Britons Are More Loyal To Hairdressers than Better Half

One significant part of grooming is the hair dressing part. This is a section of the body that attracts more attention compared to other areas of the body. That is why in areas like Britain, most citizens are loyal to hairdressers compared to their romantic partners. This may sound funny but it factual. Just like any other person in a different country, Britons are known for their multiple visits to the hairdresser. In fact, these visits and friendly relationships cannot exceed average couple relationships.


Most Britons are worried about getting a faulty haircut or style than they are concerned about getting into a fight with their partners. It is no wonder that in the United Kingdom, 69% of the citizens are committed to their partners while 74% of the same population is determined to the hairdresser. The relationships also have a reflection on the dwindling personal relations with other people. To make the matter worse, the relationships with the hairdressers take an average of over five years on the lower side. According to reports from the direct line of business, most of the older Britons have been loyal to their hairdressers. This is because 57% of the adults pay a visit to the hairdresser about 55 times in a year.


In the entire cycle of personal relationships as well as those with the hairdressers, natives of the north east area are more loyal to the persons who treat their hair. Two-thirds of this population explained that they always visit the same hairdresser. About half of the same population from the south west stated that they were loyal to one hairdresser. This community pointed out a particular shop in the locality. Most of the people who visit salons trim their hair every year. It is interesting that in a world sinking in economic crisis and political misunderstanding, news concerning people’s relationships with their hairdressers tops some of the media channels.

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