Blue Ivy Quiets Her Parents During The Grammy Awards

People look at Hollywood kids and think that they are a particular breed. They don’t realize that these kids play, eat, sleep, and do the same things as all the other children in the world. Yes, being royalty doesn’t exempt parents from those moments where their children are downright embarrassing. For Jay-Z and Beyoncé, it was their six-year-old daughter that brought them some negative attention. It seems the little girl runs the show in their home.

The Grammy Awards is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. All of the elite are there in their bustling gowns with their significant other on their side. For Beyoncé and Jay-Z, they brought along their little six-year-old daughter. Blue Ivy accompanied her parents in a smashing suit with a bun on her head. While she was as cute as a button, it wasn’t her appearance that had everyone talking. Instead, it was the way she “shushed” her parents during the ceremony.

Blue Ivy was seated next to her adoring parents at the Grammy Awards. When the moving speech was given by Camilla Cabella, little Blue thought her parents clapped just a little bit too long. Several pictures taken of the child shows that she motioned for her parent stop clapping and be quiet. What was so funny about the whole event is that the little tot never uttered a word. She merely made a hand gesture and gave her parents “the look” that meant they needed to quiet down.

Jay-Z received nominations for eight awards this year, and his little girl seemed to be taking in every moment of the event. Social media got ahold of videos and pictures of Blue Ivy and her attempts to calm her parents, and the adorable shots are everywhere. The new twins, which Beyoncé gave birth too late last year, will have an older sister who knows how to keep them in line also.