Highland Capital Management is a Dallas, Texas-based firm that looks to help its clients and stakeholders with their investment strategies

Highland Capital Management, LP., a Dallas, Texas-based firm is an investment advisor that is specialized in alternative investment strategies and credit. Yet, before this Dallas investment advisory company was called Highland Capital Management, they were known as Protective Life Insurance Corporation, which was founded in 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. This joint venture between Okada and Dondero focused on working with the fixed income markets and managing senior secured bank loans. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

At Highland Capital Management, their Highland Funds entail many distinct investment companies. Here are their three types of funds: Traditional closed-end, open-end mutual funds, and closed-end.

In 1993, this business venture between Okada and Dondero decided on a name change to Protective Asset Management Company or PAMCO. This new business entity was 40 percent owned by the founders, and 60 percent owned by Protective Life. In 1993, it became an SEC-registered investment advisor. James Dondero and Mark Okada ended up moving its firm to Dallas, Texas, to be closer to the financial capital of the world, New York. It also allowed for more business-friendly environs with a lower tax rate.

The founders of the company ended up buying the rest of Protective Life’s share of PAMCO in 1997. And in 1998, after having the name Ranger Asset Management for a short period, Mr. Okada and Mr. Dondero changed the company name to Highland Capital Management. Read this article at PR Newswire.

At the turn of the new Millennium, Highland Capital Management created its first fund, a commingled bank loan fund. Using their expertise, Okada and Dondero turned their investment expertise in the loan market sphere by creating this new investment product. Since then, Highland Capital Management has looked to the international markets by expanding its reach and expertise concerning fund management in countries like Singapore, Seoul, Korea, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Buenos Aires office of Highland Capital opened in 2017.

Highland Capital Management also branched out into loan ETFs in 2012, by launching the iBoxx Senior Loan ETF. The iBoxx Senior Loan was only one of two available in the market in 2012, that was a bank loan ETF.

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The Modern Viral Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Whether you are a laidback consumer or a diehard tech fanatic, you can bet that you cannot wait to see what technology holds for the next minute. After the year that came with the Virtual Reality, Smart speaker and release of different phone and tablet versions, it is time to know what 2018 will be unfolding when it comes to technology. The key concern is how people can use the current technology trends to connect and communicate with people and expand our businesses. Everyone knows that technology can change the way people live and interact in this world.

AI permeation is one of the trends that have hit the market in 2018. Manifesting your time to understand various learning algorithms is not only getting better, more funding or more complicated, but this element has been incorporated into a diversified range of applications. AI is now featuring on many apps and devices, and this trend is seemingly increasing. That is a technology that is in the industry to stay.

Digital centralization is still taking its due course and getting more roots in the industry. With consumers seeking to understand a convenient way of managing everything forms a single or few devices, developers are coming up with the most efficient ways to solve this rising technology issue. The rise of smart speakers is a significant step, but 2018 will feature the growth of a significantly better innovation.

It is possible that we might be expecting a 5G internet this year or by the end of 2019. This kind of network has the potential to serve consumers ten times better than the 4G provision. The G provision will also feature new ways of internet usage and give consumers more reasons to use the internet. The concept of data overloading is also a significant technology that is expected to hit the market with a massive impact in 2018. The new technology will feature more personalized ads, reduced privacy, and incredible outcomes too.

The Funny Viral Video Craze

Funny viral videos have become a great pastime for all of those that have nothing to do when they are bored. One thing that is certain when it comes to viral videos is that people can always find some type of funny viral video of a cat or dog doing something hilarious. The same thing goes for funny viral videos that involve babies. These tend to be the bread and butter videos that often go on television shows like America’s Funniest Videos.

There are some videos, however, that go viral because these videos are duplicated by people that have embraced a trend.
This is exactly what has happened with the mannequin challenge types of video. These are videos where an array of people are standing still in different positions while a slow motion camera movement is made across a wave of people standing as stiff as a mannequin.

The thing that has made these videos so popular is the celebrities that have tapped into this type of video fun. It is obviously something that becomes even better when a larger crowd is present. This is why you often see these videos in big settings where there is a crowd for something like a family reunion or a birthday party. The mannequin challenge has also been duplicated in larger arenas for things like football games because it takes so much for a large crowd to stand still.

Ironically, everyone in the mannequin challenge does not have to be still at the same time. They only have to be in a place where they are motionless when the camera is on them. More people are getting into the mannequin challenge because it is fun and it brings forth a whole lot of excitement for those that may have just been bored. It is a viral video concept that has lasted longer than most people would have assumed. People assumed this would be a fad, but it’s still popular.

Viral Videos that Turn Into Shows

Superman vs. Superman is a viral video that has grown with millions of viewers. People appear to be big fans of this funny series of videos that presents a black and Hispanic Superman. This is not an amateur video. To the contrary, this is more of a skit that is scripted. This is something people are entertained by, and that form of entertainment can work wonders when it comes to transitioning into some other form of entertainment. This is what happened when people started to look at the “Dear White People” videos.

There are a lot viral videos out there, but there honestly and truly are very few that have the ability to take off in the way that a viral video like “Dear White People” took off. There became a series of videos that stem from a book of the same name that was created. This book would turn into multiple videos. The videos would lead to a movie. The movie would lead to Neflix series. Few people may have assumed that the world of viral videos could lead to this type of success, but it did. It shows a lot of people that your creativity can be rewarded in a big way if you continue to build an audience.

It is this type demand for these videos that sparks a lot of people to do this. There are viral video comedians like Jasmine Luv that are known for funny videos. This is something that people are going to take a look at if these are high quality videos. These types of trends in funny videos have caused a lot of people to comb the Internet in service of the newest talents. It becomes easier to find talent when you have access to so many videos that have been referenced by friends. People that want to become entertainers can do it on their own with videos if it’s funny enough to go viral.

Viral Videos Continue to Evolve

When people get bored on social media one thing that they can always find is viral videos. This concept has become so popular that many people are downloading apps like Buzz Feed Video.

The most popular viral videos contain kids because they are so natural. It is hard to believe that some of the other videos where adults are involved are real, but people that are watching viral videos always know that they are getting something authentic when a baby does something through a video.

In many cases people do not even realize that they are being recorded at times for certain viral video. They may assume that it is something that is being done for fun and it becomes a big hit because they do not realize they are being recorded.

The viral video craze is something that people often get caught up with because it allows them to get a laugh even when they may be feeling down. Psychologists may even say that this is something that can boost a video watcher’s mood when they are not feeling the best. This is possible because it often shows people that are in a state of failure.

It may be something funny, but it also may be something like an embarrassing moment, and this makes people that have had embarrassing moments much more accepting of their own failures. Funny viral videos are something that will continue to remain big with social media users for this reason. It becomes something that people can relate to.

The viral videos that are happening right now are easily popular with a crowd that has access to tablets and phones with unlimited data plans. This is a large part of why these videos become so successful. These videos that get millions of views are swept away as something else takes the place of these videos in upcoming days. A viral video is hot for a moment, but something else will eventually come along.

OSI Group: The Globe’s Largest Food Provider

OSI Group is a leading multinational food processing company based out of Aurora, Illinois. With strong heritage of quality and service that coincides positively with their busy location in the Greater Chicago Area, the family-run operation has been providing food solutions for over 100 years, with main specialization in the meat market. They currently work around the world and employ 20,000 employees at 65 facilities across 17 different countries. Their mission is to make a lasting change in globalized economies, and it’s astounding that they started off as a corner butcher shop to a premier global food provider in the United States.

The company originated around the American immigrant experience. German-born immigrants moved to the Chicago area and helped the area turn into a capitalized industry and a place for other immigrants to settle. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, opened his first corner shop in Oak Park, located in Chicago. After 10 years, and good business, the shop transferred its operations into wholesale business.

After several decades of successful profits, OSI Group was formed in the early 1980’s where the company turned to growth in the international sector. They became the leading food providers for sectors in the food industry including, McDonald’s. Their series of global joint ventures has earned the group the title as leading provider and ranked on a popular and well-known American economic website.

In their next steps, the company saw the highest profitable country in the global sector as China. The rise of its rapid economy has resulted in an ever-growing food market. Thanks to this globalization, OSI Group partnered with new companies. Upon establishing partnerships, by the 21st century, the company coordinated techniques only a successful company was capable of.

Today, OSI Group continues its operations with major countries such as China and Europe. It employs and believes that sustainability and environmental initiatives in modern food productions are the most powerful strategies to get ahead. This can be seen in their plans to sustain animal treatment and animal products, while being environmentally friendly in the treatment of crops. They have integrated cutting edge technology for their cutting edge retail clients that are highly diversified and receive only quality, value, and streamline processes with good optimized costs.

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Tony Petrello And His Love For Charity

Giving back to the society is good for the soul. The move is beneficial to both the community and the businesses involved. Tony Petrello is one of the few successful CEOs whose charity activities are way above.

Tony, as often referred to by many is the president and chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, an oil and gas drilling company. The name Petrello is prominent across the globe as one of the highest paid CEOs in the U.S.

Tony Petrello has been serving Nabors for the past two decades, and his contributions to the oil drilling industry can never go unnoticed. Surprisingly, even with a busy schedule, Tony still finds time to engage in charitable acts and support philanthropic causes he promotes. His love for the medical industry and research is unquestionable. About a decade ago, Tony and his wife donated $7 million to support the Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The institute is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital of Houston.

The NRI focuses on finding the way around neurological issues in infants, its causes and treatments. As many would say, the couple’s donation was personal because of their daughter Carena. Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a condition that is triggered by premature birth. The disease causes many impairments such as difficulty with speech, walking, feeding, and delayed motor skills.

Carena’s condition is similar to that of others around the world. However, Tony Petrello was frustrated to find that doctors are aware of the conditions yet they have no solution. The frustration saw him support the study of neurological problems to come up with a treatment for his daughter and other children around the world undergoing the same struggles. Tony’s first $7 million donations came in 2006. It was to be used to sponsor the NRI’s development and expansion. Often, Tony continues to support the foundation in the best ways he can.

Today, Petrello serves as a member of the board of trustees of the hospital and is committed to improving the hospital and its research. The NRI’s project is not the only charity acts that Tony engages. As Yale alumni, Petrello contributed $150000 to its annual prize offered to promising students at his alma mater. Tony promises to continue supporting the awards in memory of professor Serge Lang. The celebrated professor was Tony’s mentor in the 70’s when he was a freshman.

Besides, Tony and Nabors Industries have been associated with many charitable activities. For instance, after Hurricane Harvey, Nabors offered paid free time to its employees so that they would go and offer relief support to the affected communities along the Gulf Coast. The move was significant and generous to the community, and it is this and many others that have seen Tony Petrello and Nabors continue to thrive. Today, Nabors Industries is among the world’s largest oil and gas contractors. The oil company has continued to show a steady growth pattern, and as many would say it is because of Tony’s significant involvement.

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Dr. Saad- Pediatric surgeon in the United States

Dr. Saad is a pediatric surgeon in the United States. He has a good reputation in the industry and is even hired by foreign countries to assist them with pediatric medical surgeries. Probably what is his biggest accomplishment in his career is being hired by the Saudi Royal. This is a prestigious job that not many professionals can ever get a chance to serve. For Dr. Saad, two things assisted him to land the job. One, he is a board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States and secondly, he is fluent in Arabic and English. This was a perfect combination for someone who was going to serve in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The appointed saw Dr. Saad move with his family to Riyadh where he served for four and a half years.


Dr. Saad has a very interesting story. He was born in a hummable family in Palestine. They later relocated to Kuwait where he grew up. He would later move to Cairo for his degree and later to England for his internship. He finally settled in the United States where he started practicing as a medical doctor. Being born from a poor family gave him the motivation to work hard so that he could accomplish his goals in future. His family members are also top professionals. Three of his siblings are surgeons, two engineers, one a teacher and two others have PhDs. He is clearly from a family that believes in the power of education.


Dr. Saad served at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. This is a facility that served the royal families from the Middle East. However, poor people suffering from complex medical conditions were also allowed to get services in the facility. Dr.Saad impressed the Royals by ensuring that all cases of pediatric surgeries were handled with the highest degree of professionalism. While serving in this Saudi facility, he performed a complex surgery on the youngest child he has ever dealt with and who was suffering from an aneurysm. He performed this operation clinically and secured the health of the kid. He also published a journal that contained information about the surgery so that others could learn from him. Learn more:



Dr. H Biemann Othersen mentored Saad in Charleston, SC, who taught him that in medical services, he should always treat everyone regardless of the color, age, background, religion or even physical abilities. He also learned that he should always be kind and honest with his patients. Dr. Saad demonstrated a character that won the hearts of the officials at the King Faisal hospital. His word on matters of pediatric surgeries was final. He would recommend a patient to be treated locally or abroad.



Back in America, Dr. Saad helped many children and young adults. He also participated in medical missions some in the United States, and other is Jerusalem and West Bank. In these medical missions, he would perform complex surgeries to poor children for free. Dr. Saad was brought up in a poor family, and he feels, obligated to assist the poor get a solution to their problems

The New Mannequin Challenge

When it comes to funny internet videos there are always some viral videos that seem to make a splash from one week to the next. This is what the social media Arena has birthed.

There appears to be a growing number of these videos that are being done because people are impressed with how long people can stand still for things like the mannequin challenge. This one is something that became a big thing when the black Beatles song by Rae Sremmurd became popular.

There are so many people that have taken interest in doing the challenge that it has become seen at football and basketball games. It has been seen even on Sesame Street. There are all type of elaborate mannequin challenges out there, and these have made for some of the best funny viral videos in 2017 and 2018. More people are looking at the opportunities to be creative when it comes to doing this.

In the beginning it was just a setting and people were simply looking at the camera as they posed still while the camera slowly moves to another person. One of the latest viral videos that is a cheating mannequin challenge that has become very popular because it actually tells a story. There is a song in the background that is different from the “Black Beatles” song that has been featured in so many different viral mannequin challenge videos.

In this cheating mannequin challenge the song that is in the background is “Trapped in the Closet” by R Kelly. People that know of the song can already tell what the outcome of this challenge is going to be, but it is still fun to watch how this mannequin challenge unfolded. It has definitely become something that is getting a lot of talk around the social media circuit.

People have noticed that this is an easy way to get a viral video that leads to more followers in social media.

Organo Gold: Contributing more than just Coffee

Organo Gold’s coffee distribution program provides powerful incentives to entrepreneurs who are interested in endorsing prime quality coffee and wellness products. Organo Gold is allowing consumers to purchase goods directly from the company, while also offering independent marketers the opportunity to become distributors. Organo Gold boasts a broad range of products available on the market, ensuring excellence in quality. Due to the rapidly expanding coffee culture, Organo Gold has seized the opportunity to provide coffee & tea aficionados with a wider range of flavours, and brews. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold offers organic tea products that can also be bought as part of a weightloss & maintenance kit. Organo Gold’s wellness product line includes breakfast kits, weight loss kits, detox and energy kits, along with a range of supplements that provide personal health benefits. Distributors of these products can offer product samples, build customer networks, and set up online retail stores with automated shipping services. Distributors can also supply neighbourhood retailers with coffee and tea products for resale. It is clear that Organo Gold is focused on not only providing high-quality products to their customer base but also encourages their customers to network and market these products to a broader customer base, creating a win-win situation. Visit Orguniversity.com to know more.

In addition to developing a line of supercharged instant coffee, high-quality organic tea’s and energy drinks, Organo emphasizes the health and wellness aspect of their products. Their coffee provides a range of nutrients and anti-oxidants, while their energy drinks have a healthy balance of naturally derived guarana and caffeine. Organo Gold maintains a global reach, with products being used in 45 countries around the world. News of the benefits of their weight loss and diet programs, as well as their distributor programs, is shared frequently with their large social media fanbase. If you would like more information regarding Organo Gold visit www.organogold.com, and for updates directly from the company be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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