Ashley Lightspeed Brasier: Proud To Be A Part Of An Innovative Investment Firm

Venture capital investing is a bit different than traditional fund managing at an investment bank or hedge fund. Deciding which startups worth investing in that don’t have a long history of running is a tricky business, but Lightspeed Venture Partners has people on its team who are pretty well in tune with the trends coming out of Silicon Valley, and they’ve been willing to see big ideas become business plans and take off with funding. One person who is now lending her startup advisory expertise to LSVP is Ashley Lightspeed Brasier who joins the firm after spending several years as a consultant. She has been excited to work with a firm that has made significant investments in social apps like Snapchat. See Related Article at

Ashley Lightspeed Brasier found her calling in venture capital after deciding becoming an architect wasn’t quite what she was cut out for. Yet growing up and seeing how her father designed schematics did show her later on that building businesses did follow some similar principals. Brasier graduated from Duke University and then joined Bain & Company, a Boston based consulting firm where she offered her input to various clients on business products and ideas including even seeing a few of them tested and simulated. After spending a few years at Bain, she relocated to California and joined the development team at Thumbtack, a professional services hiring company that works a little similar to Uber.

Ashley Lightspeed Brasier first noticed the potential for venture capital to be rewarding when she undertook a fundraising campaign at Thumbtack. After completing grad school at Stanford and then running her own part-time consulting business for a couple years, she applied to an opening at Lightspeed when it was announced they were bringing in many new partners. As a manager in the consumer investment team of Lightspeed, Brasier sees her role as turning ideas into prototypes and getting a rough idea of how realisticly they can work.

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