Dr. Saad Saad Contribution in Child Safety Awareness

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine, and he is one of the eight siblings, they moved to Kuwait during the creation of the state of Israel. These were tough times, but they made it to Kuwait where Saad together with his siblings continued with their education. They knew from the word go education was their key to making it in the harsh world they lived. Their father who was a skilled petroleum mechanic did not shy away from reminding them of that, and they heed his advice. Three children became surgeons Saad included, two Ph.D. and two Master Degree in engineering and a teacher.


Eventually, Dr. Saad Saad moved to the United States where he became a practicing pediatric surgeon. He has many years of practice in removing objects stuck in children aged between six months old to fourteen years. In a recent interview, Dr. Saad revealed that he has helped over 1000 children get reed of objects stuck in either the windpipe or the food pipe.


Children will try to consume various objects now and then due to their curious nature. Sometimes the objects are of the right size, and they can reach the stomach, but other times they get stuck in either in the windpipe or food pipe. Parents sometimes leave their kids unattended, and this can be the moment they ingest the objects that get stuck, and they can be hot dogs, coins and peanuts. However, when the kids show symptoms when they have an object stuck and parents should attend to any discomfort displayed. A parent should seek guidance from a pediatrician but knowing how to deal with the situation might come in handy in case of a severe condition.


Dr. Saad explains that for children below six years old one can hold them upside down while tapping their backs to get the stuck object out. For older children, the Heimlich maneuver can be performed which involves pushing air from the stomach to get rid of the stuck object. Most of the time the maneuver will work but if it fails one is advised to rush the child to see a doctor. When one sees a child swallowing an object that might get stuck, it is not advisable to try and reach for it with the figures since this will worsen the condition. Instead, the kid should be taken to a pediatrician where an X-ray can be used to determine where the object is stuck. Where X-ray cannot be used to view the stuck object bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy will be performed. Dr. Saad has performed bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy multiple times during his career and even came up with a solution to make the processes more efficient. Dr. Saad has dealt with different cases of stuck objects, but batteries have proven to be more life-threatening since they produce toxic chemicals that are fatal. Learn more :


Important Lessons from Dr. Saad Career Journey

After a long and successful career of forty-seven years, Dr. Saad Saad retired. It was a happy retirement because Dr. Saad has left behind a remarkable and lasting legacy. His career story is full of sacrifice, service, and innovation. Dr. Saad’s story is fascinating, and his motivation to be a pediatrician is hilarious. You would not expect it from such a prominent individual as Dr. Saad.

Although raised in Kuwait, Dr. Saad and his family are from Palestine. Growing up in Kuwait was difficult, but Dr. Saad did his best, mainly in receiving an education. His father motivated him to pursue higher education, which would earn him recognition. Being in a foreign country without documentation would not be easy. Higher education armed him with the knowledge that would advance his endeavors.

Kuwait was very hot during the summers, and the heat made Dr. Saad ill. This experience is what led him to choose an indoor job. He decided to be a doctor because they worked indoors where there are conditioners. He would not have to be out in the sun and risk falling ill. His made up his mind to become a pediatric surgeon where he would work in the operating room.

While circumstances may have motivated Dr. Saad’s decision, it was probably in line with his passion. He went to Cairo University and got a medical degree. Dr. Saad graduated with honors, and he was ready for his career. After an internship in England, Dr. Saad finally settled in America. He became accepted by the pediatric board after completing residency.

Dr. Saad has worked for many hospitals such as King Specialist Hospital, King Faisal Hospital, and K Hovnanian Children Hospital. Throughout his career, Dr. Saad appreciated challenging cases that honed his skills. Further, in his career, he participated in creating residency programs and creating a connection between England and Saudi Arabia. Students are allowed to have certification for the UK while in Saudi Arabia.

Achieving as much as Dr. Saad has accomplished means never procrastinating. He advises people to seize every moment and complete their tasks. Waiting is a waste of time and decreases your achievements. This influential work ethic is fundamental to everyone when they are pursuing their passion. Utilizing time increases your efficiency in what you are doing.

Besides treating patients, Dr. Saad invented medical equipment to improve health care service delivery. The first one was an endoscope with a suction device. Surgeons can view body areas with fluids with an endoscope. The other invention is an electromagnetic catheter. These two inventions reduce time wastage and increase effectiveness. The medical field is grateful for these inventions. Dr. Saad Saad has performed exceptionally and passed on the baton to others behind to continue with the noble work. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

The World of Painless Pediatric Surgery Is Possible With The Use Of Dr. Saad Saad’s Medical Inventions

For over 40 years now, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to assist hundreds of young children to find hope in life. He has been able to do this in more than five countries that include the U.S, Saudi Arabia, West Bank, and Israel. In some occasions, Dr. Saad Saad has been sent on foreign missions to conduct complicated surgeries on young children free.




A part of Dr. Saad Saad that has made him stands out. As a pediatric surgeon, Saad was and is not under any obligation whatsoever to alleviate the pain his patients undergo prior to an operation. After all, he is a pediatric surgeon, not a radiographer or anything of the sort. But in all his years in the medical industry, Dr. Saad Saad has been observing how patients are subjected to various tests prior to a medical procedure. It is even worse when a patient goes through such pain when the part in question is an internal organ. The patient may be subjected to more agonizing tests that include x-rays (the basic), CT Scan, and even MRI. This is what Dr. Saad Saad sort to change through his two medical inventions.




The first of this invention is the Catheter With Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device with patent number 5, 727, 553. According to Dr. Saad Saad, catheters are very important tools in the field of medicine. They help so much in injecting certain necessary fluids into the body and remove harmful toxins in form of fluids. But Dr. Saad Saad understands how painful it can be to insert this important tool into the patient. Because of his understanding, he decided to do a research that can help cut or even eliminate the use of inserting a catheter into the body and the employment of ultrasound investigations. With this device locator, it is now easy to know the exact organ with a problem without necessarily using any test. Learn more:  http://blogwebpedia.com/life-lessons-dr-saad-saad-pediatric-surgeon.html#.Wpbw3YJMFTY




The second invention serves the same purpose. It is called the Methods and Apparatus For Providing Suction, And/Or Irrigation In A Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact With A Target Area Through The Endoscope (Patented as 5, 725, 478).




Doctors who examine the colon, the stomach, bladder, throat and the windpipe among other internal parts use endoscopes. With the use of endoscopes, there is the pain. Again, with the second invention by Dr. Saad Saad, it is possible to reduce the pain.



Dr. Saad and his Dedication to Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Saad Saad is a well-known surgeon based in New Jersey. He was born in Palestine and later raised in Kuwait. Thus he is an Arab by birth. Dr. Saad pursued his medical degree at Cairo University in Egypt where he got an honorary degree in medicine. He came second in his class. After two years, he moved into the United States where he began his residency in surgery, precisely pediatric surgery. On due completion of his studies, he got inducted into the certified board of Pediatric Surgery. Dr. Saad worked for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia as their surgeon. Peculiar reasons, however, made him earn the spot to work among the royals. One being that he spoke both English and Arabic, the other one being that he was a member of the certified board member of the Pediatric commission in the United States.


The surgeon worked at King Fiscal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. At the hospital, he performed minor surgeries for complex operations. At one time, he operated on an infant diagnosed with an aneurysm. The operation was successful as the child survived. The surgeon then continued to urge a world-class magazine to publish the case details for the sake of educating the medical staff globally. At the King’s Fiscal Specialist Hospital, he was a respected medic as his opinions were taken seriously. If he recommended a patient to be operated overseas, no one would go against him. Even other surrounding Royal families came to the hospital to seek healthcare services. He closely follows the footsteps of his mentor, who believed that everyone was equal and they deserved an equal opportunity.


Having being raised from a low-income background, a fact that made him excel in medical school, his dedication to the poor was exceptional. He treated them with the utmost respect and offered to treat them in complex operations. Dr. Saad has spearheaded the invention of two devices that help the medical sector. His sole purpose is to instigate the transition from traditional methods of medicine to modern ones. He has committed to making the operations less painful and less risky. One of his inventions was a device that locates the catheter in the body without the help of a body scan. His second being an endoscope with a self-contained suction. In this procedure, the device sucks any fluid so that the surgeon can have an easier time treating the patient.


Dr. Saad Saad has practiced for 47 years and is still a certified board member of the United States pediatric council. To maintain the position, one had to undergo specialized training, pass a difficult test conducted annually, and go through continuous surgery operations. The surgeon is based in Eatontown, New Jersey and has a network of clinics that support his cause. Learn more:



Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Caring and Successful ER Doctor

Few can claim to be as intelligent and considerate of patients as Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, emergency medicine doctor at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare center in Florida. Dr. Forsthoefel attended the Louisville School of Medicine and graduated with his medical doctorate in 2009. Following this, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel refined his emergency medicine specialty with three exemplary years at the Louisiana State University Medical Center. Today, with six years of quality experience as an ER doctor, patients know they are in the right hands with Dr. Eric Forsthoefel.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is widely accommodating to patients from various backgrounds. He accepts over 63 insurance plans including Aetna, Medicare and First Health (Coventry Health Care), and his practice is exceptionally competent and accepting of native Spanish speakers. He is particularly well known for explaining treatments well to his patients, taking time to answer their questions, and providing a follow up with his patients as needed. As a confident specialist in injury, trauma, or accidents, Dr. Forsthoefel is the perfect doctor to see if you are involved in a car accident, boating accident, or another kind of accident in Tallahassee, Florida.

Perhaps Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s best trait is to handle dangerous and urgent situations as a leader in the ER room. He sees medicine in a way most doctors cannot, and understands and listens to patients in a way most doctors can’t. One of his patients came in with extreme abdominal pain, and he calmly listened to her and gave her the correct diagnosis. Two previous doctors including a gynecologist and urologist could not figure out what was wrong, but Dr. Eric Forsthoefel correctly diagnosed the patient because he knows how to listen, deduce, and solve the complications that his patients have.

Many lives are saved and improved today due to the intelligent, confident, and successful work of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. He acts quickly but surely, catering to the injuries of each and every patient. By combining caring bedside manners with a prompt, accurate diagnosis, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel will continue to save and improve the lives of his patients in Tallahassee, Florida.



Dr. Mark Mofid Makes Stunning Advancement in the Plastic Industry Sector

Dr. Mark Mofid is popular and respected in the cosmetic medical industry for many reasons. Mr. Mofid was trained at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University and has proved to be knowledgeable in the industry. Dr. Mofid has gained trust from his clients because of his fantastic reputation which is respected in the industry. Despite Mark being a doctor who satisfies clients, he does not take advantage of asking them to pay more but what he values most is the safety of his patients. Mark Mofid is at the forefront of the cosmetic medicine industry, and he is always searching for new things in the industry that have never been done before.

Dr. Mark has a deep understanding of the body’s skin, muscle systems, and fat which makes him understand things differently in the field. He has continuously been working for eight years on developing specific types of surgeries, and when he entered the industry, he noticed the field had a vast space of opportunities for him to improve. Therefore instead of conducting surgery like others, he invented a new way of surgery in the gluteal augmentation industry.

Gluteal augmentation surgery faced a significant problem in that most available implants were generic, and they were affecting the human body’s muscles which were sagging. Therefore, Mofid evaluated his options, and he tried to invest in something new that was compatible with the human’s body. After hours of research and reexamination, Dr. Mark Mofid came up with a gluteal implant that worked for people when it was introduced in the market. Many clients loved the new implant because it improved ratios, it has a superior intramuscular positioning, it has a low profile, and it looks better than the previous implants.

For many years, the gluteal augmentation industry was associated with adverse effects and was viewed as malpractice, but Dr. Mark Mofid changed how people viewed the industry as people started embracing it because it looked right than the outdated surgery procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid loves his clinic where he works with his wife who is a dermatologist helping clients. He believes that doing good work is the best way to market the clinic as client’s end up recommending him to other people. Dr. Mark is passionate about providing inexpensive plastic surgery procedures to clients which are of high-quality.



Dr. Saad Saad benefaction as a pediatric surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the best Pediatric Surgeons in the United States. During his career before his retirement, he became one of the most valued people worldwide due to his kind heart. The good heart is portrayed by his actions such as performing pediatric surgeries for poor children in Jerusalem for a considerable number of times. Even during his work as a pediatric surgeon, he used to treat all his young patients starting from infants to teenagers equally without any discrimination, whether the patient was black, financially poor or any other factor that can lead any kind of discrimination.

He was born in a family of eight children him being the youngest. Two of his brothers were engineers which had lured him into becoming an engineer but he was discouraged by the way his brothers used to work under very high temperatures during the summer. As a result, he decided to become a surgeon like one of his siblings. Learn more: https://health.usnews.com/doctors/saad-saad-966528

After completing his education and earning a medical degree from Cairo University, he then went for his internship where he trained as a pediatric surgeon. He worked in one of the children’s hospital as the Surgeon –In- Chief and the called K Hovnanian Children’s hospital. He worked with compassion for his patients and became so appreciated by the whole society.

Dr Saad Saad was a diverse person. He was also so flexible that he could understand a couple of languages that is English and Arabic. He was a Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon in the United States. Due to his reputation, he got a very important opportunity in his life to work for one of the royal families in Saudi Arabia. He moved together with his family to Saudi Arabia where they stayed for a significant number of years. In Saudi Arabia, he worked in one of the hospitals called King Faisal Specialist Hospitals where he performed all types of surgeries ranging from the simplest to the more complex ones. During this time, he performed the most complex surgery in history for an infant and he saved the life of that baby. As a result, Doctor Saad Saad became so respected that his own opinions in the hospital became more recognized. He also earned a good name for that hospital to an extent that parents would prefer their children to be treated in that hospital instead of being taken abroad for treatments.

He also went ahead and created a surgical residency program in Saudi Arabia for the students instead of having them study abroad. He also worked for the approval of the Royal College of Surgeons in England. He left a great legacy in Saudi Arabia.

He inspired two of his children to venture into the field of medicine. They were impressed by their father’s achievements and they wanted to keep his legacy as one of the best Pediatric Surgeons in the world.

Dr. Mark Mofid Has Built An Exceptional Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery Practice In La Jolla

Dr. Mark Mofid graduate from Harvard magna cum laude. His medical degree is in general and plastic surgery. He additionally completed a craniofacial research fellowship. He is a staff surgeon for several hospitals including the Palomar Medical Center, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Scripps Memorial Hospital. He belongs to the University of California as a clinical faculty member. This is the Division of Plastic Surgery in San Diego. His publications include facial and breast surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid has presented at international and national medical conferences. He is involved with the American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid opened his office in La Jolla. His staff includes his wife as a full time dermatologist, a nurse and Dr. Mofid as the plastic surgeon. The office is attached to a surgery center accredited by AAAASF/Medicare. He offers reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatologic services to the thousands of patients who visit every year. His front office staff consists of a full time nurse and two surgical technologists. The hiring process is rigorous and generally results in 500 to 1000 applications.

Dr. Mark Mofid owns a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. There are options available for dermabrasion, aggressive chemical peels and facial resurfacing. He has established a relationship with a laser facility for any services not offered by his office. He prefers to stay with the technologies with a proven track history instead of the newest technologies. This helps ensure his patients are satisfied with their treatments. Dr. Mark Mofid believes the work he does is his best source of advertising. He chooses to compete regarding high quality not pricing. He does not advertise in print although a website is available.

The office offers chemo denervation agents and nonsurgical fillers as a natural extension for the practice. A lot of his patients want to try facial rejuvenation prior to making any decision regarding surgery. Many of these patients do eventually opt for plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid believes in building a practice slowly and refers to this as not putting the wagon in front of the horse.



Dr. Rod Rohrich Helps Other Doctors To Become Better Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a physician from Texas. He performs plastic surgery, and numerous patients are familiar with him. He’s also famous among doctors. In fact, doctors who perform plastic surgery are generally eager to learn his techniques. Luckily, it will be possible to learn from him at upcoming conferences. These are the upcoming conferences that he will be attending:

  1. The Baker Gordon Symposium:

The Baker Gordon Symposium is a great place for doctors to learn new plastic surgery techniques and learn to implement new plastic surgery technologies. Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the Baker Gordon Symposium’s esteemed faculty.

Doctors who are attending the symposium travel to Miami. The conference is held from February 8th through the 10th.

  1. The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting:

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting Meeting has been organized by Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rod Rohrich also serves on the organization’s board as the chairman. Doctors who go to the Baker Gordon Symposium learn the latest plastic surgery technologies and techniques. In addition, the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting Meeting is quite popular.

  1. The Cosmetic Surgery And Medicine Meeting:

This meeting was also arranged by Dr. Rod Rohrich. It’s a great place for doctors to become familiar with the latest techniques and technologies for plastic surgery. The Cosmetic Surgery And Medicine Meeting is quite popular.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Efforts To Give Back To The World:

Dr. Rod Rohrich is widely known as a philanthropist, and he makes sizable philanthropic donations. In addition, he helps to improve access to healthcare for children who live in Dallas. He also has organized outreach missions for individuals in third world countries. The outreach missions make it easier for people in these countries to access healthcare. The healthcare is provided to these citizens free of charge. About Rohrich


The Future of Dental Industry with MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental organization that has been established to serve the affiliated dental practitioners and dental hospital owners across the States. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded the group. The main aim was to facilitate the dentist to focus and deliver quality services to the patients all over the States. The vision of the team is to provide the best of the best in the dentist practitioners and other corporate dentistry in the industry. The underlying principle that prompted Dr. Chris to set up MB2 Dental based on the idea that doctors working with each other can help them accomplish more than when working individually as a dentist. Since its inception, MB2 Dental has achieved a big success in establishing a complete togetherness in the dentistry industry. It currently has more than 500 employees across six states in the United States, and it is still expanding in its operations and service deliveries.

MB2 Dental has certain unique qualities that make it one of the most outstanding organizations in the dentistry world. It encompasses the traditional means of dental practices, and it aims at not only making profits but also creating customer satisfaction. MB2 dental focuses more on autonomy support, personal dentist growth and working together in the industry to share knowledge and experience between the dentist practitioners. The organization also focuses on making improvements and innovations that help in revolutionizing the dental sector. These changes aimed at providing quality services, and higher improved standards leading to the better result, client satisfaction and this will typically lead to more business growth. MB2 Dental provide an environment in which dental practitioners in can learn and grow each other.

The organization is characterized by several factors making it one of the unique establishment in the dentist industry. Apart from promoting knowledge sharing between the dentist, it has a team of professional lawyers to teach its associates and advice them on legal matters pertaining the industry. The expert team also information on the issues of marketing challenges and ways of overcoming them. MB2 Dental provide an avenue in which the dentists can share experience and knowledge and thus create an ample working environment between the dentists.  The organization also has a team of technologically versatile young men who can advise accordingly on technological matters and the current technological trends in the market. The company is well conversant with the current technological changes in the market making it one of the most advanced dental company.