A Look Back At Some Viral Photos Of 2017

There is always an abundance of photos, videos, and captions that go viral on the internet. Right now we look back at some of the most viral photographs of 2017 that seemed to have been edited using Photoshop. Maybe you recall seeing them last year? Let us travel back in time for a little bit.

One of the photos that took the internet by storm was a cigar lodged between the crevices of an old brick wall. Many people were baffled by the photograph at first, seeing it is as just a brick wall. Closer inspection reveals that a cigar is sticking out of a crevice. The key to this illusion is making the cigar line up with the shadows of the wall. If you stare long enough at the photo, you should eventually make out a cigar.

Another viral photograph that turned out to be photoshopped was a baby that seemed to be holding a knife while the baby’s father is sauteing some vegetables. The picture caused a stir on the net and some outrage. The man behind the photograph said that it was not real and was edited using computer software. He said he made the picture to troll some family members and to bring attention to a disease that his daughter had.

Lindsay Lohan always gets a lot of coverage in the press. One photograph that she posted had her post in front of a door. That sounds innocent enough right? The problem with the picture is that she seems to have red lower legs. The door also appears to be curved and warped around the edges. These are signs that it was edited using a watermark feature. Lindsay Lohan actually posted this photograph on Instagram but later deleted it. She even called out the editing by saying that her legs are not red only her hair is.

Another celebrity that had an edited photograph go viral is Kylie Jenner. The photo in question had some major exaggeration of Kyle Jenner’s curves. The giveaway of the editing in this photograph is the bending of the curtains. Jenner actually did not admit the photograph was a fake although it clearly seems to be. While Jenner has some nice curves, I don’t think she can twist and curve objects around her.

Taylor Swift was also caught posting a photoshopped picture on her Instagram account. Swift is seen posing on a boat with a female band called Haim. This photo seems innocent enough except that the guardrails are twisted behind them. There is no doubt that Photoshop was used in this picture.

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