Exec Producer Bennett Graebner Shares Insights On TV Production

Known for his work on numerous television shows such as “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, Bennett Graebner has been involved on flagship television shows throughout his whole career. He is currently residing in Los Angeles with her wife and two children. His grasp of the story flow and her ability to work with others efficiently has been the main factors that drive his career to success (Metacritic).


Bennett received his undergraduate degree at Vassar College. Years after, he went to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts to get his MFA. Bennett Graebner shared one thing that makes his typical day more productive, and that is running a four-mile run around 6 AM and a cup of coffee after. He will start working on the production with a cup of coffee. When brainstorming, Graebner makes sure that he will always look for ideas from different inspirations. He will read articles in the New York Times or ask a suggestion from a friend. Best ideas usually come from people who are working in front of the camera.

Working in the television industry will certainly land you a chance to work with or for jerks. As much as possible, Bennett Graebner refuses to collaborate “jerks” and refuse to be one himself. Graebner likes to work with people who love their work and simply want their craft to be great. Working in fear is not also one of Graebner’s things because he believes that a person who works in fear (of losing a job) will less likely to speak up and contribute.


Bennett Graebner also recommends being kind at work, especially on people who have a less powerful position. Always say thank you for those who get you a cup of coffee, to the driver who drives you to the airport safely, and more simpler deeds. He also encourages honesty when it comes to work and life in general. Daily life is made up of daily those of minor failures, humans are just humans and mistakes can be made every day. Bennett Graebner doesn’t let the minor failures get him because it will hinder his ability to do what he does.

More on Graebner´s productions at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0333630/

The Chainsmokers Are No Strangers to Hit Songs

The Chainsmokers are no strangers to hits. They have had many such as “Roses” which made it into the top 10 in 2015 and several others such as “Paris,” and Something Just Like This.” They have always had an electric beat but their recent hit, “Sick Boy,” has a bit of a darker tone to it. Like all of their music, the song is a reflection of the duo’s lives and gives the listener a glimpse into their personal experiences. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are on the same wavelength and seem to always coincide no matter what the tone of their music is.

They recently performed at the Hilton and American Express special event in New York and they are just beginning the next chapter of their music career. They are lucky because their label gives them the flexibility to expand and to gain more experiences to sing about. The duo creates music that is relatable and true and fans love that about them. They can tell that their music is not just a passing fad but deep music that speaks to them and that they can relate to. It makes them want to dance, and it helps them through their tough times.

The feelings behind “Sick Boy” are frustration melded with anger and is a raw song that is relatable to the time and age that we all live in no matter our circumstances. The song is a direct reflection of the duo as well as what is happening in the world and is sure to tug on the heartstrings of all who listen to it.

The last couple of years have been quite groundbreaking, and they have broken a lot of records which is quite impressive. The duo is known for pushing the envelope and really testing boundaries. They re known for being different and standing out and that is what makes them so unique and stand out for all the other artists out there. They are still in the music scene, and they are planning on coming out with many more exciting things for their fans.




A Closer Look With Alex Pall

Following the release of their track “Closer”, Alex Pall was interviewed about both the track and the origins of The Chainsmokers. The track gained a lot of the attention for not only featuring the trademark voice of Halsey but also featuring the voice of Andrew Taggart, half of the DJ duo. Even if this decision seems weird for the genre itself, a closer look at the duo of Alex and Andrew puts into perspective as the two are known for being quite open with their music.

In the interview, Pall goes into depths about his life before forming The Chainsmokers. The New Yorker explains how DJing was a lifelong hobby for him, taking gigs around the city however it always felt like something on the side for him until he had a realization about what he wanted to do with his life, and that was pursuing music. He eventually went on to form The Chainsmokers with his first partner, Rhett Bixler. After some time, however, Rhett Bixler left the group and this is where Andrew Taggart comes in.

In Maine, Taggart had developed a love EDM long before the genre achieved mainstream success even having a handful of gigs here and there. By this time, the original duo of The Chainsmokers was quite well known as news of Bixler’s departure had even spread to Taggart’s home, Taggart being recommended by someone who worked the Pall’s manager. Both Taggart and Pall expressed that the minute they met, the two of them had instant chemistry and began working together immediately. From then on, the DJ duo would become one of music’s top creators.

When the duo was asked about the thought process behind including Taggart’s voice when it was such a rare thing to happen. The duo had expressed their love for their personal connection with both their fans and their music. They didn’t want to hide behind masks or create these alter egos, they wanted to enjoy the music like their fans because at the end of the day, both Pall and Taggart are still fans of EDM.


Chainsmokers Releases a New Hit song

The Chainsmokers comprises of production and DJ duos, Andrew Taggart and Allex Pall. The pair has sowed high in the pop music as almost all their releases became hits. Their production started in 2014 with the release of “Selfie” that included selfies from celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, David Hasselhoff and Steve Aoki. The song was the 6th in the Billboard of Hot 100 and on the dance chart it was top 10. After the breakthrough with their first release “Selfie”, the Chainsmokers went back to the studio to prepare their first extended record. The EP Bonquet was released four months later and became 31st on the Album chart. In the same year, the duo gained more attention when they released the pop song “Roses”. Now people started taking them seriously as pop singers and the song was in the 6th position in top 10.

Don’t let me down and closer, together with their second extended play record, “Collage” got released in 2016. Don’t let me down earned the Grammy awards and nominated as the best dance recording while their second EP was the 1st on the pop chart in the US. “Closer” was praised for being influential in both lyrics and musically. The song was a hit in 2016 and led to Chainsmokers been awarded for being the best pop duo. The Chainsmokers have released around 5EP, and 3 of them got to the top 10 in the billboard.

The year 2018, it’s not an exception as the duos as still sowing higher. They have released a couple of singles such as you owe me, Sick Boy and Everybody Hates Me. All the released tracks are creating a record for the pop duos. Recently they release their new song “Somebody” featuring Drew love. Their recent release is a mix of R$B, EPM and Pop. The song remix has had over 30million views and many subscriptions. The Chainsmokers have performed the song in many platforms. Mike Nied of Idotar complimented the Chainsmokers duo saying that the song “Somebody” was going to be their best released song in 2018 compared to all their pop single song released.



Fresh: An Overlooked Ode to Hip-Hop and Life in the Hood

The 1990s was an era in American films that was chock full of so-called “classic hood films.”

In 1991, the releases of John Singleton’s Boyz n the Hood and Mario Van Peebles’ New Jack City showcased the raw grit and danger on the urban streets of two of America’s biggest cities: New York City, New York and Los Angeles, California.

In 1992, the cinematic depiction of life in America’s predominantly black urban communities was back on display with the releases of Ernest R. Dickerson’s Juice (starring Tupac Shakur) and Stephen Milburn Anderson’s South Central.

Legendary producer Oliver Stone’s South Central was unique in the sense that it was based on a legendary non-fiction book titled Crips, which was written by author Donald Bakeer. The scenes in this cult classic were derived from actual street gang experiences.

1993’s Menace II Society was also a legitimate classic film about street life that provided an entertaining but graphic depiction of what really goes down in an environment that is not always “all good in the hood.”

However, in 1994, another unsung classic hood film directed by Boaz Yakin was released called Fresh. Produced by Lawrence Bender (founder of Lawrence Bender Productions), Fresh is another harrowing narrative about the adversities of the so-called “ghetto.”

Starring Sean Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, and N’Bushe Wright, Fresh tells the story of a 12-year-old boy (played by Nelson) who is already involved in a life of crime. The boy uses the master chess lessons of his father (played by Jackson) to guide him.

However, the boy’s family is riddled with the same drug and alcohol addiction that is plaguing the people who are affected by the profitable poison he’s peddling for a local crime lord (played by Giancarlo Esposito).

Fresh was the second 1994 film starred in by the great Samuel L. Jackson, which was produced by Lawrence Bender. It was critically acclaimed and won the Filmaker’s Trophy at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival.

Bender’s company, Lawrence Bender Productions, is located in Beverly Hills, California at 8530 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 520. You can purchase Fresh online at Amazon.com right here.