Don’t glide down the escalator to avoid holiday crowds.

A number of viral videos claim to be the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Usually it is some slapstick bit of humor is not as funny as the video claims, but human beings will fall for click bait headlines, no matter how much thousands of individuals say they despise them. Today’s offering is no different, although it resonates with anyone who despises a crowded shopping establishment at Christmas. One man got sick of the Christmas crowds and decided to take a shortcut. The automated escalator did not go fast enough for him either. The man decided to seize the day. Using some quick thinking, he jumped up on the escalator rails and began a smooth slide down towards the bottom.

He chuckled as he whizzed past the holiday shoppers, many of whom were overburdened with packages. Sliding down the rails seemed like riding a sled down the hills. It seemed to be as easy to. Maybe he would even be jump into the air when he made it to the escalator stop at the bottom. His glee soon gave way as he realized he was approaching the escalator stop faster than he anticipated, according to Men’s Health. He considered if he could engage in some form of masculine bravado as it came closer. During the last few seconds, he accepted the inevitable. His private parts collided with the stop.

James Gower caught the anonymous holiday shopper and shortcut taker in the act. It has received over eleven million views as a Twitter video. Men’s Health described the video as both hilarious and excruciating. Perhaps it is the Jackass quality of the stunt that brings many people back to view it. If anyone does get a chance to watch it, they should certainly not try the same behavior at home.


3 Reasons You Should Enroll In Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci hasn’t always lived a luxurious life. By the time he was 18 his life had already hit an all time low. He was homeless, living out of a van and not sure what his next move would be.

He decided to start his own computer parts business and that’s when things started to change for Nick. Getting his first taste of entrepreneurship showed him just how much he loved the freedom of working for himself.

Unfortunately Nick Vertucci wasn’t flying high for long. In 2000 the dot com crash hit and almost wiped out everything he had. His finances were dissolving right before his very eyes. For nearly 18 months his income was practically zero.

One day however he got a phone call from a friend about attending a real estate seminar. While he was initially reluctant to go, he eventually gave in and decided to attend the seminar.

Needless to say this was the best decision he ever made. He dove into the world of real estate and is now a self made millionaire who went from homeless to being one of the top real estate investors in the state of California.

Here are the 3 reasons you should enroll in Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy:

You Will Get Access To The Same System He Used To Make Millions In Real Estate

When you join the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy you will get access to the exact system Nick created while he was building his real estate empire. You will also get access to a community of people that will help you learn, grow and succeed in the world of real estate.

You Will Get Hands On Learning

Nick Vertucci has put together a team of industry leaders that can show you exactly what it takes to overcome the day to day challenges that come with being a real estate investor.

These are individuals who have been in the trenches and have the knowledge to help you create unparalleled success.

You Will Learn How To Create Wealth and Long Term Financial Freedom

Wealth and long term financial freedom is something we all want and real estate is one of the best ways to obtain it. As part of the academy you will learn wholesaling, flipping, rehabbing, commercial investments, asset protection and so much more.

Once you leave the academy you will know the steps you need to take to create the life you have always dreamed of.

Take a Moment and Enjoy Funny Viral Animal Videos

From an animal escape, while the owner is stating escape is impossible, to a tater tot eating puppy here is a recap of some of the best funny videos that went viral in 2017. Each of these videos, while unique in their own way, made us laugh and for a moment took our mind off of our to-do list, hectic day, and work.

Animals top the list of funny viral videos. As noted in Golden Retrievers Make it All Better. For a brief moment, while we are laughing at the cute golden retriever, things are better. It takes us away from the stress of the day. 10 Funny Seconds, a You Tube, channel highlights a baby rhino escaping a caged area as the animal’s caretaker and owner states escape is impossible. The original video was shot in the Neverlands but was shared repeatedly. Millions have enjoyed this video as it went viral. Another great video is the Honking Kitty. Each time the cat opens its mouth to mew the noise of nearby traffic and honking overrides the video, making it look and sound like the cat is honking. Tiger Productions on You Tube has a great compilation of animal viral videos, including a cat playing in a toilet. It’s great! A lab dog who ate the owner’s tater tots and then tried to make amends by spitting them back out and giving them back.

Each day millions of viewers enjoy funny viral animal videos. Whether it is a dog eating paper towels and then looking so guilty it is funny or a turkey chasing a guy through a college campus, animals have a way of entertaining us and making us laugh.

Declining Life Expectancy In America

It may come as a surprise to many people, but the fact is that despite all the medical breakthroughs and technological wonders at our disposal, that for the first time since 1960 the American life span has declined. The CDC reports that the decline is in its second consecutive year.

The life expectancy of men was 78.7 years, and is now estimated at 78.5 years, a decrease of two tenths of a year from 2015 to 2017. Women’s life span is reported by the CDC to remain the same at 81.1 years.

With the epidemic of obesity in America and all the information regarding health and nutrition available everywhere, one might assume that the rise in mortality might be due to issues related to weight gain. Many health issues come from being overweight such as diabetes and heart disease, so it seems reasonable look to those conditions as the culprit. However, this is not the case.

Another false assumption would be that the older generation is losing time off their life expectancy. In fact, it is the age group of 25 to 34 year olds that have the increase in death rate. The explanation for this is the increase in use of the drug fentanyl and other opioids.

The increase of use in the age group from 25 to 34 has lead to more deaths, and has even created a death rate increase that surpasses that of heart disease and cancer. Progress in the latter two categories has been made, while at the same time deaths from drugs has increased to the point where they have now been partially responsible for the decrease in the life expectancy of 25 to 34 year olds.

One expert reports that the estimates that even if all other drugs are not considered the death rate from fentanyl and other opioids alone would be higher than the AIDS epidemic at its peak, affecting American 25 to 34 year olds today.

Interesting Twitter storms from Trump and other online trolls

Donald Trump has sparked national interest in Twitter. It is rare for Americans not to wake up to the news of a Trump Twitter storm every Sunday morning. Trump even attempted, unsuccessfully, to change the military’s policy on transgender recruits over the online platform. While the person occupying the Oval Office has generated a lot of controversy through his tweets, including the controversial meaning of covfefe, their were a number of other Twitter storms that made United States residents laugh or scratch their heads.

Perhaps the most disturbing Twitter trend of 2017 was the avalanche of sexual assault allegations against prominent celebrities and political figures. The onslaught started with accusations against Hollywood director Harvey Weintstein. As the trend continued, other directors were outed, and the director of the next Wonder Woman movie had to step down. Israeli actress Gal Gadot refused to do the picture as long as someone facing sexual assault allegations directed the picture. The gush of sexual assault allegations has subsided, but it may flare back up at any moment. Some people even suggested Hugh Hefner’s death enabled many people to come clean about their sexual assault stories.

There was also the debacle of Szechaun sauce, and many other seemingly trivial events in comparison. If there is one thing that 2017 is most likely to be remembered for, it will be as the year Kellyanne Conway introduced the phrase alternative facts to the English lexicon. In fact, it remains in our memory even now, over eleven months after she said it. The Trump administration responded by putting her in front of a camera less often, but the phrase remains in the public consciousness. It is not likely to leave any time soon.

Nicole Kidman’s awkward clapping goes viral

Nicole Kidman, like many other celebrities, attends many awards shows. The actress went to this years Oscars, as she has done for many years. She even clapped as the awards were given and announced. Celebrity watchers noticed something strange about how the actress put her hands together. Something did not just seem quite right about it.

This viral video trend may not be funny unless you have an odd sense of humor, but it certainly caused a media sensation. Everyone who saw the footage wanted to know why Kidman clapped the way she did at the Oscars. A number of theories were put forth, but the explanation was simple. The actress wore a ring that was too big for her and belonged to someone else. She adopted the awkward clapping technique to avoid damaging this piece of jewelry.

Anyone who has worn a piece of jewelry owned by someone else knows how valid Kidman’s concerns were. Even though gold and silver may seem solid to the wearer, it is easy to forget that they are soft metals that are easily damaged. The star wanted to make sure she gave the ring back to its owner in the same condition she received it. The fashion commentators, who frequently comment on what actors and actresses wear to the Oscars, may have missed the ring, but Kidman returned it safely.

There are certainly other viral video trends from 2017 that deserve commentary. Some are worthy of rewatching. Other trends are best forgotten. One video that falls into the second category is a viral video of a man sliding down an escalator and bruising his private parts. Slapstick comedy remains in high demand, although certainly none of the viral video stars are any of The Three Stooges.

Examining Lime Crime’s Expansion Formula

The cosmetic giant, Lime Crime, has developed a approach to its China launch as an answer to the unprecedented dynamic that the brand faced in that county.

Lime Crime’s General Manager, Kim Walls, addressed this topic at the National Retail Federations industry conference recently in California. She spoke about the need for changes in the company’s sales strategy, which can be found in WARC’s report: Lime Crime’s Formula for Entering the Chinese Market.

A mandate issue that presented a problem was the requirement that all wholesale cosmetics be tested on animals. Since Lime Crime is a vegan brand, the only way it can avoid this requirement is to ship its products directly from the US. However, this would result in difficult transportation logistics that involve taxes and duties, as well as the management of international returns and customer concerns in a foreign language. Counterfeits further complicate the issue.

The company’s solution during the China launch was to align itself with Revolve, a California-based e-commerce fashion that is expanding into the beauty industry. Walls reported that Revolve stood out as a company that was serving a similar demographic from a similar point of view.

During Lime Crime’s official launch in China, potential customers who visited their social feeds were encouraged to visit Revolve’s ecommerce location. This was a unified effort to inform the market that Revolve was the exclusive source of genuine Lime Crime products in the country. The company’s ecommerce hub could also be accessed during commute time, which was two hours prior to the official launch. This move helped spread word of mouth marketing.

LimeCrime switched its focus from first tier category influencers, favoring instead, a slightly less known demographic that expressed true passion for the brand. Walls stated that it was critical to have someone speaking on behalf of Lime Crime, or who actually generated content with the product that appears to be a good fit for the brand. She went on to note that this is not the first-tier influencer, due to the fact that this demographic is its own brand.

Viral Ladder Challenge: A Recap

One of the big online challenges these days is the viral ladder challenge. Men are taking the ladders that lean against houses and trying to climb them before they fall. Of course, the ladders are not leaning against anything when the men try this challenge.

According to an article on the Daily Star website, people in the On the Tools Facebook group were commenting on a compilation video. Comments ranged from those supporting the fact that this is a “real challenge” to those that were worried about the safety of those trying the ladder challenge.

There are definitely dangers that come with trying the ladder challenge. One of the big ones is the danger that the person’s leg will get stuck before they get free of the ladder. This could easily damage to the leg as the person lands. The other major danger of this challenge is the possibility of the person hitting their head.

Despite any dangers that the ladder challenge faces, workmen all over the world are still accepting the challenge. The ladder challenge has gone viral as more workmen post videos on social media of themselves trying to climb to the top of the ladder before it falls. Of course, as more videos are posted, the challenge just becomes more popular.

Past viral challenges include the cinnamon challenge, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the hot pepper challenge, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The ladder challenge is not the only current viral challenge though. Current popular challenges? The invisible box challenge and the hard hat challenge. Online challenges have grown increasing popular within social media and shows no sign of stopping. Let’s hope that the reward for these challenges far out ways the risks in any new challenges.

Susan McGalla, Amazing Leader For Women

Susan McGalla is an amazing role model for women. Susan’s sense of being different and being a leader as a woman began when she was just a young girl. Growing up, Susan was raised in a home with all men, her father and brothers. Her family of men did not go easy on her just because she was a woman. If anything they made her work harder just because she was a woman. Her family knew that it would be complicated because of all of the stereotypes that women have on them in today’s world. They wanted her to be prepared for all of the things she would experience has a women in today’s society.

During Susan’s early life she worked extremely hard. She played sports, she was a great student, and did chores as well. Susan had always knew that she wanted to be a leader so once she started working, she worked as hard as she could to achieve her goals. For example, she became employed with American Eagle Outfitters. She started off at a lower level but she worked her way up until she became the president of the company.

Susan has defiantly showed that women can do anything that men can do. She has even worked in several leadership positions while being with child. Diversity in the work place is extremely important. Businesses that have gender diversity do better than businesses who do not have gender diversity.

For women who want executive positions, Susan advises them to work hard while they are in lower power positions. It is also important to take initiative and complete tasks that are at a higher level. In addition, locating a sponsor for your career is a great idea as well. Sponsors could be a huge advocate that can give you the boost you need!

End Citizens United – HuffPo Recap

End Citizens United started its grassroots activities in 2015. End Citizens United is a democratic movement that went to court in 2015 against the Federal Election Committee that was willing to let special interests’ persons (billionaires) or groups to spend campaign money in any way that they wanted. End Citizens United believes in campaign finance reform to end ‘Big Money’ involvement in political campaigns, thus they support candidates who believe in the finance reform principles. End Citizens United has worked with House and Senate candidates in nearly all U.S. states.

Presently, End Citizens United is backing Democratic Conor Lamb who is running for the special Pennsylvania election of the 18th Congressional District, against Republication Rick Saccone. The election for Candidates Lamb and Saccone will take place on March 13th for the House seat held by Republican Tim Murphy who resigned in October, 2017. Candidate Saccone apparently is airing negative campaigns against Candidate Conor. The negative campaign ads are supported by a committee that is spending thousands of dollars and supporting President Donald Trump who also supports Saccone in his run. Additional conservative independent groups are also supporting Rick Saccone to the tune of a million dollars.

The End Citizens United group is drawing on its grassroot network of supporters to bring money into the race to help Conor Lamb. Candidate Lamb will not accept corporate monies to help his campaign, but Lamb does accept union contributions because their monies are funded by the rank-and-file working members, not the union executives. End Citizens United funds their candidates with as much as they can raise through grassroot memberships and donors. For example, End Citizens United raised $600,000 for Doug Jones, the Democrat from Alabama in his Senate race in 2017.

Grassroots donors submitted as little as $12 to support Jones. End Citizens United said that they can not speculate on how much will be raised for Conor Lamb because each campaign race varies. But End Citizens United stated their passionate efforts will not wane. However, End Citizens United has a grassroots membership of over three million persons, with 3600 members located in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, plus over 300,000 small dollar donors.