Are Cats Man’s Best Friend?

Dogs are ubiquitously known as man’s best friend. So where do cats fit into all of this? Aren’t cats just as supportive, playful and friendly to men as dogs are? One video developed by Purina Fresh Step shows that Cats can be man’s best friend too and it does show in a hilarious and funny way. Here are some of the highlights of the video.

The video is officially called dude’s best friend. It features a young male “dude” and his adorable orange cat. The dude has a dilemma on whether to text a girl he went out a date with and his cat is by his side. His cat’s support helps him make the right decision, which is something that all pet owners can probably relate to.

Next, the man decides to take a bath after not showering for a while. His cat looks on and he talks with his cat about how bathing is like taking several showers. The support of the cat once again helps him realize what he did not do and what he should be doing. It is a testament to the “silent” support that our pets offer us unconditionally.

Even when the dude does some of his private albeit funny antics, the cat silently watches. This again shows that the cat is the man’s friend and supporting him throughout his ups and downs. The man talks with his cat throughout the video, which is something that every cat owner and pet owner in general probably does. Although, they may not understand our language, they probably understand how we feel.

Cats and dogs have been shown to react differently when we are happy or sad. For example, a cat or dog may try to cheer us up when we are feeling down or depressed. While they cannot speak to us, it is as if they know how we feel!

The end of the Dude’s Best Friend video shows the guy saying his cat is low maintenance and putting in some Fresh Pet litter in his litter box. The description of the video does not do it much justice. Watch it for yourself and get a good laugh.

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