Makeup And Jewelry Designer Doe Deere: From Homeless Beginnings To All-American Dream

It’s been an incredible journey thus far for Russian-born native Doe Deere, and most people are unaware of the entrepreneur’s early struggles and drive to succeed.

Doe Deere, her mother and younger sister set out for the American Dream some 20 years ago, leaving small Izhevsk for the huge metropolis of bustling New York City. As immigrants, the trio had long dreamed of the many opportunities available in America and was excited to plant their feet on the ground and get running.

At the time, Doe Deere (Xenia Vorotova ) was 17, and all three eventually found themselves swallowed up by the grandness and toughness of NYC. The hardworking, petite women took all kinds of jobs to stay afloat and keep food on the table, but it was almost impossible to pay mounting bills and maintain a decent lifestyle.

Soon, the three ended up in a homeless shelter on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue. Living in cramped quarters and standing in line for free food at a nearby church became the routine, but the women saved their money and later, stumbled on to Sanctuary for Families.

The non-profit connected the trio to better jobs and educational opportunities, and by 2000, they moved into East Harlem’s Lehman Projects on 110th Street. Again, a tough situation with rampant gang activity, but the three pursued their dreams, and life began looking up.

In 2008, Doe Deere took her creative spirit, artistic talent and entrepreneurial drive to launch beauty company Lime Crime. It was a major gamble trying to put out a brand of makeup, but Doe Deere used her street vibe, trends and love for wildly colored cosmetics to make her mark.

The e-commerce makeup line became a hit with millennials and celebrities, and Doe Deere moved the company to Los Angeles and employed 35 people.

Today, Doe Deere has branched out to another love, jewelry; she’s ready to debut her new brand PoppyAngeloff.

Doe Deere believes that immigrants also help make America great. The path to the American Dream is challenging with many twists and turns, but the rewards are worth every precious step taken.


Dr. Mark Mofid Makes Stunning Advancement in the Plastic Industry Sector

Dr. Mark Mofid is popular and respected in the cosmetic medical industry for many reasons. Mr. Mofid was trained at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University and has proved to be knowledgeable in the industry. Dr. Mofid has gained trust from his clients because of his fantastic reputation which is respected in the industry. Despite Mark being a doctor who satisfies clients, he does not take advantage of asking them to pay more but what he values most is the safety of his patients. Mark Mofid is at the forefront of the cosmetic medicine industry, and he is always searching for new things in the industry that have never been done before.

Dr. Mark has a deep understanding of the body’s skin, muscle systems, and fat which makes him understand things differently in the field. He has continuously been working for eight years on developing specific types of surgeries, and when he entered the industry, he noticed the field had a vast space of opportunities for him to improve. Therefore instead of conducting surgery like others, he invented a new way of surgery in the gluteal augmentation industry.

Gluteal augmentation surgery faced a significant problem in that most available implants were generic, and they were affecting the human body’s muscles which were sagging. Therefore, Mofid evaluated his options, and he tried to invest in something new that was compatible with the human’s body. After hours of research and reexamination, Dr. Mark Mofid came up with a gluteal implant that worked for people when it was introduced in the market. Many clients loved the new implant because it improved ratios, it has a superior intramuscular positioning, it has a low profile, and it looks better than the previous implants.

For many years, the gluteal augmentation industry was associated with adverse effects and was viewed as malpractice, but Dr. Mark Mofid changed how people viewed the industry as people started embracing it because it looked right than the outdated surgery procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid loves his clinic where he works with his wife who is a dermatologist helping clients. He believes that doing good work is the best way to market the clinic as client’s end up recommending him to other people. Dr. Mark is passionate about providing inexpensive plastic surgery procedures to clients which are of high-quality.


Lime Crime Is A Revolution In Makeup

Make-up provides a lot of women with self-confidence the way it enhances our natural beauty and can cover-up trouble spots. Females genuinely like make-up for the fun and style. Perhaps for a special event or a business lunch, make-up can certainly help glam up your appearance.

An impressive and vibrant make-up line named Lime Crime is generating a dazzling statement within the cosmetic world. Created by an exceptional business woman known as Doe Deere. The line presents Unicorn Lipsticks which come in intense colors like wine red, pale peachy nude, and pastel mint green. These lipsticks are extremely creamy and shiny.

Doe arrived in the United States from Russia to utilize her ground breaking creativeness. She wanted to become a famous recording artist but then became aware of her fascination with make-up and fashion. Lime Crime was created which is her dream cosmetics line. Doe has always had a gift with color and that is the thing that stands out the most in her line vivid unique color. She has been experimenting with hues since she was a young girl and has now perfected the skill.

The Perlees which are new to the line are very exciting. I seriously love the the shimmer they give. These lipsticks are liquid to matte pearl and are truly a sensational creation. Featuring shades like soft mauve, mulberry red, and penny copper. I find it wonderful to allow something like lipstick to be a means of communicating various feelings. This is the reason Lime Crime shines when it comes to motivating women to use unusual amazing color.

Doe Deere enjoys the fact that all of the aspects of her makeup line is not something traditional. She has an exquisite hair color collection in fresh vibrant shades like pink, mermaid, and lilac. If you like glittery lip gloss the Carousel Gloss is for you with a glassy like finish and glitter shimmers infused in the gloss.

Doe sincerely enjoys her company and is constantly shocked with all of her success. She will continue to keep pushing the boundaries in relation to style and color. This is exactly what makes her cosmetics stand above the rest. Utilizing all her inventiveness to create a distinctive online store is her everyday aim.

Her beauty assortment could be the foundation for natural in addition to daring make-up looks. Doe is frequently producing new methods and developing new shades for Lime Crime. Her fans are excited when it comes to submitting pictures of themselves with dazzling colored hair and Lime Crime makeup on their own faces.

Star sparkled eyes and lips are executed very well and express different statements. A collection filled with fantasy and tons of beauty information. The Lime Crime store offers various makeup trends for those that are looking for new makeup looks.