Infinity Group Australia making a difference in Australian debt management

Infinity Group Australia is a leading provider of money management and debt reduction services in Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the fastest growing organization in the region because of the nature of the services they are offering. The company is offering services that are helping Australians to get out of debt easily. The company was formed five years ago and has been very instrumental in reducing dents among Australian families. The company wants to address this issues because of the number of people who are falling into excessive debts in going up every day. Looking at dire cases of excessive debts, they are also increasing every other day.




Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies that are interested in the real issues that affect Australian families. They are offering specific solutions which will get anyone out of debt. This company was created by Graeme Holm, an MPA Top 100 broker in Australia. He created it to help as many people as possible with debt reduction. For many years, he has been in the financial industry offering services through the big financial institutions in the country. While working in this sector, he realized that there was a gap that needed to be closed, and that is when he came up with the idea Infinity Group Australia. Learn more:




Infinity Group Australia was established on the basis of offering working solutions to the clients. Anyone who approaches this bank for support will get solutions that will blow their mind on how effective they are. The company has a strict work ethic that ensures everyone gets the kind of assistance they would love to get. The services offered by the company are geared towards personal training on finances utilization. People who look for services from this company are trained in how to come up with budgets that allow for more savings.




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Infinity Group Australia has been serving clients for the past five years. In this period, the number of happy clients is 100 percent. The company has a working method that is 100 percent fool-proof. It rare to find a solution that works in this manner, but Infinity Group has made it possible. Once you join their list of clients, they will assign a personal trainer who will help you come up with the best budget plan that leaves you with more saving that can be used to repay the debt.



Michael Burwell The CFO Willis Towers Watson


The professional life of Michael Burwell is highlighted with numerous achievements that have seen him grow to be one of the most recognized financial advisers of our time. Before he took over as the Chief Financial Officer at the Willis Towers Watson worked for over 30 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. He initially spent 11 years serving in the assurance practice where he mingled and helped numerous clients who needed help with their audit. He was later admitted into the partnership where he handled Detroit based transaction. It’s after his success in this area that Michael Burwell received his invitation as the leader of US-based transactions.


Michael Burwell attributes his success in his various efforts to his education and hard work. He holds an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University where he was awarded the Alumnus of the year award in the year 2010. He says that his skills in finance, portfolio management and leadership to the skills he acquired when he was getting his bachelor’s degree from this university.


At the end of the year 2017, Michael Burwell was named as the Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson who is one of the leading broking, advisory and solutions organizations in the world. He brings along a load of knowledge and experience to the table. This is especially so because Michael has served in various senior leadership roles before. Speaking after his appointment to the CFO position in Willis Towers Watson, Michael promised to give the organization all that he had to help the company succeed in all its ventures.


With the kind of qualification that Michael Burwell brings to the table including his expertise in transactions, transformations, and knowledge. Michael will undoubtedly lead the firm in the achievement of their goals so that they can achieve their full potential. His strength, commitment and his general ability to lead make him the best fit for the Willis Towers Watson firm. Michaels various leadership roles are an added asset to the company as he not only understands management but is also able to drive the company to achieve high goals and outcomes.


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