Persistant and Dedicated Entrepreneur and Businessman: Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is classified as an innovator in the market of investments, finance, credit and credit lines. Bhanu Choudhrie, born in India, migrated to the United Kingdom during his younger years. Bhanu Choudhrie is disciplined and determined to continue his successful strides in the market. Success is not created or built overnight. It takes longterm consistent dedication. Bhanu Choudhrie showed signs of determination and dedication at an early age.

Healthcare is one of the many industries Bhanu Choudhrie has contributed to in terms of financial investments. Healthcare is a popular topic for discussion in today’s market. From ear, nose and throat doctors to emergency-room care givers, the healthcare industry is diverse. Most countries are not fortunate enough to have affordable healthcare. In many third-world countries, the healthcare industry is seen as a luxury. For these countries, individuals rely on small, local doctor offices. These doctor offices often do not have the proper equipment, facilities or tools needed to treat patients. Individuals also rely on home remedies for their ailments. If an individual in an impoverished country needs immediate assistance, they may travel to the country’s capital to visit the hospital. Certain hospitals will wave the costs in an emergency situation. Hospital costs greatly vary from city to city. Read more business news about Bhanu Choudhrie at The Economics Times

For the United Kingdom and the United States, healthcare is accessed through employers and private systems. Individuals can purchase healthcare plans and pay a yearly premium. Annual premiums are fees incurred by the beneficiary of the healthcare insurance plan. Healthcare insurance plans allow individuals to include their family on the plan. This branch of healthcare is known as family healthcare.

This type of healthcare includes doctor visits, dentist visits, and other specialty doctors. Homeopathic doctors and herbalists may not be covered by generic healthcare plans. Generic healthcare plans offer basic services to individuals in the UK and the US. Compared to many other countries in the world, the United Kingdom and the United States’s healthcare seems like a luxury. Many other countries simply do not have the same level of infrastructure readily available to create these facilities for individuals and citizens.



Buying Up Homes And Turning Them Into Rental Units Is A Lot of Work, But Nick Vertucci Has The Resources For You

Over the years, a common misconception about the real estate market is that it’s only there for the billionaires and big businessmen who’ve got deep pockets to get into it. But that’s actually not quite the case, and even middle class regular working people sometimes prefer investing in real estate because it doesn’t fluctuate as much as the funds on the stock exchange. That’s also why Nick Vertucci chose to get into it, and his success story is quite remarkable as a man who had to cut his way through some tough debt in the business, but finally made his way to financial freedom. Vertucci even has a book published about this titled “Seven Figure Decisions.

What really makes Nick Vertucci unique is he doesn’t come from a family of big business leaders or finance experts. In fact, he never attended college because his family didn’t have the means to send him there. After struggling through major poverty in his 20s, he did start a business in computer hardware, and it seemed as though he had found the answer to building wealth. But when the big crash of 2000 happened, this business was wiped out and Nick Vertucci had to start all over again while being encumbered with debt.

Nick Vertucci had never considered entering real estate until attending a workshop on the recommendation of a friend that opened his eyes to the possibilties. It took several failed properties and nearly losing his home before he could break out of the debt cycle, but he never gave up. Vertucci achieved financial freedom and has retired to live the life he’s wanted, but he didn’t stop there. Today, his resource information is shared at his NV Real Estate Academy where anyone of any background can learn how to break into the business.

How Stream Energy Gives Back to Others

Since Stream Energy started, they knew they wanted to do things that would help other people. They had a lot of ideas for the future and they did things that would allow them to keep giving others the most positive experiences. Even though they made sure they could help people with things that would help them, they felt good about giving back. It was their way of creating a positive environment so others could help them through the most difficult times. Stream knows what it’s like to give back and they aren’t afraid to make things easier for everyone who needs it. They also feel confident they can help people with the issues they face. For Stream to do all this, they have to make sure they’re giving people the right opportunities they need for success.

Even though Stream Energy knows how to show people what will happen in the future, they also feel it’s a necessity to keep providing for the communities they’re a big part of. The organization works to come up with ideas to help those who struggle with issues on their own. They feel they can make an impact for families that are struggling and for children that might need their help. No matter what issues people have, Stream can give them a chance to get better. They use their charitable efforts through Stream Cares to give people the chance to improve their lives. They also work to educate people on the right way to continue getting back on their feet.

For Stream Energy, the point of doing this is because they knew that success didn’t come easy. In fact, they knew things would be hard when they started. Stream Energy always did what they could to get better and they wanted other people to do the same thing. For the company to have a good understanding of this, they could show people what would happen and what would make sense for them. They continue with their goals and know that they have to help others who might not be able to help themselves with issues.


Stream Cares; Stream Energy’s New Philanthropic Foundation

One of the most powerful storms to ever hit Texas was the Hurricane Harvey. This storm affected more than 13 million people and very many homes. The effects of the storm have been overwhelming for the residents of Houston and the neighboring areas. During these times, many companies observed defenselessly as the whole area flooded. Stream energy aided fund the rescue effort and helped their clients with their fiscal burdens. In September, the company declared their intention of helping out the recovery efforts in Texas. This included a contribution of $25,000 to the American Red Cross and all bill and late disbursements of recent energy invoices were forgiven.

Stream Energy is a supplier of energy, wireless, protective and home-based services. The company provides its services to several states including New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Stream Energy has been a long time partner of Habitat for Humanity. This is a foundation that helps the victims of the storm reconstruct new homes and renovate the remaining ones. Habitat for Humanity also provides unpaid assistant and pocket-friendly loans for the affected families. The company has also built up a long-term relationship with the Red Cross. For them, philanthropy is part of their corporation’s DNA. Recently, Stream Energy launched its new philanthropy foundation, Stream Cares. They did that to honor all of its humanitarian activities in Texas and the whole country at large. This way, they are able to give back to the community while on the other hand getting a lot of admiration and dependability of prospective clients and the general public.

Stream energy has also been able to partner with Hope Supply Co. to cater for homeless children at the yearly Splash for Hope. The event brought homeless children at a local water park. The workers and the leadership from the company provided a lifetime experience, as well as money and other supplies. The company has worked openly with Hope Supply Co. with the donations for more than four years now. Hope Supply Co. regularly offers diapers, clothing, school materials and various other supplies for homeless kids.

Steam Energy has a long time pledge to empowering and changing people’s lives, utilizing a strong blend of comrade passion, company kindness, and devotion.


Sahm Adrangi Release Negative Reports

Sahm Adrangi, the Investment Manager of Kerrisdale Capital, released a negative report seeking to explain why the firm has recorded a lower position in the Eastman Kodak Company, a commercial imaging and printing firm whose stock rose 187% after launching a partnership with Kerrisdale Capital. The manager said Eastman Kodak Company is literally flawed and thus incapable of providing substantive benefit for its shareholders. He further termed the company along with another firm by the name WENN Digital Incas firms, as firms with well-known dubious backgrounds. He accused Eastman Kodak Company of making hollow attempts to cover its unsustainable and ineffective capital structure. According to the investment manager, Kodak’s soon to be launched partnership will do little to save the firm from plummeting revenues, mounting default risk and negative free cash flow. The seasoned investment management professional promised to hold a press conference where he will release more details regarding the recent negative report.

Sahm Adrangi used to work as Longacre Fund Management’s Investment Analyst before launching Kerrisdale Capital Management. Longacre Fund Management is a privately owned firm with over $1.2 billion valuable assets under its management. Adrangi did investment analysis for the firm, in addition to researching for equity fund and credit fund on behalf of the firm. Before joining Longacre, he worked for Chanin Capital Partners, in the bankruptcy restructuring department. The investor advised creditors on bankruptcy restructuring. His work entailed attending bondholder committees, representing bank debt holders and representing creditors from various bankrupt and distressed companies. In addition to working for these two firms, Sahm Adrangi has worked for Deutsche Bank, where his role primarily entailed restructuring and syndicating non-investment bank debt, and leveraging buyout financings. He is a graduate of the Yale University, where he obtained a BA in Economics. His Kerrisdale Capital offers investment managing services, and it currently manages over $300 million. Based in New York, the firm shares its investment management ideas with the larger investment community via its official site.


Sahm Adrangi move to release the negative report regarding Eastman Kodak Company paints the firm in a truly negative light and thus its future could be ultimately uncertain moving forward.


Career Highlights of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur and executive who has established himself as one of the leading businesspeople in the nation. He has had a long and rewarding career as a top manager at some of the most reputable companies in North America. His experience includes production management, investment advising and entrepreneurship. Before Louis first began his career, he looked to get a higher education. He would attend college and complete a degree in production management, This would allow him to get entry level work in the field. As a production manager, he would be in charge of overseeing operations that pertain to manufacturing products until their completion. Over the next several years, Louis would move up the ranks of his employer’s organization.

Today, Louis Chenevert is the chairman and chief executive officer of a company known as United Technologies Corporation. In 2008, he was elected to be the president and CEO of the company and as the chairman in the year 2010. Over the next four years, he served in these positions until his retirement in November of 2014. Prior to being the CEO and chairman, Louis would serve as the president and chief operating officer. Along with these positions, he would also serve as the Director of United Technologies as well. During his stint at the company, he would get lots of experience in managing and operating it and building the enterprise into a top organization in its respective industry.

When Louis first started up United Techologies, he was able to use the ideas of numerous top executives who emphasized customer needs and a passion of providing innovative products. He would introduce an approach that would make a number of breakthroughs in the technology industry. One of the accomplishments of his company includes the F135 engine sole source position which improved military propulsion. Another accomplishment was when he and the company developed the GTF engine which would lead to reduction in fuel burn, noise and fewer parts required for engines. While he was in charge of United Technologies, Louis would also develop the new X2 technology that accelerated the speed of helicopters. These accomplishments helped Louis establish himself as a leading entrepreneur.


Public Private Partnerships increasing, Felipe Montoro Jens

The collective states of Brazil along with the federal government are investing heavily in more private public partnerships. The country implanted a federal law in December 2004, which defines the laws pertaining to public private partnerships. The public private partnerships law eliminates grey areas surrounding public private partnerships regarding payment and federal regulations. Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist with over 25 years of corporate experience. Chief Executive Officer of Odebrecht Properties, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has reports on many of Brazil’s investments in public private partnership projects and the plans for their implementation timelines.

Under the leadership of Marcelo Crivella, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, an R $ 2.3 million investment has been made for public private partnership projects. The public private partnership project in Rio de Janeiro is building 20,000 daycares, and 40,000 preschools. Felipe Montoro Jens reported these Rio de Janeiro projects are to be completed by 2020. The R $ 2.3 investment was used to hire the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as professional consultants, to help formulate and implement the projects to expand the early childhood network in the city. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens reported details on another public private partnership scheduled to be completed in Bahia, in the year 2031. In Bahia about 1.5 million residents will benefit from the Light Rail Vehicle Project (VLT). The Light Rail Vehicle Project is upgrading a 21 stop 19 mile rail line in the state.

In Piaui there is a public private partnership to improve access to the internet. The PPP is laying fiber optic cables and 1,500 access points stretching from the cost south, affecting 2.1 people. Felipe Montoro Jens also noted 24 additional projects in Piaui, including one with a sanitation company set to expand the sewage network to 80% from the current 24%.

The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) is also managing 57 projects, which is part of R $ 44 billion investment to create more public private partnership projects. The 57 projects, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, will span 22 sectors and include road construction projects, airport facility management and auctions of government companies.



Paul Mampilly Discovers Leading Internet of Things Stock

Paul Mampilly is an investment researcher with a long, profitable track record of identifying major, important trends in technology, and then in uncovering the small companies that will lead the field in those new markets, making other investors rich as they grow along with the economic impact of the trend. As the editor of the newsletter Profits Unlimited, he then writes about these companies so his subscribers can buy them and become wealthy.

In one free report, Paul Mampilly lets readers know he is in on an extremely important technological megatrend. It’s an innovation that will be 7 times bigger than computers, smartphones and tablets combined. It’s the Internet of Things. Although most people have never never heard of it yet, it’s going to network many things to the Internet, so we will be able to detect things we cannot now without the effort of direct observation. For instance, jet airplanes would not take off until every single one of its parts reported to the network that it was in good working order. If a part is weak or close to breaking, it would communicate that so a mechanic could be assigned to repair or replace it. Sensors on bridges and inside skyscrapers will send messages when they are beginning to fail, so they can be repaired before the situation becomes dangerous. The Internet of Things will also save businesses and stores lots of money by monitoring and management inventory costs. Experts predict there’s going to be 50 billion things connected by 2020.

Paul Mampilly has made money for himself and his subscribers in the past based on technological innovations. He also follows the megatrend in precision medicine.

His newsletter Profits Unlimited comes from Banyan Hill Publishing, and he writes for Banyan Hill’s free email newsletter, Winning Investor Daily. Mampilly has a long history on Wall Street. Before he decided to help ordinary people increase their retirement portfolios, he helped the wealthier become even wealthier. He has managed millions of dollars for Deutsche Bank and ING. He worked as a Money Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland, a private bank in Switzerland and Sears. He also managed the hedge fund Kinetics Assets Management, growing it from $6 billion in assets under management to $25 billion. He won a prestigious investing contest run by the Templeton Foundation by turning $50 million into $78 million in two years without short stocks even though it happened during the financial crisis.

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3 Reasons You Should Enroll In Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci hasn’t always lived a luxurious life. By the time he was 18 his life had already hit an all time low. He was homeless, living out of a van and not sure what his next move would be.

He decided to start his own computer parts business and that’s when things started to change for Nick. Getting his first taste of entrepreneurship showed him just how much he loved the freedom of working for himself.

Unfortunately Nick Vertucci wasn’t flying high for long. In 2000 the dot com crash hit and almost wiped out everything he had. His finances were dissolving right before his very eyes. For nearly 18 months his income was practically zero.

One day however he got a phone call from a friend about attending a real estate seminar. While he was initially reluctant to go, he eventually gave in and decided to attend the seminar.

Needless to say this was the best decision he ever made. He dove into the world of real estate and is now a self made millionaire who went from homeless to being one of the top real estate investors in the state of California.

Here are the 3 reasons you should enroll in Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy:

You Will Get Access To The Same System He Used To Make Millions In Real Estate

When you join the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy you will get access to the exact system Nick created while he was building his real estate empire. You will also get access to a community of people that will help you learn, grow and succeed in the world of real estate.

You Will Get Hands On Learning

Nick Vertucci has put together a team of industry leaders that can show you exactly what it takes to overcome the day to day challenges that come with being a real estate investor.

These are individuals who have been in the trenches and have the knowledge to help you create unparalleled success.

You Will Learn How To Create Wealth and Long Term Financial Freedom

Wealth and long term financial freedom is something we all want and real estate is one of the best ways to obtain it. As part of the academy you will learn wholesaling, flipping, rehabbing, commercial investments, asset protection and so much more.

Once you leave the academy you will know the steps you need to take to create the life you have always dreamed of.

Daniel Taub: Ambassador, Peacekeeper and Role Model

Ambassador Daniel Taub can be personally thanked for improving Israel’s economic situation by increasing trade with nations such as the U.K. He was Israel’s ambassador to the U.K. for four years between 2011 and 2015. During this time, Ambassador Daniel Taub increased international trade between the two nations from $4 billion to $8 billion and enabled more than 300 Israeli businesses to begin operations in the United Kingdom. His reign as Ambassador led to drastic improvements with respect to Israel’s educational, cultural and bilateral business transactions. Danial Taub made sure to learn from every situation and even traveled to Ireland during times of unrest to learn and observe the techniques and methods used by peacekeepers to settle situations. Daniel was a negotiator between Israel and Palestine and learned from his experience in Ireland to become a better peace negotiator.


Daniel Taub has been involved with the Israeli government and its armed forces since he was 27 years old. He began as a combat medic in 1989, and a few years later joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry where he was quickly promoted to Principle Advisor to Israel’s Foreign Ministry. Daniel Taub has over thirty years of experience in law, negotiating and foreign affairs. Daniel earned his bachelors degree from the Chancery Lane School of law, then received his masters in law from University College, London and finally his Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University in 2002. His vast knowledge, experience and educational background helped him become one of the most successful and reputable Ambassador’s in Israel’s history. He had the honor of meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and continues to support Israel’s peace efforts.


As Ambassador, Daniel managed to negotiate contracts with large corporations such as, Google and Facebook and emphasized interfaith cooperation and organized activities and events that jointly celebrated all faiths. His methods were unconventional, but received great praise and support. Daniel believed that faith should not be a means for war and all religions can be celebrated together cooperatively without conflict or tension. Learn more:


Daniel Taub is currently the director of strategy and planning at Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem, Israel. Yad Hanadiv was founded in 1958 by Dorothy de Rothschild in memory of her late husbands father Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. Yad Hanadiv means the Rothschild Foundation in Hebrew. It is the charitable Rothschild foundation that helps fund, support and improve several of Israel’s advancement efforts such as, educational and environmental advancement as well as academic excellence, civil projects and Arab community relations.