How DACA has helped dreamers settle in.

The DACA program has been of huge help to Dreamers. They have been able to use this reprieve to enjoy all that America has to offer and in return have contributed immensely to the welfare of the country. Dreamers are part of the most educated demographic they work in fortune five hundred companies, and some even serve in the military. They are credited with contributing at least a billion dollars in taxes. This is what the country risks losing if the program is completely done away with. This, however, is nothing compared to the damage it would do to the eight hundred current recipients and many more who should have been eligible soon.

The program caters to young people who came to the country as children and found themselves being termed as illegal immigrants yet it was no fault of their own. These children went on to acquire an education in the country, made friends and even started to plan their entire lives around the American dream. The level of disarray that would be brought about by ending the program is unimaginable as most dreamers have entirely no relationship with the countries they were born in. Congress has over the years refused to cater to their plight even at the behest of President Obama. The president observed that the uncertainty they faced would only serve to stagnate their lives as most could not get gainful employment without proper documentation.

In some states, it was even harder to get a driving license or state-funded college fee. This meant that they were at a disadvantage at all junctures. The president at the time was able to navigate the hostilities and come up with an executive decree that allowed DACA recipients to get proper documentation that would serve for a period of two years before renewal. The documents, though, are not to be confused with citizenship and therein lies the problem. Every two year’s recipients have to apply for renewal and hope that nothing has changed as a refusal of renewal can change a lot of things. Companies can no longer employ a dreamer without documents while it becomes even more difficult for the military when they imagine having one of their own declared an illegal migrant while he fights for the country he calls home.

President Trump, who had been one of the most vocal opposers of DACA stuck to his word when he refused to renew it. The program was thus left in limbo, unable to admit more recipients while only renewing documents for those in the system for a limited period. Already the GOP had treated to go to court to have DACA abolished, and the Texas Attorney general had already taken the initiative before president Trump refused to sign. Groups that understand the plight of dreamers have stepped up their campaign for a permanent solution and hope that in coming days something concrete will be done. The Frontera fund is one of these advocates. Having worked with the Hispanic community over the years, they understand how big an impact DACA has on them.


Ryan Seacrest’s Workout Is Insane

Ryan Seacrest is an inspiring person who started his career as the host of American Idol. His success has brought him to changing his life and creating a production company, crafting his own foundation, producing several shows, and even hosting several of his own. He grew up not exactly the most athletic person out there. His health is one that continues to change and grow, and he has proven with his intense lifestyle that he needs to be motivated for his life and dreams. His workout and simply change of life is one that will make you sweat.

Because Seacrest is a beyond busy guy who is always working and on the go, his work ethic is insanely amazing. According to Business of Fashion, he constantly works hard towards making sure his schedule is on point and ready. Seacrest starts his day as early as six am in the morning. He loves to start his day either boxing or doing some spinning on the bike. He has a personal trainer that he tries to work out with as often as he can. Since his day starts out so early, he tries to throw a few workouts in here and there, but the struggle for him honestly is the trouble to have time during the week.

Ryan Seacrest works as a producer for multiple shows, creator of a foundation, hosts a radio show and a full TV show with Kelly Ripa, and he’s quite the businessman in general, so his life is hectic. He even brought in a personal trainer for when he went to the Bahamas for the taping of a few episodes of Live With Kelly and Ryan. Seacrest tries to throw in plenty of push ups, stretches, and other workouts in to his life when he gets an hour to do them. The energy he must have throughout the day is enormous, and he tries to make sure that he can fit in everything that needs to be done in the day. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is definitely a man who works hard towards his goals and does his best in the week to stay fit and healthy every day.

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Talkspace Looks Into Why Therapists Sign Up For The Profession

Talkspace offers remote therapy for those who can’t make it to traditional therapy. It’s more convenient and cost effective. It is also just as secure as an office visit. All conversations are confidential.

Self-Care Then Client Care

For a Talkspace therapist, self-care comes first. They must be fully rested, eating right, full of energy, and have enjoyable downtime in order to recharge and be ready for their clients. After the therapists have taken care of themselves, they are ready to start their day. People take a career in therapy for several reasons, but the majority of them want to assist and offer some form of relief to others who are in need. From day to day, the therapists have no idea what level of trauma they will be facing, therefore Talkspace therapists have to be ready to take on anything at anytime. The stress can be high, but the results can be worth it.

Why Become A Therapist

There are several things that lure a person in the mental healthcare profession. Some people have the want to try to make the world better, and make life easier for others. Another group may have had their own experience and realized the value of having someone to talk to. Talkspace therapist Samantha White has that story. She says she learned about the profession when her world came crashing down and she needed support. Her personal experience caused her to want to help others in return. She remembers how critical the help was that she received.

Using Exposure To Encourage Others

Olympic Champion Michael Phelps has teamed up with Talkspace to attract more clients to get the help they need. Phelps shares his personal experience with anxiety and depression for a national TV campaign. His hope is that others will see his struggle and get encouraged. They want to remove the stigma that hangs over therapy. Phelps will stay on board with the company to continue to guide them with their mental health strategies. Mental health has been a topic of concern in the public over the past few years. The need for socialized healthcare, concerns for mass shootings, and the things that happen on social media have all been pointing towards mental health. Even though mental health is being discussed more often, there are still misconceptions and stigmas that keep people from seeking treatment. The main point Talkspace wants to get across is that depression can target anyone. Michael Phelps is an example of that. In 2014 he was one of the world’s greatest athletes and at that time he suffering inside.

Organo Gold Is Nutritious Coffee You Can Make In Minutes

If you are a coffee, tea or cocoa drinker you most likely brew at home and visit specialty shops. You may spend a large amount of time in drive thru lanes. If you save all of your receips from the drive thru you may be shocked at how much you are spending on your specialty drinks. Coffee and tea have their share of health benefits but what if you could incorporate another healthy nutrient into your daily diet via your favorite hot or iced beverage? Organo Gold is doing exactly this. Organo Gold uses Ganoderma mushrooms as the main ingredient.

The many health benefits of ganoderma mushrooms include lowering cholesterol antioxidants, supporting cardiovasular health, antiviral properties, immune system support and some studies have also shown that they boost the immunity and fight proliferation of cancer cells. What if your coffee could do all of this? You simply add hot water and the single serve packet of Organo Gold.

You can use natural sweeteners if you like a sweetened coffee drink. If you want an iced coffee simply pour your well stirred Organo Gold coffee over ice. Customers who are looking to purchase Organo Gold can locate a representative local to them or purchase directly from the Organo Gold company website. In addition to coffee beverages Organo Gold also has tea and cocoa single serve drinks that contain the same health benefits as the coffee. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and the mushrooms that are harvested to create their delicious beverages are sourced from the reishi mushroom which is grown in Asia. Learn More.

Graeme Holm Trains the Australian Borrowers in Financial Management.

The establishment of Infinity Group Australia by the financial guru, Graeme Holm, was the beginning of financial freedom for the Australian families. This was back in 2013 when Graeme and his wife Rebecca decide that they could not watch any more while the Australian banks extorted the common citizens of the country with their unfriendly financial deals. Some of the raw financial deals that they got related to the credit transactions where the customers required financial assistance from the banks. The institutions could charge exorbitant rates on the clients since they knew that they were desperate at the time of borrowing and they needed the finance. After taking the loans and mortgages, the clients would also find themselves in challenges to repay the borrowed amount due to lack of financial management skills. As a result, they could find themselves in troubles of their properties being auctioned by the financial institutions, situations that could leave most of the customers in devastated financial conditions.


To solve this quagmire, Graeme Holm collaborated with his wife and started Infinity Group Australia. This organization started small, but the founders had big ideas behind them. They intended to get all the plights of the credit customers and figure out ways to provide solutions to them. One pillar that has led to the success of Infinity Group Australia since it was established by Graeme Holm has been the great customer service that they offer to their customers. The company employed professional customer service experts whose main work is to handle the customers like kings. They are trained to understand that the customers are the main reason that the organization exists and they ought to be treated with great respect and dignity.


Graeme Holm also introduced customer training to Infinity Group Australia. This was to ensure that the customers get sufficient information regarding the financial contracts that they enter with the company. As a result, the customers have become more enlightened and hence more likely to manage their finances prudently. Some of the training that the customers undergo include the budgeting of their income. This ensures that they can strike a balance between the small amount that they earn and the expenditure. It enables them to control their expenses, and hence they can manage their financial obligations more prudently.


Another aspect that is incorporated into the training is that of loan amortization. The customers of Infinity Group Australia are advised on the best methods to offset their outstanding loan balances so that they don’t get into trouble with the financial lenders. This way, the customers can live happily with their families knowing that their finances are in good conditions. A report released from a recent survey shows that the customers of Infinity Group are much grateful and contented with the customer service of the company compared to any other organization in the financial industry. The report also indicates that the customers repay their mortgages and other loans more punctually than the customers from the traditional financial firms. This way, they are comfortable in their workplaces and also at home knowing that all their financial obligations are met. Learn more :

Therapy In Your Hands: Talkspace

Talkspace is a company that was founded in 2012 and helps people overcome mental illness. This is one of the leading companies in the era of mental health in recent years. This is due to the fact that therapists are available to talk on someone’s cell phone. This makes it very advantageous for people who want to talk things out without fear of judgments. Now Talkspace has enlisted the help of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to help end the stigma of mental illness.

Talkspace and Michael Phelps have come together to launch an ad campaign to end the bias against getting help for mental issues. Michael Phelps knows this first hand because he has experienced depression and anxiety during his prolific career. He hopes that by telling his story to people around the world that they can get the help they need to cure what is troubling them.

Phelps says that he spent five days alone in his room and was contemplating death when he made the decision to receive help for his issues. Depression and anxiety can strike anyone at any time and Phelps realized that he had to get help. The ad campaign ran during the month of May. May is Mental Health Awareness month.

Talkspace and Michael Phelps want consumers to know that there is help available for people suffering from anxiety and depression. Other companies have also jumped on the bandwagon as well such as Instagram. Instagram created a campaign that focused on their users and their mental health issues. The campaign was called Here For You and helped people get over the hurdle of seeking help for mental illness.

Talkspace is a company that realizes help can be as simple as a phone call away. All of the information is kept confidential and people can get the help they need. Now with the help of Michael Phelps, depression and anxiety don’t have to a wall to simply look at. Now people have the power in their hands to take control and make their lives better. That is the ultimate goal of Michael Phelps and Talkspace.

Graeme Holm: Receiving a Recognition from the Industry Experts

Graeme Holm is the mind behind the Infinity Group Australia, which has become one of the most trusted debt reduction firms in the country. He co-founded the company along with Rebecca Walker, and recently, they received recognition from the Australian Financial Review (AFR) because of the company’s impressive performance. The Infinity Group Australia was listed as this year’s one of the most innovative companies in the country, joining 99 other companies. According to the official list presented by the AFR, the Infinity Group Australia is ranked 58th. Thousands of firms from Australia and New Zealand has been nominated for the distinction, but the people behind the awarding body have only chosen 100 companies to serve as their best examples. Graeme Holm thanked the people behind the prestigious listing, saying that it has inspired them to do better for the company.



The Infinity Group Australia was established in 2013, and its founders, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, stated that the reason why they have chosen a debt reduction firm to be their business is that they wanted to help a lot of Australians who have been in the debt trap. Many people in Australia are using their credit cards excessively, and the two tried to help them manage their finances effectively to avoid further debts. Many people who have tried the services offered by the Infinity Group Australia are saying that they have noticed changes with their lifestyle after they decided to work with the company. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker never expected that their company would grow tremendously, and within five years, they will be named as an innovative firm across all of Australia and New Zealand.



The Most Innovative Companies list is being released annually, starting in 2011 when they released their first issue. The prestigious list includes companies operating in Australia and New Zealand, highlighting their contribution to the economy and the society. More than 1.8 million readers have been following the annual list, and it keeps on growing through the years. One of the groups responsible for the selection of the companies that would be recognized is Inventium, an Australian innovation consultant firm. They worked with other judges coming from other industries and compiled the list presented to them, choosing which company should be included on the list based on their performance and impact on society. The judges have noticed that the Infinity Group Australia has been doing an excellent job in addressing the problem with excessive debt among Australians, and they decided to recognize the company’s efforts and included them in the prestigious list.



Graeme Holm accepted the award during the awarding ceremony, and he thanked everyone who made it possible for his company to be recognized. Graeme Holm has been very proud of his company’s achievements, and he is also saying that just this year alone, hundreds of people have already contacted them seeking assistance regarding their spending habits. Graeme Holm is ready to help anyone who needs their help, assuring them of support and guidance on how they could escape the debt trap. Learn more:



Organo Gold Takes Advantage of Network Marketing and Heart-Healthy Hybrids

The company which was known as Organo Gold, now known as Organo simply, is offering coffee and espresso related products in addition to hybrid health supplement products, and its own line of health products. The company is highly rated in the world of network marketing, currently ranked 55 in the world according to Direct Selling News. With the growth of giant, corporate coffee chains and additionally the popularity of free internet and Wi-Fi at coffee shops, buying generic coffee is something of a phase right now. Organo Gold goes beyond the typical coffee Brews and offers hybrid mixed coffee with reishi mushrooms, which are extremely beneficial to the heart system. When combined with coffee, the antioxidant effects are phenomenal and have great benefits to longevity in health. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold not only offers reishi coffee but also offers flavored drinks, cold brew coffee, kombucha drinks, and much more including beauty products. This day and age has also provided for an expansion of Niche, specific bruise such as Pinon flavored coffee, chocolate infused coffee, and the like. If consumers want a standard cup of joe around the corner, then there are many options. But for the buyers who wish to seek healthy organic alternative to the mainstream, they need look no further than Organo Gold.


Coffee is a staple of the American way of life as well as all countries around the world. Some cities like Portland Oregon even have scores of coffee bean roasters in such a small city. One thing which all of these generic coffee companies have in common is that they are not taking advantage of the network marketing nature of business which exists in today’s modern world. Organo Gold has harnessed this and is in fact one of the world’s leading network marketing companies, ranked 55th in the world by Direct Selling News. Follow Organo Gold on

Michael Burwell Joined Willis Towers Watson At A Time The Company Needed His Services The Most


Recently, Willis Towers Watson named Michael Burwell as their new Chief Finance Officer (CFO). Prior to the new position, he worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC), the company where he gained a lot of experience in finance as well as professional services. In PwC, he held various executive positions. He served as Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Transaction Services as well as Head of Global Transformation in the company.


Moreover, Michael Burwell has a strong knowledge base in Transaction Services as well as over 12 years of advisory experience in the sector. He advised companies that were considering merger options. Additionally, the Certified Public Accountant has 11 years of auditing experience. John Haley, Willis Towers Watson’s CEO was anticipating the arrival of the financial expert at the company and it needed his expertise especially because the company was at its critical turning point in an effort to become a global company. John Haley added that will be of value to the company as it strives to expand, continue with integration activities and give the best services to their clients.


Willis Towers Watson is a firm which specializes on consultancy and advisory services and serves all types of businesses and companies. Michael Burwell is well suited for the roles he is playing at the company owing to his over 30 years of experience in the sector and his success in executing his duties in his earlier career. His success saw him rise through ranks to hold prestigious positions such as Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation.


About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is an accomplished financial expert and recently, he joined Willis Towers Watson as the Chief Finance Officer. He graduated from the University of Michigan with an undergraduate degree. His extensive experience as an auditor, financial strategist and manager gave him a cutting edge in the industry. When asked about where he gets his ideas, he counts on people under him in the company to come up with ideas. He believes that people from the inside have the best perspective of their operations. Michael Burwell mentors a lot of people and among them, 4 eventually became partners in the firm he worked in prior to joining Willis Towers Watson.


See This Article for additional information.

The Infinity Group Australia is transforming lives

The Infinity Group Australia has been ranked as the 58th most innovative company in New Zealand and Australia by the Australian Financial review (ARF). Barely 5 years since it was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, it has beaten odds to become one of the leading Australian debt reduction companies. The prestigious list is published annually by Australian Financial Review in conjunction with Inventium.



To appear in the list, Inventium, a reputable consultancy firm, considered a number of factors while compiling the list. Does the submission address the problem they are trying to solve? How unique is the solution? Is it applicable in the real world? Well, what stands out here is that for a company to appear in this list, among top 100, it must have revolutionized the way things work.



Many Australians struggle with debts every day. You could find a person paying minimum loan repayment every month for 30 years. Graeme Holm saw that and came up with an idea of transforming the Australian loan market. The idea of giving a person guidance and support throughout the full cycle of loan journey. Imagine going to a gym which has no instructor, would it be as effective as the one which has an instructor? Definitely not. You need a personal trainer.



With that in mind, the Holm’s company has held the hands of its clients and now they can repay a 30-year term loan in 7 years on average. In a nutshell, infinity assigns a banker to clients to assist them repay their loans as soon as possible, give them performance reports, help them create wealth among other services.



While receiving the award, Mr. Holm attributed the company’s success to the hard work of passionate members of their team. Moreover, he went on to state that if not for the budgetary platform as well as service offering, they could not be where they are now. Not only did the Infinity founder get recognized as an MPA Top 100 but also acquired Customer Service Management with IQPC in 2018.



The leadership of Graeme Holm has seen the Infinity Group Australia reviews grow rapidly and it is now the talk of every household across Australia. They have put customer satisfaction at the core of their business. That explains the best customer experience they offer to their clients.



The banking system is no longer the same again as Infinity’s clients pay their loans in 3 months what they used to pay in 12 months. This is a success story that can’t be told in a single sitting. They are multiple award winners and they deserve a pat on the back for the work well done trying to elevate the lives of ordinary citizens.