Brad Reifler and the 99 Percenters

Forefront Income Trust is a new initiative for Forefront Capital, unlike most investment programs; it will cater to non-accredited investors. Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, explained that for years he was only focused on accredited investors that made $200,000 a year or had a net worth or more than a million dollars, now he is shifting everything to non-accredited investors because so many of them are overlooked.

The Securities and Exchange Commission explains that an accredited investor must be a corporation or a person who has individual net worth, or has joint net worth with their spouse, that exceeds $1 million, or a person with income that exceeds $200,000 from each of the two most current years or joint income with a spouse that exceeds $300,000.
Initially, the accredited investor standards were designed to protect shareholders from investments that were considered risky. Due to a vast increase in knowledge in the stock market, the definition of an “accredited investor” has been updated and will continue to be updated every 4 years. The Investor Advisory Committee wants to get rid of the current system for measuring income and net worth’s and bring in a new system that takes into account an person’s education, investment experience and professional credentials.

Reifler created Forefront Income Trust to give investment opportunities to the middle class. The funds allow non-accredited investors to invest at a minimum of $2,500. Reifler explains that they have nuance programs that can give clients liquidity and an 8 percent return and that his company doesn’t make any money until they have earned that 8 percent.

Years back, Wikipedia would indicate that Reifler invested in a college savings plan and when it came time for his daughters to attend college, the fund was down 40 percent. He lost money and it shifted his attention to the middle class. After receiving his father in laws life savings, Reifler discovered how limited the investment options were for the 99 percenters. He began developing a public fund that anyone could invest in. As a financial expert, Reifler feels responsible to educate investors and bridge trust between them and investment managers.

Reifler is best known as the CEO and founder of Forefront Management Group and its subsidiaries which include the Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Management, and Forefront Capital Markets, LLC. He is the former founding partner, CEO and chairman of Pali Capital, and prior to that he was a star trader at Refco. Reifler Trading Company, his first business, was acquired by Refco in 2000. Reifler is a director at Sino Mercury Company and was also a director of Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions.  Follow Mr. Reifler on his Twitter.

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