Good News with Equities First Holdings

People who are having a hard time gaining access to capital should check out Equities First Holdings. The stock-based loans company is looking to help people live out their dreams while on planet earth. Often times banks will give people a hard time when they are looking to receive a loan from the bank. People who have a history of bad financial actions will not have the option to get a loan. Using a stock-based loans company like Equities First Holdings allows the applicant the chance to use their stock holdings as collateral. One of the main benefits of stock-based loans is the fact that they have considerably lower interest the bank loans. You will have the ability to gain access through companies such as Equities First Holdings which will give you the financial options that you are looking to have.

Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Investing in real estate is an excellent way for people to improve their financial position. Many people struggle with high expenses and low income. Instead of working multiple jobs, investing in a real estate provides an opportunity to earn additional income.

Finding a location to invest in is a critical choice for investors. Dubai is one of the largest and most affluent cities in the world. Numerous people have started purchasing properties in the city.

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. From the time he was young, Hussain has always wanted to operate a company in the real estate industry.

Building Cash

One of the most challenging parts of getting started with investing is building a cash reserve. Few people realize how many things can go wrong with real estate investing. With a substantial down payment, the monthly fee is reduced. There will be times when a rental property has various issues that need to get fixed. Without a cash reserve, many investors go deeply into debt to repair a single problem.

Finding Properties

Another important aspect of real estate investing is finding properties. Some people rush into real estate investing and purchase the first property available. Quickly buying a home is the wrong approach to take with investing.

Instead, investors should take several months to purchase a property. The home should be in a desirable area. Appreciation is one of the best ways that real estate investors build wealth over time.


Hussain struggled to get financing when he started in the real estate industry. Due to his investment experience, he founded a local bank to help real estate investors. Although he lends money on a small scale, he is confident the venture can grow in the coming years.


Working with a trusted bank is one of the best ways for real estate investors to get the financing needed to invest. With the active real estate market, it is an excellent time to purchase a home in Dubai.

Rich Closet of Deirdre Baggot, the Healthcare Strategist, and Inventor

Deirdre Baggot is a seasoned medical practitioner who has extensive experience, unmatched expertise, and her profession goes over and above normal patients’ care. She is a Gregory Lavert Scholar, holder of a Nursing Degree, a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the Loyola, Chicago Graduate School of Business. This highlights her major academic achievements.

Professionally, after her residency, she began working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and later at the University of Michigan. These two health facilities exposed her to a diverse world of medicine and helped her discover her best values and worth. She spent most of her time researching in the lab; just trying to make sense of any information that was scanty. This began her crucial step into the world of uncertainty and discovery. Over time she had discovered innovative diagnostic tools and treatment methods that have been applied globally in medical practice.

Her leadership at the CMS, where she led the commission of the Bundled Payments Models was one of the high pitches in her career. This is a calculated and well thought out payment reform that healthcare facilities should adopt. It helps patient pay up bills seamlessly even when insurance fails. This is a new thing, with respective ends for both parties involved and facilities no longer suffer default. The Bundled Payment Model was rolled out in 2012, and Deirdre Baggot has been instrumental in its implementation. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

About Deirdre Baggot

She is a practicing clinician and hospital executive behind the Bundled Payment of Care Improvement Program (BPCI). Ms. Baggot has admirable expertise and experience working with established facilities in the United States. She is a highly sought after speaker who has voiced various issues at the American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, and Bundled Payment Summit to mention a few conferences. She has written many articles, journals, and reports from her research work that has spiced up her contribution.

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Deirdre Baggot Focuses On Her Clients In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is going through some big changes in recent years and there are many people behind it trying to find better methods to make things better for practitioners and their patients. One of these people is Deirdre Baggot who is working to reform how payments are handled when it comes to healthcare. She has had decades of experience in many different parts of healthcare and has proven herself to be able to take on leadership roles.

Check out to read full interview of Deirdre Baggot.

When she first entered the world of healthcare, she had absolutely no plans to get into consulting. Fortunately, she was encouraged by her CEO at the time to give it a try because he had faith in her abilities. This proved to be an excellent decision and she found herself with several clients and was able to make a profit in just a few months. It’s important to have a good strategy when it comes to consulting and to truly understand the problem that the client is trying to solve. This can be challenging sometimes in a shrinking market, but she still finds it fun and enjoyable even today.

After President Trump took office, Deirdre Baggot and others in the industry were concerned about what the future would hold when it came to value healthcare. Healthcare can be impacted greatly by changes in the political climate and it’s important to be prepared. While nobody wants failure, Deirdre Baggot believes that it is sometimes important and can be a gift. She knows that things sometimes don’t always go as you had hoped and planned and you just have to be ready to make the changes that are needed. She advises anyone who is wanting to get into healthcare to be prepared to work hard. The hardest working person in a department can end up being led to some great opportunities.



Vijay Eswaran Talks about his Inspirational Business Life

The businessman has worked in industries such as hospitality and education for decades. One of the ventures that have earned him global recognition is QNET. He believes that e-commerce has a huge potential to grow a business. In 2000, it was ranked among the top three distribution firms in the world.

Vijay Eswaran has always encouraged other businesspeople to seek to learn from their environments as this will help them to manage and grow their enterprises. Vijay’s gets motivation from his customers. According to him, listening to them has enabled him to develop products that meet their changing needs and preferences.

One of his happiest moments is when a customer tells him about how the services of his company have changed their lives. Vijay Eswaran acknowledges that he has faced many challenges when growing his businesses and other entrepreneurs may experience the same. Initially, his plans were not working out well and he could not get the help he needed from family members or finance institutions.

Many people did not believe that he could achieve what he has now. Since his tender age, he has always been passionate about being his own boss. After struggling for years, he met some partners that have been helpful in his business life over the years.

Vijay Eswaran believes that a businessperson can only grow if they learn to embrace challenges and seek appropriate solutions. One of his role models is his father who taught him that customer service should be the priority of any business. He has always strived to teach the other members of the organization about the concept. He constantly reminds the employees of where the company has come from and its vision.

According to him, a business is like a sports team where all the stakeholders must work towards a common goal. Through his company, a university was set up in Malaysia where many students have acquired valuable skills to help them grow in their career.

Deirdre Baggot Determined and Dedicated

Deirdre Baggot has an extensive and impressive educational background. She has completed several degrees, which include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado
  • Master Degree in Business Administration from Loyola University School of Business in Chicago
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Starting out in the healthcare field as a nurse, she has worked her way to the top of the chain to be an advisor to healthcare facilitators. Her goals are to create solutions for patients. Deirdre Baggot also encourages those who seek her services to enrich relationships with their patients. Check out to read more about Baggot

There are many subjects that she is passionate about. One of those is bundled payments. A bundled payment is when all issues are bundled into one episode and you are not billed for individual codes. It has been proposed in healthcare reform but has not made it into law. Some companies do use the bundled method, though it is estimated that only about one-third do. She believes that the use of bundled payments is not just beneficial for the patient, especially chronically ill patients, but also doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. Bundling payments is more efficient than a fee-for-service payment model. It makes for easier billing and less stress on the patients. Working with more than 200 hospitals to implenment value-based payment models has helped to enforce her want to move to an easier and more effective billing. It is slowly gaining ground as doctors learn about the ease of use and the lack of technology needed.

Her passion does not end there. Deirdre Baggot also developed a check list so that patients did not have to undergo lab tests or diagnostic tests that were not necesary for diagnosis or treatment. This approach is now labeled care protocol and is used by many health professionals today. The method of care is to cut costs for the paitient and to avoid unnecessary procedures.

As someone who has had a lot of experience working with patients and working with healthcare executives, Baggot has made wave to change healthcare today. Her thinking is innovative and cost effective for all. Her innovations have been published so that more people can understand her movement.

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Nick Vertucci’s Seven Figure Decisions Tells All About The Real Estate Industry

There are a lot of stories out there about millionaires who were able to make themselves out of nothing. While Nick Vertucci is one of these stories, he has done it twice after losing his fortune. He recently published a book about these experiences called Seven Figure Decisions.

Nick Vertucci is a pro when it comes to investing in real estate. He knows that it takes a lot of guts to make it big in any industry because you have to be willing to take a risk with whatever you do. When he lost his fortune, He knew that he wanted it back and had to get past his fears in order to do so.

Already, Seven Figure Decisions has already sold well over 1,000 copies. The book by Nick Vertucci is endorsed by Dean Cain, actor and producer. In addition, Kevin Harrington of “Shark Tank” wrote a forward for the business memoir of the millionaire real estate investor.

Nick Vertucci made his first millions in the tech industry. He lost these millions in the same industry as well. When he first got into the real estate industry, he admits that he made a lot of mistakes. It took him a long time to learn everything that he knows and being a student of real estate training helped him along the way.

When he began in the real estate industry, he had no real education and no capital to work with. Nick Vertucci was able to prove himself as a true entrepreneur by fighting back to make his fortune again. It took him around 10 years to really get to know the industry inside and out, but he’s made his millionaire status again. He went on to found the NVREA in order to educate students who want to make it in real estate.

JD.Com Honored For Commitment to The Environment And Society

The acronym SEAL stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement, and Leadership. The SEAL Business Sustainability Award is given to companies in recognition of outstanding corporate citizenship.

Being a good corporate citizen means that a company has a Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP) in place. A CRP’s function is to ensure a company minimizes its impact on the environment and maintains a commitment to social innovation.

This year China’s answer to Amazon Jingdong (JD.Com) will be among the recipients of a SEAL Business Sustainability Award. From the way they develop new products to their packaging and delivery practices for five years, Jingdong has been working to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit society in general.

Even the company’s sales methods are factored into this effort. Overseeing these efforts to be a good corporate citizen is JD.Com’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team.

Speaking on behalf of JD.Com the head of their CSR team Libo Ma stated that the company was honored to be among this year’s SEAL Award winners. Libo added that the true measure of a company’s success is the impact it has on society. He pledged that Jingdong’s devotion to protecting the environment and promoting the common good would be a long-term commitment. Socially JD.Com supports poverty relief and educational initiatives.

In explaining why Jingdong was among the 2018 SEAL Award honorees the award’s founder Matt Harney pointed to the impact score JD.Com had received under the SEAL scoring system. Harney stated that Jingdong had outscored all of this year’s recipients.

Citing numbers Harney reported that in the last year JD.Com had recycled a million garments and almost half-a-million toys. What is more, Jingdong’s efforts on behalf of the environment positively impacted 47 Chinese cities. Harney concluded by describing the results of the Jingdong Corporate Responsibility Program as “extraordinary”.

The logistical program and distribution network that JD.Com has established gives the e-commerce giant the ability to do business with 99% of China. The company’s monetary commitment to disaster relief, education, environmental causes, and relieving poverty has totaled 700 million RMB to date. At the current rate of exchange that equals 100,894,915 USD.

Details JD.Com via twitter

Nick Vertucci’s Book And Story To Success

A successful real estate guru is spreading his inspiring story how he came from nothing to become wealthy in the industry. Nick Vertucci is the chief executive officer and founder of his self-named company Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. He is also the author of his book, which follows his incredible life story to success. “Seven Figure Decisions” was such a hit, it become a best seller.

Mr. Vertucci’s life story has been woven with struggle, hardship, success, and so much more. At the age of 18, Vertucci found himself homeless in his van. This compelled him to change things for the better. He started his own business selling computer parts. Although he reached a certain amount of success, it did not last. The dot com crash hit Nick’s business hard, and it did not make it. Once again, Vertucci was struggling, but with a massive amount of debt. This would not last forever because Nick would join the world of real estate, and would hit it big. He became a self-made millionaire and started his own company that teaches people about the industry called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. In his career, the real estate investor has to be bold and take some calculated risks to succeed. Nick recommends to embrace change because it is every present. Surround yourself with people who are growing and changing for the better. They will be a great support system throughout your journey. One thing Mr. Vertucci had to overcome was failure. Going bankrupt and other challenges he faced forced him to grow in ways that were incredibly beneficial.

The successful entrepreneur also recommends to rewire your brain. If you are listening to all the negative thought and feelings, then succeeding in business will be so much harder. Rewire your brain to think positive thoughts instead. This will be a process, but will really be worth it in the end. Have a vision, make a plan, and be persistent. If you want something in life, go for it and don’t stop until you reach your goal. Nick’s story is testimony that anyone can succeed, no matter the circumstances.

Avoid These Common Mistakes With Help From the Experts at Aloha Construction

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re an experienced homeowner, you may run into certain issues. The team at Aloha Construction has seen almost everything, and here, they’re sharing some of the most common mistakes home buyers and owners make, as well as some tips on avoiding them.

Focusing on Certain Upgrades

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing the wrong home upgrades. While adding a sunroom or a luxurious master bathroom is a great way to make the home more enjoyable, it’s not always the best way to increase its value. If you want to boost your home’s resale value and curb appeal, upgrading the roof and siding is a great way to do it, and the experts at Aloha Construction can help.

Delaying The Property Inspection

Our team offers no-cost property inspections as well. It’s important to get a home inspection at least once yearly, particularly after a severe storm. The team will rigorously inspect your siding, roofing, and shingles, and if there are issues, they’ll help with the insurance claims process.

Neglecting the Gutters

Another major issue we see here at Aloha Construction is the neglect of homes’ downspouts and gutters. We suggest inspecting them each season, being sure to look for warning signs such as leaking and sagging. It’s also important to ensure that the downspouts point away from the home, to prevent water from pooling around the foundation.

Economizing on Repairs

Of all the mistakes on this list, this one is perhaps the most serious. While a handy homeowner can easily perform some tasks, in other cases, it’s best to leave the work to the pros. Choosing to DIY important repairs or working with unlicensed, unqualified contractors may save a few dollars, but the long-term costs will be significant. Aloha Construction is one of the top contractors in Illinois, and we have the BBB Torch Award to prove it. Call us today to get the job done right and at a fair price.

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

Once the novelty of owning a home wears off, reality sets in, and you’ll realize just how much work homeownership can be. However, with the team at Aloha Construction on your side, everything becomes just a little easier.