All You Need To Know About Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal is a joint venture capital that specializes in the provision of engineering, procurement among other high revenue services. Founded in 2002, the company has spread itself across many industries in Brazil. The company offers top quality services for clients operating in the oil and gas, chemical and mining industries.

The company has set up camp at Sao Paulo, a town in Brazil. Other services offered include construction and commissioning services. Most of the company’s clients operate in the in fracture, petrochemical and energy industries. These fields often require high skill sets and high precision tools, both of which Toyo has invested in acquiring.

Katsumo Ishibashi is the CEO of the upcoming company. The company was awarded a contract that is so diverse; it could only be assigned to a company with the proficiency Toyo Setal has developed over the years. According to, Petróleo Brasileiro issued the contract, which required Toyo Setal to construct hydrogen production facilities. The facilities were to be installed in Rio de Janeiro. The project was set to be started as soon as the acquisition of materials was finished.


When the contract was issued, the projected date of completion for the project was mid-2016. The projects were considered some of the most critical projects in Brazilian history. The facilities Toyo Setal was to build were to be installed in facilities known as COMPERJ, which play a massive part in the production of light oil petrochemicals used in every household. The importance of the sights is encompassed by the fact that they are the only ones that were equipped enough to process the products from the heavy oil that was produced in local oil fields.

Toyo Setal is committed to taking care of the environment. The company is also involved in community development efforts in Brazil. Such efforts include the impact of management efforts in Rio Grande. The company started the efforts to help the community measure the effect of the construction of the pipeline, which affected the supply of water to the citizens. Their findings were the direct cause of amends being made in the pipeline construction plans avoiding the consequences.


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