Minivan Rv Conversion Kit //

08/11/2017 · If you’d like to build out a camper van but you’re not sure where to start, a conversion kit can make the project much faster and easier. Wayfarer Vans offers complete kits that you can assemble at home or have installed for free at their location in Colorado Springs. Their conversion kits are. This small company is in the car camper business, offering camper van conversion kits for mid-sized cars, minivans and small cargo vans. This is an awesome way to start sleeping in your car rather than pitch a tent when camping. Plus, installing one of these conversion kits means you’re ready for. 25/09/2017 · Check out our latest addition to the Wayfarer Vans lineup! We've been making plug-n-play conversion kits for the Ram Promaster City but here we have a conversion kit for its big brother, the 136" wheel base, high roof, promaster. An entire kit installs in about 2 hours with some simple tools, hardware and no permanent alterations to the van.

The first step for camper van conversion is to remove the pre-existing fixtures from the van. The decade of your van existence might be used by an electrician up in Vermont. This meant that it had all the staples of a work cargo van such as a front cage, metal tool shelves, and also a very dirty floor. When you order or buy your van we then also take a deposit on our conversion. Leadtime on our kits is two weeks to a month depending on our order backlog. Prices on our van conversion kits is simply the best in the industry and we promise to get you out the door and camping for a. Kits will be available later this year if you want to save building time. Just screw and glue the pieces together. Our kits will be pre-fitted and will have all the needed hardware included. I can also build out your van with a couple weeks notice. Contact me if you want to explore this option. Why we like camping in our mini conversion van.

Very nicely done conversion of a Sprinter van into a cozy camper for two. Lots of innovative ideas: $2 salad bowl sink, marine hatch for roof skylight/access, simple water system, much of interior from Ikea, nice T&G walls and ceiling,This is the first “stealth” van conversion I’ve seen that feels like it would be nice to spend a lot. This kit is NOT compatible with the passenger version, aka Wagon, of the Promaster City nor can it be modified to fit other van models. Camper kit can be financed with your van. Email us, and we can either provide an invoice you can take to your local dealership, or purchase a van and conversion kit through our dealership partner. We have been mini van camping for two years now: all over the southeast, in the midwest, and northern tier states. We were told by the camp host at a national park that van campers are considered Rv’s by the federal government. We have also been able to camp at a very nice, membership RV resort.

03/10/2017 · NOTICE to viewers and subscribers !!!!! You appear to be on my personal site. This is an old video that goes back to 2017. A new YouTube channel, Andy's Campervan Adventures has been created to follow my travels in the campervan. In the About section of that site there are several links to the evolution of the van. Contravans is a campervan builder and car camper kit provider based in Colorado. Our innovative systems & conversion kits take the guesswork out of converting your vehicle. Whether you have a car, SUV, minivan or a compact cargo van, our conversions have you covered.

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