Entrepreneur and Consultant, Susan McGalla

It has been proven by statistics that businesses that embrace gender balance are likely to perform better than companies that do not. Also, firms that adopt ethnic miscellany are expected to perform more those that do not. Think of it as the reason why it is good to accept new ideas from different people. The one thing, however, that has not changed in many institutions and companies is the fact that a tiny percentage of women only hold the prestigious top leadership roles.

Susan, having to work for what she wanted since she was a child, worked tirelessly with a display of hard work and dedication and was finally able to achieve top positions in companies that she worked with. For a long time, the American Eagle Outfitters had an executive that was purely led by men. Susan changed this when she became the company’s president. After leaving this business, she became a Vice President of a few others.

Women may often feel that chances for their success in both business and leadership are meager. Others may lack the chances like those of Susan. However, some groups that support women leaders have come up. These organizations provide opportunities for women to rise in business and prove that high ranks are not meant for only men. Executive sponsors, therefore, is one of the ways to diminish the gender discrimination that exists in most companies and firms.

Susan McGalla was born in Ohio. Her father was a local football coach, and she grew up with her two brothers. Her background, in a way, molded her into what and who she is today. She learned to be confident while she was young, and also realized that there was no way to achieve whatever she wanted if she did not work for it. Susan graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

She currently stands as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Through this, she consults her clients on marketing, talent management, among other issues. She is the advisor of the board of Mount Union College and also holds board positions at HFF Inc., and the Managee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Susan is the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Know Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Better

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a known Oncology professor.His excellent skills in the field are as a result of hard work and quality education from Pavlov state university (a reputable Oncology learning center).Mikhail determination to provide a solution to the relationship between age and cancer patients have made him gain popularity in the scientific field. His high education and hard work have seen him play a vital role in the Pavlov Medical University where has done been involved in many experimental medicines that have proved to be so crucial in the 21st century as they have brought the knowledge to one of the most confusing and yet global disasters.Passion has been the driving force in Mikhail career. After attaining his high education, he has extensively been active in the various positions Mikhail has served in different capacities, all of which has had an impact positively. The many places he has served as a lecturer have opened up his mind on the topic. His career path is one to be emulated having risen from a simple position to become an associate professor.His long-term service has enabled him to fit in any place that he is required. Mikhail, unlike many professors, has a unique characteristic. He is a good researcher and who have helped many scholars and interested parties to do anti-aging and cancer researchers.

Apart from lecturing Mikhail acts an editor in cell death. Here he aims at providing information on the functions of TOR. Mikhail also advices on how Rapamycin medicine can be used in the diagnosis of cancer. He believes an accurate and timely update of the required drug does help in the curing of disease. His excellent knowledge of the cellular and molecular biology will play an integral part in the clinical research.Other roles that Mikhail has played are the authorship of the hyperfunction aging theory. During his free time, he also contributes to the chemotherapy and cyclotherapy engineer. His main concerns are to see that he helps bring the knowledge on the ground. It has led him to write much publication that can act as a guide for the scholars and the other scientist in their quest to understand the topics more.

Mikhail has risen to fame as a result of his interest and great passion in the Oncology study. His great belief in the treatment and the control of Oncology has attracted global attention. Also, his supportive ideas and help to the oncology scholars place him in an excellent position to gain universal acknowledgment. His presence in the various seminars and oncology experiments acts to make the researchers develop the mentality that it’s possible to cure cancer and thus work to see that it gets fulfilled. Mikhail Blagosklonny theories have also been significant to showing the world that Rapamycin can cure cancer. Other notable roles he plays are the search for the cure for the aging which he believes it shall soon be a success.With such efforts, Mikhail will help in the invention of the rugs that will help cure Cancer. His determination and undying faith is a thing that can be emulated by the future generations.

Envoy Enlists OneLogin to Implement a SCIM Protocol for User Provisioning

Envoy, a San Francisco-based software company, recently collaborated with OneLogin on a SCIM protocol. The integration allows Envoy’s clients to store and access their data on a SCIM protocol integrated with OneLogin. Envoy is known for creating software solutions that allow office users sign in from their iPads. However, this type of sign in has been considered as insecure and outdated.

In the past, IT experts experienced trouble with handling security threats posed to Envoy’s software products. Today, these experts no longer experience such difficulties thanks to the newly-implemented SCIM protocol for user provisioning. This new feature is also referred to as “automated user on/offboarding.” It is currently available to Envoy Enterprise and Premium clients.

How the SCIM Protocol Works

SCIM is an acronym for System for Cross-domain Identity Management. This feature is targeted at simplifying user provisioning and management. It also enables clients to automatically provision fields such as one’s office location, email, first names, and last names. New credentials that are logged into the system are also automatically updated.

The new OneLogin integration instantly updates user data to the Envoy directory. It also allows user data to be retrieved and stored in a consistent format. According to Wells Riley, Envoy’s product head, the SCIM feature saves time and enhances office security. Wells also mentioned that Envoy strives at working with firms that share its vision. He mentioned that Envoy looks forward to future partnerships to improve its services.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is at the core of supporting the adoption of access management and open identity standards. The company usually releases free toolkit and guidance to help developers in implementing user provisioning and single sign-on functionality. Developers should note that OneLogin’s standards represent APIs and battle-tested schema for creating reliable and secure IAM functionality.

OneLogin serves SaaS vendors who wish to upgrade their systems for security and reliability reasons. Since OneLogin was launched, SaaS vendors have been visiting the company’s developer website to download toolkit and guidelines. Vendors such as Envoy have also enabled SCIM in their software products. OneLogin has garnered positive reviews in the tech world for its timely partner support and clear API documentation.

Whitney Wolfe Set Sight on Social Media Domiance After Getting Married

Whitney Wolfe is excited about new possibilities in every sense of the word. She is excited about her new life as a wife. She is excited about expanding Bumble. She is excited about getting into other aspects of social media that may allow her company to grow.

There are so many things for Whitney Wolfe to be excited about in her personal life as well as her business life. She is a young entrepreneur that has the world in her hands, and she is still under the age of 30.

This may be the reason why she has been highlighted in magazines like New York Times and Forbes. This may also be the reason why her recent wedding on the Amalfi Coast was a trending topic on social media. Whitney Wolfe is the queen bee of the dating app comunity. She is the Golden Child of the social media arena that is expanding beyond dating with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

It only seems right for someone like Whitney Wolfe to be in such a great position because she is actually taking the time to do the research to get to where she is. She did not rely on others to build her social media empire. To the contrary Whitney Wolfe has taken time to create a totally different app environment all on her own. She has been able to do the research in finding the things that were missing in the dating app world.

Some people may assume that her recent marriage is going to slow down all of the innovative progress that she has made. That is not the case at all. Whitney Wolfe may have gotten married recently, but she definitely appears to have her mind set towards making more progress in dating app community. She also plans to expand Bumble in a huge way where she can even engage in other areas of social media. Initially, Whitney Wolfe was competing against other apps like eHarmony. As she expands she will compete against other apps like LinkedIn, Snapchat and Facebook. This is a clear sign that the recent marriage is not going to slow down her conceptual development of Bumble. She has her eyes set an even bigger prize. Dating apps are a great entry way into the app world, but Whitney Wolfe wants to become a dominant player in the entire social media spectrum.

Whitney Wolfe: www.travelandleisure.com/travel-tips/whitney-wolfe-bumble-carry-on


Jason Hope’s Concerns about Future Lifestyle

The internet of things demonstrates the ways that the modern world has adopted in appreciation of various technological advancements. Jason Hope postulates that the globe will over time experience a shift in the pattern of carrying out activities. Jason Hope is most excited by the idea regarding driverless vehicle technology. Jason provides that technology is the primary factor in the change of connections among people, things, and places around the world.

Additionally, Jason offers the possibilities of the driverless car technology taking effect in the next ten or twenty years. However, for the shift of operations in the transport industry to be effective, there are significant challenges that have to be overcome. The most common issue that will arise is litigation in the transportation sector. Previously, laws and rules were designed concerning the drivers that control the vehicles. Thus, with the transformation to cars with no drivers, certain standards have to be altered to suit the situation.

Additionally, Jason Hope states the relevance of improving security on your internet of things devices. The technological sector is characterized by IT experts as well as hackers who tend to exploit the internet of things gadgets. Jason Hope thus states the value of cloud storage, a more easy data storage way, unlike the local storage method. Additionally, the consumers of the internet of things should ensure that their data is configured for the protection of their details. With the aid of Jason Hope, security enhancements regarding data and efficient and reliable machines will transform the world.

The Scottsdale-based entrepreneur and philanthropist attended the University of Arizona State where he pursued finance. After that, Jason expanded his knowledge at the W.P Carey Business Institution where he earned his MBA. Jason’s knowledge attainment placed him in the corporate world where he began his mobile communications venture after completion of school. The organization has overtime experienced tremendous growth and now focuses on a variety of philanthropic courses. Recently, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a non-profit enterprise specializing in taking important health precautions on a client’s body before the damage fully develops. For more info about us: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope    click here.

Jason’s charitable giving will support the foundation in various studies concerning ailments associated with old age. Also, the fund will facilitate SENS Foundation’s activities on the research of bio-technologies rejuvenation. The philanthropic courses of Jason Hope especially in SENS Foundation illustrate his passion in the enhancement of individual’s well-being as well as lifestyles.

Special Skills of Dr. Clay Siegall

There is no way out we can to talk about Seattle Genetics without talking about Dr. Siegall. His education and in-depth knowledge in Genetics, has given Dr. Clay Siegall the best leadership skills. He is the best performing CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He has also worked in more than five companies which include PDL Biopharma, Genentech and National Institutes of Health just to mention some. He has worked on the board and advisors roles in three organizations. For instance, Alder Biopharmaceuticals had him working on the board of directors, Mirna Therapeutics as a member of the council and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the board of governors.

Digging back to history, Dr. Siegall has helped Seattle Genetics much since it was started in 1998. His effort in the leading the company can be seen due to its success. Seattle Genetics aims to fight against cancer in all possible ways. It is the first in the therapy industry to develop an FDA approve antibody-drug conjugate. Also, it has partnered with other organizations like Genentech, Bayer, and Pfizer in developing a series of more than 20 drugs that are approved.

With his Ph.D. in genetics, Dr. Siegall has helped Seattle Genetics from its startup stage to where it is now. If Seattle Genetics goes with the same pace of being the best in cancer research, it will come out to be the most influential in the company in the 21st century in drug production industry. Dr. Siegall says that old ways of treating cancer should be avoided and focus based on the current and efficient therapies. This is a big dream that Dr. Siegall wants to be true one day.

His interest in medicine and particularly in fighting diseases like cancer has made him what he is now. He hated sickness when his family member developed chemotherapy. He wanted to look for an alternative way of dealing with cancer instead of conducting expensive surgeries. So far, he has achieved this goal through Seattle Genetics where is current running intensive research projects. With his degree in zoology, he is able in achieving much regarding cell study.

Marc Sparks Outlines critical Issues in a Presentation To an investor

It is notable that most young entrepreneurs are faced with the scarcity of the resources required to start their journey to a successful business. There are various channels that can enable the young entrepreneur’s access funds to finance their ideas and make them a reality. For the young business minds to acquire the resources, either from donors, grants, business angels and the financial institutions, they are required to convince the latter that their idea is viable and if implemented will lead to success in the business world.

Notably, all financiers are looking forward to making more money on their investment and are evading the risk of losing their finances. It is through this notion that a young business mind should convince a financier of the viability of their business idea through a clear and convincing presentation. The aim of the presentation is to provide the investor with an overview of the business that the young entrepreneur is willing to conduct. It is through the presentation that the financier will make a concrete judgment on whether to offer the business resources or not given the nature and clarity of the business. It is worth noting that financiers are businessmen and women who have been in the world of Business for a long time and thus according to Marc Sparks one should ensure that a presentation clearly convinces the investor.

In regard to the presentation, Marc Sparks states the four critical issues that should be outlined in the presentation. The first critical issue is making a point with every visual or image presented. One should ensure not to waste time in a presentation by providing unnecessary graphics that do not add meaning or value to the idea that one is selling to the investor. Ensure to have a viable data that can be backed by critical evidence in the world of research and business. Marc Sparks states that one should actualize their ideas through concrete data that would show the timelines and how the business is anticipated to grow. Another critical issue with a successful presentation is the notion of simplicity. One should ensure that the investor is able to grasp all the information provided by the presentation. Complicating the presentation reduces the confidence of the investor in the business idea ensure all is presented in a simple and clear manner.

The last issue in a viable presentation is ensuring that all the team members of the business are well outlined in the presentation. Their roles should also be outlined in the presentation. According to Marc Sparks ,this will ensure that the investor can grasp the organizational structure of the business to be started. Learn more: https://twitter.com/msparks5010?lang=en

Doe Deere: The Incredible Business Leader Behind Cult Favorite, Lime Crime

Doe Deere is one of the most famous people on Instagram. She has become a makeup session and is one of the most followed Instagram artists. She is known for being one of the most alternative and creative makeup artists on the scene and practices makeup as a hobby. She is the founder of Lime Crime, which is a makeup brand that Doe Deere founded. Doe Deere came to America when she was still a teenager, and wanted to work in the music industry. She started working in the music industry, performing at various venues across New York City. She used to be incredibly creative with the looks that she put together which gained a lot of reputation and attention. People started to ask her about her looks extremely often, which increased her interest in it. She soon realized that she could not get the colors that she wanted because the people making the products did not produce the bold colors that she liked. She then started making her products herself and wore then the way she liked it. Soon after, people’s focus shifted from her looks to the makeup that she uses. She realized that this was something that could be monetized, and therefore decided to start up her own business. This was when Lime Crime entered the makeup industry and started putting out the makeup that they liked.


Today, Lime Crime has vast lines of makeup products that they put out. The brand has their range of lipsticks, blushes, contour kits, eyeliners, bronzers, hair gels, hair colors and other beauty products. Every one of the lines that the company puts out is unique and one of a kind and bears a resemblance to the creativity that Doe Deere has. The brand today is trying its best not just to expand their lines of makeup, but also regarding the places that they sell it. The brand has its stores across the world and also has tied up with several large chain brands to sell their products on their shelves. The brand also sells their products through their online store, which is one of the best places to buy Lime Crime Products.


Most recently, Doe Deere came out with her Pocket Candy line of makeup kits and blushes. The product exterior bared resemblance to the 90s pocket candy and aimed to bring out more of this kind of lines in the future. All of the products in this line resemble 90s products that are not available anymore. The Unicorn hairline is one of the other lines that was recently released and was one of the newest in the Hair Care category (https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial)

. The colors that the brand puts out are some of the rarest, and not available easily through other brands. This has gained a lot of attention since the brand has put out a product that is not readily available, thereby filling the void in the market.


Lime Crime has extremely high standards for the makeup that they put out. All of the products are vegan and are not tested on animals.



Kim Dao Welcomes Bronwyn To Tokyo

Kim Dao has made a ton of friends in Tokyo over the years. One of her best friends is fellow YouTuber Bronwyn (aka BronyBeauty). Bronwyn and Kim are such close friends that they actually shared an apartment in Tokyo for a year. If you want to see the very beginning of Kim and Bronwyn’s adventure together, check out this recent vlog, “HUGE 100 Yen Haul | NEW HOUSEMATE! | KimDao in JAPAN.” Kim’s video opens with a montage of different images around the Tokyo metro station. Kim Dao is walking to Narita International Airport to pick up Bronwyn. In the next clip, Kim Dao is back at her apartment with Bronwyn. The two share a bottle of red wine to celebrate their new life together. Kim Dao says the first thing she needs to do is fix up the kitchen area. She bought a few wallpaper stickers that look like bricks and started putting them up around her oven. Bronwyn says she is super tired after her 13 hour flight from Canada to Japan. Unfortunately, a boy behind Bronwyn wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming the entire flight, so she got absolutely no sleep. The two girls have a bit of trouble getting their bottle of wine open. Since Kim Dao doesn’t have a wine opener, she has to use a screwdriver and hammer. When Kim and Bronwyn take their first sip of this glorious beverage, they can’t believe it’s red wine. Kim says it actually tastes more like non-alcoholic grape juice. The rest of the video takes place on the following day. Kim Dao shows her viewers a massive ¥100 Daiso haul.

Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimdaoblog/

Jeremy L. Goldstein Brings Benefits and Experience To The Work Place

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a member of the New York Bar Association and has been practicing law in the greater New York City corporate world since the start of the 21st century. What sets Jeremy L. Goldstein apart from his colleagues is that he strongly encourages ethics to be upheld in the work place when it comes to making barrier option plans available to employees.


In terms of education, Goldstein received his B.A. from Cornell University, and his M.A. with concentration in Art History from the University of Chicago in the mid 1990s. He then went on to pursue law school at New York University graduating in 1999. Shortly thereafter, Jeremy L. Goldstein developed his practice, and became partner with the law firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz in New York. It was at this firm that he formulated a respectable reputation with fairly sizable companies in the corporate world. Jeremy L. Goldstein’s focus areas were benefits and executive compensation.


In the recent past, Goldstein became the co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. This is a New York City-based law boutique serving management and CEOs of the corporate world in the area of barrier option plans and executive compensation providing legal advice in areas of corporate governance.


A strong barrier option program plan supported by Goldstein and Associates, is Stock options, or what is termed “knock-out options.” Advantages include employees are motivated to help company development; employees are motivated to ensure the stock option does not fall below the forfeiture value; employees understand the nature of stock options; knock-out options may have a few days to rebound should they dip below the forfeiture value before being canceled.


Jeremy L. Goldstein strongly recommends company officials communicate with their auditors if they are considering offering barrier option plans to their workforce. Moreover, an option plan has a fixed time, and there should be some down-time between the ending of one plan and the start of the next plan.


Visit www.officialjeremygoldstein.com to learn more.