Aliens and UFOs Trend Following SpaceX Launch

Rocket launches are the norm on Florida’s east coast, but out west a rocket launching from the local air force base causes quite the stir. This week, aliens, UFOs, nuclear war and other funny hashtags began trending when SpaceX launched one of its rockets early on a Friday night. The launch was visible from as far away as Arizona, but it really lit up the sky up and down the California coast.

Everyone from celebrities to news organizations to residents everywhere came out to see the strange sight, and raised the alarm as the rocket continued to travel across the sky. As the launch progressed, the stages of the rocket separated as planned, but it caused even more of a scene with super dramatic cloud plumes and formations in its path.

Authorities and news hotlines reported a flood of calls, accidents involving distracted drivers, and thousands of people concerned that either an attack was imminent or aliens were flying into the city. SpaceX’s founder, Elon Musk even joined in on the fun on Twitter and sent out a video complete with UFO alien caption.

With so much speculation surrounding the launch and what it could actually be, California did the most Hollywood thing and went straight to the local celebrities to get their reactions. Many knew what was happening but still shared their awe over the incredible sight and progress of space exploration. Other celebrities though shared their belief in aliens, UFOs and other extraterrestrial beings, convinced they were seeing something out of this world.

You can’t really blame anyone though considering all the news regarding the Pentagon’s secret UFO files, and the near Earth asteroid that looks something like an alienship.

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