David Giertz Helping People Understand the Importance of Social Security

As a financial leader and well-known business analyst and investment advisor, David Giertz has held many important positions in multiple organizations, including Citigroup. David Giertz has done his graduation from the Millikin University and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami. Currently, David Giertz serves as the President of the sales and distributor organization of the Nationwide Financial.

He has helped in ways more than one to improve the sales of the company and helped its product reach out to a broader audience. As the market is getting competitive and new companies are offering a variety of financial products and services coming up, it is essential to have someone as experienced as David Giertz monitor the company’s sales and growth.

David Giertz is often invited for his business and financial expertise to different TV channels. In one of his recent interviews at Wall Street Journal, he was asked about the importance of Social Security and why many financial advisers are avoiding it these days. David Giertz said that the rule book for Social Security is over two thousand five hundred words and is involved in nature.

It might be one of the deterring factors as to why many financial advisers might not be having the confidence they need to understand social security comprehensively enough to suggest it. In research conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, it was seen that people are ready to switch to another financial adviser if their existing financial adviser refuses to help them include social security in their retirement planning.

Excluding social security can lead to a loss of the considerable amount of sum over the years, especially if people turn in Social Security much earlier. Such a damage can be avoided merely by keeping social security as an essential element of the retirement planning. It would anchor your investments and protect you from financial insecurity.

Making Cyber Security Work with OneLogin

Most manufacturers get bogged down by high costs that come with using traditional identity management systems. On the other hand, there are many times that end users don’t remember their app passwords when using latest technologies. These two factors could cause delays in user productivity. This is because they would require the password resets, which also slows down the work of the IT department. As a result, a high number of third-party users lead to multiple disparate directories, a complex identity management system and a complicated app rollout. For most manufacturers, the cost of solving these problems could go up to $3 million or above. According to Derek Brink, any manufacturer that faces this challenge has a 90% likelihood of costs exceeding $50,000.

As such, it is important for manufacturers to find solutions without having to complicate the process. The manufacture should look for a support solution that is not only diverse but also simplifies the complexity and scale of application for user populations. The solutions system should be available both on-site and accessible on the move.

OneLogin is a cloud-based Identity and Access management (IAM) systems solution that provides a secure ad efficient enterprise environment by providing reliable identity management software solutions. The system is integrated in the manufacturer’s computer systems and connected to OneLogin cloud directory to create secure profiles for access protocols. OneLogin also uses adaptive authentication. This is a machine-learning process that analyses the different inputs coming into a manufacturer’s system then calculates risk scores before prompting for multi-factor authentication from users.

There are a number of manufacturers that have been working with OneLogin for quite some time now, including Consort Medical, Steelcase and Airbus. OneLogin provides both multi-factor and single sign-on authentication. This solutions system also has 5,000 apps pre-integrated to the system, including Office 365, G Suite, Oracle and SAP. In addition, OneLogin supports organizations in different levels of technology advancement. For instance, OneLogin is suitable for manufacturers that are just starting to embrace cloud-adoption technologies as well as those with an IT department dedicated to managing their cloud solutions system.

Find out more about OneLogin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/onelogin-for-google-chrom/ioalpmibngobedobkmbhgmadaphocjdn?hl=en

Paul Mampilly Discovers Leading Internet of Things Stock

Paul Mampilly is an investment researcher with a long, profitable track record of identifying major, important trends in technology, and then in uncovering the small companies that will lead the field in those new markets, making other investors rich as they grow along with the economic impact of the trend. As the editor of the newsletter Profits Unlimited, he then writes about these companies so his subscribers can buy them and become wealthy.

In one free report, Paul Mampilly lets readers know he is in on an extremely important technological megatrend. It’s an innovation that will be 7 times bigger than computers, smartphones and tablets combined. It’s the Internet of Things. Although most people have never never heard of it yet, it’s going to network many things to the Internet, so we will be able to detect things we cannot now without the effort of direct observation. For instance, jet airplanes would not take off until every single one of its parts reported to the network that it was in good working order. If a part is weak or close to breaking, it would communicate that so a mechanic could be assigned to repair or replace it. Sensors on bridges and inside skyscrapers will send messages when they are beginning to fail, so they can be repaired before the situation becomes dangerous. The Internet of Things will also save businesses and stores lots of money by monitoring and management inventory costs. Experts predict there’s going to be 50 billion things connected by 2020.

Paul Mampilly has made money for himself and his subscribers in the past based on technological innovations. He also follows the megatrend in precision medicine.

His newsletter Profits Unlimited comes from Banyan Hill Publishing, and he writes for Banyan Hill’s free email newsletter, Winning Investor Daily. Mampilly has a long history on Wall Street. Before he decided to help ordinary people increase their retirement portfolios, he helped the wealthier become even wealthier. He has managed millions of dollars for Deutsche Bank and ING. He worked as a Money Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland, a private bank in Switzerland and Sears. He also managed the hedge fund Kinetics Assets Management, growing it from $6 billion in assets under management to $25 billion. He won a prestigious investing contest run by the Templeton Foundation by turning $50 million into $78 million in two years without short stocks even though it happened during the financial crisis.

Learn More: forexvestor.com/profits-unlimited-review

Aliens and UFOs Trend Following SpaceX Launch

Rocket launches are the norm on Florida’s east coast, but out west a rocket launching from the local air force base causes quite the stir. This week, aliens, UFOs, nuclear war and other funny hashtags began trending when SpaceX launched one of its rockets early on a Friday night. The launch was visible from as far away as Arizona, but it really lit up the sky up and down the California coast.

Everyone from celebrities to news organizations to residents everywhere came out to see the strange sight, and raised the alarm as the rocket continued to travel across the sky. As the launch progressed, the stages of the rocket separated as planned, but it caused even more of a scene with super dramatic cloud plumes and formations in its path.

Authorities and news hotlines reported a flood of calls, accidents involving distracted drivers, and thousands of people concerned that either an attack was imminent or aliens were flying into the city. SpaceX’s founder, Elon Musk even joined in on the fun on Twitter and sent out a video complete with UFO alien caption.

With so much speculation surrounding the launch and what it could actually be, California did the most Hollywood thing and went straight to the local celebrities to get their reactions. Many knew what was happening but still shared their awe over the incredible sight and progress of space exploration. Other celebrities though shared their belief in aliens, UFOs and other extraterrestrial beings, convinced they were seeing something out of this world.

You can’t really blame anyone though considering all the news regarding the Pentagon’s secret UFO files, and the near Earth asteroid that looks something like an alienship.

Class Dojo Communication Platform

One great field that is doing exceptionally well is Educational Technology. Some entrepreneurs take the notion in their head that if they build it they will come. The best course of action is to try to research and anticipate the needs and desires of those in the educational system. It’s been a record breaking year for certain people in the Educational Technology industry. This is especially true for those entrepreneurs that designed a bit of technology that that directly met the needs of teachers, parents and students. For example, ClassDojo has succeeded because they listened and created a communication platform for creating community within the school.

ClassDojo’s Success

Why is ClassDojo succeeding in the Educational Technology Industry? Class Dojo is succeeding because co-founder Sam Chaudhary actually listened to teachers, parents, and students while he was in the process of designing the communication platform that is responsible for ground up change within the school system. ClassDojo is a communication platform that makes it possible for parents and teachers to communicate about a student’s progress outside of school, instead of only at the traditional parent teacher conference that is held once or twice a year.

About Class Dojo

The surprising fact is that ClassDojo is a break-through development that took the educational system by storm. Their communication platform has made it extremely easy for schools, parents, and teachers to stay aware of the child’s progress in school. Another wonderful fact is that the ClassDojo platform is now used in about 90 percent of the K-8 schools in the United States. The platform creates a positive culture with classrooms and schools all across the country.

Teachers are able to quickly communicate and encourage students for a job well done via the platform. Students are able to share their lessons learned through videos and sharing their own content. Parents are able to easily keep up with their child’s progress in school.

Leeroy Jenkins strikes again over net neutrality

Every MMORPG player knows that there are times when they have been Leroy Jenkins. The clip may be old, but everyone knows that Leeroy shouts loudly into a raid boss before his guild is ready. This player is also one of the few World of Warcraft players honored with his own card in Hearthstone. In keeping of the spirit of the Jenkins, this card knocks out all of a player’s allies. The meme echoes through pop culture, even now, ten years after its release date.

The clip has seen new life as its creator released the first take of the video. Ben “Afrony Vinson” claims he held onto the clip until the right moment to release it came. The right moment came when Ajit Pai, ignoring the will of the American people and acting on behalf of the telecommunications companies, repealed net neutrality. Although the raid wipe video was scripted in its entirety, Vinson feels Ajit Pai channeled the spirit of the protagonist of the infamous clip when he killed net neutrality, according to Techspot.com

Those who want to relive their worst raids in any MMORPG, whether it is World of Warcraft or not, can check out the newly released video on YouTube. They can also check out the original, if they need to remember the times when their carelessness or inattention as a player legitimately wiped out a raid. Vinson hopes that re-releasing the video will raise awareness of the issues surrounding the repeal of net neutrality. He believes that Verizon, Comcast, and other telecommunications companies who are the only ones who will benefit from the FCC rules changes. Net neutrality required Internet service providers to treat all traffic the same, regardless of its source.

Talk Fusion Keeps Getting Better

When something works, the adage warns not to fix it, but that is not the ethos behind Talk Fusion’s success. Since the company’s earliest days their focus has always been on introducing innovation to the marketplace. Recently Bob Reina, founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion announced an upgrade to the company’s Live Meeting teleconferencing software. The new application would incorporate WebRTC technology. Thus making it possible for up to 15 presenters and 500 attendees to participate in a live teleconference. WebRTC allows participants to connect quickly by way of the browser on their computer or mobile device, and without the need to download any plugins, as was formerly the case.


Some other features of this new system are that users can record the conferences directly using the application itself. Furthermore, both the voice and picture are enhanced. WebRTC is a more stable way of transmitting both video and audio. There is also a “waiting room” function, enabling presenters to prepare before their events without anyone being able to hear or see them. The implementation of WebRTC makes Talk Fusion the only company able to meet the requirements of an organization needing to broadcast effortlessly to hundreds of people at once.


Mr. Reina’s background was principally in law enforcement, but he has always been sharp. Bob Reina graduated first in his class at the Tampa Bay Police Academy and completed his degree in the field of criminology at the University of South Florida. While working on the police force, Bob Reina was involved with several network marketing opportunities, at which he did well enough to give up on his steady income as a police officer, and a promising career in law enforcement. In 2004 Bob Reina got the idea to place a video into one of his AOL emails. The folks at AOL told him that it would not be possible. Imagining the appeal of such a product, Bob Reina consulted with his friend and internet technology guru, Johnathan Chen. Chen helped him get it done. They called it Video E-mail, and in 2007 Talk Fusion came to be.


Today Talk Fusion has a sales network consisting of thousands of independent marketers in 140 countries around the globe. Bob Reina has enjoyed his success by sharing it. He is an animal rights advocate known to bring his dogs Shadow and Bindi to work with him every day. Mr. Reina has donated generously to the humane society of Tampa Bay, and today has a seat on its board of directors. In a case of leading by example, Mr. Reina has encouraged a spirit of philanthropy through the distribution network, making it possible for each marketer to donate the company’s software to one of their favorite charities free of charge. Learn more:




Children interrupting BBC news interview

Trump may have made this a surreal year for many people in the United States, but the childish behavior coming from the White House was not the most interesting story involving childlike behavior to come out of 2017. As usual, children often offer us the best stories of childlike behavior. They often do it with a sense of glee and wonder that adults have long ago lost.

Two children found there parents being interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The children were amazed at the presence of the cameras and reacted with curiosity. The purpose of the interview was forgotten long before the children’s desire to have fun. It was the children who stole the show.

A United States analyst is being asked by a British reporter about the situation with North Korea. Tensions between the United States and the communist regime remain high as Kim Jong Un’s regime continues to adopt a threatening position. When the analyst is asked what something will mean for the regime, his daughter quickly bursts into the room. She sits down beside her father and looks up at the camera. She is quickly joined by her younger brother.

The analyst profusely apologizes for the interruption, and his wife quickly bursts into the room. The children are removed from the room, and the analyst attempts to bring the interview back on track. Several months later, the interview may not be remembered, but the children appearing on camera are. Anyone who has or has had children knows that such interruptions are common despite their parent’s best efforts. It is difficult to squash the curiosity of the extremely young. The interruptions were a welcome break from an otherwise bleak news story.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Moving Into Real Estate

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of experience and the finance and credit industry. He is considered a pioneer in his field and is responsible for pioneering products such as Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO).

Since the inception of Highland Capital, Dondero has been been responsible for the company’s massive international growth, award-winning products and credit oriented solutions. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Some of their award-winning products include hedge funds, private equity funds, CLOs and mutual funds.

Highland has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Morningstar Award for Excellence.

Before starting Highland Capital, Dondero served as CEO of GIS subsidiary Protective Life. During his tenure between 1989 and 1983, he helped enrich the company by $2 billion. Prior to this, he worked as a corporate analyst for American Express. He later became the company’s top portfolio manager.

Dondero graduated with honors from the University of Virginia. He received an accounting and finance degree from the McIntyer School of Commerce. Right after graduation in 1984, he went to work for JP Morgan Finance as a credit analyst. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

He currently serves as chairman of the board of Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote Corporation, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, AMC Entertainment and Nexbank.

Highland has recently ventured into real estate development. In an interview with Dallas Morning News, James Dondero stated that much more real estate was in the company’s future. “Sometimes there is more value to developing something than buying it,” said Dondero.

With headquarters in Dallas, Highland Capital has offices all over the world and currently employs 180 people.

Visit: http://www.jamesdonderodallas.com/james-dondero/

Rick and Morty’s Szechaun Sauce “Joke” Tops List of 2017 Viral Trends

Rick and Morty, an adult swim cartoon, achieved popularity among many viewers. It’s bold mix of quantum physics jokes and fart humor might appeal to a specialized crowd, but the cartoon has garnered a larger following since its release three seasons ago.

A recurring gag in the show involves Ricky routinely going to other universes to get Szechaun sauce from McDonald’s, according to polygon.com. McDonald’s offered the sauce after the movie Mulan came to theaters. It briefly re-released the sauce to a limited number of restaurants earlier this year. The restaurant chain forgot to tell people this, and many of its fans ended up harassing part-time, minimum wage McDonald’s Employees asking them why their restaurant did not have the sauce.

During the furor that followed, it came out that the limited release was a practical joke played on the fans. That did not stop the Wendy’s twitter account for making fun of the apparent faux pas. The operator of the Wendy’s account invited Rick and Morty fans to come to a Wendy’s restaurant instead. The brief tweet mentioned that the reader’s local Wendy’s did not have Szechaun sauce, but then, neither did McDonald’s.

Rick and Morty fans made the news again for attacking the female writers of the show. A segment of the Rick and Morty fan base sees Rick as the ideal alpha male, while his creators intended him to be a selfish narcissist who does not how his actions affect his family. Some of the season three plot lines involved the character showing remorse for some of the things he has done and how they affect his family. Those who saw Rick’s character as the ideal alpha male saw this as an attack on them and harassed the female writers of the show.