The Impact of a CEO in a Company Inspired by the CEO of Securus Technologies: Rick Smith

There is nothing that boosts the performance of a company than an able CEO. It is the uniqueness of a chief executive officer that differentiates the company from the rest. A CEO must, therefore, be innovative and creative. Securus Technologies is among the companies that are reaping the benefits of great leadership.

Rick Smith, the CEO of the company, assumed office in 2008. Since then, the company has been experiencing positive changes. The building of the firm is tailored to fit the activities of Securus Technology. This is just one of the achievements that the company has experienced in his reign. Read more on

The correctional facilities are among the main beneficiaries. The convicts can now communicate with their relatives comfortably. The users say that Rick Smith Securus devices are very reliable. The rates are also affordable for all social classes.

Rick Smiths love for video has led him to invent video calls in prison. The CEO says that a visit is better when the two individuals can see each other. It brings a sense of togetherness.

The other technology that users have appreciated is the program that allows them to schedule jail visits in advance. They say that this has helped them save their time. They no longer have to wait in queues for hours.

Rick Smith has made all this changes possible because of his background. He began his career long before joining Securus. To begin with, Smith is very educated. This has enhanced his ability to evaluate his duties in the office. Read more on

Rick Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in Maths and Engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder. Education is essential to every entrepreneur; it sets the pace of the investor.

The other factor that has enhanced the ability of Smith in handling his role is his experience. Before his nomination as the CEO of Securus Technologies, he worked in various firms. He also had a chance to work in different departments. Working in different units helped him understand the activities that go on in every office. This is critical because, without the cooperation of all departments, it is not possible to achieve success.

Rick Smith has a great reputation on the companies he has been working for before Securus. He always made a difference. Take Eschelon-Telkom Company, for instance, where he worked as their CEO. He improved the revenue of the company from $30 million to $350 million.

Securus Technologies is positive that they are going to experience the same revolution. So far there is progress, and everyone is confident that Rick Smith was the right candidate for the position.

Rick Smith is a futurist. He hopes that with time all the correctional services in the nation will have access to the devices of Securus Technologies.


Mike Baur-Good governance supports tech startups industry in Switzerland

Switzerland is a developed country in the world. It has the best political environment that supports the business environment. It also has very good infrastructural development. The development we see in Switzerland have been precipitated by good governance that ensures that public funds are not misappropriated. When development funds are put to the best use, then proper development will be seen to happen. We all know how infrastructure development supports business growth. In Switzerland, corruption is not tolerated. People have to engage in income generating projects that will make them earn a good living. The culture of people working to earn what they want in life has been key to the development of the country.



The infrastructural development in the country has made education available to all. Today you will find some of the best universities in Switzerland. With education being accessible, the number of skilled young people who are being churned out of the universities is huge. The industries in Switzerland have access to highly learned and trained professionals who have the requisite skills to come up with innovations that will make the business environment to grow.



With this development, there is something else that is happening in Switzerland. The country has the best technology infrastructural development in Europe. It is one of the countries where startups businesses are popping up now and then. In Zurich and other cities in the country, there many tech startups businesses that are coming up. The country is a global leader in the development of the startup businesses. This current trends in this development have been supported by the factors that we have listed above. When the business environment is surrounded by a peaceful political environment, it is likely to thrive. Switzerland has managed to outdo many other countries in the region a tech hub.



About Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory



Apart from the supportive political environment that supports tech startup businesses to thrive, there are other reasons. In Switzerland, there is a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This is a company that deals with mentoring and training startup entrepreneurs. The intention is to arm them with the requisite knowledge that is needed to make startups thrive. According to Mike Baur, the head of Swiss Startup Factory, many startups fail due to lack of knowledge on the part of the entrepreneur. Mike Baur has made his intention to train and mentor as many startup entrepreneurs as possible from all over the globe.



Bob Reina and The Drive to Suceed

The power of sheer determination is a very powerful force, just ask Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina. His early life was filled with successes, where after graduation from the University of South Florida he entered Tampa Bay police Academy, where he earned the prestigious award of Merit and graduated top of his class. While the life of a police officer can be described as exciting, the time investment the profession calls for, combined with the paycheck number led Reina to want to break free.


A profession with more potential to help him take control of his own life while helping the community was around the corner for Reina, a moment he describes as his “ah-ha” moment. While working an off-duty job, a gentleman introduced Reina to network marketing industry. This would change his life and his focus from that point. After several unsuccessful ventures, he would finally find the angle he knew would be his road to success. While trying to email a video clip to his family, he found that the video wasn’t able to be sent via traditional email. This incident would lead to Talk Fusions first flagship product, Video Email.


Since then, Bob Reina has watched as his company has grown to launch a vast array of video communication products that have let them expand to use in over 140 countries. Knowing that the key to continued success is constant innovation, Reina has several new cutting-edge products in the works at Talk Fusion that he’s excited to release in the near future. In addition to this, he’s also launching Talk Fusion University, a free platform for Talk Fusion associates to train to advance their own careers. Reina will be producing videos and publications to share his experience in the industry, to help the associates reach their professional goals and follow in his footsteps on the road to success. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Moving Force Behind The Success Of Bradesco

In the recent years, competition in Brazil’s private banking sector has increased exponentially, with the two leading banks being Bradesco and Itau Unibanco. Behind the success of Bradesco lies Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the bank’s current President, and CEO. He assumed the role in 2009 but had joined the entity in 1969, slowly rising through its ranks to become Bradesco’s top executive. Upon taking up Bradesco’s presidency, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi implemented strategies that would improve the bank’s position of industry leadership.

He is native of Marilia, Sao Paulo; this is also the city where Bradesco was first established. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He then went on to the School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo, where he attained a postgraduate degree in Sociopsychology. He began working with Bradesco as a clerk in 1969, and has operated in several strategic departments including marketing, insurance, and private pension.

Before he was selected for Bradesco’s top job, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the Executive Vice President for the bank’s insurance arm, Bradesco Seguros. Under his leadership, the insurer contributed approximately 30% of the bank’s total profit. The insurer’s total premiums also increased, making Bradesco Seguros the leading provider of insurance in Brazil. During this period, he was recognized twice as Insurance Personality of the Year.

As the head of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also bears significant influence in the economic and financial landscape of Brazil. This is because he has insight on economic and investment matters that are important to both political and business leaders. This also allows him to play a role in most of the major financial operations in Brazil.

His biggest strategy was not to focus not only on acquiring and maintaining market leadership but also on improving on their weaknesses, as well as building on their strengths. This was to be bolstered by the acquisition of smaller financial institutions and banks so as to expand its reach and serve more customers. Bradesco’s greatest accomplishment came about in 2015 when Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi led the purchase of HSBC Brazil in a transaction valued at $5.2 billion. It followed the acquisition of Spanish BBVA, BoaVista, and BMC during the reign of Marcio Cypriano.

Through this purchase, Bradesco has made significant steps in recovering most of its market share and gaining new ground. It puts Bradesco in a good position to overtake Itau Unibanco in terms of the number of account holders, branch network, and investment funds available. The transaction also narrowed the gap in loans granted, assets, and deposits between Bradesco and Itau Unibanco. Due to the role he played in the purchase, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was recognized by Dinheiro as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance in 2015.

Innovative Business Leadership

The achievements and gains made by Bradesco can be attributed to the unique style of leadership implemented by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He created an enabling environment for employees at all levels to vocalize their thoughts, ideas, and strategies. By creating a corporate university, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi allows members of Bradesco to learn new leadership techniques and promote autonomy in thinking. This allows the bank stimulate organic growth by enhancing its internal performance and operational efficiency.

The career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is characterized by progressive growth and success in the financial services sector of Brazil. It also exemplifies Bradesco’s culture of nurturing leadership and business continuity. He is the bank’s fourth President after Marcio Cypriano, Lázaro Brandão, and Amador Aguiar, the bank’s founder. He is a persistent individual, whose expertise in Brazil’s private banking sector has been able to shake up and transform the industry.

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Betsy DeVos’ Role in the Transformation of the U.S Education System

Betsy DeVos is among the most celebrated individuals in the United States’ education sector. She has been pushing for reforms in the industry for more than three decades, and her efforts have benefited many children. Betsy has been serving as the U.S secretary of education since February 2017. She uses her position to ensure that all children across the country have a decent education. Before joining the Trump administration’s cabinet, she donated millions of dollars towards the transformation of the sector. Mrs. DeVos is a co-founder and chair of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The organization was established to facilitate activities such as Christian missions, education, politics, and medical research. Betsy started engaging herself in politics when she was attending the Calvin College in the 1970s. She has always been as Republican Party supporter and has served as a party official for many years.

Mrs. DeVos realized that there was a need to change the U.S education system when she was serving the Potter’s House Christian School. The learning institution has been assisting individuals from disadvantaged families to access a decent education. Betsy gives donations to support its activities. She believes that all parents should have the upper hand making decisions on their children’s education. With help from different organizations, Mrs. DeVos has enabled many students to join learning institutions of their choice. The remarkable reputation that Betsy has built allowed her to be offered a position at the American Education Reform Council. She also made significant contributions to Children First America, which is recognized for its role in education reforms. Mrs. DeVos started the Great Lakes Education Project, which has supported changes in 17 states. Over 250,000 children have had an opportunity to attend 33 private-choice institutions that are funded by the government. She has also enabled more than 50,000 children to get bursaries and scholarship from Florida State’s tax credit.

Betsy’s campaign has been offering various alternatives that can enable children to have a better education. They include school vouchers, tax credits, magnet schools, digital learning, home schooling, and virtual schooling. According to her, all American children need to have equal opportunities to have a decent education despite where they live. The system currently allows children to enroll in schools depending on their ZIP codes, and this has denied bright children from low-income neighborhoods opportunities to attend better schools.The campaigns of Betsy DeVos have been supported by non-profit foundations such as All Children Matter, and the Alliance for School Choice. She is also the co-founder of a charter school that is known as West Michigan Aviation Academy. Mrs. DeVos also loves art and is the founder of ArtPrize, which offers a platform for talented individuals to benefit from their work.

Arthur Becker Extends Undertakes His First Solo Real Estate Development

Arthur Becker is an investor in real estate and technology companies. He resides in New York City and Miami. He founded Bnox, Inc in 1994 and served as its President. The company created optical technology for single-use cameras. They sold their products through retailers like CVS and Walmart.


According to The Real Deal, he started Advance Partners, a financial advisory firm. He founded Atlantic Investors with a partner. He acquired three data center companies, one of which was NaviSite. NaviSite is now a publicly traded company. It provides Internet services in the U.S and the U.K. Becker served as the company’s CEO for eight years. They made 10 acquisitions and did a secondary offering during this time. He expanded the company into cloud services. The company was purchased by Time Warner in 2011.


In 2011, Becker set up Madison Partners, LLC for his private investments in technology and real estate. He invested in Zinio, a digital magazine distributor, and in 2012 he became Chairman and CEO of the company. Zinio sells over 6000 magazines digitally. He is still on the board of directors of the firm. Check out Inspirery for more info.


Arthur Becker earned a B.A. Degree from Bennington College in Vermont. He spent some time at Amos Tuck Graduate school at Dartmouth. He worked in the private client services at Bear Stearns. He was a senior adviser for Vera Wang’s fashions for seven years. He currently invests in condominium developments in New York City and Miami. He also is involved with several bio-technology companies. He has a special interest in companies targeting cancer. Visit LinkedIn to know more.


Becker’s Tribeca real estate office is filled with sculptures and paintings that Arthur has created. It is very close to his first solo real estate development project. It is an eight-unit condo that is expected to raise $$52 million. He has had many successes along the way, and expects this project to be another success.



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Flavio Maluf; Taking Eucatex To Greater Heights

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex. He gave his opinion on programs that could help startup companies to succeed in Brazil. He provided an example of Simple National that was created in 2006 by the federal government. The program was created to help small businesses and enterprises to grow. Eight out of ten companies that chose to enter the program survived after the two-year mark according to a survey that was conducted. This was compared to four among businesses that did not opt for the system during that same period.


Maluf pointed out that this meant that more than double the companies that were hosted in the program would succeed in comparison to those that did not. Maluf said that this was a clear sign that entrepreneurs needed to consider the program if they wanted to increase their chances of success. SIMPLE had resulted in the growth of startup companies by 60% between 2012 and 2016. This was instrumental in the creation of jobs and the bolstering of the country’s economy.


Maluf explained that there was a need to make amendments to the Tax Replacement clause. The majority of companies complained that the tax cut was too high for them. It took away a huge portion of their profits and operating capital. Maluf showed that the high taxation rates were a hindrance to the growth of the companies.


SIMPLE has undergone some changes on the part of the upper limits of the revenues of companies. The limit for micro-enterprises was raised from R $ 360,000 to R $ 900,000 while that of small enterprises was raised from R $ 1.2 million to R $ 4.8 million.


Maluf graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from New York University. He proceeded to join Eucatex after school. His family established Eucatex in 1951. Eucatex produces products from natural resources such as trees. Eucatex has grown into an international company under Maluf’s leadership. They were one of the first companies to put in place processes to conserve the environment.




Adam Milstein’s Heart of Gold

Adam Milstein recently made it to the list of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists in the World according to the UK-based publication, Richtopia. The ranking was done in coordination with Rise, a social media ranking system. This came as no surprise considering the dedication that Mr.Adam Milstein has put into philanthropic work.


Adam was born in the city of Haifa in Israel. His mother Eva was a homemaker while his father Milshtein was a real estate developer. Adam’s adult life began in 1971 when he joined the Israeli Defence Forces for his mandatory service. He then went on to Technion where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics. It was while he was in college that Adam joined his dad in real estate construction and development business.


He married his wife Gila Elgrably in 1974, and the family moved to the US in 1981. Two years later, Milstein received an MBA from the University of Southern California. From there he took on a sales agent role and began working in commercial real estate.


Together with his wife, Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Their main aim is to strengthen the US-Israel relationship and empower the Jewish people. Their Philanthropic services include partnership development, consulting and fundraising to support programs that are based in the areas of Jewish education and continuity. Adam Milstein has three principals that are the basis of his philanthropic philosophy of operation; Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact, and Philanthropic Synergy.


Apart from his charitable work, Adam gives back to the Jewish community. He did this by firstly establishing the Israeli-American Council which works to strengthen the relationship between the US and Israel. He was at the forefront in expanding the council and ensuring that it has a role of influence in expanding foreign policy regarding Jewish relations in America. He is passionate about standing up for the oppressed people in the world and primarily the Jewish people. His wife’s personal experience as an immigrant gives him a deeper understanding of the lives and experiences of marginalized groups in the US.


Technology Genius Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American computer software tycoon who is located in Los Angeles, California. He is also a successful published author as well. He has invested in charitable organizations. Eric Pulier is also an active investor in start ups, centered around technology and media.


Pulier got his start very early in life. He began programming computers at a very young age, fourth grade to be exact. He actually started a computer database business when he was in high school. In 1984, he attended Harvard University. He majored in English and American Literature, Computer Science. He also majored in Environmental & Visual Studies. He graduated with honors in 1988.

Eric Pulier moved to California, where he founded a company called People Doing Things (PDT). The company covered health care, education, and any other issues that would come up with the use of technology. Eric Pulier lead the effort to build Starlight World. Starlight World is a private social media network that offers a place for chronically ill children to chat, blog, post content, and meet others that share common experiences. Eric Pulier is a father of four. He is an active board member of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp for chronically ill children.


In 1997, The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected Eric Pulier to start and kick off the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, DC., called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” After the exhibition, he took part in then-Al Gore’s health care and technology forum and helped with technology initiatives. If that isn’t enough, Pulier founded many other ventures, like Desktone and a few others. Eric Pulier has devoted his time and energy to the world of technology.


Adam Goldenberg Redefined Fashion Retail

Online Retail Takes Off
Online retail is something we take for granted today, but it was hard work doing everything needed to bring up off the ground. Much of that hard work as done by Adam Goldenberg. Originally known for his websites making millions of dollars in the early 2000s, he quickly made a name for himself when he partnered up with Don Ressler. This relationship has had a serious impact on the world of online shopping.

JustFab Is Front And Center
There honestly isn’t anything more prominent in the push towards online retail than the work down at JustFab. Enlisting the aid for Kimora Lee Simmons, Adam Goldenberg went to work trying to create one of the most popular sites he could imagine. With all of the success he saw it was only natural to take that success and try to bring it into something that would generate even more money. This is where he got the idea of Fabletics from. It would take a similar focus as JustFab, but the focus would be something entirely new.

Extending The Success
Fabletics was going to be a success from its early stages. The work of Kate Upton made it possible to turn this brand into something very few people would ever recognize. Like JustFab, the brand started out on the internet but it grew yo be so much more than what it originally was. Now, we can see that the brand is something more than typically expected. There are millions of fans of Fabletics and they are willing to spend great amounts of money at the website In fact, they have even managed to promote physical stores where you can buy the clothes found on the website in person.

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Watching Over His Empire
Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler have managed to create one of the most important and most respected names in fashion today. If it wasn’t for their work, we simply wouldn’t see much of what we now recognize today. It wasn’t an easy risk to take and it wasn’t something people took for granted. Goldenberg will be remember for years to come thanks to the accomplishments he has laid out. From the 2000s until now he has done more fashion and ecommerce than just about anyone else to take on the business and he’s still doing everything to advance it.

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