Jingdong free-range chicken program helps farmers

When Jingdong decided to venture into agriculture, they made one of the most unlikely choices. Not only did they choose an unlikely farming project (chicken farming,) but they also based it in one of the poorest regions in China. This is a county where people hardly think of farming, but the company chose to set up a 27-hacter farm there. Several years down the line, these choices are proving to be on point. They have helped to bring new solutions and ideas to farmers, especially those who prefer to keep free-range chicken.

Giving back to society

Through the JD.com chicken farms, the company is giving back to the society by ensuring that chicken farmers have better ways to run their farms. In addition to that, they are assisting them by giving out low-cost loans. There are more than 500 families that are benefiting from these farms, and the company says that these families are earning thousands every year. It is something that has improved the quality of their lives, especially when you remember the fact that the region had been ravaged by poverty before the farms were established. In addition to that, there are locals who get jobs from the farms such as providing maintenance services and growing vegetables.

A healthier and more ethical solution

Jingdong says that apart from providing food and jobs, the farms by the company have provided a healthier and more ethical way to rear chicken. For example, they pointed out that the norm has been battery farms where animals spend their lives caged in small units. Most of these units do not even have windows and therefore, they make life unbearable for the animals. In addition to that, such animals do not get the right nutrition because they are fed on artificial products. If you look at the free-range ones, you will notice that they are allowed to feed freely and naturally.

JD.com says that they use special pedometers to feed each chicken. The goal is to make sure that every bird will be taking a million steps during the rearing process. It is a new approach that is changing the way farming is done in China and beyond.

Learn More: baike.baidu.com/item/%E4%BA%AC%E4%B8%9C/210931

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Classified Ads Is Wrong and What You Should Know

Classified advertising can end up being an extremely powerful tool for marketing when you have a proper understanding of using it. Online advertising is the sole way for those users where they can easily publish many classified ads at no cost and find anything also at no price. If you become flagged, your advertisement becomes removed without review. Your ad is going to be saved, and you’ll be redirected to the unpaid ads part of your account. Classified ad posting is the sole way for you by which you may easily publish your classified ads free of charge. For example, if you need to post used car classified ads, you must start looking for local classified sites which target local individuals. leolist

Edit the text of the ad by simply clicking the pencil beside the ad you want to modify. To begin, you will need to submit the ad to COA. Before you start posting classified ads, you may need a list of classified websites which is quite essential before starting your classified ads. There are two days by which you can easily publish your classified ads or even acquire good result the sole thing that which one suits your requirements.

If you choose to place your ad without registering, put in your contact info and click Use Guest Account. The ad appears in print and on the internet. If you cancel the announcement, there’s not a reactivation option, or so the ad would need to be re-created. Posting your classified ads would enable you to publish your different types of classified ads all around the world that’s quite effective and popular across the globe. They are the best and the most affordable form of advertisement for ordinary people as well as businesses. Online classified ads function as a mini website where you need to bring the USPs, best features of your merchandise together with the pictures and your contact details so that your possible buyer can know all about your goods and if found suitable, can contact you to purchase.

Classified Ads
Sometimes people attempt to locate a regional detailed posting websites list online which will let you post a lot of ads all over the world with no condition. Lithuania online free detailed site list will offer you a very best performance which will permit your users too quickly and freely post ads online with no requirement and restrictions. Many best Lithuania free classified website list is the sole way which you may use for promoting your small business online.

If you’re contemplating to prepare a classifieds site, you a lot have completely different choices available. Also, it shouldn’t be tough to get yourself registered with a website since step-by-step instructions are provided at each stage to help people who don’t know how registration forms work. There are too many best-classified posting sites are extremely powerful and famous all over the world. When posting classified ads, you have to be very careful in regards to the sort of classified site you decide on, to make sure you have the maximum benefits. Paid classified sites always charge a specific amount for placing ads on the site. So while it may seem easier to work with a classified ad site that doesn’t need registration, it’s always wisest to settle on a site with registration. Deciding upon the correct classified ad site to post free classified ads is quite essential to be sure you have the best benefits.

Classified Ads– the Story
Sometimes people attempt to locate a community classified posting websites online which you want to find through various ways. Sometimes they try to find a local classified posting website online which will allow you to post ads. Posting classified ads online is quite cost-effective.

The Hidden Treasure of Classified Ads
You will find plenty of sites competing with one another on the net. When searching for Yamaha snowmobile parts, the company’s website can be an invaluable tool. You have a web site for it. In all such instances, classified ads websites are the best choices. Locate a reliable, professional classified ads website, and you will undoubtedly find what you’re looking for!

Definitions of Classified Ads
Today, the majority of the sites provide the chance to people so they can offer their ads freely. You may use the classified websites to sell any product with no interference. Classified websites have produced the purchasing selling games easy which you would really like. Everybody often seek out a chad online free classified sites list that’s a regional classified site but the significance of worldwide classified sites is very much. The majority of the popular classified websites are extremely easy for each person. There are too many classified websites to be found on the internet which will allow you to publish multiple classified ad sites on the web.

Providers of Injury Law Services, Kisling, Nestico & Redick

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is an Ohio based injury law firm. They represent clients throughout the state of Ohio in sophisticated civil suits. The firm has earned a positive reputation in offering legal services. They have specialized much in personal services, rich legal experience and extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. Through all these skills, the firm has been recognized by the different organization as well as receiving several awards. In the most recent 2019 Super Lawyers award, eight of the first lawyers managed to be awarded. Not only has KNR focused on injury law, but also charity. For many years, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has focused on helping kids in the state of Ohio in having basic and educational needs.

The firm’s management team has worked with diligence to ensure that the clients get the justice they need. Upon entry in their offices, two paralegals and an attorney will be assigned for you. This legal Professionals have a vast experience in injury law and will offer you with the advisory services you need. Also, you will be able to reach out to the lawyers while the comfort of your home as they do not limit communication. KNR is dedicated to offering client-based services. As such increasing to their portfolio the number of clients, they have represented.

Their understanding of the operations of insurance firms has made them earn success in most of their trails. Thus, large companies have hired lawyers from the law firm in representing them in complex cases of matters of injury law. As most of the lawyers in the firm have worked for insurance companies, the insider knowledge obtained have been used to combat their strategies. Combined, their attornies have had centuries of combined legal experience thus helped clients receive maximum compensation. Their attorney members include; Ohio Super Lawyers, Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America, Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America among others

Exec Producer Bennett Graebner Shares Insights On TV Production

Known for his work on numerous television shows such as “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, Bennett Graebner has been involved on flagship television shows throughout his whole career. He is currently residing in Los Angeles with her wife and two children. His grasp of the story flow and her ability to work with others efficiently has been the main factors that drive his career to success (Metacritic).


Bennett received his undergraduate degree at Vassar College. Years after, he went to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts to get his MFA. Bennett Graebner shared one thing that makes his typical day more productive, and that is running a four-mile run around 6 AM and a cup of coffee after. He will start working on the production with a cup of coffee. When brainstorming, Graebner makes sure that he will always look for ideas from different inspirations. He will read articles in the New York Times or ask a suggestion from a friend. Best ideas usually come from people who are working in front of the camera.

Working in the television industry will certainly land you a chance to work with or for jerks. As much as possible, Bennett Graebner refuses to collaborate “jerks” and refuse to be one himself. Graebner likes to work with people who love their work and simply want their craft to be great. Working in fear is not also one of Graebner’s things because he believes that a person who works in fear (of losing a job) will less likely to speak up and contribute.


Bennett Graebner also recommends being kind at work, especially on people who have a less powerful position. Always say thank you for those who get you a cup of coffee, to the driver who drives you to the airport safely, and more simpler deeds. He also encourages honesty when it comes to work and life in general. Daily life is made up of daily those of minor failures, humans are just humans and mistakes can be made every day. Bennett Graebner doesn’t let the minor failures get him because it will hinder his ability to do what he does.

More on Graebner´s productions at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0333630/

Success in Business has made Greg Blatt and Icon

Greg Blatt the former CEO of Tinder, IAC, and Match.com has become an icon in the business world. Not only did Blatt helm three of the biggest names in the dating app industry, he also revolutionized the industry as well. The successful growth each company received in turn is a verifiable how-to lesson in success. It is one that many budding entrepreneurs are attempting to follow.

Early Career

Before he entered his historic 2009 to 2017 dating app era, he worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Greg Blatt had achieved a bachelors degree in English Literature from Colgate University and later a Doctor of Law from Columbia Law School. His work with Martha Stewart Living eventually culminated in Blatt serving as the EVP for business affairs and general counsel. Before Martha Stewart Greg Blatt was a simple associate traveling between two law firms. In 2019 he became CEO of the first of his dating app trifecta.


Many attribute Blatt’s success to his background in law. For this reason, many young entrepreneurs look to a basic study of law as one of the cornerstones to a future career. As running a business goes hand in hand with law a general knowledge can be very helpful in making effective decisions. Greg Blatt’s success is also fueled by the amount of growth the companies under his stewardship achieved (SDUT).

Greg Blatt is known as a boundary pusher. He is all about achievement and going beyond expectations. The result of this has been growth. Implementing new memberships plans at Tinder increased its membership by a million. Match experienced unbelievable growth due to Blatt’s push for achievement. In his efforts to see how far a dating app could expand he helped Match’s memberships grow five-fold over an eight-year run.


A final point many can take away from Blatt’s career is the important of experience. Greg Blatt is an entrepreneur with a lot of experience. Experience garnered from helming three different companies. Experience earned from trying new things and pushing new boundaries. Experience is uniquely important for the things that work and the things that fail.

If you want to know more about the online dating industry please follow us at https://www.marthastewart.com/919445/how-make-mean-margarita-greg-blatt 


Renovia INC. Takes a Step Further to Treat Pelvic Floor Disorders.

A study by the US National Health Institute showed that a quarter of women in the US suffer from pelvic floor disorders. Worldwide, over a million women suffer from the disorder. This disorder is the inability of the pelvic floor muscles to contract and expand to allow for bowel movement.



In August 2018, Founder and CEO of Renovia Inc., Marc D.Beer, announced the company’s progression for the manufacturing and development of pelvic floor disorder products, aimed at treating it. The pelvic floor is treated through medication, surgery, relaxation techniques and biofeedback which involves re-training of the pelvic muscles. The biofeedback method is the most preferred of them, with a 75% success rate. Renovia’s current product known as the Leva Pelvic Digital Health System, is an FDA cleared pelvic muscle trainer. Making use of visualization techniques. The product was approved in April 2018 by the FDA and it helps patients to target the muscles responsible for lower body self-control and re-train the muscles.



The product allows the patients to do all this and more in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Other features it offers is: proprietary motion sensors, real-time visualization and a tracking system for the patient to keep track of their training sessions.The product comes as a kit comprised of the Pelvic Digital Health System and the EmbaGYN pelvic floor exerciser.



The company, Renovia Inc. states that its main purpose is to boost the orientalism of patients that suffer from pelvic floor disorder. Founded in 2016, the company obtained a huge $32.3 million in funding to continue its research in the pelvic disorder field and to improve their renowned product, Leva. This was achieved through a Series B rounding. Furthermore, the company focuses on providing patients with products that are extensible and consumer friendly in terms of cost. The company, however, does not dabble with all types of pelvic disorders but simply focuses on urinary incontinence.



Renovia Inc. CEO, Marc D. Beer’s exceptional leadership has led the company to its current progressive state. He is an alumnus of the Miami University where he achieved a Bachelor in Science. He also acts as a member of the school advisory council. Furthermore, he serves as part of the advisory committee for the University Notre Dame Research and Commercialization.



Moreover, Mr. Beer served in a number of considerable company boards before the founding of Renovia Inc. in 2016. Some of those companies include privately owned Erytech Pharma,a company in the biopharmaceutical field. The company deals in developing therapies that bring out an innovative standpoint to the unconsidered medical needs in cancer and orphan diseases sector. Learn more: 





Paul Mampilly – Expert Financial Analyst and Professional Financial Advisor

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and financial analyst currently working with Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. At the beginning of his career, he worked at Wall Street for companies like Banker’s Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and others. While working for a hedge funding corporation named Kinetics Asset Management as its portfolio manager, he helped the hedge fund grow from $6 billion to over $25 billion. It is what helped the hedge fund to be listed by Barron’s as well to be the best hedge fund of the year.

However, Paul Mampilly realized that the expertise he posses in the financial world is only available to the rich and wealthy and thus, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He started a financial newsletter named Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and a few others, which help everyday people, understand the dynamics of the financial world. The ordinary people are the ones that find it hard to manage their finance and invest smartly as they do not have the financial experts working for them like the wealthy people. It is the difference that makes the rich people more productive with time and vice versa.

In Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly helps his readers identify the stocks that he believes would be growing in value in the time to come. The stock tips and recommendations provided by Paul in his financial newsletters have helped many of his readers to expand their investment portfolio successfully. The economic and investment tips that Paul provides in his newsletters have helped his readers to avoid accidental losses in the financial market and investing strategically to secure their future financially.

Paul Mampilly has a very different way of devising an investment strategy and picking a stock, which helps people avoid losses. If you are looking to make investments in the volatile financial market, taking the help of the professional financial expert such as Paul Mampilly would help. One important advice he always gives his readers is that they should stick to their strategy and not let go off it after some success as it would end up causing unbearable losses for them.

Learn More: banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/

Louis Chenevert, Established Business Leader and Strategist

Louis Chenevert is an individual who has held a number of key positions within various business companies over the years. He got his tertiary education at Universite de Montreal, whereby he graduated with a degree in commerce and production management. He has worked for companies such as Pratt and Whitney as president and General Motors as a production manager. Louis is also a member of various bodies such as Yale Cancer Center, American Institute of Aeronatics and Astronautics, Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee and US India CEO Forum.

Currently, Chenevert holds a role in United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as both the chief executive officer and the chair. He also chairs various bodies within HEC Montreal. From all these positions that he has held, it’s quite clear that Louis Chenevert is a man who has mastered the art of leadership and is capable of leading an organization in a successful trajectory. This is evident through the work he has put in at United Technologies Corporation so as to make it a global company

Chenevert decided to invest in technologies, a key decision that propelled UTC’s gradual growth. Chenevert’s tactics within the company have also helped to grow the United States’ economy by far and thus provide more employment within the manufacturing industry. During the early stages that he worked for UTC, he made decisions inclined not only to making future profits but also aimed at provision of more job opportunities in the future.

In a recent article, Louis Chenevert tries to provide ideas through which leaders can improve their businesses simply by investing on the welfare of their employees. He advocates for one to provide an optimal workspace in which employees can have fun while working. This may be done by putting up some recreational activities such as arcade games.

Rewarding of employees who put an extra effort is also another idea that Louis says has an effect to the way a business improves. Rewards in terms of gifts and recommendations act as motivation to workers thus pushing them to work much harder in order to get recognized or appreciated for their effort.

Chenevert also advocates for other methods such as team building and establishment of an education program for an organization’s employees.



Visionary Sharon Prince Has Established An All Encompassing Natural Habitat, Art Center and Eco System Restoration Program at Grace Farms

community center that offers visitors a chance to participate in on-site programming, listen to leaders from various disciplines and backgrounds, view beautiful artwork and get close to nature. Grace farms has something to offer for every New England season, from walking trails and community themed activities in the summer, to foliage viewing and opportunities to take breath taking photos in the autumn to bird watching and animal track finding on the 1-mile walking trail that remains open in the winter.

Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation which oversees the entire operation. Grace Farms is her brainchild, including the idea of sharing the land amongst the public and various nonprofits. Through her vision, Grace Farms has won numerous awards including for it’s environmental sustainability and social good. Sharon has also fought for the end of child exploitation and human trafficking through the Foundation, including working with the United Nations in this endeavor.

Upon acquisition of the land that became Grace Farms, one of the major goals of the foundation was to restore the land that was once home of an equestrian facility back to it’s natural habitat consisting of vast meadowlands so that indigenous birds, bees and butterflies may return to the area. Through the Nature Initiative at Grace Farms, visitors can explore the acreage and appreciate the return of many native species.

Grace farms also hosts a community garden that also offers community classes to teach sustainable farming methods. Produce grown in the garden is used on-site or given to local food banks. Also, Grace Farms hosts a large Earth Day celebration each year, with demonstrations, speakers and family-friendly activities planned to enrich the minds of the public about the importance of human/wildlife coexistence, environmental sustainability and other green methods of living.

For details: www.pentagram.com/work/grace-farms/story

Co-Founder Of Unroll Me, Jojo Hedaya

It’s unbelievable that a small thing such as emails can bring headaches if not well managed. Emails accumulate over time when not read and they start mixing up both the most important emails and the least important ones. With this problem, comes the need to manage these emails and Jojo Hedaya is one entrepreneur who has stepped into this space by creating an application, Unroll.Me, which assists one to organize his or her emails. Personally, Unroll.Me came as a result of Jojo being constantly frustrated whenever his business counterpart would not read his emails. The solution thus came to sort emails according to their importance and thus allow an individual to know which group of emails to pay more attention to.

Basically, the application works by going through an individual’s inbox whereby it then groups together all subscription-oriented emails into a “rollup”. Through this grouping, it’s easy for an individual to check all these subscriptions and decide on which to get rid of. Another interesting feature is that the individual has the ability to decide on which time the rollup of subscriptions should enter his or her inbox. The application was founded by both Jojo Hedaya and his business counterpart, Josh Rosenwald. Both of the two entrepreneurs met while attending college in Israel whereby their friendships was strengthened by similarities such as having the same birth dates. While developing the product, Jojo says that simplicity was the key thing that was considered which has helped the product prosper up to this date, despite stiff competition.

In a different article, Jojo Hedaya tries to give some tips to people who might want to change their life into successful trajectories. Some of these tips include having the courage to take a shot at something despite the fear of what lies on the other side. Despite having a good career ahead of them, both Jojo and Josh decided to take a leap of faith and launch a business out of an idea they had.

Another tip that Hedaya emphasizes the most is the need to keep things simple. Simplicity is an aspect that has really helped his product rise above all the rest despite stiff competition. Jojo observed that most products that had been developed in a complex manner did not last long within the market.