James Dondero and Highland Capital Moving Into Real Estate

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of experience and the finance and credit industry. He is considered a pioneer in his field and is responsible for pioneering products such as Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO).

Since the inception of Highland Capital, Dondero has been been responsible for the company’s massive international growth, award-winning products and credit oriented solutions. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Some of their award-winning products include hedge funds, private equity funds, CLOs and mutual funds.

Highland has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Morningstar Award for Excellence.

Before starting Highland Capital, Dondero served as CEO of GIS subsidiary Protective Life. During his tenure between 1989 and 1983, he helped enrich the company by $2 billion. Prior to this, he worked as a corporate analyst for American Express. He later became the company’s top portfolio manager.

Dondero graduated with honors from the University of Virginia. He received an accounting and finance degree from the McIntyer School of Commerce. Right after graduation in 1984, he went to work for JP Morgan Finance as a credit analyst. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

He currently serves as chairman of the board of Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote Corporation, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, AMC Entertainment and Nexbank.

Highland has recently ventured into real estate development. In an interview with Dallas Morning News, James Dondero stated that much more real estate was in the company’s future. “Sometimes there is more value to developing something than buying it,” said Dondero.

With headquarters in Dallas, Highland Capital has offices all over the world and currently employs 180 people.

Visit: http://www.jamesdonderodallas.com/james-dondero/

Susan McGalla, Amazing Leader For Women

Susan McGalla is an amazing role model for women. Susan’s sense of being different and being a leader as a woman began when she was just a young girl. Growing up, Susan was raised in a home with all men, her father and brothers. Her family of men did not go easy on her just because she was a woman. If anything they made her work harder just because she was a woman. Her family knew that it would be complicated because of all of the stereotypes that women have on them in today’s world. They wanted her to be prepared for all of the things she would experience has a women in today’s society.

During Susan’s early life she worked extremely hard. She played sports, she was a great student, and did chores as well. Susan had always knew that she wanted to be a leader so once she started working, she worked as hard as she could to achieve her goals. For example, she became employed with American Eagle Outfitters. She started off at a lower level but she worked her way up until she became the president of the company.

Susan has defiantly showed that women can do anything that men can do. She has even worked in several leadership positions while being with child. Diversity in the work place is extremely important. Businesses that have gender diversity do better than businesses who do not have gender diversity.

For women who want executive positions, Susan advises them to work hard while they are in lower power positions. It is also important to take initiative and complete tasks that are at a higher level. In addition, locating a sponsor for your career is a great idea as well. Sponsors could be a huge advocate that can give you the boost you need!