George Soros, a world Renowned Philanthropist whose Giving’s is Changing Lives

George Soros is one of the most renowned philanthropists who has dedicated his entire fortune to fund the Open Society Foundation charitable activities globally. George Soros has donated more than 32 billion dollars of his money to the Open Society Foundation. Besides being the founder of the Open Society Foundation Soros is also the Founder of the Central European University Budapest. The University is known as being a regional center that is leading in social sciences studies.

The Open Society has played a key role in supporting individuals and other organization around the world fight for democracy, open and just societies, freedom of expression and holding governments into accounts. The foundation has also been in the forefront in sponsoring students from needy families through college and universities. Thousands of young students from across the globe have benefited from the initiative of the foundation. George Soros foundation more over has focused its donations on the marginalized people in the society. So many people have been discriminated because of their race, sex, and origin. The foundation has been helping this type of people especially the drug users, sex workers and the LGBT group.

Soros passion for philanthropy began while he was still a young boy in Hungary. Born in 1930 and having lived under the Nazi regime Soros has experienced firsthand what it is like living in a country where there was no democracy and observance of the rule of law, and there was a gross violation of human rights. Soros witnessed the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews who were his kinsmen. His family barely survived the horrific incident through the falsification of identification documents.

Soros after the war in 1947 left Budapest and went to London. To support himself through his studies at the London School of Economics Soros began doing some odd jobs on a part-time basis. He began working part-time as a railway porter and also as a night club waiter. Soros in 1956 migrated to the US and joined the finance and investment sector where he became a successful hedge fund manager and made his wealth which runs to billions of dollars.

Soros used all his wealth to establish the Open Society Foundation. The Foundation was inspired by the thoughts in Karl Popper’s book The Open Society and its Enemies where Popper argues that a society can only flourish in an environment that allows for open democracy, good governance, freedom of expression and the respect for human rights. These are the values that the open society foundation seeks to uphold.

George Soros besides the Open Society Foundation has generously helped support other independent charitable organizations such as the Global Witness, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group and the Institute for New Economic Thinking among others.

Soros is in his 80s now and still has the drive and force to continue with his passion for giving. In 2017 Soros according to the Open Society Foundation donated 18 billion dollars to the foundation. The funds are expected to help the foundation to continue with its future advocacies work around the globe. Soros total contribution to the foundation since 1984 is over 30 billion dollars.


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