Isabela dos Santos: Africa Needs a Digital Migration to Match Other Economies

Isabel dos Santos, one of Africa’s richest individuals and the Chairlady of Angola’s leading mobile service provider, Unitel, attended the European Parliament that was held in Brussels on 9th January 2019 (Twitter).

Her main focus was to speak on the new technologies in Africa and how these digital tools can be used to diversify the economy and accelerate the growth of different industrial sectors like finance and agriculture. “One problem is that there is no framework of how the digital developments will be effected. For a competitive edge, Africa must become digital. Another hurdle is to educate the masses on how to employ technological tools for better business”, said Isabel.

The soft-spoken businesswoman also attended the Africa Summit on 10 January 2019. The event took place in Brussels. Isabel dos Santos spoke on the need to expand the cooperation and tighten relationships between European countries and African nations. She also reiterated why it is critical to explore opportunities to form new partnerships for improved business relations.

Isabel dos Santos is also an avid advocate for gender equality in politics and business. She dedicates her time to speak to the society, urging women to tap into technological opportunities and Artificial Intelligence (AI). She believes that with a PC and an internet connection, the unpaid woman can find an online business to do.

Speaking to the students of Warwick University about investment opportunities in Africa, she urged the students that: Despite the burning desire to change Africa’s business environment, there is a need to have patience. You should not only set goals, but also sub-goals which are short term.

Giving Back

Besides her business success, Isabel dos Santos supports social clinics and ventures. In all her investment companies, she dedicates a division to focus on corporate social responsibilities and well as sponsorship kitties. “My vision is to offer hope to the less fortunate. It is essential to help others, and we have incorporated that culture in all our brands. It is through that that we involve all people to play an active role in creating opportunities for everyone. Thousands of our employees have volunteered in charitable programs at the community level,” Isabel pointed out.

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“Paul Sanders advice on dealing with burnout “

Work can, sometimes, be stressful, no doubt. This is especially made worse by the fact that most people get mixed up as the toll on personal life takes effect. This, coupled with the challenges experienced at work, can lead one to real burnout. As such, it is advisable that you look out for the tell tale signs in order to take action before the condition gets to uncontrollable levels. So, if your employees are showing signs of burnout, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you deal with the situation early enough.

Most employees do not feel comfortable with strict scheduling. Some may feel trapped and helpless. As such, it is important that you give your employees enough flexibility to spur their creativity and feel free while at work.

Transparency is also key in ensuring that there is trust between you and employees. The moment employees feel that they are overlooked or are not being given the full story of what is happening, they tend to develop negative attitudes towards work. This, in most cases, will ultimately lead to burnout. As a manager or supervisor, therefore, it is important to be honest and open in your communication with employees. Take your time to give reasonable explanations of certain decisions to ensure that each one is satisfied.

Burnout often leads to loss of self confidence as one feels they are not good enough or are not giving their best. It is, therefore, important that you walk with your employees hand in hand by helping them set reasonable goals that will keep their confidence at par. By setting small, achievable goals, your employees will slowly but surely get back on track.

Paul Sanders is the principal and founder of James River Capital Corp. Apart from this, he also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of James Rivers Capital Corp. He is an expert in the management of alternative investments and an instrumental figure in coaching and guidance on leadership skills. He acquired his B.A in Economics in 1977 from the University of Virginia before going on to study further at the University of Chicago where he earned his M.B.A. Learn more:




Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Investing in real estate is an excellent way for people to improve their financial position. Many people struggle with high expenses and low income. Instead of working multiple jobs, investing in a real estate provides an opportunity to earn additional income.

Finding a location to invest in is a critical choice for investors. Dubai is one of the largest and most affluent cities in the world. Numerous people have started purchasing properties in the city.

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. From the time he was young, Hussain has always wanted to operate a company in the real estate industry.

Building Cash

One of the most challenging parts of getting started with investing is building a cash reserve. Few people realize how many things can go wrong with real estate investing. With a substantial down payment, the monthly fee is reduced. There will be times when a rental property has various issues that need to get fixed. Without a cash reserve, many investors go deeply into debt to repair a single problem.

Finding Properties

Another important aspect of real estate investing is finding properties. Some people rush into real estate investing and purchase the first property available. Quickly buying a home is the wrong approach to take with investing.

Instead, investors should take several months to purchase a property. The home should be in a desirable area. Appreciation is one of the best ways that real estate investors build wealth over time.


Hussain struggled to get financing when he started in the real estate industry. Due to his investment experience, he founded a local bank to help real estate investors. Although he lends money on a small scale, he is confident the venture can grow in the coming years.


Working with a trusted bank is one of the best ways for real estate investors to get the financing needed to invest. With the active real estate market, it is an excellent time to purchase a home in Dubai.

” Marc Beer’s Charity towards Women Health “

Marc D. Beer is the former CEO of a pharmaceuticals Company, he is currently aged 53 years old and he studied at Miami University in California where he obtained his Bachelor of Science. He has worked in several companies and is known for his love for sciences and has been very successful over the years in biotechnology and health market.



Mr . Marc is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the co-founder of Renovia inc.,a which is based in Boston city in Massachusetts United states of America , the company is dedicated towards coming up and developing various products in order to treat pelvic floor disorders affecting a large number of women around the globe.



Women are a driving force for the growth of our nations ,it is therefore very important to come up and not only empower them but ensure they live a free and healthy life. That the greatest gift we can offer to our mothers, not just sit back and watch them continue to be wiped out by various diseases such as the pelvic floor disorder affecting millions of women all over the world. Learn more:




It’s through this that Mr. Marc beer Co-founded this idea in order to come up through extensive research and applications of innovative ideas with products that will be able diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorder affecting women. In order for this to be achieved a lot of money is required and funding



He came up with this funding to help in the development and production of the products, his company has not been left alone in providing best healthcare to women, it has been joined by some of the leading healthcare investors such as The Longwood Fund to help achieve Renovia’s goals.



Mr . Marc’s Renovia company together with the Longwood Fund have joined together in order to fund for the development and testing of products that will be used in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorder experienced by women in particular.



His company is highly dedicated towards improving the lives of women especially the ones affected by pelvic floor disorders. He states that it’s a pleasure to have leading healthcare investor such as Longwood fund to come in and support this idea and help achieve the company’s goal in providing healthcare to millions of women affected by the disorder.



Marc beer is convince that by applying use of new technologies and innovations in the digital health platform they stand at a good position to guarantee better treatment and healthcare to their customers and proper understanding of the pelvic floor disorder and finally up come up with a better response to this disorder at a fairly low healthcare costs.




A Look Into PE Firm, HGGC

Self-described as “relationship investors,” the seasoned professionals at HGGC combine their savvy with their intrigue in hopes of ushering in a new era of advantaged investing. Since opening their doors in 2007, the company’s propelled to the forefront of the investment niche, subsequently earning a distinguished status in the financial domain. This private equity firm boasts a wealth of knowledge, and their expertise is impressively extensive. Given how intricate and seemingly inscrutable the dynamics of investing are, HGGC’s boundless knowledge goes a long way. Some areas in which they excel include growth equity, corporate carve-outs, recapitalizations, platform investments, and leveraged buyouts.

At their core, this PE firm is an investment partner seeking relationships with sponsors, management teams, and founder-owners. After establishing a rapport with their clients, HGGC intends to help them “build differentiated middle-market businesses.” Though the lion’s share of their clientele is American., one of their future goals is to extend beyond North American roots and delve into international affairs. In the meantime, their executive team is working diligently to diversify and uphold an honorable repute. Steve Young, Robert Gay, Richard Lawson, and Lance Taylor comprise the management team, with each assuming an integral role in operations.

As the co-founders, Young, Gay, and Lawson aim to evolve into an enhanced network while burnishing a vast skill set. These days, HGGC is keen to collaborate with companies that have an EBITDA between $15 million and $75 million. As an attempt to expand their reach, HGGC aims to partner with various corporations. Some industries that particularly pique their interest include healthcare, technology, software, consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, and information services. Forging these business relations will be a cinch given the company’s client-oriented practices. The future of HGGC looks exceedingly bright, and they hope to maintain their reputation for years to come.

Rich Closet of Deirdre Baggot, the Healthcare Strategist, and Inventor

Deirdre Baggot is a seasoned medical practitioner who has extensive experience, unmatched expertise, and her profession goes over and above normal patients’ care. She is a Gregory Lavert Scholar, holder of a Nursing Degree, a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the Loyola, Chicago Graduate School of Business. This highlights her major academic achievements.

Professionally, after her residency, she began working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and later at the University of Michigan. These two health facilities exposed her to a diverse world of medicine and helped her discover her best values and worth. She spent most of her time researching in the lab; just trying to make sense of any information that was scanty. This began her crucial step into the world of uncertainty and discovery. Over time she had discovered innovative diagnostic tools and treatment methods that have been applied globally in medical practice.

Her leadership at the CMS, where she led the commission of the Bundled Payments Models was one of the high pitches in her career. This is a calculated and well thought out payment reform that healthcare facilities should adopt. It helps patient pay up bills seamlessly even when insurance fails. This is a new thing, with respective ends for both parties involved and facilities no longer suffer default. The Bundled Payment Model was rolled out in 2012, and Deirdre Baggot has been instrumental in its implementation. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

About Deirdre Baggot

She is a practicing clinician and hospital executive behind the Bundled Payment of Care Improvement Program (BPCI). Ms. Baggot has admirable expertise and experience working with established facilities in the United States. She is a highly sought after speaker who has voiced various issues at the American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, and Bundled Payment Summit to mention a few conferences. She has written many articles, journals, and reports from her research work that has spiced up her contribution.

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Agera Energy Is At The Top Of Their Game

Armed with a legion of dedicated consumers, Agera Energy is a prominent electricity and natural gas supplier. Committed to simplifying the realm of renewable energy, Agera Energy takes a sophisticated approach to their practices. Using their “large footprint,” Agera Energy offers services nationwide. From business solutions and LED lighting to utility audits and electricity supply, Agera Energy renders a wealth of customizable plans.


Their mantra, power the world, serves as the foundation of their mission. Far more than a unique organization with a sound business model, Agera Energy is also a client-driven enterprise. By keeping their consumers at the focal point of operations, Agera Energy ensures that their visions align with their clients. As Agera Energy continues to impress the masses, their eminence will only blossom further. shutting up their services in EU

A firm named as for years has used the basis of “free” but not the beneficial ‘email management’ services is planning to stop serving users using their services in Europe. They provided services in order to fetch emails of different people for their purpose of data-mining the contents for achieving competitive intelligence. From 25th May and onwards, they’re planning for enforcement of a new data protection policy lying under GDPR.

The company stated in a section on their website that they will no longer support the EU users as of 23rd of May while confirming about the visitors who either live in EU or not. on its website will pop up a screen where after clicking on ‘Yes’, will bring up another info screen which will give an alert message of ‘Last month in EU’ to give acknowledgement to its EU users that this site will be unable to reach and unable to meet the terms and conditions of all the GDPR requirements. By May 24th, all of the EU user accounts will be removed. held by Slice technologies, also proclaims on their own website about how their parent company takes away the personal information from user’s inbox; including commercial and transactional emails for tracking and analyzing customer trends and for building random market research. They have also been criticized for not being obvious about how they sell the private information of people.

And actually, if we get to see a small print of’s privacy policy, we can clearly see that it claims to share how it pleases to share the personal information of a user. Not only within its parent company but also with any of the partner company it chooses to start the business with.

So, it won’t be hard for us to guess our answer why planned to drop their services in EU, as we now already know about the privacy of data issue and GDPR requirements.


Guilherme Paulus: Brazilian Businessman And Visionary

A man of many connections and successes, Guilherme Paulus is a seasoned businessman with a flair for entrepreneurship. His roots tie back to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Guilherme Paulus blossomed into a passionate adolescent of admirable ambitions. When he transitioned into his collegiate years, Paulus had his sights set on digesting the intricacies of business. A man of his word, Paulus did just that, eventually graduating with a BA in business. No longer a teenager, Paulus accepted his first internship at the tender age of 20. During this juncture, Paulus allowed his entrepreneurial inclinations to take the reins.

Soon thereafter, Guilherme Paulus crossed paths with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Cerchiari had aspirations of bringing tourism into Brazil, and Paulus was eager to expand on this notion. Before too long, the two forged a partnership resilient enough for even the toughest industry setbacks. Their tenacity bred substantial rewards, with CVC, a tour operator company, soon coming into existence. As part of their deal, Paulus was tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations while Cerchiari handled financial affairs. Since its inception, CVC has exponentially grown, offering 1,200 storefronts worldwide.

What’s more, CVC is a hub of employment in Brazil. Over the past 40 years, CVC has brought 3,000 people on board. While Paulus remains an integral component in CVC’s operations, he’s also the sole owner of GJP Hotels. A risky endeavor no doubt, Paulus invested $600 million while attempting to bring GJP Hotels to the market. Fortunately, the company’s experienced nothing but enduring triumph. Currently, GJP Hotels is scattered throughout Brazil, and Paulus hopes to see his 14 resorts evolve into 20 within the near future. When he’s not overseeing the inner workings of his two enterprises, Paulus is investing. According to Guilherme Paulus, “investment is always the best way to spend money.”

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“James River Capital CEO Shares Insightful Message in his Blog “

For the last decade, stress at the workstation has highly escalated. It has turned out to be the topic of the discussion. Companies are seriously taking concern about the whole issue. They are investing highly in creating a major impact on the employees’ personal life in the operation of the organization. Stress at work station can be prevented by paying careful attention to the signs. An immediate action helps to curb stress before it’s too late.



The most efficient and effective method to help employees showing sign of fatigue and weariness is by advising the employees to plan what they intend to achieve at the end of the day. The schemes help to avoid wasting time.



A proper communication channel from the top management is fundamental. Employees are threatened when the organization doesn’t explain the decision they make. They feel intimidated and overlooked. Employees feel appreciated when they are fully engaged in decision making, and it creates a conducive and friendly working environment. The manager should encourage employees to create time for enjoying their leisure time. A break helps to relieve workplace stress.



Stressed employees isolate themselves. They live a solitary life due to lack of confidence. Employees’ self-esteem lowers and feels they are not delegating duties to their level best. In a meeting, stressed employees do not contribute. The manager should offer assistance to employees in setting their agenda. It boosts their morale and confidence.



About River Capital



James River Capital Corp was originally founded in 1986. It was then known as KP Futures Management Corp. In 1995, Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the investment from Kidder. It became an independent firm. Paul currently serves as the chief executive officer. Having gained extensive knowledge and skills, he ventured into his business. He has shown outstanding performance in his work station. His career took off upon graduation as an investment banker. Paul is a go-getter who never lets any opportunity walk away. While exploring more opportunities, he shifted his attention to investment and trading. His talent, determination, and ingenuity in the financial field have led him to emerge on top. He has built a reputation for himself.






Paul is passionate about humanity. Together with his wife Vicki, they offer charity work to the organization. How kindhearted they are! As a philanthropist, they fund organization such as Family Services, Chrysalis, and Goochland free clinic. The work is immeasurable and unquestionable. Paul Saunders’ contribution towards Pet Lover at Goochland is a huge commitment

Paul Saunders freely shares his experience on his blog. His articles on business development are resourceful. His leadership’s qualities are admirable. He was an undergraduate student at the University of Virgin. He pursued Bachelor of Arts economics and graduated in1977. Shortly after graduation, he enrolled for his master’s in business administration from the University of Chicago. Learn more: