Dr. Mark Mofid Has Built An Exceptional Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery Practice In La Jolla

Dr. Mark Mofid graduate from Harvard magna cum laude. His medical degree is in general and plastic surgery. He additionally completed a craniofacial research fellowship. He is a staff surgeon for several hospitals including the Palomar Medical Center, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Scripps Memorial Hospital. He belongs to the University of California as a clinical faculty member. This is the Division of Plastic Surgery in San Diego. His publications include facial and breast surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid has presented at international and national medical conferences. He is involved with the American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid opened his office in La Jolla. His staff includes his wife as a full time dermatologist, a nurse and Dr. Mofid as the plastic surgeon. The office is attached to a surgery center accredited by AAAASF/Medicare. He offers reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatologic services to the thousands of patients who visit every year. His front office staff consists of a full time nurse and two surgical technologists. The hiring process is rigorous and generally results in 500 to 1000 applications.

Dr. Mark Mofid owns a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. There are options available for dermabrasion, aggressive chemical peels and facial resurfacing. He has established a relationship with a laser facility for any services not offered by his office. He prefers to stay with the technologies with a proven track history instead of the newest technologies. This helps ensure his patients are satisfied with their treatments. Dr. Mark Mofid believes the work he does is his best source of advertising. He chooses to compete regarding high quality not pricing. He does not advertise in print although a website is available.

The office offers chemo denervation agents and nonsurgical fillers as a natural extension for the practice. A lot of his patients want to try facial rejuvenation prior to making any decision regarding surgery. Many of these patients do eventually opt for plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid believes in building a practice slowly and refers to this as not putting the wagon in front of the horse.



Shervin Pishevar Discusses a Not So Dominant America

Shervin Pishevar has been uncharacteristically quiet since the end of 2017, amid controversy regarding his position as the head of Sherpa Capital. Although he chose to study molecular cellular biology while a student at the University of California, Berkeley, Shervin Pishevar quickly established himself as one of the most influential investors in the country. He has garnered a wide array of awards and accolades for his entrepreneurial accomplishments, and currently holds a seat on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, making his voice one of the most prominent in the investment world. Recently, Shervin Pishevar emerged from his place of solace and proceeded to shake up the entire business world with talks of the imminent failure of the United States financial system. In taking to Twitter, Shervin Pishevar delivered a flurry of messages at breakneck speeds over the course of twenty-four hours, taking only a small break for dinner.

One of the problem areas that Shervin Pishevar dished on during his Twitter rant, was the way in which the United States is falling behind other superpowers in terms of innovation and technology. While Silicon Valley has traditionally been the meeting place for all things cutting edge regarding the tech world, in recent years, other zones of competition have caught up to the capabilities historically reserved for California. The spread of the “American way,” regarding entrepreneurship, has essentially made Silicon Valley less of a necessity, and more of a luxury. Countries are now keeping their homegrown talent, which has essentially placed countries such as China, on par with, or even ahead of the United States in a number of important areas. When comparing the speed of execution in the United States with that of China, according to Mr. Pishevar, we are behind by a large margin. In order to back his case, Mr. Pishevar discussed a train station that was built from the ground up by the Chinese with the help of 1500 workers. While the size of the massive workforce is incredible in itself, the team of workers was able to build the entire structure in under 9 hours.



Waiakea is Good For People Who Want To Use Water to Improve Their Health

One thing that can be said about society these days is that it is in a struggle with its health. One thing that can be said about the reports is that physical health is on the decline. At the same time, there is also emotional and mental health issues that are involved. It is very likely that these issues are connected. While there are plenty of medications being issued to people, there is one factor that experts have to look to. This factor is in diet and eating habits. With the increase in consumption of processed foods, it is to be expected that there will be a decline in health. One particular aspect of this issue is the lack of nutrients that are being taken in. For one thing, people are not drinking adequate amounts of water.

When looking at the quality of the water that is available, this is another factor to consider all together. A lot of the water that bottled water companies offer are acidic and filled with contaminants. They are also lacking in electrolytes. Fortunately, there is one company that is addressing this issue. This company is called Waiakea. They sell Hawaiian volcanic water to customers with the hopes of promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The water is filtered through the volcanic rocks. This not only takes away all of the contaminants but also adds some minerals in the water. This gives it a clean taste while at the same time replenishing some of the electrolytes that are loss in sweat and other activities. Therefore, people are less likely to suffer from issues such as hyponatremia if a certain amount of water is consumed. Waiakea also has a high ph level which shows that the water is not acidic. They also have worked on bringing forth packaging that is environmentally friendly.



OSI Group: In Pursuit of Greatness

When you think of great companies, there are an abundance of companies that will probably pop-up in your head. Have you ever heard of OSI Group? The chances of the average person that know about this company is rather slim, but this exclusive company has done some amazing things for society in general. OSI Group is a leader in custom-food production, and it has been at the top of the ranks for quite some time. Unlike other food providers, this company can handle other aspects of the business such as processing, management, sourcing and development. When you think about it, the entire gambit of operations is being covered.

The company is actually headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has factories in numerous countries. This includes Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, China and Japan. Being a top 100 company isn’t easy, but OSI makes it look easy thanks to its supreme knowledge of food services, and its highly efficient staff. There are over 20,000 staff members that work under this huge umbrella, and these staff members are spread-out across 17 countries. The numbers are staggering to some degree and OSI Group is always on the look-out for ambitious people. Being so large, the company has numerous positions that need to be filled. In most cases, in order to make money means that you’ll need to spend money. OSI Group is no different as it has spent a whopping $7.4 million on Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago, Illinois.

This specific plant is actually located near OSI’s other plants in the area. By acquiring Tyson’s, OSI Group will surely strengthen its infrastructure. The company has also held onto 250 of the 450 former-employees. As you can see, OSI Group is dominating the game in the most ethical ways. Though it does a great job of expansion by acquiring other businesses, it does its best to retain jobs, which keeps people employed.

For More info: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

Aloha Construction: Renovation Excellence At Its Finest

When it comes to home-renovation services, there are quite a few general contractors to choose from. This field of work is very demanding, but it’s also very profitable. The average homeowner has a plethora of resourceful material to work with when it comes to home-renovation services and there are a ton of television shows that homeowners can use for guidance. For the residents of Southern Wisconsin as well as the residents of Illinois, the solution for all remodeling projects can be conducted with Aloha Construction. This company is a fully licensed and bonded general contractor that has completed thousands of projects. For the past three years, this company has been on a remodeling-blitz.

Located in beautiful Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction covers a huge statistical-area with its brilliant services. The company provides high-quality renovations for the municipalities of McHenry, Vernon Hills, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Hoffman Estates, Tazewell, Peoria, Washington, Libertyville, Normal, Lindenhurst and Graylake. In the early days, the company was just a small, family-owned business. As of today, it is an enterprise that consists of field supervisors, installers, inspectors and claim specialists. Just by observing the title of these positions, you will see that Aloha Construction has the ability to cover the entire remodeling gambit. Leadership comes from Dave Farbaky. On top of being a home-renovation specialist, he gives back to the community as much as possible. Farbaky has his very own foundation, and it’s known as The Dave Farbaky Foundation. This organization is all about spreading the spirit of giving. The foundation’s motto is known as “random acts of kindness.”

Aloha Construction offers a free initial-inspection, its employees have been thoroughly trained to tackle the toughest of problems, it’s honest and ethical, and it offers special financing for those who truly need it.



Bob Reina: This Is A Better Life

For so long, people thought they were going to be unhappy and miserable forever. They never thought there was a way out or a chance to improve their situation. They thought they were going to be stuck in this spot for the rest of their lives. They wrapped their heads around it and they just gave up. That is one of the worst things in life to do: give up. It sets a bad tone for themselves and for all of the people in their life. If they have children, they need to let them know anything is possible if they work hard enough and have the passion for it. Learn more: https://medium.com/@bobreinatalkfusion/have-you-given-up-on-your-dreams-b2c37849845a


If there is one thing that Bob Reina is not short on, it is passion. He has plenty of passion and enthusiasm. Whenever someone sees him on TV or reads his marvelous writing, they can tell this is a person that really, truly cares, and it shows in every single thing he does. It especially shows in Talk Fusion, the video communications provider with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. It is the way for people to connect and grow their business in the 21st century. Things have changed and it is important for people to adapt to those changes. If not, they are going to get left behind.


The thing about Bob Reina is that he has always stayed ahead of the curve and been ready for whatever life has offered him and whatever direction he was being pulled in at the time. He never questioned it. He just went with it and never held back. If he was going to do something, he was going to do it right. After all, his law enforcement training gave him all of the skills and the tools he needed to get ahead and stay ahead.


It is why it has been an effortless transition into the CEO of Talk Fusion. It is why he is so happy about the awards and the praise the company has received. It is a friendly reminder to him that all of it was worth it. Every single thing he did, he did it for the right reasons. He has lived a great life, but the best is yet to come. It is exciting to see what the future holds for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion.


It is also exciting for the customers as well. They really have a chance to take their career in a whole new direction. They can leave behind their old job and start a new one that is run by them and they can enjoy working with people that see life the same way they do and with the same passion.

Talk Fusion’s New Dashboard Brings New Life

Founded by Bob Reina, its CEO, Talk Fusion is a network marketing company dedicated to bringing creative and innovative marketing solutions to the public. Being so, Talk Fusion, just in 2016 won not only the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, but also was the winner of the WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Focused on video marketing and providing an all in one video solution that can be used by any individual or business in any industry, Fusion talk has set itself apart from the competition.


Bob Reina was ecstatic to announce the new dashboard that works with Talk Fusion products, like its Video Suite because it is just a preview of what is to come from the marketing tech moguls. 2018 is going to be a busy and progressive year for Talk Fusion as they not only offer the number one marketing solutions but they also provide them at a price that will not break the bank. Bringing new life to businesses and the way people connect around the world, Talk Fusion’s products exceed value when it comes to their video conferencing and broadcasting.


Any business that uses video for their marketing, whether it be for text, email, social media, training, business intros or a variety of other reasons, Talk Fusion’s dashboard and video solutions will provide the tools needed for the smooth and definitive execution of any project. For instance, they offer a customizable experience with a variety of unique templates to use for videos, giving them just a little bit more of an edge compared to the competitors. Learn more: http://www.talkfusioninstantpay.com/


Furthermore to keep the product customizable on different spectrums, their are different pricing packages to choose from, with the most affordable package being $175 and only $20 per month thereafter. This package is best suited for those that are making only short videos of 5 minutes or less and those that won’t need to store more than 1,000 emails at a time. On the other hand, for a larger scale business, longer 10 minute videos, more storage and even more customization is available for only $200 more, selling for only $375.

Why WebRTC Video Email is the Future of Communication!

Have you heard that WebRTC video email may be a sneak peek at the future? The WebRTC software, put out by Talk Fusion has taken the world by storm. The simple to use software has captured the hearts and attention of businesses that use it. Those who have tried it know that this software makes video conferencing easier than ever, and it enhances productivity for teams as they work together to resolve issues and conduct business every day.


Email has now become one more thing you can really love when using this software. Email has quickly become the substitute for phone books, making it a point of contact for those who no longer have a way of looking up people in the White Pages. Thinking of email more as a conversation tool may still be a new idea to you, but consider it a welcome change from the rat race of trying to keep up with friends and family when no one is ever home. This is where WebRTC comes in handy.


Email will no longer be the same when you see how video calling is made easy, and not to mention clear to hear. Taking the traditional phone call, and matching it up with a software like WebRTC gives you the modern phone call of today. It’s interesting that with so many handheld and wireless devices, that this is the wave of the future. You can now sending videos across devices without dropping them, and without interruption of any kind.


The combination of technology and talking to others face-to-face is now different. This way of communicating has changed the way people talk to each other, and it makes doing business across the country easier as well.


Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2002, after trying to send a short video clip to his friends and family members. The poor transmission of the video disappointed Reina, but within this problem he realized he had a business. His entrepreneurial spirit took over, and Talk Fusion was born.


Today, Talk Fusion is one of the top tech companies in the country, offering video chat through email, and easy video conferencing to individuals and businesses. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-releases-exclusive-training-program-talk-fusion-university-300478963.html

How Powerful Is Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Technology Really?

Sometimes cutting edge web video communication technology isn’t as expensive as you would think. New companies are figuring out ways to provide top quality streaming and recording capabilities while saving on the overhead costs and making it easier for customers to use as well. One company whose built a very affordable video service into its product suite is Talk Fusion, the company founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and who won several “Product of the Year” awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. Talk Fusion has both online WebRTC technology that allows users to either embed and send emails to a recipient’s email address, or start a live browser-to-browser video chat with them. Customers can also setup live meetings that can host hundreds of viewers, or they can send newsletters or use Talk Fusion’s signup form service for their own websites.


Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina’s career took a lot of twists and turns before it came to Talk Fusion’s product development. He was previously in law enforcement with the Hillsborough County sheriff’s office in Florida but had retired from that job because he wanted a schedule that was more favorable for him. He began by entering several multilevel marketing gigs with each not working out in the long-term, but then while he was on vacation and wanted to send videos to his friends in an email, he realized he couldn’t do so so he got the idea to create a program that could. He had a friend who was an expert coder, and together they worked on the program for three years until it was ready in 2007. Reina then decided to use that program for a business platform, and from there Talk Fusion took off.

Bob Reina wanted to make Talk Fusion a multilevel marketing company because customers could buy its suite directly from the Talk Fusion website or app stores, or they could purchase through an associate. Associates can earn commissions both through making sales to their own customers, and from referring others to become an associate and earn bonuses on their sales. For associates who need a little help getting started, or for anyone interested in improving their sales and marketing skills, Reina started a course known as Talk Fusion University that gives tips on doing so. Associates can also earn credits for signing customers up for a free trial, a feature that allows customers to try out all products for 30 days and doesn’t require any credit cards at signup. Learn more: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/

Talk Fusion Is Providing a Different Way to Look at Email

There was a time when email was a new and exciting technology. But the technology has become commonplace to the point where people seldom give it much thought. But at the same time, it’s also a ubiquitous feature in people’s lives.


But people have noted that Talk Fusion is changing how people relate to email. It’s not so much that the technology is different. But companies like Talk Fusion are leveraging amazing new ideas on top of an established technology.


Talk Fusion is using an email address in something more akin to a physical address. The email is more a point of contact for their video services. Everyone has an email address, much like they have a physical address. And Talk Fusion realized that just as people can accept different packages at their home address so they can with an email address.


Talk Fusion leverages something called WebRTC to send video to users through their email. Much of the underlying methodology can be gathered simply from Talk Fusion’s name. The company’s name hints at a fusion of different technologies. And their ability to send video to a traditional email address does exactly that. It melds the company’s own technology with a shared multimedia codebase that’s now present within all major browsers.


The result of all this is something that people have been waiting quite a while for. Science fiction was once filled with video phones. But direct person to person video has remained tied down to specific programs. This is quite unlike the idea of a video phone where anyone with a communication device could send and receive video.


But it’s exactly what Talk Fusion has been able to accomplish. They’ve taken one ubiquitous technology within people’s lives, email. They’ve then melded it with another shared factor. In this case a shared multimedia framework present within all web browsers. And finally, they’ve worked in their own communication suite as a service on top of it all. The end effect is that anyone can send video from their computer to a standard email address.


The fact that it comes from Talk Fusion isn’t surprising. The company was founded in 2007 to meld what was then a very fractured telecommunications landscape. Company founder Bob Reina has gone on to leverage their success in a number of different ways. Most recently he created Talk Fusion University to help other people emulate his own rise within the business world. But he’s also made a huge difference in the world by offering a number of Talk Fusion products to aid overall worldwide communication. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/