How Sussex Healthcare Has Been Making Progress Across The Board

Sussex Healthcare has been implementing a lot of positive changes over the past year at its 15 facilities. These changes have been made to take even better care of their customers. The management team identified what they do well and where improvements can be made. The management is excited to move forward and provide their customers with affordable and high-quality healthcare services.

The management team at Sussex Healthcare says that to keep things moving forward they are being very clear in their communications with staff. They acknowledge that some people have a tough time dealing with change and might think what they have been doing in the past is now perceived as wrong. Management has clearly set out what areas need to be improved and, just as importantly, why that is the case. For more information about Sussex, view their organization at Crunchbase

They are making many infrastructure changes at Sussex Healthcare in addition to cultural progress. They have 15 homes in their network and the improvements include updating boilers and proactively doing other repairs and updates. They created a new maintenance department that is managed by the Estates team. Every home in their network can now open tickets in order to get repairs and general maintenance performed.

The Sussex Healthcare IT department has also been implementing a lot of changes over the past year. They manage all of the mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and old-school phones that the staff and customers of this company use. They set up new user accounts for staff members and new customers. They are dedicated to quickly responding to any problems. They have also created guides and training videos for staff so that they know how to handle all the digital tools available to them.

Sussex Healthcare has also been recruiting a lot of new employees for the past year. This includes nurses and care assistants. They advertise for these positions in a variety of ways such as on community boards, in both local and national newspapers, on the radio, on websites, and through flyers. Management says it has been challenging to hire new recruits as the unemployment rate in the industry is quite low and there is a lack of applicants.



The Colorful Doe Deere

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime, a vegan cosmetics brand in 2008. The brand is based in Los Angeles. She started the brand to meet quality and color demands that were lacking in the market. Furthermore, she wanted to use brands that were cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The brand became successful because Deere employee her marketing skills to promote the brand. She expanded the team to include distributors and retailers.

The brand has elegant and daring colors that teach women to live fearlessly. Doe Deere has always been a fan of color, and when she got the opportunity to start Lime Crime, she had a plan. She is also the founder of a jewelry brand called Poppy Angelof. The company designs jewelry of Victorian Girls for modern women and serves many other clients. She shows young girls how to be vibrant and pursue their dreams. Her experience has enabled her to create products that show women’s beauty inside out.

Deere wants every woman to be confident and love themselves. When she was designing the brand, she did not think it would receive much attention. When she discovered family heirlooms, she got an idea to start Poppy Angelof. The company develops classy jewelry and boast of loyal clients. Since she did not know much about jewelry, she took time to study its history and design.

Deere works with a dedicated team who work around the clock to ensure customers get value for their money. Deere preferred quality over quantity and passed this mantra to employees. She was inspired by the Victorian Era and makes jewelry that can be passed to other generations. Deere started Lime Crime in her house before finding a suitable location. She started the company with her husband, Marc Dumbleton.

She had a fashion line and sold clothes on eBay. Before long, she became popular for her makeup. The makeup she used were hard to find. When customers kept asking about her makeup, she decided to create a makeup life. She wanted to create something that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. The brand continues to create interesting trends.


Talkspace, a Text Therapy App

Talkspace is a therapy app that offers online therapy. Its Chief Executive Officer is Oren Frank who is also a co-founder. In Talkspace Reviews, one gets an assessment from a therapist, gets to choose a payment plan that suits them, a perfect therapist is found for them and then they begin therapy by messaging their therapist. Read more about talkspace at

Talkspace’s partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace and Michael Phelps on May 2018 announced a partnership meant to promote therapy as a tool important in helping improve mental health. It features a campaign in television in which Michael is bound to share personal experiences, also encourage others to speak openly on mental health and to showcase the benefits of Talkspace. The campaign was launched on May 2018 supported by digital assets.

Phelps struggled depression as well as anxiety at several times finding it difficult to get the help needed. When he started to open up and talk about his issues, he felt strong. He wanted to help others with those mental challenges as well to help them realize that help is easily accessed with Talkspace and also affordable.

Recent news on Talkspace

More than just therapy

Talkspace offers to its users a platform where they can get in touch with therapists through the internet. It aims to remove challenges faced by the mentally ill by the introduction of online therapy. This makes help to be quick and cheaply available to all. Talkspace provides space for their clients to connect with therapists online through texts, calls and video chats, as well as audio messages. The interaction between the user of the platform and the therapist is kept confidential. Apart from just therapy, Talkspace also offers advice online to its members as well as the rest of the world from its therapists.


Jeunesse Global’s Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System is Changing Lives

Jeunesse Global is a health and wellness company that created a collection of products called the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. Founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009, Jeunesse is more than just a variety of amazing products, it’s a movement that helps people reach their full potential through direct selling. Jeunesse also offers exceptional compensation plans. As a distributor, you’ll have access to a wealth of training and business tools, such as your own business app and social media resources. You’ll have a chance to make a difference in the lives of others while you achieve your goals.

The Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System includes revolutionary skin care products and supplements that are suitable for both men and women. Distributors of the system can be found around the world and have proven that the possibilities for success are endless. Distributors have opportunities to generate income in six different ways and you can also achieve 15 ranks. Below are just a few examples of the many products offered by Jeunesse that promote a youthful and healthy life.

MIND is a dietary supplement that helps reduce mental distraction using L-Theanine and supports memory. Inspired by Eastern medicine, this supplement is made with proteins derived from silk cocoons that have been backed by clinical trials.

Instantly Ageless is a product that promotes youthfulness by addressing issues with under-eye bags, forehead wrinkles, hooded eyes, eyebrows, facial pores and crow’s feet. A velvety cream, Instantly Ageless contains high-tech ingredients and you’ll notice a difference in the tone of your skin shortly after application.

RESERVE is one of Jeunesse’s bestselling product. It’s an antioxidant product with heart-healthy resveratrol and a blend of 5 superfruits. All you need is one RESERVE packet because it provides enough fuel to ensure that you feel great all day.

Jeunesse’s ZEN BODI line helps to eliminate toxins from your body and supports weight management. Unlike other products on the market, ZEN BODI focuses on losing fat instead of pounds. In fact, there are three phases that can help you lose inches in as short as eight weeks.


A Look Into PE Firm, HGGC

Self-described as “relationship investors,” the seasoned professionals at HGGC combine their savvy with their intrigue in hopes of ushering in a new era of advantaged investing. Since opening their doors in 2007, the company’s propelled to the forefront of the investment niche, subsequently earning a distinguished status in the financial domain. This private equity firm boasts a wealth of knowledge, and their expertise is impressively extensive. Given how intricate and seemingly inscrutable the dynamics of investing are, HGGC’s boundless knowledge goes a long way. Some areas in which they excel include growth equity, corporate carve-outs, recapitalizations, platform investments, and leveraged buyouts.

At their core, this PE firm is an investment partner seeking relationships with sponsors, management teams, and founder-owners. After establishing a rapport with their clients, HGGC intends to help them “build differentiated middle-market businesses.” Though the lion’s share of their clientele is American., one of their future goals is to extend beyond North American roots and delve into international affairs. In the meantime, their executive team is working diligently to diversify and uphold an honorable repute. Steve Young, Robert Gay, Richard Lawson, and Lance Taylor comprise the management team, with each assuming an integral role in operations.

As the co-founders, Young, Gay, and Lawson aim to evolve into an enhanced network while burnishing a vast skill set. These days, HGGC is keen to collaborate with companies that have an EBITDA between $15 million and $75 million. As an attempt to expand their reach, HGGC aims to partner with various corporations. Some industries that particularly pique their interest include healthcare, technology, software, consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, and information services. Forging these business relations will be a cinch given the company’s client-oriented practices. The future of HGGC looks exceedingly bright, and they hope to maintain their reputation for years to come. shutting up their services in EU

A firm named as for years has used the basis of “free” but not the beneficial ‘email management’ services is planning to stop serving users using their services in Europe. They provided services in order to fetch emails of different people for their purpose of data-mining the contents for achieving competitive intelligence. From 25th May and onwards, they’re planning for enforcement of a new data protection policy lying under GDPR.

The company stated in a section on their website that they will no longer support the EU users as of 23rd of May while confirming about the visitors who either live in EU or not. on its website will pop up a screen where after clicking on ‘Yes’, will bring up another info screen which will give an alert message of ‘Last month in EU’ to give acknowledgement to its EU users that this site will be unable to reach and unable to meet the terms and conditions of all the GDPR requirements. By May 24th, all of the EU user accounts will be removed. held by Slice technologies, also proclaims on their own website about how their parent company takes away the personal information from user’s inbox; including commercial and transactional emails for tracking and analyzing customer trends and for building random market research. They have also been criticized for not being obvious about how they sell the private information of people.

And actually, if we get to see a small print of’s privacy policy, we can clearly see that it claims to share how it pleases to share the personal information of a user. Not only within its parent company but also with any of the partner company it chooses to start the business with.

So, it won’t be hard for us to guess our answer why planned to drop their services in EU, as we now already know about the privacy of data issue and GDPR requirements.


Experienced Leaders: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health

Experienced and Strong Leadership

Guided by CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health is a shining light in the fight for health care reform. They operate health care plans, medical clinics, and medical services. They specialize in governmental programs including Medicare and Medicaid. A major health provider, InnovaCare is led by some of the best medical care managers.

Dr. Shinto

At the head of the company is President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard (Rick) Shinto who has more than twenty-five years in the medical and health care field. Shinto has the perfect educational background to ably lead this company with both an M.D. (Doctorate of Medicine)and M.B.A (Master of Business Administration). He has a desirable work background, a mix of clinical practice and medical management. Shinto began his medical career in Southern California working in internal medicine and pulmonology. He worked in management with several California health providers including Cal Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management. He then was at the helm of North American Medical Management of California (NAMM). In 2008 he joined Aveta Inc. where he served as President for 4 years before coming to InnovaCare Health in 2012.

Penelope Kokkinides

Another accomplished leader of InnovaCare Health is Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. She also has more than twenty years of experience in the medical management and health care field. Armed with a number of degrees including undergraduate degrees in biological sciences and classical languages and 2 graduate degrees in public health and social work (Master Degree from Columbia). Kokkinides also went on to get a postgraduate degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Her work experience includes two decades working with managed care providers and government programs particularly Medicare and Medicaid. She also worked at Aveta Inc. serving as Chief Operating Officer before joining InnovaCare. Earlier, Kokkinides was Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health HMO Inc. She worked with AmeriChoice part of UnitedHealth Group and served as Vice President for Care and Disease Management.

Health Care Reform

Under the guidance of Shinto and Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health is working to reform health care with both physician-guided care and a patient-focused model. They are among the first adopters of one of the leading reform projects known as LAN. LAN is the “Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network”, the brainchild of the United States’ Department of Health and Human Services. In partnership with care providers like InnovaCare, LAN strives to substantially reduce health care costs while providing high-quality patient care.

From Rags to Richet: Doe Deere

The makeup and cosmetics industry has been on a stable uprising boom for centuries and centuries now. With the use of kohl in the Ancient Egypt times, to the modern make up and cosmetic products of today.

One of the most popular in the internet in the category of cosmetics and makeup is Lime Crime. It’s arguably one of the top brands that are circulating on the internet. And just like any other brand, Lime Crime shared a very interesting past.

Xenia Vorotovia, or most popularly known as Doe Deere, is the owner and creator Lime Crime, one of the brands that the internet community absolutely loves. But like any other brand, all has its small beginnings.

Xenia Vorotovia originally was from the Soviet Union, here she was raised like a Jew was supposed to be raised. The pop culture and music of the United States has piqued Xena Vorotovia’s attention and slowly she became a fan and fell in love with the United State’s pop culture. And so when she was 17, she convinced her mother and younger sister to chase her dreams in New York – and there they experienced hardships on hardships. To the point where Xenia’s family were piss poor and they were just transferring from one shelter to another. This went on for months and months on end until they met a guy and a non profit company to help her family get back on their feet once more.

From then, she built herself from the ground up and now she’s her own star. She owns a million dollar worth business and now she lives in a huge two story home somewhere in LA.

Xenia Vorotovia, or Doe Deered ’s is a story of success, faith and hardwork. This was not a story of luck, this was a story of carving your path and adaptation. Xenia’s has proven herself working in America, and he has the heart of gold that brings smiles to everyone around her. She had also proven to the world that she is one of a kind and a reckon to be dealt with. She had proven that if one can dream it, one can do it! Long live the American Dream!


GreenSky Scores With Credit Provider Partnership

The financial technology company GreenSky’s role is an intermediary between lenders and potential borrowers, typically consumers with strong credit wishing to make large home-improvement purchases. The company promotes its role in providing technology to banks and merchants enabling them to make loans to consumers for their remodeling, solar, and other projects. Recently, the platform has added elective medical procedures to its lending program. Federally-insured, federal and state-chartered financial institutions provide financing for the company’s credit programs. The company’s strong second quarter results are an indication of the importance and stability of its relationships with banks, home improvement enterprises, and health care providers.

Merging merchant base and technology equals growth

A September 2018 article in Forbes highlights a recent win for GreenSky as the company enters into a partnership with American Express. The credit card company’s established customers will boost its new partner’s reach significantly. American Express brings a more high-end merchant base, yet another growth dimension. The partnership benefits American Express as well because the company looks to attract more merchants, and now plans to market the technological offerings.

The number of merchants using the technology platform grew approximately 50 percent per year from 2015 through 2017. With American Express’ marketing efforts, this growth should continue.

EBITDA balancing act

Because of a slowing market for home projects, the financing platform has experienced a drop in transaction volume. During the years 2015 through 2017, transaction volume per merchant fell from approximately $409,000 to $346,000. Furthermore, analysts expect the volumes to continue to decline, reaching about $290,00 for 2020. Additionally, Forbes analysts project that the company will expand sales and marketing efforts, increasing costs. However, with the American Express partnership adding merchants to the platform, it is possible the drops in transactions will slow. Plus, American Express will provide efforts and opportunities for stabilization or growth with little effect on GreenSky’s operating costs.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded in 2006 GreenSky LLC is a financial technology company. The company offers a platform that allows consumers to finance big-ticket items such as furniture, replacement windows, and siding or elective medical procedures with a term, fixed-interest loan.

JD.Com Honored For Commitment to The Environment And Society

The acronym SEAL stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement, and Leadership. The SEAL Business Sustainability Award is given to companies in recognition of outstanding corporate citizenship.

Being a good corporate citizen means that a company has a Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP) in place. A CRP’s function is to ensure a company minimizes its impact on the environment and maintains a commitment to social innovation.

This year China’s answer to Amazon Jingdong (JD.Com) will be among the recipients of a SEAL Business Sustainability Award. From the way they develop new products to their packaging and delivery practices for five years, Jingdong has been working to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit society in general.

Even the company’s sales methods are factored into this effort. Overseeing these efforts to be a good corporate citizen is JD.Com’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team.

Speaking on behalf of JD.Com the head of their CSR team Libo Ma stated that the company was honored to be among this year’s SEAL Award winners. Libo added that the true measure of a company’s success is the impact it has on society. He pledged that Jingdong’s devotion to protecting the environment and promoting the common good would be a long-term commitment. Socially JD.Com supports poverty relief and educational initiatives.

In explaining why Jingdong was among the 2018 SEAL Award honorees the award’s founder Matt Harney pointed to the impact score JD.Com had received under the SEAL scoring system. Harney stated that Jingdong had outscored all of this year’s recipients.

Citing numbers Harney reported that in the last year JD.Com had recycled a million garments and almost half-a-million toys. What is more, Jingdong’s efforts on behalf of the environment positively impacted 47 Chinese cities. Harney concluded by describing the results of the Jingdong Corporate Responsibility Program as “extraordinary”.

The logistical program and distribution network that JD.Com has established gives the e-commerce giant the ability to do business with 99% of China. The company’s monetary commitment to disaster relief, education, environmental causes, and relieving poverty has totaled 700 million RMB to date. At the current rate of exchange that equals 100,894,915 USD.

Details JD.Com via twitter