Paul Mampilly – Expert Financial Analyst and Professional Financial Advisor

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and financial analyst currently working with Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. At the beginning of his career, he worked at Wall Street for companies like Banker’s Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and others. While working for a hedge funding corporation named Kinetics Asset Management as its portfolio manager, he helped the hedge fund grow from $6 billion to over $25 billion. It is what helped the hedge fund to be listed by Barron’s as well to be the best hedge fund of the year.

However, Paul Mampilly realized that the expertise he posses in the financial world is only available to the rich and wealthy and thus, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He started a financial newsletter named Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and a few others, which help everyday people, understand the dynamics of the financial world. The ordinary people are the ones that find it hard to manage their finance and invest smartly as they do not have the financial experts working for them like the wealthy people. It is the difference that makes the rich people more productive with time and vice versa.

In Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly helps his readers identify the stocks that he believes would be growing in value in the time to come. The stock tips and recommendations provided by Paul in his financial newsletters have helped many of his readers to expand their investment portfolio successfully. The economic and investment tips that Paul provides in his newsletters have helped his readers to avoid accidental losses in the financial market and investing strategically to secure their future financially.

Paul Mampilly has a very different way of devising an investment strategy and picking a stock, which helps people avoid losses. If you are looking to make investments in the volatile financial market, taking the help of the professional financial expert such as Paul Mampilly would help. One important advice he always gives his readers is that they should stick to their strategy and not let go off it after some success as it would end up causing unbearable losses for them.

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Nick Vertucci: Life and Accomplishments

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV. He was born in a very poor background and it even became hard for him and his family after his father died when he was at a very young age and everything became a struggle in his life. He began a business where he started by selling computer accessories at the age of 18 years. The business failed soon after the investment bubble that took place in 2000. He was then forced to look for an alternative where he enrolled in a real estate academy which led him to venture into the real estate sector.

He, later on, decided to open Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy[ NVREA] which is a real estate business that had been named after him. His business was majored on buying OD single-family rentals, renovating them and later on selling them. The business grew and made better sales in the market by advertising it through his radio station, The Real Estate Investing Hours. This created a good image for him in the market to his investors.

His real estate business became a success due to his determination, passion, positivity, skills, knowledge and hard work and also creating a conducive environment for his staff and clients to understand each other and co-operate to do business comfortably.

Nick Vertucci challenges young entrepreneurs to be flexible and embrace change for nothing lasts forever. Comparing his earlier business of selling computer accessories and real estate business, he also advises the young entrepreneurs to be patient for they will experience ups and downs of business. They should learn the concept of spending less, saving less and investing more financially. He also motivates them by encouraging reading his book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’. A day in the life of Nick Vertucci is scheduled at the start of the week to make his week more productive. He says he sees each day newly, believes in it, and plans it before executing it.

Financial Educator and Investor Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a finance educator and investor who is currently active in providing investment information to other investors. Matt was a scientist before becoming an investment educator. Badiali completed a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. During a five year span, Matt worked on a doctorate degree until the year 2004. That year, he was introduced to finance by a friend of his.

The friend of Matt Badiali had a Ph.D in finance and was looking to have Matt work with him on developing investment methods to help investors. Since Matt had lots of education and experience in science and geology, his friend believed that he would be able to provide valuable financial advice to investors. The friend was looking to develop investment advice that would appeal to normal Americans. One of the motivating factors in Matt’s decision to pursue this opportunity was experience with his own father. Matt grew up watching his father struggle with investing. As a result, he vowed to find a way to educate and help people with their financial management.

Since pursing this opportunity, Matt Badiali has been committed to helping a number of investors make better decisions. He has helped them find investment options in segments such as energy, natural resources and metals. His impact has been quite significant as well as many of his readers have consistently made returns in the double and triple digits.

In May of 2017, Matt launched a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. He has been able to build a network of very loyal followers who are eager to get more of his advice. This additional advice has come in the form of his natural resource stock recommendations.

When it comes to success and providing investment advice, Matt Badiali looks to provide information that is relevant and beneficial to the average investor. He regularly travels all over the world to places such as Peru, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Papua New Guinea and Switzerland. Over the years he has visited a number of mines and oil projects to get more ideas for investment recommendations.

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Michael Burwell The CFO Willis Towers Watson


The professional life of Michael Burwell is highlighted with numerous achievements that have seen him grow to be one of the most recognized financial advisers of our time. Before he took over as the Chief Financial Officer at the Willis Towers Watson worked for over 30 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. He initially spent 11 years serving in the assurance practice where he mingled and helped numerous clients who needed help with their audit. He was later admitted into the partnership where he handled Detroit based transaction. It’s after his success in this area that Michael Burwell received his invitation as the leader of US-based transactions.


Michael Burwell attributes his success in his various efforts to his education and hard work. He holds an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University where he was awarded the Alumnus of the year award in the year 2010. He says that his skills in finance, portfolio management and leadership to the skills he acquired when he was getting his bachelor’s degree from this university.


At the end of the year 2017, Michael Burwell was named as the Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson who is one of the leading broking, advisory and solutions organizations in the world. He brings along a load of knowledge and experience to the table. This is especially so because Michael has served in various senior leadership roles before. Speaking after his appointment to the CFO position in Willis Towers Watson, Michael promised to give the organization all that he had to help the company succeed in all its ventures.


With the kind of qualification that Michael Burwell brings to the table including his expertise in transactions, transformations, and knowledge. Michael will undoubtedly lead the firm in the achievement of their goals so that they can achieve their full potential. His strength, commitment and his general ability to lead make him the best fit for the Willis Towers Watson firm. Michaels various leadership roles are an added asset to the company as he not only understands management but is also able to drive the company to achieve high goals and outcomes.


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Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Guru

Nick Vertucci is a real estate professional who started NV Real Estate. He is the type of man to emulate for those who are inspired by a rags-to-riches story. Vertucci grew up in a family who constantly faced financial worries. He had to deal with the traumatic experience of losing his father at only ten years old. At eighteen years old he immediately started his own business selling computer fittings. Rotten luck would end up hitting his business during the end of the dot-com bubble when the market crashed. Nick Vertucci ended up accumulating a substantial amount of debt and lost his house in the process. He did not let the failure of his computer business stop him. He ended up enrolling in a real estate academy and built a phenomenal career as a real estate investor. He even started his own real estate training school of his own.

Nick Vertucci later wrote a book called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. The book sketches the steps that built the foundation of Vertucci’s changes he made that enabled him to eventually achieve financial freedom and a more maintainable enterprise. The book highlights how Nick Vertucci started life in an extremely poor family. He grew up and performed well for himself with his tech business and made a lot of money. He then lost it all and had to start back over with nothing. Nick Vertucci said that during this period he went through a serious depression, but while attending real estate training he found someone to mentor him. He was able to alter his mindset. It was this change in his mental attitude that he was able to turn his life and his financial situation around. He said the book is geared for those who may be currently struggling in business.