Bruce Levenson And Do Good Institute Working Hand In Hand For Non-Profit Businesses

When people talk philanthropist and a former NBA team owner, the name that comes immediately to the people mind is Bruce Levenson. He is a very successful American businessman who also co-founded Atlanta Hawks LLC. This company operates and owns the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Bruce Levenson has also been the Governor of Atlanta Hawks since 2004. He because of his interpersonal skills has co-founded one more firm, known as United Communications Group also known as UCG because he believes that this company is only in need of a little boost and if he can support it with his finance, it will help the company to make a comeback. He has done because of his care for other as he was always a philanthropist.

In a report by Forbes Magazine, Bruce, after selling Atlanta Hawks delved right into a non-profit sector because he believes that sharing and caring and he sold his company as a basic funding for University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute. The project is extraordinary in higher education. This project targets the undergraduate students and exposes them to volunteering and non-profit world.

The plan is to get ready the upcoming wave of business leaders who prefer working for non-profit. Another target of this initiative is to meld those chosen individuals into the one that would be the most competitive and talented against private-sector counterparts of theirs. And due to this unique idea, Do Good Institute is growing very rapidly.

Bruce, in one of its exclusive interview with media,, said that a person in his whole professional life found that that non-profit business and organization sometime could not be able to grow in a way, they have to. And that is because they lack the skills they need to boost the business, that where “DO Good Institute” comes one. To teach people in their young age and make them ready for their upcoming adventure.

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