Adam Goldenberg Redefined Fashion Retail

Online Retail Takes Off
Online retail is something we take for granted today, but it was hard work doing everything needed to bring up off the ground. Much of that hard work as done by Adam Goldenberg. Originally known for his websites making millions of dollars in the early 2000s, he quickly made a name for himself when he partnered up with Don Ressler. This relationship has had a serious impact on the world of online shopping.

JustFab Is Front And Center
There honestly isn’t anything more prominent in the push towards online retail than the work down at JustFab. Enlisting the aid for Kimora Lee Simmons, Adam Goldenberg went to work trying to create one of the most popular sites he could imagine. With all of the success he saw it was only natural to take that success and try to bring it into something that would generate even more money. This is where he got the idea of Fabletics from. It would take a similar focus as JustFab, but the focus would be something entirely new.

Extending The Success
Fabletics was going to be a success from its early stages. The work of Kate Upton made it possible to turn this brand into something very few people would ever recognize. Like JustFab, the brand started out on the internet but it grew yo be so much more than what it originally was. Now, we can see that the brand is something more than typically expected. There are millions of fans of Fabletics and they are willing to spend great amounts of money at the website In fact, they have even managed to promote physical stores where you can buy the clothes found on the website in person.

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Watching Over His Empire
Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler have managed to create one of the most important and most respected names in fashion today. If it wasn’t for their work, we simply wouldn’t see much of what we now recognize today. It wasn’t an easy risk to take and it wasn’t something people took for granted. Goldenberg will be remember for years to come thanks to the accomplishments he has laid out. From the 2000s until now he has done more fashion and ecommerce than just about anyone else to take on the business and he’s still doing everything to advance it.

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Summing Up What Philanthropy Means To Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an investor and always has new business ideas he’s willing to try out as the owner of The Windquest Group, a Grand Rapids company that owns shares in many energy, manufacturing and non-profit entities. The company recently bought a brewing company that won several awards for best tasting liquor products. But Dick and his wife Betsy, who is also the new US Secretary of Education have also given away millions of dollars to help needy areas of Michigan. Most of their gifts have gone to education, but others have gone to business coalitions, churches, art and science exhibits and political activists. The DeVos’s recently announced their total giving amounted to over $139 million in lifetime donations.


Dick DeVos started his career in multilevel marketing, the model that his family’s company Amway Corporation has used for 60 years. He was director of different sales operations in the company in his early days, and then became a vice president and manager of foreign offices in the 1980s. Dick’s father Richard DeVos Sr. also purchased the controlling stakes in the NBA’s Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick briefly served as the team’s President from 1991 to 1993. When Richard DeVos Sr. retired as CEO of Amway in 1993, Dick stepped into the role and soon the company was generating billions in international sales. Their revenue exceeded $4 billion in 2002, the final year that Dick ran the company. After that year Dick resigned as CEO to attend to other matters.


Dick and Betsy have worked to change the environments for both Michigan public and private schools. Through their foundation they’ve not only given to private schools, they’ve also started initiatives to help families afford private and charter schools. Eventually they decided to start a school of their own that not only provided high quality education to students, but also inspired them to pursue their dreams including flying. This school is hosted at the Gerald Ford Airport and is known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. But beyond education, Dick DeVos has worked to change the business climate in Grand Rapids and even bring initiatives to attract business to the city through efforts at the Grand Action Committee.


Dick and Betsy haven’t just sought to enact reforms through financial gifts, they’ve been active in politics for many years and held positions including Betsy’s tenure as chairperson of the state’s Republican Party. Dick DeVos wasn’t pleased with the direction of the state’s economy under then governor Jennifer Granholm, so he sought to unseat her during the 2006 election. That effort failed by a 14-point margin, but he wasn’t about to give up in mobilizing Michigan’s grassroots activists to stand up for lower business regulations. In 2012, DeVos helped get lawmakers to pass a right-to-work bill that Governor Schneider signed into law.


A Look At The Career Of Staffing Executive, Ronna Borre

Ronna Borre has been honored with several business awards

Ronna Borre created Instant Technology in 2001. This is a staffing firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Borre is currently the chief executive officer of Instant Technology. The firm fulfills the needs of companies looking to fill information technology positions including executive IT positions. Instant Technology also does finance staffing for Chicago’s financial industry and beyond.


Ronna Borre’s staffing firm does both contractual staffing as well as permanent staffing. Contract staffing is used to fill temporary positions or needs at a company. Permanent staffing involves finding employees that will work for a company indefinitely.  Check


The founder of Instant Technology, Ronna Borre, holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. Since founding and growing her staffing firm, Mrs. Ronna Borre has been honored with several business awards. They include being listed as a top influential woman in business by the Business Ledger newspaper of Chicago and the National Association of Women Business Owners organization. Ronna Borre was also selected as the enterprising woman of the year by Enterprising Women Magazine.  Check her on


Borre is active in the Chicago business community. She holds a board seat at the Economic Club of Chicago. She is also a member of the Young President’s Organization and the Chicago Network. Several media outlets have featured Ronna Borre and have shared her insight on business and staffing with their viewers. These outlets include USA Today, Crain’s Chicago, CNBC, CNN and CBS 2 of Chicago. Her staffing company is found in downtown Chicago at 200 W. Adams, Suite 1440, Chicago, IL 60606 and can be reached by calling 312.582.2600.

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Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory Opening the Future to All Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a man with an idea, a great idea. After spending 20 years in the Swiss banking industry and rising to an executive position, he decided to pursue something else. He wanted to take a different tack on life’s waterways. Baur decided that he could do more good for more people by mentoring those young business men and women and showing them how they could achieve success and how to climb the same stairs he had earlier climbed in banking.

He began the Swiss Startup Factory, a company dedicated to showing others the way to success. He realized that many good concepts and business ideas are never fully developed by young entrepreneurs, largely owing to financial problems. His idea was ingenious. Baur would hold competitions for business ideas and concepts and accept the best of these into his Swiss Startup Factory. When accepted the winners would receive a substantial sum for business development, Baur’s mentoring, office space, secretarial assistance, meeting space, and a large list of investors wanting to get in on the ground floor of the next big idea.

Baur began the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 searching for digital entrepreneurs and those in the newly established “Fintech” industry. His three-month accelerator program is located in Zurich and is ready to help all the winners who are chosen after entering the program.

Mike Baur realizes that creating capital is the first and most necessary step in starting a successful business. He relies on his years of experience working for UBS and Clariden Leu in Switzerland to help all those interested groups pursuing their dreams. One requirement for admission into the program is that the newly formed company must include one other person in the business structure.

Baur is drawing together a group of investors, business people, and movers and shakers from Switzerland like tennis champion and Grand Slam winner, Stan Wawrinka, to make the Swiss Startup Factory a profitable plant producing viable ideas and life changing innovations.

Baur’s concept is offering opportunities to everyone with a great idea. His concept is about sharing and not about the struggle between the entrepreneur and the party providing the capital that previously had complete control over the venture.

Eric Pulier Teachers The Foundation For Entrepreneurial Success Today

Eric Pulier is well known for his entrepreneurial efforts today, along with his many philanthropic efforts as well. Eric Pulier has achieved a great amount of success since he was young, starting up his work in technology all the way back in elementary school. In order to start a company and maintain it, there are many things that need to be considered and understood, which is why such a strong understanding and foundation is needed to be successful. This is why Eric was so dedicated to his schooling and always showing his talents. Which he extended for many years by going to both Harvard University and MIT to earn degrees. This academic background taught him the foundations for success, and to date he has started up more than 15 companies, many of which have found their fair share of success today.

When it comes to his entrepreneurial efforts, Eric has always stuck to technology, as it his by far his strongest area. This is why all of Eric’s companies so far have been centered around technology. Much of his contributions, especially in his philanthropic work, has been through his technological innovations and expertise. Eric also knows this is one of the best field to be in, as technology is only going to continue to grow rapidly in the future, which makes most of his technological ideas good investments. Going by his track record for performance over the years, Eric will have no problems finding more success as he advances his career further.

In the later years, Eric has been very active in his knowledge sharing for others as well as his philanthropy. This is why he actively writes, and has even been published, around business and technology, and does public speaking to share his knowledge with the youth that are attempting to become successful as entrepreneurs. Eric has learned the in’s and out’s of the business over his two decades of experience, and knows the difficulty breaking in nowadays, especially with so many more people in the competition that there used to be. His best advice for the up coming entrepreneur, is to be persistent and set goals to reach consistently.

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George Soros Is Back To Safeguard The American Dream

Many of us know George Soros as an avid investor who amassed a massive amount of wealth by investing in markets where others were too afraid to invest. In fact, his mind-boggling predictions have become a stuff of the legend. However, it is also interesting to note that George Soros is one of the most generous philanthropists. Besides, he also goes all-out to support presidential candidates who matters to him most. Several times, he has publicly stated that his donations for presidential candidates on can mean a matter of life and death for most people in America and around the world.

In 2004, George Soros donated nearly $27 Million to support John Kerry in his presidential campaign against George W. Bush. In fact, Soros hates war, therefore he also tried to stop George Bush from going to war in Iraq. Instead, he believed in gradual reforms through infrastructure and education. Unfortunately, the Republican candidate won resulting in thousands of American soldiers and countless citizens around the world to feel the traumatic experience of war.

It seems that George Soros is feeling the same pressure, once again. This time, he wants to stop Donald Trump from becoming American President. His funding is even more intense compared to the previous funding, in 2004. Until now, George Soros has spent nearly $25 Million in favor of the initiatives to support Hillary Clinton. Experts believe that the funding will increase as the election days approach. It is also notable that George Soros went into the background after the 2004 presidential election. Therefore, his commitment towards Hillary’s cause becomes evident by the Millions that he has poured in her campaigns.

According to George Soros, this time it’s again a matter of life and death for many more people around the world. His funds will help his long time friend, Hillary Clinton, to thwart efforts of Trump. He has also accused Trump for doing the work of ISIS by spreading hate in the American community. Such comments by George Soros makes sense because he is known to fund nonprofits and charities on Bloomberg, which focus on immigrant reforms, criminal justice and religious tolerance. In the past three decades, George Soros has given nearly $13 Billion to human right activists. He has also spent heavily on bringing democratic reforms in the East European Countries. In addition, his massive funding for healthcare organizations is also well-known to the public.

Under these circumstance, it is not surprising for analysts to think that the George Soros of 2004 is back in action on Time. It seems that the intensity is also back because George Soros does not want a person like Donald Trump in the office, who represents everything that George Soros has fought against all his life.

Mike Baur Will Help Your Business

Mike Baur will definitely help your business in a quick amount of time. Mike has attended some of the best learning institutions in the world. He studied math, money, and business from his childhood years. After being a successful student, Mike gained employment at a well-known banking institution. He quickly went through the ranks, and there was talk of him becoming manager after just a few short years.


Mike worked in a financial institution for almost 30 years. He then began to become sad due to all the people failing in their business. Mike would see individuals come in for a business loan. The next month, these same individuals were filing bankruptcy because their business has failed. Most of these individuals were told they failed due to the economy. However, this is not how Mike saw the situation. Mike Baur believed these individuals failed because they did not have the proper guidance when setting up their business. Mike believes the initial setup is most important. This caused Mike Baur to start his own business, which is known today as the Swiss Start-Up Factory. He believed this business will finally teach people how to setup a business the proper way.


Swiss Start-Up Factory is the leading company when it comes to helping people build their business the right way. The Swiss Start-Up Factory offers a lot of services that similar business do not offer. The biggest advantage the Swiss Start-Up Factory has is the fact this it does not have a permanent address. The Swiss Start-Up Factory goes from place to place giving teachings in this area. Thousands of people attend these events, and they happen all over the world.


Another great benefit of the Swiss Start-Up Factory is the fact that they offer one-on-one coaching for young and old business owners alike. These individuals will not stop coaching the business owner until he/she is successful. Even better, if no success comes out of the coaching, the business owner gets all the money back that was paid for Swiss Start-Up Factory services.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory also specialist for people that want to learn certain areas of business. For example, some business owners need to know about investing, other business owners need to know about hiring and firing people, and still other business owners need to know about buying the best products at the cheapest rates. All of this is covered by professionals from the Swiss Start-Up Factory.

Adam Goldenberg Changing the Way You Shop with JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is known as a professional entrepreneur. He was just 13 years old when he started an online bulletin board service. This led to the company turning into a gaming website just a couple of years later, called Gamer’s Alliance. Soon after, the founder of Intermix, Brett Brewer, bought Goldenberg’s company. Despite his age, Brewer hired Goldenberg and he was promoted to COO at the young age of 19. He is also known as the youngest COO of a publicly traded company.

In 2005, Intermix was sold to News Corporation. Adam and his former co-worker, Don Ressler, launched their own company called Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty is an e-commerce brand incubator platform, where the two established themselves as health and beauty market leaders. Not long after, Adam and Don learned the perks of having a business where you could shop online. They wanted to make their products affordable and merge social interaction with fashion. They wanted it to be fun and highly social. This resulted in the company called JustFab.

JustFab is an online community where members pay $39.95 and receive a selection of shoes, handbags and accessories that fit their style, every month. Their goal was to inspire women’s fashion and to provide style tips. Subscriptions grew fast and before they knew it, JustFab was a success on However, they soon felt that it was time to expand. One of their existing investors introduced them to Josh Hannah, investor of Matrix. JustFab began to seek opportunities to expanding their business. This led to Fabletics, for athletic wear, and a section called FabKids for kid’s wear.

JustFab is now bigger than ever with millions of customers and growing each day. The company does their best at perfecting their subscription model and delivering high quality products. Adam Goldenberg believes in high quality products, being passionate about what you do and having a great team to work with to make your successes even greater. Goldenberg is a wonderful inspiration to many young kids today, he started his success at such a young age and proved that despite your age, any amount of success is possible. See:

Keith Mann Shows His Heart For Animals

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur and an activist for animals. He has been an activist since he has seen the abuse that is done to animals. Among the experiences he’s had was going to the slaughterhouse in order to see how the animals are treated in order to sell as meat. It was such a haunting experience and a wake up call to him. He has decided that he is going to become an activist for animals so that he could contribute to the cause for seeing them being treated in a more humane manner. Animal abuse is something that is very horrifying to witness.

One thing that Keith Mann has mentioned in an interview is the education system. The education system is rather incomplete when it comes to certain issues. When he learned about these issues with animal abuse, it has changed his attitudes towards animals and meat. One thing that MAnn believes in when it comes to the evolution of humanity is that it grows as it shows compassion for the people that are very vulnerable. Only then, will humanity be able to consider itself evolved. As of right now, a lot of humanity preys on the weak.

Among other experiences that Keith Mann has was spending time in prison cells with different types of inmates to interview them. He has talked to a lot of people that believed that it is acceptable to be violent in order to get something out of the activity. He has noticed how those same people were okay with animal violence in laboratories. They didn’t even care about the damages that it has caused people. Keith Mann himself would not approve of violence even if he had something to gain from it. He also understands that experiments done on other animals have no bearing on the health of humans.