Ara Chackerian on the Future of Technology in Health

An investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian has made a tremendous impact on the business world. Chackerian is the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, a major health company focused on providing treatment for disorders such as depression. Chackerian has built an incredible career and has given back in major ways.

Ara Chackerian has more than two decades of experience in building healthcare companies. He has founded or co-founded multiple companies including PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions. Ara’s professional career has always revolved around entrepreneurship and investing. He also serves as a board member on several beginning health care companies. He serves on boards for companies like PipelineRX and Mint Medical Education.

Chackerian’s idea for TMS Solutions came from an interesting place. Working with a longtime business partner, Chackerian wanted to extend their work to other areas of healthcare. After lots of research and study the duo realized that TMS had great potential to be the third component of psychiatric care, along with medication and talk therapy. They saw clear evidence that TMS made a major impact on those with depressive disorders. They were determined to make people more aware of this.

Over time Chackerian began to work to make his vision become reality. The mission was to design a model that helped both patients and physicians to achieve their goals. Through hard work the duo has built seven new facilities in both San Francisco and Sacramento. They have built relaxing patient first areas that have earn lots of acclaim.

Ara Chackerian’s success is in large part do to his routine. He really doesn’t have one. He is flexible and focuses on his vision, strategy and coaching which drives his day. He keeps a health balance of being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He remains humble which he thinks is the key to his success.

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