50 Cent Confronts Unsuspecting Music Lovers

If you are someone that has listened to the music of 50 Cent in the past, this Jimmy Kimmel video will put a smile on your face. This viral sensation recently became very popular online because it offered an interesting and unique concept that included people being asked for their honest opinion about where they would rank 50 cent compared to other Rap artists. When they answered the question, they were facing the camera and their attention was being focused on the person conducting the interview. However, positioned just behind their head was 50 Cent waiting for them to turn around and take note of him standing there. This made for a lot of humorous situations when the person indicated that they did not think 50 Cent should be considered the best Rap artist of all time. When they turned around, 50 would pretend to be offended by the comments and this would lead to an interesting confrontation. This video is not only relevant to fans of the Rap artist, but society as a whole and how we communicate with each other.

Typically, people are more comfortable sharing their honest thoughts about someone when they do not have to worry about potentially having problems with them as a result. There are probably many times when you did not share an honest opinion with a friend in an effort to protect their feelings. This viral video does a great job of bringing that tendency that people have forward. When someone is asked about their true feelings attached to the quality of 50 Cent music, they have very little idea that he is anywhere close to them. In fact, there are a few people that alter their statements once they discover that he is within reach. View this video and put a smile on your face in no time.