Tiffany Haddish Posts Video on Dating that Goes Viral

Funny viral videos are starting to take off with celebrities. Now everyone seems to be getting in on the mix. Initially, it was Will Smith that presented some interesting stories about this life that would give people a look at Smith in a completely different way. He will talked about his struggles and added humor into the mix. This is something that he has managed to do quite well, but he is not the only celebrity that is indulging in the viral videos.


If someone like Will Smith is the king of celebrity viral videos Tiffany Haddish is easily going to become the queen and this arena. She recently created a very interesting video about dating. This is a video that gives some funny dating tips, and Tiffany Haddish is just the type of person to do this with a high level of humor. It is a great way for her to stay relevant with the fan base that she has while she is in between television shows and movies.


For Tiffany Haddish to do small clips like this where she talks about dating gives her a chance to incorporate some of her own personal stories into the mix. This is where all the real humor comes in. People love to hear Tiffany talk about her personal life and different things from her book. This is obvious that she has transformed her career largely by way of the stories that she has told from her own life.


Tiffany Haddish has a great way of luring people in, and her videos are going viral largely because they are very humorous. This is just what Tiffany haddish has become known for. She is the person that has a funny story for just about every occasion you can imagine. Viral videos can be done by anyone, but Tiffany haddish appears to have a loyal audience that is waiting for her next video that she is going to post.

Will Smith is Enjoying His Time Away from Hollywood

Funny viral videos can make people laugh and even inspired them to create videos of their own that may go viral. Long before the internet people have been sending their funny videos to shows like ‘America’s Funniest Videos.”


It has been many years since this show has come into place, snd it is still in existence even with the Internet being as prevalent as it is. This show is hosted by Alfonso Roberto, and a good friend of his is taking over the Internet with the posting of some very funny videos that are instantly going viral. This friend is Will Smith. Will has carved out quite a niche for himself as a social media entertainer that many people love to follow.


Will Smith has stayed away from social media for a long time. A large part of this had to do with the fact that he was focused on his career. He was so engaged in what he was doing on the big screen that he had very little time to post funny videos like the ones that he has posted about meeting Michael Jackson. These types of videos may have taken a backseat because he was much more involved in promoting his career and the careers of his children.


A lot of time has transitioned over the years, and he has managed to create some very interesting videos about his showbiz life. He is not acting as much now that he is older, he appears to have a lot of down time on his hand. He has become something of a YouTube sensation that is really getting as many followers as younger entertainers that are active in the business right now.


Will Smith did make a movie for Netflix in 2017, but his ability to relax and simply enjoy the money that he has made appears to be what he is doing right now. he appears to be having fun with viral videos.

The Funny Viral Trend That Asks You Not to Laugh

In the endless space of the Internet, viral trends come up every other day. Some of them die out fast while others persist on top of the trending pages on websites for months. One of those is the viral Try not to laugh challenge that has been done by thousands of content creators, and even news sites have been jumping in on the fun.

This viral trend sparked other similar challenges such as the try not to cringe, cry, or puke challenges. Still, the laugh challenge has been on top of its rivals, and it has also been evolving into editions. People that are on the internet and have been familiar with a vast selection of funny videos, vines, and memes, create compilations of selected content that people then watch, and do their best to keep a straight face throughout the challenge. Most people break down and laugh when a dog or a cat does something funny, however.

Compilation for such challenges can be found throughout the internet, and there are even compilations for target audiences by profession, age, hobby interests, and so on. Parent, teenagers, teachers, content creators and so on can all find enjoyment in these compilations in the form of videos or pictures.

But what makes it funny? It is mostly the relatability factor and lightheartedness of the challenge. Sometimes trying your best not to laugh makes you only laugh even harder. Some of the complications are also rather creative. There are montages that make crossovers between various movies, songs, or current events. Such montages are a viral trend of their own as they carry the element of surprise a well as creativity in bringing two different things together.

Funny viral trends are one of the most popular aspects of the internet. People love a good laugh especially when they get to share it with friends and family, or watch their preferred content creator put on a compilation and provide half the comedic value.

Funny Viral Trends; the true effect of Sending a Sext the Wrong Recipient

Funny Viral Trends; the true effect of Sending a Sext the Wrong Recipient

It is bizarre, annoying and even disgusting when you are on the receiving end. The advent of social media, quick text messaging apps and chat application have come with their fair share of embarrassments and social accidents that make some laugh, surprised and even shocked. The act of sending a sext message; which is the internet shorthand for a sex message in text form is undesirable but comes as a reality of the internet and modern technology communication forms. Here are some of the hilarious sext messages ever sent on various media but largely caught on Twitter. Note that they may be hilarious or otherwise depending on where you are standing. The general audience will perceive them differently from the immediate people that the sext messages affected.


The first one trending currently comes from a Twitter user Sarah Hallowell @ Sarah Hollowell in a reply she wished to send to @ Nicole Cliffe. She tells Nicole that she at one point arranged a threesome that failed to happen; she sent a text accidentally relating to the threesome plans to another man that she had met online in the recent past. She says that she had no thoughts of having sex with that man and did not intend to sleep with him because she did not even like that man.


In another Twitter mishap, @collectdust in a reply to Nicole Cliffe says that a stepbrother sent a penis image to his mother. He remarked that she thought that the cell phone had lost its head because according to him, he says, he had actually sent the image of a puppy. The humorous part is that the stepbrother sent the image again just to prove that the phone had lost its mind.


@eppiciunto says that she sent a sext message to their fish tank cleaner asking why he never kissed her goodbye when she left. She had intended the message for her husband.


@hikatie says that her husband accidentally sent his ex-girlfriend who bears a name similar to hers the image of his cookie shortly after he had started dating her. The ex-replied that she would like to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Are Cats Man’s Best Friend?

Dogs are ubiquitously known as man’s best friend. So where do cats fit into all of this? Aren’t cats just as supportive, playful and friendly to men as dogs are? One video developed by Purina Fresh Step shows that Cats can be man’s best friend too and it does show in a hilarious and funny way. Here are some of the highlights of the video.

The video is officially called dude’s best friend. It features a young male “dude” and his adorable orange cat. The dude has a dilemma on whether to text a girl he went out a date with and his cat is by his side. His cat’s support helps him make the right decision, which is something that all pet owners can probably relate to.

Next, the man decides to take a bath after not showering for a while. His cat looks on and he talks with his cat about how bathing is like taking several showers. The support of the cat once again helps him realize what he did not do and what he should be doing. It is a testament to the “silent” support that our pets offer us unconditionally.

Even when the dude does some of his private albeit funny antics, the cat silently watches. This again shows that the cat is the man’s friend and supporting him throughout his ups and downs. The man talks with his cat throughout the video, which is something that every cat owner and pet owner in general probably does. Although, they may not understand our language, they probably understand how we feel.

Cats and dogs have been shown to react differently when we are happy or sad. For example, a cat or dog may try to cheer us up when we are feeling down or depressed. While they cannot speak to us, it is as if they know how we feel!

The end of the Dude’s Best Friend video shows the guy saying his cat is low maintenance and putting in some Fresh Pet litter in his litter box. The description of the video does not do it much justice. Watch it for yourself and get a good laugh.

Funny Viral Internet Video That Trends In 2017

It’s surprising how a trend on the internet can take off within a short time and a few minutes later, even seconds, goes completely viral. People have different ways of thinking and they transfer just that to memes and hilarious videos that trend easily, receiving millions of likes, views, and even comments. Below are just but a few viral trends of 2017.


This is an emerging dancing style that has gotten people speaking. A dancer swings their arms and shoulders sideways while they yell ‘Yeet’ along with the beat. However, people have forgotten the desired meaning of the dance, and they will only yell ‘yeet’ to make fun. It is also used as a sound effect.

What are those?

Very few people would dare confront a police officer and ask them a shitty question, just like the guy in this popular video does. First, he starts by asking the cop whether he could ask him a question. Then he pulls out his cellphone and points it to the police shoes before posing the question “what are those?” Watch it here.

The potato in the room

The original version of this trendy video started with a child who when singing a song swapped the word ‘tornado’ in the song for ‘potato.’ The video got more than 10 million loops in fourteen days. The second version then came about, but this time, the audio in the original song was paired with a real potato that was suspended from a ceiling fan.

Jeff is my name

Channing Tatum in a film fakes a foreign accent when trying to say his name, “My name is Jeff,” but fails. This got thousands of people creating uncountable memes that trended in 2017.

I eat pears

When Rick Ross in an interview expressed his love for eating pears as a weight loss strategy, he did not know it would be the talk of the year. How he pronounced letter P in Pears was all it took to make the video viral.

Some Of The Funniest Viral Internet Trends Going On Right Now

Some of the best Internet trends are those that can make us laugh. The Internet is a place that can create a lot of emotions within us, so humor is probably one that we should shoot for. Some of the current trends that are quite funny are as follows.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Wait, how can trying not to laugh be funny? It is if you are watching an extremely hilarious short video and trying to contain the laugh that is trying to burst right out of you. You can take part in this hilarious challenge by just typing the words “laughing challenge” into your YouTube search bar. You will be presented with hundreds if not thousands of videos that give you the opportunity to take part in this challenge. See how many you can get through!

Mannequin Challenge

You probably have already heard of this one. The mannequin challenge is so popular that even some big name celebrities have taken part in this one. It is basically a challenge whereby people stand around like mannequins and another person goes around filming the scene while putting music behind the scene. It is funny just to try to stand as still as possible like that, but it is even better when you get a whole group of people to join in and stand around with you as someone films it.

Whisper Challenge

Are you bad at reading lips? So far most people. The funny part of this challenge is that very fact. You take one person who puts headphones on with music blaring loudly and watches the lips of another as they say a phrase of their choose. The person with the headphones on then tries to translate what the person speaking as said. It is quite funny to see what they believe is being said.

Prank Videos On YouTube Getting More Dangerous

Prank videos can be a lot of fun, and that is exactly how they started out when they first appeared on YouTube. Someone would set up a funny prank and video tape it with the person being taped not realizing that they were about to be the subject of a prank. If the prank is executed well, then we can all watch it and have a laugh. However, pranks on the Internet lately have gotten more and more desperate. has published a great article that details how prank videos have gone from fun and innocent to downright terrible. They show some early prank videos that are very innocent and funny such as a person getting wet from being sprayed with a rigged up water faucet. However, the pranks started to get more and more dark as people were willing to do anything to get the clicks they wanted.

A member of the cast of Big Brother UK Sam Pepper was one of the bigger names to get in trouble for using YouTube as a means of doing something wrong. He made “prank” videos in which he allegedly sexually harassed someone. When this video came out it received immediate backlash. YouTube star Laci Green even went so far as to write an open letter to Sam Pepper calling him out for what he had done.

The criticism of the actions of Mr. Pepper grew and eventually he removed all of his Internet existence for a short time. He later returned to the Internet with more horrible material and was once again denounced. It was just the latest sign that some people will do whatever it takes to become “Internet famous”. There is a lot of money for those who really can generate a following, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Man Wrecks Tvs Worth $6,000

If you ever think that you are having a bad day just know that at least you did not wreck $6,000 worth of televisions. That is what happened to one man in England recently, and the video is making the rounds.

The Huffington Post reported on the story and even showed the video to go along with it. The customer was leaning down to take a look at the television screen when he ended up knocking it over and into another television screen. That was crazy because the two sets together have a value of about $6,000.

The customer has not yet been identified, but people are already laughing so much at the video. The video is pretty funny because we can all relate to what this experience might be like. We can all understand what it might feel like to be in a situation like that, and we might even feel like it is something that we could see ourselves involved in.

The person who got himself stuck in a bad situation like this made it even worse by reacting in such a way to the first television falling over. He sort of snapped back and ended up bumping another television set over as a result. That was certainly not what he thought he was going to get into when he went in the store.

Perhaps at the end of the day the store will just take the free marketing that they are getting from the video as payment enough for the televisions that were ruined. Maybe the customer will also come forward and identify himself as well.

Newest Viral Sensation Involves a Naked Japanese Guy, An Electric Fan, a Table Cloth and a Tea Cup

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock or lost in the forest for an extended period of time, you may not have heard about the newest viral sensation to hit the internet. Or maybe you seem to recall mentions of that naked Japanese guy and a table cloth around the office, but you just haven’t gotten around to checking it out. Well, whatever the reason, it’s time to bring you up to date because this guy is simply too great not to see for yourself.

Kazuhisa Uekusa is a comedian from Japan’s Saitama Prefecture. At 29 years old, this innovative fellow has found himself to be the latest global sensation due to his rather unique talent. We’ve all seen versions of the table cloth trick in which someone yanks a cloth off a table so swiftly that it doesn’t disturb the place settings of fine china, glassware and silver. Well, Uekusa takes this classic bit to a new level by using his naked body as the surface upon which strategically placed cups and saucers are set.

His videos began circulating on Twitter just recently after he posted one he had leftover from a series of television show performances. Hating to see the clip go to waste, he stuck it up online and was then surprised to see how popular his parlor trick was becoming. His latest version involves the cloth being wrapped up in an electric table fan so that when it unravels, it is pulled from beneath the cups without causing them to crash to the floor.

Pretty amazing, huh? While it may be a bit risque and more than a little bizarre, this viral sensation is also simply too amazing not to see.