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RØDE Microphones designs and manufactures a comprehensive suite of premium audio accessories. Premium microphones and audio accessories for studio, live and location recording. Important information about purchasing from the US. RØDE Microphones entwickelt und baut auch hochwertiges Audiozubehör. Premium microphones and audio accessories for studio, live and location recording. Important. Throughout the years I've found the NT1-A to be one of the most reliable and best sounding mics I've ever used. I've been using the NT1-A for many years in many different applications and I now consider it to be an essential part of any mic box that I use. The NT1 is a great mic, and not just for the money. It’s voiced with less emphasis all-round, which makes it a great all-purpose mic. It’s part of what made the U87 a classic in the first place — it just works, a lot of the time. But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. 08/12/2013 ·- Buy: & Rode NT1-A Podcast Microphone Setup for Video Dubbing or just recording other Things. Price for.

Buy Rode NT-1 KIT 1" Cardioid Condenser Microphone with SMR Shockmount featuring NT1 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, SMR Shockmount, Rycote Shockmount Suspension in Mic, Microphone Dust Cover. Review Rode NT1. AI-1 Firmware Update. Make sure your AI-1 has the latest firmware using this simple update tool. Simply download the correct file for Mac or Windows, and extract the contents of the zip file to your hard disk. 05/12/2017 · RØDE’s AI-1 Audio Interface is stacked with incredible technology to ensure recording on your computer is easy, versatile and sounds superb. The Complete Studio Kit comes with the AI-1, RØDE’s peerless NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone,.

20/04/2015 · Mit dem Rode NT1A und dem DBX 286s nehme ich meine Audio auf. In diesem Setup-Video zeige ich, wie man Mikrofone an den PC anschließen kann und gebe Tipps zu. 02/01/2020 · Versatile Studio-Quality USB Microphone. BUT, it is the perfect mic to record your voice-reel on at home! It’s the perfect mic for recording VO auditions on – and will certainly be my personal, home recording mic of choice from this point onwards. The NT1 vocal sound is crisp and detailed with plenty of warm low-end body, nothing missing or exaggerated in the midrange and an airy clarity in the top end, plus the included double-meshed pop shield does a great job and conveniently sits unobtrusively exactly where you need it.

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