Brazillian Manufacturing Company: Eucatex Company

Flavio Maluf born in 1961 is serving as the chief executive officer in the Eucatex corporation which is located in Brazil. The company gives a wide range of building materials like lamination and vinyl floors, furniture, doors, paint and panels.

Maluf has contributed greatly to the community in a wide range of practices. He is actively in charity projects, for example, in the underfunded health businesses. He has given out an x-ray machine to the Idio Carli hospital and, maternity. He also writes articles and blogging on topics that talk about trending business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. The skill he has gained from leading Eucatex firm has made him able to give people key and valuable advice in terms of getting to the business industry. Flavio Maluf gives advice on important things of funds and time since these are the things that always click on the minds of many entrepreneurs. His advice is based on expertise of investing. Check out to read full interview of Flavio Maluf.

IBGE organization wrote some information about the prosperity of the economy of Brazil in the late quarter of year 2017 and early quarter of 2018. The data showed a rise in the development rating of the economy but the early days of the year however made losses in comparison with the early days of the year 2017.

Thus late 2017recorded a rating of 1.2 percentage and early 2018 recorded a 0.4 rating percentage. Flavio Maluf noted the change in rates and that performance in agriculture had stalled in the months of April, May and June. He also noticed that around 20 percent of the sugarcane and more than 30 percent of maize was harvested within these months. 2017 harvest sustained a high report rate of 240 million tons of goods making the development to rise to around 19% as in contrast with the year 2016.

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