“How Graeme Holm Is Helping Debt-Ridden Families In Australia Through Infinity Group Australia “

Infinity Group Australia focuses on reducing the debt of Australian families through innovative debt-reduction technique. Founder Graeme Holm has been actively involved in the finance sector for 17 years. He specializes in the fields of real estate and financial advisory. At an early age, he understood the flawed system in the majority of the financial institutions which increased financial pressure on debt-ridden families in Australia. With his expertise and a team of talented entrepreneurs, they have exceeded the expectations of customers.


Another pillar of the firm Rebecca Walker has been a crucial member of the leadership since the inception of the Infinity Group Australia in 2012. With accreditations in financial planning and mortgage broking, she brings valuable experience to the company.


Recently in an interview, Graeme discussed his vision for the company and the story behind his success at Infinity Group Australia. He believes that ideas come closer to reality when it is shared with like-minded people. Employees in the company are encouraged to seek feedback and put up their suggestions on a regular basis for innovation and swift solution to existing challenges.


When asked about his current interests in the sector, he was prompt to mention FinTech which he believes is changing the landscape of the financial market across the world. He is patiently waiting for the integration of CX customer experience with  the benefit of the clients. Graeme believes that an entrepreneur goes through thousands of hurdles before becoming successful in life. He insists the young generation of entrepreneurs to follow their passion in spite of the inevitable hurdles that lurk on.


He feels the best business idea he could share with people is related to the current market scenario of the coaching and the consulting sector which are deemed to be the fastest growing sectors in the global marketplace. He stated that offering a free consultation to a business for reducing cost overheads and increasing profit margins will generate paid consulting opportunities in the company.Learn more: 




Currently, he utilizes Fintech for keeping a track of the financial performance of clients. He would even use it to monitor his own expenditures and incomes for a better understanding of his position. He vouches for the software and recommends the software to all the businessmen who keep notice of the accounts section in the company.


Lastly, he shared his views which most do not agree with. He claims that a 30-year loan can be repaid in 3-5 years with proper financial planning and perfect timing. With the allocation of a personal banker handling a case and surviving on a weekly-cash based budget, one can make larger deposits to the loan account every month thus cutting down on interest rates. Graeme knows that following the strategies religiously without crossing the budget limit for a duration of time will clear the debt in record time.


Solutions Provided by Graeme Holm through Infinity Group Australia.

Graeme Holm has had a rough moment trying to change the terms conditions to which the loan clients are subjected by the banks and other financial firms in Australia. After a long working experience in the banking sector where he worked for the biggest financial institutions in Australia, Graeme managed to acquire relevant knowledge and skills that made him understand the operations of the institutions’ activities. However, he realized that the way things were done in the industry was contrary to how they were supposed to be done. For instance, the credit customers often came looking for loans, which they had very little or no information about. This often led to misunderstandings between the customers and the lenders due to the ignorance of the clients.


However, their ignorance was understandable because not all the clients had been through finance or economic classes. So the best thing that the personnel of the financial organizations and the banks could have done was to guide and support their customers towards the proper repayment of their debts. Instead, the institutions just gave the money to the customers and left them to struggle with their genuine ignorance in their repayment process. This often led to a myriad of challenges during the repayment processes for many clients. Some of them even got to the points of defaulting the loan repayments, and consequently, their property ended up in the wrong hands of auctioneers. This was a painful process for the customers because instead of improving their living standards, the loans ended them in more financial troubles than they were before borrowing. Learn more:



This scenario challenged Graeme Holm, and he decided that he could sit no more and watch the clients of the credit sector suffer the unfairness and the impunity of the banks and the other lending institutions. He considered the solution that he could offer to these customers and settled on establishing a financial firm that could operate as a personal banker and a financial trainer to these customers so that their livelihoods could improve. Together with his wife, Rebecca Walker, Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia, an organization that would later become a redemption to many clients who suffered the impunity of the banks and the credit facilities.


With the establishment of Infinity Group Australia, many customers have been happy to get assistance in the management of their debts. The company has also offered advice to the clients on matters relative to wealth creation and management. Also, the elderly customers have also been able to access guidance on the ultimate solutions for their retirement plans. As a result of all these services, they claim that they are happier with their children and the rest of the family members because they have less to worry about their financial statuses.

Graeme Holm Trains the Australian Borrowers in Financial Management.

The establishment of Infinity Group Australia by the financial guru, Graeme Holm, was the beginning of financial freedom for the Australian families. This was back in 2013 when Graeme and his wife Rebecca decide that they could not watch any more while the Australian banks extorted the common citizens of the country with their unfriendly financial deals. Some of the raw financial deals that they got related to the credit transactions where the customers required financial assistance from the banks. The institutions could charge exorbitant rates on the clients since they knew that they were desperate at the time of borrowing and they needed the finance. After taking the loans and mortgages, the clients would also find themselves in challenges to repay the borrowed amount due to lack of financial management skills. As a result, they could find themselves in troubles of their properties being auctioned by the financial institutions, situations that could leave most of the customers in devastated financial conditions.


To solve this quagmire, Graeme Holm collaborated with his wife and started Infinity Group Australia. This organization started small, but the founders had big ideas behind them. They intended to get all the plights of the credit customers and figure out ways to provide solutions to them. One pillar that has led to the success of Infinity Group Australia since it was established by Graeme Holm has been the great customer service that they offer to their customers. The company employed professional customer service experts whose main work is to handle the customers like kings. They are trained to understand that the customers are the main reason that the organization exists and they ought to be treated with great respect and dignity.


Graeme Holm also introduced customer training to Infinity Group Australia. This was to ensure that the customers get sufficient information regarding the financial contracts that they enter with the company. As a result, the customers have become more enlightened and hence more likely to manage their finances prudently. Some of the training that the customers undergo include the budgeting of their income. This ensures that they can strike a balance between the small amount that they earn and the expenditure. It enables them to control their expenses, and hence they can manage their financial obligations more prudently.


Another aspect that is incorporated into the training is that of loan amortization. The customers of Infinity Group Australia are advised on the best methods to offset their outstanding loan balances so that they don’t get into trouble with the financial lenders. This way, the customers can live happily with their families knowing that their finances are in good conditions. A report released from a recent survey shows that the customers of Infinity Group are much grateful and contented with the customer service of the company compared to any other organization in the financial industry. The report also indicates that the customers repay their mortgages and other loans more punctually than the customers from the traditional financial firms. This way, they are comfortable in their workplaces and also at home knowing that all their financial obligations are met. Learn more :


Graeme Holm: Receiving a Recognition from the Industry Experts

Graeme Holm is the mind behind the Infinity Group Australia, which has become one of the most trusted debt reduction firms in the country. He co-founded the company along with Rebecca Walker, and recently, they received recognition from the Australian Financial Review (AFR) because of the company’s impressive performance. The Infinity Group Australia was listed as this year’s one of the most innovative companies in the country, joining 99 other companies. According to the official list presented by the AFR, the Infinity Group Australia is ranked 58th. Thousands of firms from Australia and New Zealand has been nominated for the distinction, but the people behind the awarding body have only chosen 100 companies to serve as their best examples. Graeme Holm thanked the people behind the prestigious listing, saying that it has inspired them to do better for the company.



The Infinity Group Australia was established in 2013, and its founders, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, stated that the reason why they have chosen a debt reduction firm to be their business is that they wanted to help a lot of Australians who have been in the debt trap. Many people in Australia are using their credit cards excessively, and the two tried to help them manage their finances effectively to avoid further debts. Many people who have tried the services offered by the Infinity Group Australia are saying that they have noticed changes with their lifestyle after they decided to work with the company. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker never expected that their company would grow tremendously, and within five years, they will be named as an innovative firm across all of Australia and New Zealand.



The Most Innovative Companies list is being released annually, starting in 2011 when they released their first issue. The prestigious list includes companies operating in Australia and New Zealand, highlighting their contribution to the economy and the society. More than 1.8 million readers have been following the annual list, and it keeps on growing through the years. One of the groups responsible for the selection of the companies that would be recognized is Inventium, an Australian innovation consultant firm. They worked with other judges coming from other industries and compiled the list presented to them, choosing which company should be included on the list based on their performance and impact on society. The judges have noticed that the Infinity Group Australia has been doing an excellent job in addressing the problem with excessive debt among Australians, and they decided to recognize the company’s efforts and included them in the prestigious list.



Graeme Holm accepted the award during the awarding ceremony, and he thanked everyone who made it possible for his company to be recognized. Graeme Holm has been very proud of his company’s achievements, and he is also saying that just this year alone, hundreds of people have already contacted them seeking assistance regarding their spending habits. Graeme Holm is ready to help anyone who needs their help, assuring them of support and guidance on how they could escape the debt trap. Learn more: http://www.dailybulletin.com.au/business/39015-the-customer-first-approach-of-graeme-holm