Summing Up What Philanthropy Means To Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an investor and always has new business ideas he’s willing to try out as the owner of The Windquest Group, a Grand Rapids company that owns shares in many energy, manufacturing and non-profit entities. The company recently bought a brewing company that won several awards for best tasting liquor products. But Dick and his wife Betsy, who is also the new US Secretary of Education have also given away millions of dollars to help needy areas of Michigan. Most of their gifts have gone to education, but others have gone to business coalitions, churches, art and science exhibits and political activists. The DeVos’s recently announced their total giving amounted to over $139 million in lifetime donations.


Dick DeVos started his career in multilevel marketing, the model that his family’s company Amway Corporation has used for 60 years. He was director of different sales operations in the company in his early days, and then became a vice president and manager of foreign offices in the 1980s. Dick’s father Richard DeVos Sr. also purchased the controlling stakes in the NBA’s Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick briefly served as the team’s President from 1991 to 1993. When Richard DeVos Sr. retired as CEO of Amway in 1993, Dick stepped into the role and soon the company was generating billions in international sales. Their revenue exceeded $4 billion in 2002, the final year that Dick ran the company. After that year Dick resigned as CEO to attend to other matters.


Dick and Betsy have worked to change the environments for both Michigan public and private schools. Through their foundation they’ve not only given to private schools, they’ve also started initiatives to help families afford private and charter schools. Eventually they decided to start a school of their own that not only provided high quality education to students, but also inspired them to pursue their dreams including flying. This school is hosted at the Gerald Ford Airport and is known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. But beyond education, Dick DeVos has worked to change the business climate in Grand Rapids and even bring initiatives to attract business to the city through efforts at the Grand Action Committee.


Dick and Betsy haven’t just sought to enact reforms through financial gifts, they’ve been active in politics for many years and held positions including Betsy’s tenure as chairperson of the state’s Republican Party. Dick DeVos wasn’t pleased with the direction of the state’s economy under then governor Jennifer Granholm, so he sought to unseat her during the 2006 election. That effort failed by a 14-point margin, but he wasn’t about to give up in mobilizing Michigan’s grassroots activists to stand up for lower business regulations. In 2012, DeVos helped get lawmakers to pass a right-to-work bill that Governor Schneider signed into law.


Improving the Lives of Your Loved Ones

Imagine you grew up in Western Pennsylvania in the 1980s when the coal mines were booming. Your father, your father’s father, and your uncles were all coal miners. Through coal mining, your father earned a living that gave you and your siblings a comfortable life well after the coal mines shut down. And now, your father is 67 and can barely walk from one end of his home to the other without struggling for breath. He cannot push a lawn mower because the physical exertion combined with the pollen sends him into a coughing, gasping fit. Wouldn’t you want to help your father if you could? The Lung Institute wants to help him and other’s like him and that’s exactly what they are doing through their Stem Cell Research and Treatment.In fact, the Lung Institute has helped improve the quality of life for 349 individuals.

More than 600 million people in the nation suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). As described above, they have shortness of breathing, coughing fits, coughing that produces mucus and generally a poor quality of life. There is no cure for COPD and historically most treatment has focused on reducing the symptoms rather than treating the cause. Research and treatment has also been slowed by the cumbersome processes of research, government involvement in regulating research and costs that are pushed back onto consumers.

The Lung Institute has become a leader in providing treatment for COPD, According to the Baylor College of Medicine, his treatment involves the use of stem cells. Stem cells are extracted from the blood or bone marrow of the individual, separated, and then returned to the individual’s body. Once they enter the body, the stem cells end up being trapped in the lungs. The stem cells are able to generate new tissue that replicates and takes on the same characteristics and functioning of the lung tissue. Ultimately, the stem cells introduced to the lungs contribute to healing. The Lung Institute has had tremendous success in this area. In fact, they have treated 349 individuals and after 3 months, 84.5% report an improved quality of life.

The Lung Institute has locations in Florida, Tennessess, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The Lung Institute has proven to be innovative and is known world wide. Their therapies for COPD which utilize stem cells have received national attention and have proven to be widely successful. Stem cells are not a cure for COPD, but they help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Wouldn’t you want your dad to try stem cell therapy? For more info, visit the Lung Institute ‘s official website.


Sawyer Howitt, Entrepreneur

Mr. Howitt is the architect of the vision behind the powerful and iconic Meriwether Group. Being an entrepreneur himself, he started the company with the mission of helping other entrepreneurs get their standing in the business world.

Howitt seems to have been born with the natural ability to intuit and hone in on just what the consuming public wants and needs. This has allowed to him to become a name brand himself in the marketing world.


A Look At The Career Of Staffing Executive, Ronna Borre

Ronna Borre has been honored with several business awards

Ronna Borre created Instant Technology in 2001. This is a staffing firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Borre is currently the chief executive officer of Instant Technology. The firm fulfills the needs of companies looking to fill information technology positions including executive IT positions. Instant Technology also does finance staffing for Chicago’s financial industry and beyond.


Ronna Borre’s staffing firm does both contractual staffing as well as permanent staffing. Contract staffing is used to fill temporary positions or needs at a company. Permanent staffing involves finding employees that will work for a company indefinitely.  Check


The founder of Instant Technology, Ronna Borre, holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. Since founding and growing her staffing firm, Mrs. Ronna Borre has been honored with several business awards. They include being listed as a top influential woman in business by the Business Ledger newspaper of Chicago and the National Association of Women Business Owners organization. Ronna Borre was also selected as the enterprising woman of the year by Enterprising Women Magazine.  Check her on


Borre is active in the Chicago business community. She holds a board seat at the Economic Club of Chicago. She is also a member of the Young President’s Organization and the Chicago Network. Several media outlets have featured Ronna Borre and have shared her insight on business and staffing with their viewers. These outlets include USA Today, Crain’s Chicago, CNBC, CNN and CBS 2 of Chicago. Her staffing company is found in downtown Chicago at 200 W. Adams, Suite 1440, Chicago, IL 60606 and can be reached by calling 312.582.2600.

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A Closer Look at the Bumble Dating App

Relationships can be exciting and the same time they can be frustrating. The tradition dating is slowly dying with time, and people are now embracing the digital way of online dating. Different sites have been providing these services to individuals who want meet their life time lovers, and live happily thereafter. There are also dating apps which are available in mobile devices and computers. Some dating apps are making general improvement so that lovers can kiss fewer frogs before meeting their prince and princes.

The mobile dating apps are known to have more than 50 million members and connecting more than 21 million matches a day. Dating apps are now implementing new features to give the dating app a positive look and make it meaningful. One of these mobile dating apps is Bumble.

Since its inception, the app has experienced a significant and responsible behavior from its female and male clients. Using Bumble has an added advantage; those users who show responsive behavior are awarded a VIBee badge that is seen on their profile. The badge enables them to turn on a VIBee mode only where they can connect with other badge holders. Another advantage is that one can easily and quickly express their interest because matches disappear within 24 hours if one is not interested. With Bumble women are in control making the dating app more feminist.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble and the co-founder of Tinder dating app. After his High School graduation, Wolfe attended South Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. Wolfe’s entrepreneur spirit began while still in college when he began selling bamboo tote bags targeting areas affected by BP oil spill.

At the age of 22 she began serving at Hatch Labs. At the organization she was involved with startups Cardify a project that was led by Sean Rad. Later Wolfe co-founded Tinder with Rad. After leaving Tinder she established Bumble which is also a mobile dating app.


What The World Would Be Like If The Sunny Plumber, Your One Stop Shop For All Piping Needs, Did Not Exist


Sunny Plumber is a gas line and pipe drainage installation company that normally centers its services in the Tucson region of Arizona. Established in the year 2013, this company boasts of providing services for clients on a twenty-four-hour basis. Operations are normally directed to both commercial and residential buildings. With highly qualified personnel, Sunny Plumber is able to deliver on all promises made to its clients.

Basically, Sunny Plumber deals with plumbing, piping, hydronic, radiant, codes, bath and kitchen work. In addition, the plumber company engages in water treatment, a move meant to help recycle used water so that it can be fit for human consumption. Sunny Plumber also has expertise in turning salty water into fresh potable water. They normally achieve this through a desalinization process that they have developed.

Apart from the installation of pipes and drains, Sunny Plumber is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of these systems. They are known to offer efficient repair services for water heaters and shower heads, that normally breakdown. A strong brand name and good reputation are the two main factors that have greatly contributed to the success of Sunny Plumber.

Customer reviews are proof enough that this institution offers amazing and exemplary service. Employees to this company have a short response time to complaints and make it their job to put the needs of their clients into close consideration. Having more than a hundred vehicles at their disposal, Sunny Plumber technicians are able to reach out to a broad range of clients in Arizona within the shortest time possible.

Finally, all employees in Sunny Plumber are carefully vetted before getting hired. For this reason, they are able to provide quality service and at the same time exhibit great professionalism in the dispensation of their duties.



Reasons Kabbalah Is Receiving the Attention of Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars

Kabbalah center is the biggest international organization that has consistently shown the commitment to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. The center was established in 1922, by Rav Yehuda Ashlag with the sole purpose of equipping people with the wisdom, and the tools needed to facilitate the improvement of lives, and the elimination of chaos from the world.Recognized as the leading source of Kabbalistic wisdom, Kabbalah center is present in more than 50 locations across the world, and over 5000 people involved in studying weekly. Apart from availing physical locations for studying, the center also avails online learning resources such as lectures, downloads, CDs and DVDs, books and prayer services.

For a long time, Jewish people are the only people who have shown interest in tapping Kabbalistic wisdom, but this has since changed. This growing interest in Kabbalah by non-Jewish individuals may have been driven by the energy exhibited by Madonna. Besides investing heavily in the study of ancient Jewish tradition, Madonna opened up several Kabbalah centers. Other prominent personalities that have since shown interest in Kabbalah include the late Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, the Late Marilyn Monroe, the late Elizabeth Taylor and Paris Hilton among numerous others. There are good reasons why famous celebrities have developed an interest in Kabbalistic wisdom.

1. It brings calm to one’s life
Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard explained that Kabbalah eliminated 80 percent of the chaos in her life. Her remarks were echoed by Paris Hilton who said that she managed to cope with her breakup with Nick Carter thank to Kabbalistic wisdom. She claimed to have gone to the Los Angeles’ Kabbalah center immediately after they broke up, and she still visits on a regular basis.

2. Unbeatable innate strength
The late Sammy Davis told Times Magazine that his interest in Kabbalah was to become part of a 5000-year-old history of people who have strong personalities. The late personality was challenged by the inherent strength evident in the Jews even after having been under oppression for thousands of years. He wanted to be part of that legacy.

3. Unexplained connection with Kabbalah
People like the late Marilyn Monroe found themselves attracted to Judaism. She could not fit in fundamentalist Christianity that she was brought up in. Marilyn was attracted to the Judaism concept of having a close family life. She ended up converting to Judaism.Kabbalah fanatics such as Britney Spears have been somewhat dishonest about their intentions. She was introduced to it by Madonna, who has been her long time friend. After her break up with Kevine, Britney renounced all forms of faith but later developed an interest in Hinduism.Traditionally, only Jews over 40 years are allowed to study Kabbalah.

George Soros’ Contribution To Politics And His Work Of Addressing Social Concerns

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC. He has been vocal about the issue of immigration. In September 2016, he said that his foundation would provide $500 million to firms established by refugees as well as migrants, especially, those arriving in Europe. Over the years, George Soros has donated funds to several organizations that support immigrants on Biography. In March, Soros gave $ 3 million to a super PAC, which wanted to mobilize Hispanic Voters. George is able to identify with refugees. Soros was born in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. He fled to England. Later, he enrolled in the London School of Economics. During this period, he was working as a railway porter. After graduation, he pursued a career in finance on Forbes.

Eventually, George Soros moved to New York and joined Wall Street as an employee. In 1969, he created a hedge fund with a starting capital of $ 12 million. Later, he changed the name of the hedge fund to Quantum Fund. Soros has an active presence in the investment world courtesy of his firm, Soros Fund Management. The entity has $30 billion of assets under its management.

George Soros is one of the richest people in the globe. The New York based hedge fund manager has used his immense influence to aid in restructuring the political landscape of many countries across the world. Presently, in America, Soros is of the leaders that heavily funds Democratic causes. In addition, he influences the American culture and politics more profoundly. Soros’ influence comes from his wealth. He is passionate about changing and improving the world through his institutions on Politico. From an early stage in life, Soros realized that money was important. He set out to make money and having made it, he took it upon himself to make the world a better place where social justice is upheld. Most of his life perspectives were shaped at the London School of economics where he was introduced to the philosophy of Viennese philosopher, Karl Popper. He learned the concept of open society by The Open Society and Its Enemies, a book written by Popper in 1945. The book played an integral role in shaping Soros’ activities and thoughts.

Soros started toying with the notion of philanthropy in 1979. Five years later, George Soros launched the Open Society Foundation in Hungary. He maintained the name from the concept, which was advanced by Karl Popper. The aim of the organization was to build vibrant and tolerant democracies where governments were accountable to the citizens. In 1987, Soros opened an office in Moscow. This office marked the start of Soros’ big spending in support of various causes. The concept of his foundation spread to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Presently, it operates in over 70 countries. Majorly, his network of foundations stands for democracy, freedom, human rights, rule of law, social responsibility, and social justice.

Sujit Choudhry: a Passionate Professor in Comparative Constitutional Law

The comparative law deals with the enactment and implementation of legal frameworks that govern countries. Its main branches include comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, and comparative commercial law. In higher learning institutions, students who study comparative law are emancipated about the elements of legal systems. They also learn how these legal systems relate and differ. The relevance of comparative law increases as economic globalization and democratization takes place.


Succeeding in a professional field such as the comparative law requires more than proper conduct and professionalism. Sujit Choudhry is one of the few legal experts who have mastered the art of comparative constitutional law. He has more than twenty years’ experience of serving as a legal advisor to countries such as Ukraine, South Africa, and Tunisia.  Visit this site.


Sujit Choudhry’s Research Publications


Sujit Choudhry usually conducts research on constitutional design topics. In his studies, he emphasizes on how the constitution can be used to enhance peaceful democratic politics and solve conflicts. He is an author of over ninety book chapters, reports, articles, and working papers. Most of Choudhry’s research publications focus on the Canadian constitutional law. His notable publications include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas.


Career and Academic Background


Sujit Choudhry was appointed as the first director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The institution usually collects and mobilizes constitutional knowledge. Choudhry also collaborated with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. The collaboration allowed him to assist in the management of three research projects scheduled for publishing in 2017. Choudhry is also affiliated with the United Nations Mediation Roster. He usually provides consultancy services to the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute. He studied law at high-profile universities, including Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto.  Click this.


Executive Board Roles


As an executive board member, Choudhry provides strategic planning insights to several committees and boards. The International Society of Public Law appointed him as a member of its executive committee. He also belongs to the International Journal of Constitutional Law editor’s board. Choudhry is also a member of the Constitutional Court Review editorial board and Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law editorial advisory board.

Follow him at his




Whitney Wolfe Leaves Room For Creative Planning In Dating With Bumble

One of the many issues with dating in general even with dating apps is that it causes people to spend so much mental energy in getting that date. As a result, they don’t have as much mental energy to spend on figuring out a plan for what they would do with dating. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has seen the issues that plague even many of the dating apps that are out now. Therefore, she has come up with an idea that will make it easier and quicker for the user to find a date. This new dating app is called Bumble.

Bumble is a lot like the other apps except that it has an advantage that takes it above the competition. This advantage is that it easily brings people a match. The other advantage is that it puts the responsibility on the woman to message the man that she is matched to within 24 hours. This not only makes it faster for the woman, but makes it easier for the men. Men have had a lot of issues when it comes to other dating apps. Whitney Wolfe has seen it herself and has decided to solve it for both men and women.

This leaves more room for both men and women to come up with plans for what they can do when they meet. The only thing is that it is important for people to not put too much pressure on themselves. The purpose of the date is to meet the person they are dating to get to know them.

Afterwards, they can decide after a few more dates whether or not they are compatible enough to pursue a more serious relationship with. The app that is created by Whitney Wolfe is very good at making sure that people are well matched with each other. Bumble shows that Whitney Wolfe thinks about the user and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

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