Susan Mcgalla: A Respected Entrepreneur and Executive Consultant

Susan McGalla was born on the 31st of May 1964 in East Liverpool. She is a famously recognized as both an executive consultant and entrepreneur. She was an apt student who excelled in his academics, having graduated with a degree in marketing and business at the renowned Mount Union College. She also serves as a member of College Board advisors in Mount Union College. She was raised in a humble household with her father being a football coach. However, this did not act as a distraction to her great dream. Interesting to note, it served as a stepping stone to her envying success. Her entrepreneurial life started in the Joseph Horne firm. While in this firm, Susan McGalla had not yet been certain of her specialty. Thus, she was rotated through various managerial and marketing positions that aided her in acquiring knowledge that would prove handy in her next step of life.

In 1994, Susan became part of the American Eagle Outfitters firm. By this point, the firm majorly consisted of men. At the beginning of her time at Eagle Outfitters firm, Susan McGalla served as a Divisional Merchandise buyer. However, as time passed on, she was incorporated into various positions in the company and eventually ended up being the company’s Chief Merchandising Officer and President. During her tenure as the company’s top person, she headed the launching of 77 kid brands.

In January 2009, Susan McGalla departed from American Eagle Outfitters firm. After all, they say that Change is inevitable. She then became a private consultant on investment issues. She provided solutions to those companies that needed an insider’s perspective on the world of retail. She later initiated P3 consulting. Currently, she is the current vice president of Business Strategy and Creative development for Pittsbu4gh Steelers. Susan McGalla is also a consultant who has a deep understanding when it comes to marketing, branding, and talent management. Her prime focus is to see women advancing themselves in the entrepreneurial market. She achieves this objective through taking part in talks to huge audiences. Susan McGalla had the three qualities needed for her to succeed. She had a passion for entrepreneurship, was hard working, and flexible. She also believes that allowing your brain to remind you of the past is also one of the components that make one be a failure. She admits that she didn’t allow gender to act as a hindrance in her career goals. Susan is hopeful that more women will heed to this advice and take new paths in their careers.