Buying Up Homes And Turning Them Into Rental Units Is A Lot of Work, But Nick Vertucci Has The Resources For You

Over the years, a common misconception about the real estate market is that it’s only there for the billionaires and big businessmen who’ve got deep pockets to get into it. But that’s actually not quite the case, and even middle class regular working people sometimes prefer investing in real estate because it doesn’t fluctuate as much as the funds on the stock exchange. That’s also why Nick Vertucci chose to get into it, and his success story is quite remarkable as a man who had to cut his way through some tough debt in the business, but finally made his way to financial freedom. Vertucci even has a book published about this titled “Seven Figure Decisions.

What really makes Nick Vertucci unique is he doesn’t come from a family of big business leaders or finance experts. In fact, he never attended college because his family didn’t have the means to send him there. After struggling through major poverty in his 20s, he did start a business in computer hardware, and it seemed as though he had found the answer to building wealth. But when the big crash of 2000 happened, this business was wiped out and Nick Vertucci had to start all over again while being encumbered with debt.

Nick Vertucci had never considered entering real estate until attending a workshop on the recommendation of a friend that opened his eyes to the possibilties. It took several failed properties and nearly losing his home before he could break out of the debt cycle, but he never gave up. Vertucci achieved financial freedom and has retired to live the life he’s wanted, but he didn’t stop there. Today, his resource information is shared at his NV Real Estate Academy where anyone of any background can learn how to break into the business.

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