Wes Edens, the Unrelenting Milwaukee Bucks Owner, And Fortress Investment Groups Co-Founder Makes the Big List

Wes Edens is the chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. He is regarded as one of the richest men in America. He is reported to earn about $13.4 million from Fortress alone. He also earns dividends worth $41 million. He is listed as number 297 on the Forbes billionaires list. It didn’t happen in a flash though.

Summary of Mr. Edens and His Career Path

Wes Edens is a private businessman with a rich history in the world of corporate leadership and investment. He is a renowned equity investor with a knack for businesses that return high profits. He owns a basketball team named Milwaukee Bucks. Mr. Edens has been a Managing Director and Partner at BlackRock Financial Management Inc. He has also served in the same position at Lehman Brothers. Mr. Edens is a Finance graduate from Oregon state university. According to Forbes news, Mr. Edens is ranked among the richest investors in the US. He participated in the sale of Fortress to a Japanese Company; SoftBank at $3.3 billion. He has maintained a shrewd business outlook in all his business dealings.

Fortress Acquired by SoftBank

The Japanese giant, SoftBank, acquired Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion but allowed Fortress to continue operating independently; although its financial report at every end of the financial year will be incorporated with that of SoftBank. Fortress is one of the investments that have made Wes number 297 on the Forbes billionaires list. According to Forbes, Wes is worth over $1.6 billion. Mr. Wes Edens is said to have sold his stock at Fortress for $ 512 million.The decision by SoftBank to allow Fortress Investment Group to operate independently impressed Fortress leadership and that of SoftBank alike. There will be little disruption of the growth trajectory that Fortress has demonstrated over the years. SoftBank management acknowledged the value addition from the acquisition, saying that Fortress will add their investment expertise to the bank’s portfolio and help it to grow further in the area of investments. Mr. Randy Nardone and Pete Briger will continue working as the Fortress Group’s heads under the new arrangement.

Fortress history

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as an alternative assets investment company. Wes Edens is one of the founders of the giant investment organization. Fortress is reported to be worth over $ 72 billion. The group has its headquarters in New York City. Fortress has grown over the years and opened branches all over the world. Some of the investments that Fortress has include transport businesses, real estate, infrastructure, healthcare, media financial services among others.

An Investment Legend

Mr. Edens continues to inspire upcoming investors with his shrewd business decisions that turn into gold. He has assets spanning a wide range of niches. He continues to put his money where his mouth is. Wes is often interviewed by pressmen. He has repeatedly told his interviewers that there is nothing as interesting and beneficial as the investment game. He quips that if everyone could see the reality of the world, they would go into investing in assets and stocks across the spectrum of options splashed on the screens in the stock exchanges.


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Marc Sparks Outlines critical Issues in a Presentation To an investor

It is notable that most young entrepreneurs are faced with the scarcity of the resources required to start their journey to a successful business. There are various channels that can enable the young entrepreneur’s access funds to finance their ideas and make them a reality. For the young business minds to acquire the resources, either from donors, grants, business angels and the financial institutions, they are required to convince the latter that their idea is viable and if implemented will lead to success in the business world.

Notably, all financiers are looking forward to making more money on their investment and are evading the risk of losing their finances. It is through this notion that a young business mind should convince a financier of the viability of their business idea through a clear and convincing presentation. The aim of the presentation is to provide the investor with an overview of the business that the young entrepreneur is willing to conduct. It is through the presentation that the financier will make a concrete judgment on whether to offer the business resources or not given the nature and clarity of the business. It is worth noting that financiers are businessmen and women who have been in the world of Business for a long time and thus according to Marc Sparks one should ensure that a presentation clearly convinces the investor.

In regard to the presentation, Marc Sparks states the four critical issues that should be outlined in the presentation. The first critical issue is making a point with every visual or image presented. One should ensure not to waste time in a presentation by providing unnecessary graphics that do not add meaning or value to the idea that one is selling to the investor. Ensure to have a viable data that can be backed by critical evidence in the world of research and business. Marc Sparks states that one should actualize their ideas through concrete data that would show the timelines and how the business is anticipated to grow. Another critical issue with a successful presentation is the notion of simplicity. One should ensure that the investor is able to grasp all the information provided by the presentation. Complicating the presentation reduces the confidence of the investor in the business idea ensure all is presented in a simple and clear manner.

The last issue in a viable presentation is ensuring that all the team members of the business are well outlined in the presentation. Their roles should also be outlined in the presentation. According to Marc Sparks ,this will ensure that the investor can grasp the organizational structure of the business to be started. Learn more: https://twitter.com/msparks5010?lang=en