed into Intelligent Beauty.


Nexbank formerly known as Heritage Bank was established eighty-three years ago and it is rated among the top twenty banks in Texas. The bank has shown an upward trend since its conception. It has embraced technology in its operations, and it is among the banks that provide mobile money and internet banking platforms. Also, it provides services ranging from accepting deposits, lending, mortgage, agency services among others.

The bank is home to Texas most reputed financial managers’, including John Holt and Dierk Hohman. Holt leads a team of dedicated staff who have enabled the institution to grow for they believe in the work they do and are loyal to the bank. John Holt, the Chief Executive Officer at Nexbank, graced the Texas Bankers Association at Orleans where he got the honor to address the bankers. The forum is held annually, and it provides a platform where banks address the opportunities existing in the world of business and the bottlenecks they face in the industry.

The topic that Holt spoke about was in line with the founding principle of the association which is community banking. Holt emphasized that community banking that had existed ought to be handled by the financial players innovatively to increase its efficacy. He analyzed the lucrative opportunities that existed in the sector and further asked the bankers to compete through innovative ways.

Holt also talked about the growth strategy of financial institutions and emphasized on branching both in physical terms and through the internet and other platforms that are readily available to the customers. In recognition of his exemplary performance and vast experience, he was re-elected to the association’s board of management where he will serve as the chairman of the council of community bankers and as a member of three other committees.

EOS Does It Again With It’s New Crystal Clear Lip Balm

For years there was only one type of lip balm available. It came in a slender tube and just wasn’t that appealing. Based on, EOS changed all of that with their spherical packaging and fun flavors. They’ve done it again with their new, Crystal Lip Balms. Here’s a little bit more information about this exciting new product.


Crystal Clear And Full Of Flavor

Recently, EOS launched a crystal clear lip balm with a somewhat different packaging. It has a more triangular shape and looks like a jewel. It’s also vegan friendly as it’s wax free. This new lip balm contains five different essential oils and is available in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.


Chapsticks Of The Past

Consumers used to only have very limited options when it came to chapstick. They either were tasteless or had a mint or cherry flavor that were were just frankly, not very inviting. The company EOS, which stands for Evolutionary Of Smooth, turned putting on chapstick from being a chore to something that’s actually fun to do.


By Women, For Women

EOS chapstick is geared towards women. The entire product is meant to engage all five senses with the way it looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds. This product has become so popular that it is an essential product in the makeup bag of many women.


As you can see, EOS has changed the way we think about chapstick. With it’s new Crystal Clear Lip Balm, even more consumers can enjoy it thanks to it’s vegan ingredients. Even the new packaging is enticing consumers to try this new product. It will be interesting to see what they think of next!


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Greg Secker the Forex Master

Daniel Mark Harrison is a famous author, family business manager, author, and a great media expert. He is a great scholar and a graduate of Theology from the University of Oxford and has a master in Business Administration at Norwegian Business School and later went to study masters of journalism from the University of New York. Having acquired two masters degrees in those prestigious universities was a great impact and therefore this was the beginning of his journey as a scholar.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the current director of a family company called Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO) and has been on the frontline working towards ensuring that the company attains its objectives. Daniel runs the daily operations of the family office and it the CEO and the Chairman. He acts as the owner of the company DMH&CO. The family office has dynamic operations in Singapore, Hongkong, and Bangkok. The main mission of the office is to ensure that he is able to expand his personal and those of the family members assets.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the manager of Money Capital. The money capital has moved the market to greater heights. The management of Monkey Capital has also been a very focused part and have worked towards ensuring that their operations are of high standards. He has also shared the same platform with World’s richest investors like George Soros and other people like Jim Rodgers. He has been rated as one of the best debaters in the world. The company Monkey Capital that he heads has been referred by Huffington Post as a billion baboon. It has amassed billions of dollars across the globe. He is also known for his innovativeness and his push for success. He has done tremendously well.

Daniel Mark Harrison will also go down in the book of history as the best author. His first book Butterflies, that talks about the strange metamorphosis of facts and fiction. It has been rated by several media stations and great authors as the book that touches on fiction and other ideas that can be bought from it.


How Nick Vertucci Is Taking the World by Storm through the NVREA Academy

Nick Vertucci is undoubtedly one of the leading entrepreneurs taking the world by storm in the U.S. As a real estate guru, Nick Vertucci widely known for founding the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or better known as NVREA in 2013.


How It Works


The NVREA or simply known as the academy focuses on three essential components to achieve set goals and objectives. The first step primarily entails finding the best real estate deals and locking them down for the best prices. To do this, the Academy focuses on buying real estate properties at a low price and selling them at a much higher price which ultimately generates more wealth in the process.


The second step entails prepping the properties for the right price in the market. By prepping, the Academy refers to determining the next course of action for individual properties in mind. This could be implemented through renting or wholesaling the said properties in mind. However, the Academy conducts an extensive research to evaluate the market options and obtain the best deal from the prevailing conditions.


The last step is quite simple as it involves cashing out checks. Having met a customer, the Academy goes above and beyond to provide reasons why the property presents itself as the best deal to the customer.


Nick Vertucci’s Profile


As the Founder & CEO of NVREA, Nick Vertucci is undoubtedly an open minded entrepreneur who strives to create simple solutions to various problems. Initially from a humble beginning, Nick learnt the invaluable lesson of working hard to overcoming various obstacles that lie ahead. Having painstakingly struggled to make ends meet at just 18 years of age, Vertucci surprisingly forged ahead even if it meant burning the midnight oil to make ends meet.


However, a three-day real estate training seminar remarkably served as his lucky break during his challenging times. Having listened to an influential speaker, Vertucci felt inspired and ready to embrace real estate as a profitable venture. Armed with just basic knowledge and an undying commitment to excellence, Vertucci progressively scaled the ladder to become an influential real estate guru through the NVREA Academy. However, he also pledged to assist the less privilege in society make solve their financial problems and lead comfortable lives.


Success Stories


As a testament to the Academy’s success and Vertucci’s dedication, various protégés have emerged to hail the positive impact made by the entrepreneur. According to them, Vertucci is not only inspiring but a reliable leader that strives to serve the needs of the local community.


Investment Analysis with SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management located in The New York City. He is a graduate of Yale University having studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics. In 2009, he came up with the company in order to contribute to the world of economics. Mr. Adrangi is known for his short research activism. In this activism, he exposed fraudulent Chinese companies that were operational. This is where he first made his first breakthrough. In fact, since then, the Securities and Exchange Commission has been able to enforce the laws in order to avoid such things from happening ever again.

Mr. Adrangi previously worked with the Longacre Fund Management as an investment analyst. The firm is a privately owned company that has assets priced over 1.2 billion under the management. Mr. Adrangi was responsible for ensuring that the company’s investments in equity and credit funds were looked into very well. Additionally, at the Restructuring Investment Banking Group- Chanin Capital Partners, Mr. Adrangi worked as an investment analyst too. His responsibilities here were to advice creditors and help in the restructuring of the bankruptcy chapter in the company. He has also worked at the Leveraged Finance Investment Banking- Deutsche Bank. Here, his responsibilities included structuring and syndicating the non-investment grade bank debt and the high yield bonds.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is now worth over $10 billion. Through the many investors being brought into the company, SahmAdrangi has been able to raise approximately $100 million to bet against a single stock. This money is used to short the stock of an upcoming public investment company that will be named later. Previously, the company has recently taken a short position in drug makers Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen and Globalstars.

Mr. Adrangi talks to his investors through emails. He updates them on the amount of money that the company has been able to raise. Additionally, Adrangi and Shane Wilson, a Kerrisdale analyst, work on various items that show how the company is going to conduct its operations. It does this through reports, videos and their websites.

Talk Fusion: More Than Meets The Eye

As with just about anything in life, there is more than meets the eye with Talk Fusion. Yes, they are a video communications company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have those features and those have won the company awards such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( It was their second award from them in 2016 and it promises they will keep growing in 2017 as it is the decade mark for this truly amazing company.


The reason I say they are truly amazing is the fact they have had the ability and the power to give people another crack and another shot at living life. For a lot of folks out there, they thought that was impossible for them. They thought it was nothing but a pipe dream. However, once they started using Talk Fusion and all of its video features, they saw there were people out there just like them. These people were dreamers and let’s face it: the world needs more dreamers. Dreamers make the world go round and dreamers make the impossible possible. They have a never say die attitude and they refuse to go down after the ten count.


They have a lot of spirit and a lot of spunk and they don’t get too upset over defeat. They know life is going to be filled with highs and lows and it is important to navigate through all of those in the best way possible. Talk Fusion has shown with their two awards they are going to keep on trucking and they are going to show the entire world why they won these awards and what these awards stand for at the end of the day. When they win these awards, it gives them extra fuel and extra motivation to keep on making Talk Fusion the best it can be all of the time.


Talk Fusion is a company with big goals and big dreams beyond what has happened so far. They know they have great power as Bob Reina says, and they are going to use it wisely.