Whitney Wolfe and Bumble’s Big Journey

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the name of a 28 year-old woman who also happens to be a highly respected entrepreneur in the Internet world. She’s the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bumble located in Austin, Texas. It’s a dating app that’s driven by females. The startup organization has been in business for close to four years now. People who take a look inside of the refrigerators that are in Bumble’s offices will notice that they’re chock-full of Topo Chico, a type of Mexican sparkling mineral water. Bumble has been a true phenomenon in the dating app universe so far. It’s racked up about 30 mineral users at this point.People who walk into Bumble’s office tend to rapidly realize that it’s in no way, shape or form a classic presence for any startup.

It has a vibe that’s oddly reminiscent of a basic family room in a normal residence somewhere in the United States. It doesn’t have much in common with straightforward technology company vibes. It’s a relatively compact office that has 50 plus staff members. It features merely 25 or so desks. Employees don’t seem to spend a lot of time at their desks, either. They seem to have penchants for moving from point A to point B. People can find Bumble employees at tables, in conference facilities and on the floors. Some even find them lounging around on a massive couch. This couch has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 30 individuals at a time.It’s obvious to all that Wolfe Herd is busy with all of Bumble’s efforts.

Wolf Herde prioritizes her personal life, too, however. She hasn’t been married to her husband for too long. Wolfe Herd’s wedding took place all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in picturesque Italy as well. Many of her friends were in attendance at the breathtaking Southern European affair.Many widely known celebrities are more than familiar with Bumble as an app and all that it has to offer the world. Bumble has put together events in Los Angeles, California and New York, New York that enticed quite a few famous faces. Some examples of these faces are Kate Hudson, Priyanka Chopra, Gwyneth Paltrow, Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Garner.Bumble has done so much to transform the dating app sector within a relatively brief stretch of time. Bumble has assisted countless women who want to be at the helm of their own existences.

Whitney Wolfe Takes the Lead in the Age of Woman Empowerment

Whitney Wolfe did not set out to be the game changer that she has become. It is clear that the throne is hers when it comes to the leadership role in the dating app industry, and that is interesting for a woman that ran away from the concept of a dating app.It was the founder of the Badoo dating app that managed to help Whitney Wolfe see the light. Originally, she was all set to work outside of the United States on another dating app that someone else had already created. She would be bound for London, but this really did not sit well with her either.When she thought about the fact that she had already left a dating app that had become one of the top dating apps in the world it was somewhat impractical for her to come on board with another dating app company.

At the time she had her mind on a social feminist network app, and these two elements would also become intertwined inside of Bumble. Right now there is a Bumble for Friends (BFF) and Bumble Bizz. What Whitney Wolfe would ultimately realize is that she would be turning her back on a dating app industry that needed her if she did not assume the role that she has now. She had already faced sexual harassment in the workplace. She was someone that wanted to fight for equality when it came to her competition against Tinder.When she left there was a lawsuit in place.

The finalize settlement was undisclosed, but this type of lawsuit for sexual harassment during a time that would usher in a shift in women empowerment was pivotal. Her lawsuit would come before the #metoo harassment movement, but it would be something that will boost her into the spotlight all over again.Now that Bumble is sitting at the top Whitney Wolfe fields delighted that she was able to turn a personal problem that was bad in the something that is now good. Whitney Wolfe would go on and prove herself to be a vital force in an industry that was dominated heavily by men. She would become the active voice that would raise up a new standard in social media. She would prove that a young woman under the age of 30 was more than capable of holding her own in a land that seemed strange to women business leaders.