Article Title: Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Unveils New Plans To Improve The Workings Of The Company

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Papa John’s has been going through a number of improvements with regards to their overall work ethic and the manner in which they incorporate inclusivity at the workplace. The company first started out their reformation by posting a message on their social media. In this message, they stated how their customers expected the establishment to be better, and so they did do better. Ever since posting that message, the company has been working to bring about changes within their restaurants and administration.

Currently, the company is being led by Steve Ritchie who stands as the CEO of the company. Ritchie is known for being a bold, yet compassionate leader who is aware of the challenges that employees tend to face. He is also aware of what the customers expect from the employees and the establishment as a whole and has been implementing new policies to be able to improve the kind of work that they do and the manner in which they serve their customers.

One of the first things that CEO Steve Ritchie implemented at the company was a training program that was meant to give the employees a greater understanding of the concept of unconscious bias. This is a plan of action that is being implemented in Papa John’s establishments all over the country.

A lot of the developments that Ritchie has brought along has been because of his active involvement with the workings of individual restaurants. He is known to regularly visit the outlets and see the manner in which the company’s employees are working. Seeing this first hand has helped him understand the entire company on a much deeper level, thereby enabling him to perform better at the work that he does at Papa John’s.

The company has already been seeing a significant amount of improvements and is set to experience even more in the coming months under the guidance of Steve Ritchie.

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