Bandit Raccon Caught On Camera

Want to see and read about a hilarious story and video? Then check out this footage and brief report at the HuffPost. A college student at Bellarmine University located in Kentucky had quite the encounter with a raccoon. Many people conflate raccoons markings as being similar to the stereotypical bandit wearing a robber’s mask.

A student, whose name is Guy saw a raccoon and decided to snap a video of him. To get up close to the creature, Guy said he threw acorns to the animal. The raccoon feasted on the acorns for a while but then got bored.

As Guy Williams was filming the raccoon up close, Stanley dashed for the camera that was recording him and swiped it from Guy! Stanley was the nickname the college student had given the raccoon that he was filming and feeding. What is truly hilarious about this viral video is that the camera was on the entire time.

The phone camera was on while Stanley the Racoon phone thief had it in his possession. You can say that the entire robbery was caught on camera and that authorities had all the evidence they need to determine who stole Guy William’s phone! The story has a happy ending. The phone thief raccoon eventually dropped the phone. Guy managed to locate the phone by dialing his number and heading towards the sound.

The college student insists that there was no harm done to the raccoon during the search for the stolen phone. At one point, the student thought about reporting the incident to college security but decided against it. The viral video of the phone heist by Stanley the Racoon had gotten almost 7 million views on YouTube. There were also hundreds of thousands of tweets about this incident. Stanley the Racoon is now somewhat of a legendary figure at the college. I also think that Guy and Stanley have bonded even more after the event.

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