Ara Chackerian career path to what he has become now

Using one word to describe the wilderness areas would not have been able to capture all the diversity that is experienced through nature that’s why the ancients Hebrews used three words to describe the wilderness. According to Ara Chackerian who is a visionary think that wilderness plays a vital role and complex in providing the resources and unusual venues that can be used for recreation, athletic pursuit, and inspiration. In the forestry work that Ara Chackerian has done he has given techniques needed that can be used in preserving the wilderness areas while still giving people the opportunity of being able to harvest the resources required from natures pantry. Indeed, the wilderness is the most precious resources that people have, and the keenly taking care of this resources.



Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, angel investor and entrepreneur. The managing partner of ASC capital holdings, which main aim is to invest in the early stage of healthcare companies. In the TMS Health solution he is the co-founder and a member of the board. The whole of idea of coming up with the company started when Ara and long-term business partner extended their experience in the building of outpatient diagnostic. With that they were able to realize that TMS has the chance of becoming third pillar in the psychiatric care. The TMS Health Solution deals with providing treatment of the transcranial magnetic stimulation to those people that will suffer from the resistant of treatment to depression. You can checkout for more details.


Before he got fully involved with TMS Health solution, his professional career has always been involving around entrepreneurship and investments. In San Francisco, he is a very dedicated member of the board member of companies that deal with healthcare. He is interested in the environment causes that’s why he has invested in the Limonapa, SA. Ara believes that life experiences give someone an idea and if they engage in life then the ideas will surely come. Calmness is what has helped him deal with any issues that he has faced in him business. He is calm Ara will be able to see things better and in a more realistic way.




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