Isn’t It Romantic is the new talk in town after it was premiered less than two weeks ago by Warner Bros.Pictures. It is a romantic comedy that talks about all the troubles of love by use of humor. Rebel Wilson was cast as the main character making the movie attract many viewers during its release. The only thing remaining is the worldwide premiere which will be done by Netflix.

In the meantime, those who have not yet watched the film are left to speculate what happens in Isn’t It Romantic. The film revolves around the life of a young architect, Natalie. Natalie is not outgoing and is often afraid to voice her opinions.

This makes her be overlooked at work and not be appreciated by her bosses despite putting a lot of effort into her work. Natalie lives in a tiny apartment in the shady neighborhoods of New York. She even lives next door to a drug dealer.

Natalie is cynical about romantic movies and does not believe in love. She hates the fact that rom-coms make out love to be all roses and smiles yet this is not the reality She is yet to find the right guy and fall in love, but she does not see this happening anytime soon. For Natalie to get home, she has to pass through some alleys, and it is here that she gets mugged and knocked out.

When she regains consciousness, everything is different from the way she left it. Her cramped apartment has turned into a massive and beautiful home and also has her office. Her secretary is now her greatest competitor at work and hates Natalie’s guts. Natalie tries to adjust to this but then Blake, a client comes along and is intrigued by her.

He is a playboy and Natalie does not know how to deal with the new attention. She turns to Josh, her friend for help but he is also buried in his own love story with Isabella. Natalie now has to make Blake fall for her for everything to return to normal. She does not have the slightest clue about love and has to learn new things along the way.

Isn’t It Romantic follows the journey of Natalie to finding true love and making things right. Rebel Wilson is the perfect fit for the role due to her charming personality and unique sense of humor. Her dream to become a successful actress sprouted from a hallucination that she had when sick with malaria.

She saw herself winning an Oscar and made a promise to achieve this. Rebel Wilson is a passionate and hardworking woman. She does many other jobs such as producing and writing in addition to acting. She even owns a clothing line.

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