Makeup And Jewelry Designer Doe Deere: From Homeless Beginnings To All-American Dream

It’s been an incredible journey thus far for Russian-born native Doe Deere, and most people are unaware of the entrepreneur’s early struggles and drive to succeed.

Doe Deere, her mother and younger sister set out for the American Dream some 20 years ago, leaving small Izhevsk for the huge metropolis of bustling New York City. As immigrants, the trio had long dreamed of the many opportunities available in America and was excited to plant their feet on the ground and get running.

At the time, Doe Deere (Xenia Vorotova ) was 17, and all three eventually found themselves swallowed up by the grandness and toughness of NYC. The hardworking, petite women took all kinds of jobs to stay afloat and keep food on the table, but it was almost impossible to pay mounting bills and maintain a decent lifestyle.

Soon, the three ended up in a homeless shelter on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue. Living in cramped quarters and standing in line for free food at a nearby church became the routine, but the women saved their money and later, stumbled on to Sanctuary for Families.

The non-profit connected the trio to better jobs and educational opportunities, and by 2000, they moved into East Harlem’s Lehman Projects on 110th Street. Again, a tough situation with rampant gang activity, but the three pursued their dreams, and life began looking up.

In 2008, Doe Deere took her creative spirit, artistic talent and entrepreneurial drive to launch beauty company Lime Crime. It was a major gamble trying to put out a brand of makeup, but Doe Deere used her street vibe, trends and love for wildly colored cosmetics to make her mark.

The e-commerce makeup line became a hit with millennials and celebrities, and Doe Deere moved the company to Los Angeles and employed 35 people.

Today, Doe Deere has branched out to another love, jewelry; she’s ready to debut her new brand PoppyAngeloff.

Doe Deere believes that immigrants also help make America great. The path to the American Dream is challenging with many twists and turns, but the rewards are worth every precious step taken.


Beauty Blogger Wengie Puts Rubber Face Masks to the Test

Are rubber face masks the best kept beauty secret from Korea? Beauty blogger Wengie tested this bold claim for YouTube video after she heard a Korean actress swear by their effectiveness. The term “rubber mask” is a catchall phrase for facial modeling packs that come in powder form. When mixed with water they become a thick, gooey substance that is supposed to firm the skin and promote an anti-aging effect.

Wengie chose AnSkin’s Collagen Modeling Mask, based on the positive reviews she read on Amazon. She adjusted the powder-to-water ratio recommended by the instructions, stating that this is okay as long as you don’t thin out the mask too much. If the product is too thin, it will slide off the face. The goal is to make a jelly-like paste and it should be applied immediately.

The feel of the mask is cold, according to Wengie, and she noted that it is important to avoid the eyebrows, eyes and hairline when applying the mixture. She recommended sitting back and relaxing for 25 minutes after the mask is applied. Pulling off the mask was messy yet painless for Wengie and she could see the indention of her skin’s texture on the mask, as well as dirt that was pulled from her pores.

Wengie was pleased with the final results, as she saw and felt a noticeable difference in her face. Her skin was brighter, tighter and softer. Her consensus was that Korean rubber masks are “amazing” and “magical,” helping her skin feel better than it had in a very long time.


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