Betsy DeVos’ Role in the Transformation of the U.S Education System

Betsy DeVos is among the most celebrated individuals in the United States’ education sector. She has been pushing for reforms in the industry for more than three decades, and her efforts have benefited many children. Betsy has been serving as the U.S secretary of education since February 2017. She uses her position to ensure that all children across the country have a decent education. Before joining the Trump administration’s cabinet, she donated millions of dollars towards the transformation of the sector. Mrs. DeVos is a co-founder and chair of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The organization was established to facilitate activities such as Christian missions, education, politics, and medical research. Betsy started engaging herself in politics when she was attending the Calvin College in the 1970s. She has always been as Republican Party supporter and has served as a party official for many years.

Mrs. DeVos realized that there was a need to change the U.S education system when she was serving the Potter’s House Christian School. The learning institution has been assisting individuals from disadvantaged families to access a decent education. Betsy gives donations to support its activities. She believes that all parents should have the upper hand making decisions on their children’s education. With help from different organizations, Mrs. DeVos has enabled many students to join learning institutions of their choice. The remarkable reputation that Betsy has built allowed her to be offered a position at the American Education Reform Council. She also made significant contributions to Children First America, which is recognized for its role in education reforms. Mrs. DeVos started the Great Lakes Education Project, which has supported changes in 17 states. Over 250,000 children have had an opportunity to attend 33 private-choice institutions that are funded by the government. She has also enabled more than 50,000 children to get bursaries and scholarship from Florida State’s tax credit.

Betsy’s campaign has been offering various alternatives that can enable children to have a better education. They include school vouchers, tax credits, magnet schools, digital learning, home schooling, and virtual schooling. According to her, all American children need to have equal opportunities to have a decent education despite where they live. The system currently allows children to enroll in schools depending on their ZIP codes, and this has denied bright children from low-income neighborhoods opportunities to attend better schools.The campaigns of Betsy DeVos have been supported by non-profit foundations such as All Children Matter, and the Alliance for School Choice. She is also the co-founder of a charter school that is known as West Michigan Aviation Academy. Mrs. DeVos also loves art and is the founder of ArtPrize, which offers a platform for talented individuals to benefit from their work.

Sawyer Howitt, Entrepreneur

Mr. Howitt is the architect of the vision behind the powerful and iconic Meriwether Group. Being an entrepreneur himself, he started the company with the mission of helping other entrepreneurs get their standing in the business world.

Howitt seems to have been born with the natural ability to intuit and hone in on just what the consuming public wants and needs. This has allowed to him to become a name brand himself in the marketing world.


Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory Opening the Future to All Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a man with an idea, a great idea. After spending 20 years in the Swiss banking industry and rising to an executive position, he decided to pursue something else. He wanted to take a different tack on life’s waterways. Baur decided that he could do more good for more people by mentoring those young business men and women and showing them how they could achieve success and how to climb the same stairs he had earlier climbed in banking.

He began the Swiss Startup Factory, a company dedicated to showing others the way to success. He realized that many good concepts and business ideas are never fully developed by young entrepreneurs, largely owing to financial problems. His idea was ingenious. Baur would hold competitions for business ideas and concepts and accept the best of these into his Swiss Startup Factory. When accepted the winners would receive a substantial sum for business development, Baur’s mentoring, office space, secretarial assistance, meeting space, and a large list of investors wanting to get in on the ground floor of the next big idea.

Baur began the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 searching for digital entrepreneurs and those in the newly established “Fintech” industry. His three-month accelerator program is located in Zurich and is ready to help all the winners who are chosen after entering the program.

Mike Baur realizes that creating capital is the first and most necessary step in starting a successful business. He relies on his years of experience working for UBS and Clariden Leu in Switzerland to help all those interested groups pursuing their dreams. One requirement for admission into the program is that the newly formed company must include one other person in the business structure.

Baur is drawing together a group of investors, business people, and movers and shakers from Switzerland like tennis champion and Grand Slam winner, Stan Wawrinka, to make the Swiss Startup Factory a profitable plant producing viable ideas and life changing innovations.

Baur’s concept is offering opportunities to everyone with a great idea. His concept is about sharing and not about the struggle between the entrepreneur and the party providing the capital that previously had complete control over the venture.

Mike Baur Will Help Your Business

Mike Baur will definitely help your business in a quick amount of time. Mike has attended some of the best learning institutions in the world. He studied math, money, and business from his childhood years. After being a successful student, Mike gained employment at a well-known banking institution. He quickly went through the ranks, and there was talk of him becoming manager after just a few short years.


Mike worked in a financial institution for almost 30 years. He then began to become sad due to all the people failing in their business. Mike would see individuals come in for a business loan. The next month, these same individuals were filing bankruptcy because their business has failed. Most of these individuals were told they failed due to the economy. However, this is not how Mike saw the situation. Mike Baur believed these individuals failed because they did not have the proper guidance when setting up their business. Mike believes the initial setup is most important. This caused Mike Baur to start his own business, which is known today as the Swiss Start-Up Factory. He believed this business will finally teach people how to setup a business the proper way.


Swiss Start-Up Factory is the leading company when it comes to helping people build their business the right way. The Swiss Start-Up Factory offers a lot of services that similar business do not offer. The biggest advantage the Swiss Start-Up Factory has is the fact this it does not have a permanent address. The Swiss Start-Up Factory goes from place to place giving teachings in this area. Thousands of people attend these events, and they happen all over the world.


Another great benefit of the Swiss Start-Up Factory is the fact that they offer one-on-one coaching for young and old business owners alike. These individuals will not stop coaching the business owner until he/she is successful. Even better, if no success comes out of the coaching, the business owner gets all the money back that was paid for Swiss Start-Up Factory services.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory also specialist for people that want to learn certain areas of business. For example, some business owners need to know about investing, other business owners need to know about hiring and firing people, and still other business owners need to know about buying the best products at the cheapest rates. All of this is covered by professionals from the Swiss Start-Up Factory.

Grow Your Business With Reputation Management Fixers

It is a simple and important business fact, your business’s reputation is the most important factor in success. There has been a mega shift away from the standard forms of advertising to the new Internet and social media-driven reputation by personal recommendations. If your business has a less than stellar reputation and you do nothing about it, you might as well close your doors. To have a successful business, those bad reviews must be taken care of so you can bury negative search results and put your best foot forward. All business owners realize that you can not make all the customers happy all the time. There are those hard or impossible to please who will do everything to make your life miserable. It is, unfortunately, part of business life.

There is help for businesses old and new by contracting from a choice of online reputation management companies. Reputation Management Fixers will help any business large or small profit from a correctly managed reputation. The site at Reputation management Fixers explains the process completely and will tailor a reputation management program to adequately suit your business’s needs.

A recent article in the internet edition of Business News Daily explained the many benefits of using the services of Reputation Management Fixers.

Among the benefits is the SEO control that sophisticated companies have to fine tune customer reviews and to eliminate or downplay negative reviews. Reputation Management Fixers also contribute to the content of your company keeping it positive and powerful while providing information and not fluff for potential customers. What the company does can not be done by without extensive knowledge and control of social media and internet driven information. Read the full review of Reputation Management Fixers as reported in Business News Daily.
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Take the important next step in the development of your company contact Reputation Management Fixers today.

Sanjay Shah Shares His Secrets For Raising Money At Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is the founder and director of Autism Rocks. His business interests share time with Autism Rocks, and he has created a unique method of raising money to research Autism and its causes. This article explains the program Sanjay Shah Denmark has created, and there is a peak at how he has made raising money for a good cause popular and fun again.

#1: Autism Rocks Truly Does Rock

Autism Rocks is a rock concert promoter that invite the most-eligible donors to private events that feature the world’s greatest musicians. Rappers, singers, rock bands and entertainers appear at Autism Rocks events, and the events are a roaring affair that entices every donor to give. Checks are written at the end of the night, and money is tallied in the millions every year.

#2: Sanjay Uses His Business Prowess To Fundraise

Sanjay founded Solo Capital on his own as a vehicle for his business dreams, and he has used his prowess in business to create the profile used for both Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. The two businesses are managed in a similar fashion, and he has created a capital plan that helps both companies remain solvent. Funds raised at Autism Rocks are invested for maximum potential, and Solo Capital offers boutique services to clients.

#3: Sanjay Believes In Proper Management

Sanjay believes in managing each business with a solid vision and great people. He is committed to hiring the finest people to work with his companies, and he brings in great minds who are more knowledgeable than he about vital issues. He raises more money because his Autism Rocks staff is excellent, and Solo Capital functions well because his investment staff is quite talented. The juxtaposition of business and charity work requires Sanjay to be an expert in human resources, and he carefully considers every hire for the betterment of the firm.

Sanjay Shah’s tips for business and fundraising all boil down to a single axiom. Leaders must be willing to bring in the right people. Excellent ideas are assisted by good people such as the ones Sanjay has personally-hired to manage his businesses and his charities.


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Mike Baur is a Startup Expert

Mike Baur is a businessman who helped establish the Swiss Startup Factory AG. The Swiss Start-up Factory AG works with startups and helps transform them into global powerhouses. The company is headquartered in Zurich, a northern Switzerland city. Baur is quite a seasoned professional. He’s been involved in banking in the Central European nation for two decades. He also has significant financing and fundraising knowledge. The Swiss Startup Factory AG was created in 2014. It’s perpetually searching for talented people who are interested in starting businesses. It’s also perpetually searching for people who have strong digital expertise. The Swiss Startup Factory AG has an accelerator program that’s geared toward startups. The duration of the program is three months total. People who enroll in this extensive program receive helpful mentoring, coaching, advice and guidance from the Swiss Startup Factory AG team. This program takes place in the center of bustling Zurich.

Mike Baur has had quite a varied career so far. He works for quite a few companies. He serves as the vice president of (ILF) Innovation Lab Fribourg, for example. He took this position in September of 2015. The objective at this company is to assist young students who wish to be entrepreneurs. Baur also works for CTI Invest. His role at this company is that of a deputy managing director. He’s been involved with CTI Invest since January of 2016. This company focuses on technology startups in Switzerland.

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Medientechnologie von morgen

Other businesses Baur has worked for throughout the years include the private banking firm Clariden Leu, the bank Sallfort Privatbank AG and the financial services firm UBS Wealth Management. He also established a company called “Think Reloaded AG” in the spring of 2014.

Baur is a multilingual investor who speaks German, English and French. He attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern between the years of 1997 and 2000. He graduated from the institution with a Banking and Finance Bachelor of Applied Science degree. After that, he attended Universität Bern. This is where he earned an Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. He studied at this university in 2007 and 2008. Baur has received some of his education in the United States, too. He earned an MBA from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York.

Baur possesses a wide range of different specialties and skills. Some of these include startup organizations, private banking, strategy, asset management, portfolio management and wealth management.

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George Soros Open Society Philosophy Could Save the Ukraine

United States and Europe sanctioned Russia for interfering with Ukraine. These penalties appear to be working fast and has caused Russian economy an immense damage in a way that no one expected. The sanctions deny Russian companies and banks access to the international capital market. The main reason that these sanctions have been effective in such a short time is because of the decline of oil prices which Russia depends on to support its economy.

Imposing sanction on Russia is a good thing and most efficient way and it is safe than going war. Sanctions to Russia without a doubt will restrain their aggression towards Ukraine. Indeed, sanction are a necessary evil, and this is not to say that the countries that impose them do not suffer. If the Russian economy suffers, it threatens to bring deflation to the Eurozone according to George Soros.

However, the actions are significant and even though there are risks they do help Ukraine. By Europe defending Ukraine they also are defending themselves as there is no knowing where the aggression will be directed next.

Ukraine economy needs financial support to stabilize it as it will help encourage exports and investing in the country. This will also save the Europe economy from directly giving Ukraine stimulus to sustain it. Helping Ukraine will be significant in its progress, and thus, the Russian president will have to give up on his failed attempts to destabilize the country.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

The leadership of Europe and the public must change and adopt this view as it is the safest way to save Ukraine and Europe. Russia only just banned Open Society Foundation from operation in the country. Open Society Foundation was founded by billionaire George Soros in 1979. The reasons to ban the organization according to Russia was that their activities threatened the constitutional system of Russia and threatened their security.

Open Society Foundation cause is to promote democracy has often been faced with challenges that are aimed at interfering with the operation. Open Society Foundation was founded on the understanding that the world is innately faulty. The organization has been significant in bring sanity to places where authoritarian governments have been oppressive.

Open Society Foundation supports many programs around the world, including Early childhood programs that promote a healthy development of children. To achieve this the organization, work with parents, professions, community, and the government.

The Foundation also supports education programs. These programs are intended to provide right and meaningful education. The organization eradicates education that discriminate and excludes others. They put structures in place that ensure all get equal and quality education including those from poor backgrounds.

Putin’s ambition to reclaim land and build an empire has also positively helped Ukraine as it will strive to be different and opposite from Russia. Therefore, the country will be democratic with a less flawed government. The new Ukraine will be led by the civil society and young people who are more open minded and well exposed to better ideas that are not restricted to Ukraine alone.

This new power will be significant as it will help Ukraine stand strong against Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

Learn more about George Soros Ukraine:

The Many Worlds Of Kyle Bass

Financial blogger Kyle Bass is not to be left behind when matters related to giving his opinion on the 2016 market outlook are concerned. In a recent analysis, Bass discussed the market outlook and what the volatility in China means for other countries like the United States. While many consider the improved profits to be the cause behind the slowdown in China, Bass says that the main cause of the problem lies with the whole of the Chinese banking system. He gave a comparison to what is happening in China now to the recently concluded crisis in Europe.

In the two cases, the banking systems managed to outgrow the GDP at a very fast rate. While the Chinese banking system is worth more than %35 trillion dollars, the GDP is just $10 trillion. Kyle thinks that a credit cycle as well as losses are on the way and is worried that many investors are not worried and they do not see that.

Bass also took a bearish look on the US markets and he believes that by the end of 2016, a downturn of 10-20% might be experienced. Even though the crisis won’t be as bad as the global financial crisis, the lack of credit growth in emerging markets is a big problem.

Bass is not a stranger when it comes to making headlines whether for the right or wrong reasons. He is the founder of Hayman Capital Management. He made a name for himself when he made a fortune in the subprime crisis of 2008 when he made a correct prediction. For a very long while, many thought that he was someone who could do nothing wrong because before joining the hedge-fund business, he was a movie director and script writer who managed to get award nominations for the two roles.

If he ever had a magic touch, its now gone as UsefulStooges reports about Kyle Bass. In the recent couple of months, he has been making rounds on television station offering his always wrong analysis on the financial markets. On top of that, he has been making friends with the wrong people. In particular, he has been a very good friend to Cristina Kirchner, a woman who has made wrong economic mistakes that have made her country men and women in Argentina suffer.

Bass has been speaking very well of her despite the fact that he knows that she does not deserve that. Bass has also been involved in the wrong businesses for his image. In particular, he has been involved in siphoning pharmaceutical companies money by short selling its stocks and challenging its patents. Bass has been doing that not keeping into consideration the multitudes of patients who depend on the drugs. At the end of it all, he has proved that all he is after is making money regardless of the method.

Marcio Alaor Says Not To Give Up On Auto Stocks


All the investors that Marcio Alaor takes on as clients are required to accept an education in the operation and history of investing. Marcio Alaor is the CEO of Banco BMG. He starts with the purpose and operations of a company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO). He uses General Motors (GM) as an example of a company that was still fairly small when they used their IPO to grow into a $54 billion mega company.

However, the way Mr. Alaor explains it, Henry Ford did not trust the stock market, and so did not take the company public when it would have done the company the most good. In fact, Ford Motor Company did not launch their IPO until 1956. He then goes on to elucidate his clients on how normal the whole entrepreneurial process is. He highlights how IPO investments form a mutual benefit agreement where both the company and society in general expands into improved marketing, mind share, and services growth. Find out more about: Marcio Alaor.

GM’s IPO was a 100 years ago, but few fellow automakers followed them into the stock markets, at least for many years. The modern stock market IPO transitions companies from privately-held to publicly traded common stock companies. When it is done right and the IPO is successful, it raises a great amount of capital that the businesses can use to quickly grow into new regions, new products, and new services. The IPO is considered the sign that a company is here to stay, for the foreseeable future. This certainly proved the case for General Motors.

Marcio Alaor says not to miss great stock opportunities with automobile manufacturers because of a couple of crazy programmers at Volkswagen that recently made that company notorious. However, it was only eponymous sensor technology and nothing to do with safety or product effectiveness, so Mr. Alaor is now very big on automaker stocks. The investment returns have been consistently high. He explains that most savvy investors take into account the actual severity of his issue vs. what the polarizing press slants their stories on this issue. He is an expert on all types of cars, trucks, and most other types of motor machinery. Read about: Pro Auto Marcio Alaor.