Norman Pattiz Brings the Voice of Legendary Norman Lear to PodcastOne

In the recent past, PodcastOne has been introducing new shows as a way of bringing a new version of the show and interesting voices that are meant to influence a huge following. Not long ago, Norman Pattiz announced bringing Norman Lear, a World War II veteran, director, producer writer, and an intelligent creator into his podcast. The move to bring such a legendary personality was a great milestone to the PodcastOne.

Norman Lear hosts a weekly special podcast dubbed ‘All of the above.’ According to Norman Pattiz having Lear on board is a great achievement owing to his legendary figure. The new show which debuted on May 1st takes listeners through a wide range of interesting conversations derived from events happening in the society such as; politics, social issues, music, and family among many other critical situations. The show always brings the views of various celebrities and politicians among many other prominent figures.

Norman Lear works in close cooperation with Paul Hipp, a renowned actor, composer, and a great friend and the duo delivers more than entertainment to the loyal listeners. Lear has featured prominent guests such as Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, and America Ferrera among many others and much more scheduled to feature in the future. Learn more:

Norman Lear who is about to celebrate his 95th birthday is a man of many personalities. As many would agree, Lear is more than talented in everything he does. The great character was substantially involved in the establishment of television. Besides, Lear has written and developed a notable number of shows. Lear is the founder of the American Way, an advocacy group that was presented with the National Medal of the Arts by Clinton. With such a vast portfolio, Norman Pattiz feels proud to have a legend he always admired work in close collaboration with him.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. Also, the renowned individual is a retired person of Westwood One, a radio giant. Mr. Pattiz’s portfolio speaks well on his behalf. The successful innovator established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Recently, Norman Pattiz also launched the PodcastOne Sales as a way of expanding the brand.

Norman Pattiz’s effort and outward passion towards improving his well-being and that of community around is always admired by those around him. In 2000, Pattiz was appointed by Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. His success saw him being reappointed in 2002 by President Bush, an assurance that he always knew what he was doing. Besides, Norman Pattiz serves as a trustee of the prestigious University of California among many other positions that he holds. Learn more:


Thor Halvorssen Wants To Protect Human Rights

What Is An Open Society?

An open society is a society that has a strong emphasis on giving people the right to determine their fate in life independent of how they were born. This is something many people take for granted, but in some parts of the world it simply isn’t reality. Instead, people are forced to live under the rule of oppressive leaders who determine exactly how they can live their lives. This is why Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Organization. He wanted to make himself a voice for those who live without the ability to stand up for themselves. For more than 13 years the Human Rights Foundation has done exactly this without fail.

Exposing The Harsh Reality

Documentaries are something many people watch for entertainment, but Halvorssen intends to do much more than entertain with his films. He wants top do everything he can to make sure that people understand what life is like for those who do not have the ability to determine how their lives will play out. He wants people to see Buddhists who cannot practice their faith in Vietnam and political prisoners in Venezuela. When people see these injustices they are able to understand why they need to make a difference.

Connecting Activists Around The World

Right now, Halvorssen is focused on connecting activists around the world and giving them a way to stand up to oppressors on their own terms. The Oslo Freedom Forums are doing just that. Originally hosted in Norway, the festivals serve as a way for human rights activists around the world to connect to each other and share ideas.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most prominent activists in America today. From founding the Human Rights Foundation to his efforts to make himself the most prominent examples of the defense of human rights. Despite his efforts he doesn’t rest or let his ego go to his head. He continues to do just about everything he can to help others in need and bring about a new age of open societies.

Adam Milstein

Ideamensch Interview with Adam Milstein About His Investment Career and Entrepreneurship Experiences



In an interview on Ideamensch, in December 2016 Adam Milstein shares experiences as an investor and partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is known in the investment industry and community as a leader and philanthropist. He is a partner of private commercial real estate investment firm, Hager Pacific Properties. As Managing Partner, he helps manage more than 100 properties valued at approximately $2 billion with three other partners. He also helps to keep the company’s real estate portfolio strong by including commercial, industrial, multifamily, and retail properties.



Adam Milstein heads the San Fernando Valley Office and directs disposition, financing and property management. When Ideamensch asked him about his idea for Hager Pacific Properties, he elaborated on his education and life experiences. He came to the United States in 1981 and became a citizen, continuing his education and earning a MBA. Two years later, Mr. Milstein started on a career in commercial real estate and discovered it was difficult. He decided to work as a Real Estate Commercial Broker and discovered much success, inspiring him to be one of the most successful real estate investors.



Ideamensch asked Mr. Milstein to talk about his business growth, entrepreneurship experience, and recommendations he would suggest to others. It’s one strategy he said helped his business grow, not setting specific and unrealistic goals which limited his success. The advice he suggests to others in the real market is to never let other people persuade you that the real estate market is abusive and uses you. He said investments into real estate takes time to earn profits and shouldn’t be considered as short-term investments.



In the middle of the interview, Adam Milstein admitted to one failure, the desire to become wealthy by investing all his money into one venture. He said it was a mistake and life experiences taught him that real estate is for long-term investments. Mr. Milstein says entrepreneurs must understand any issue and never rely on others to come up with solutions as the leader. The interview ended after he spoke about his partner, David Hager who influences his thinking and capable of helping others.