Isabel dos Santos Maintains Her Strong Reputation

Isabel dos Santos was able to make an urgent request to the public through Instagram to defend her reputation and name after a contract has been declared invalid during a settlement with the nation and this was decided by the of the President of Angola known as João Lourenço. The debate and discussion between Isabel dos Santos and Joao Lourenco continue. The Angolan Head of State was able to decline the contract that was linked to the Marginal da Corimba, the Angolan businesswoman was able to state her message on social media and posted it particularly on her account on Instagram where she ensured that no individual can get its reputation and good name. According to Isabel dos Santos, each and everyone in this world has the right to have a stable reputation and a good name. Leaders and business owners know the significance of having a clean name because it is how they are able to earn the loyalty and trust of the people. Having a strong foundation of trust is crucial when it comes to earning respect and showing others that you are capable of doing good.

Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen in Angola and she is held accountable for the economy of her country as well as the companies that she is in partnership with. She stated that she is responsible for all of her staff, employees, friends, and partners who are dependent on her and every single one who trusts in her decisions and actions on a daily basis. Millions of people trust Isabel dos Santos because of her strengths and character. She values integrity and she has always been devoted to the people of Angola and her responsibility to work and to act in a correct and legal way. She said that her reputation and name is something that no can ever take away. She chose her path, she willingly chose to handle the challenges on her own and to do her best on every project that she did for the industry, the people, and her love for the country.

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Visionary Sharon Prince Has Established An All Encompassing Natural Habitat, Art Center and Eco System Restoration Program at Grace Farms

community center that offers visitors a chance to participate in on-site programming, listen to leaders from various disciplines and backgrounds, view beautiful artwork and get close to nature. Grace farms has something to offer for every New England season, from walking trails and community themed activities in the summer, to foliage viewing and opportunities to take breath taking photos in the autumn to bird watching and animal track finding on the 1-mile walking trail that remains open in the winter.

Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation which oversees the entire operation. Grace Farms is her brainchild, including the idea of sharing the land amongst the public and various nonprofits. Through her vision, Grace Farms has won numerous awards including for it’s environmental sustainability and social good. Sharon has also fought for the end of child exploitation and human trafficking through the Foundation, including working with the United Nations in this endeavor.

Upon acquisition of the land that became Grace Farms, one of the major goals of the foundation was to restore the land that was once home of an equestrian facility back to it’s natural habitat consisting of vast meadowlands so that indigenous birds, bees and butterflies may return to the area. Through the Nature Initiative at Grace Farms, visitors can explore the acreage and appreciate the return of many native species.

Grace farms also hosts a community garden that also offers community classes to teach sustainable farming methods. Produce grown in the garden is used on-site or given to local food banks. Also, Grace Farms hosts a large Earth Day celebration each year, with demonstrations, speakers and family-friendly activities planned to enrich the minds of the public about the importance of human/wildlife coexistence, environmental sustainability and other green methods of living.

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How Max Salk Brings Ideas to Life and the Origin of His Company

Max Max Salk is an investment analyst and a landscape photographer in New York City. He went to Illinois University at Urban-Champaign, where he graduated with a minor in History and a degree in Finance. After his graduation, Max Salk worked at the Morningstar Company in Chicago for ten months before joining the PPM America where he spent another three years as an investment analyst.


Max Salk left the PPM Company in 2015 and moved to New York, where he joined the Blackstone Group. Salk’s passion for and interest in financial markets started late in University, watching the CNBC and trading/researching stocks. His commitment and interest in the markets expanded during his tenure at the PPM Company, where he had the opportunity to follow various firms, research and recommend investment ideas to earn a living.


Max Salk volunteers with and supports various foundations including the Navy SEAL Foundation that is a non-profit-making firm that raises funds to support both active-duty and the Gold Star SEAL families.


How Max Salk Brings Ideas to Life


According to Max Salk, everything starts with excellent preparation and planning. Whenever he has an idea for something whether at his work or in personal life, he begins with planning how he wants it to turn out. Once you start working on the ideas or drafting something, the process can evolve into something useful.


Where the Idea of His Company Came from


First Max Salk became interested in the photography industry during his semester abroad in the Netherlands in 2010. While in Rotterdam, Netherlands, he went for a walk on a foggy morning, and he took a few shorts around Rotterdam’s harbors with the fog while adding some cool effects.


Salk started carrying his digital camera wherever he traveled across the world. After that, he had a large and diverse portfolio that he decided to start a photography site. Max Salk understands that the current world is full of opportunities and there are many ways to satisfaction and success in almost everything. Discover something you love doing in your life and pursue it relentlessly.