The Latest Youtube Trend That Is Going Viral

A very funny internet trend is making people laugh. The trend consists of people uploading videos of them removing ingrown toenails. It may sound a little awkward at the beginning, but it is also extremely fascinating and funny to watch. There are ingrown toenail removal videos all over the internet and all over Youtube. In fact, there is an entire Youtube channel dedicated to ingrown toenail removal videos, called Ingrown life.

This follows another viral internet trend that a doctor started. She started uploading videos of her removing pimples and blackheads and stuff like that. This seemed to fascinate many people. That lead to even another viral internet trend, where people baked cakes with sugar cherries in place of pimples. Sorry, but that is extremely hilarious. Some people would even pretend to pop the pimples on their cakes.

These ingrown toenail removal videos are fun to watch, but they should not be taken as a source for authoritative information on how to remove ingrown toenails. Not all the methods shown in the videos by the people who uploaded them are necessarily the right way of doing things. These videos should be watched for humor only.

There is a reason why people like these videos. It is similar to the way that people like roller coasters and other scary amusement park rides. It is also similar to the way that people enjoy going to haunted houses. You would think that people would not want to get scared, but that obviously is not the case.

The videos shown on Ingrown Life, despite what you might think, are not gross at all. They are just videos of people removing ingrown toenails. Of course, there are all kinds of other ingrown toenail removal videos all over Youtube and other social media platforms which may be different.

In any case, if you do have an ingrown toenail, make sure to go to a certified doctor who can help advise you on how to treat it.

Was Taylor Swift Inside The Black Box?

A large black box was carried out of Taylor Swift’s apartment and people are losing their minds trying to figure out why. The box was carried out by two men and escorted by several security guards, leaving fans and locals to believe that Taylor Swift may actually be inside this box in order to leave her apartment without being seen. Although there is no proof that Taylor was for sure in the box, fans have compiled a list of reasons to make this accusation seem very plausible. Here is a list of reasons why people believe Taylor Swift was definitely in that box. (

People have been doing their own investigations to see if this is actually possible and the result is very comical. Some have done extensive research on when and where this box has also been seen and whether or not Taylor Swift was present at that time. People have even gone as far as predicting the measurements of the box and seeing if a human being can fit in it if they fold themselves in the right position.

Apparently, Taylor has used multiple methods to avoid the paparazzi in the past, such as walking backward or sideways to avoid facing the camera. Fans believe that she is always trying new and improved methods to avoid paparazzi and say they would not be surprised if this “box theory” was a new attempt. So what do you think? Was Taylor Swift in the box? If not, then what do you think she does carry in there? With all of that security around it must be something very important, but for now, we will just have to wonder.

Parenting Humor Makes Tweets Unforgettable

Parenting is hard. There is no way around it. Pre-children people may imagine themselves doing crafts, singing songs, and exploring the library with their still unborn children. Then they have a child and reality hits. Children take parents to the edge of their sanity and then push a little harder. Humor seems to be a common thread amongst parents dealing with the daily challenges of helping small human beings turn into responsible adults.

Social media has allowed parents to share their tears, frustrations, and laughter. An ongoing list of funny parent tweets shows just how ridiculous and universal the struggle for sanity is. Take for example a tweet from @sarcasticmommy4, “If my kids could just do what I say & stop complaining about every single thing, I could be the parent I always wanted to be.” Food, clothing, television shows, the air they breathe—kids will complain about anything.

If they’re not complaining, they’re fighting with a sibling. As @R_A_Dadass tweets, “I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love to fight over whose turn it is to push the elevator button.” Children will fight to tears over who gets the last cookie let alone an elevator button. Playing referee is par for the parenting course. There’s no way around it.

As parents muddle through, they reach important milestones, “I’ve reached the stage of parenthood where jeans are my fancy pants.” (@ramblinma) and have epiphanies, “Cargo pants are basically just dad leg purses.” (@Dadpression). It’s an exhausting journey, but through it all, parents discover that, while parenting is hard, it is worth it. The moments of joy appear while quietly reading a book together or lying on the grass looking for shapes in the clouds. They can be few and far between, but they are there. In the meantime, laughter can carry parents through to the next ‘aha’ moment of happiness.

British Habits That Make Americans Say WTF

When Americans think of British culture, words like ‘sophisticated’ and ‘refined’ usually come to mind. It turns out that folks in the United Kingdom have certain really weird habits that make us say WTF.

What could our neighbors across the pond possible do that would make us think their heads aren’t quite screwed on straight? For starters, they keep their washing machine in the kitchen. Instead of eating beans out of a bowl or off a plate like a normal human being, Brits put it on toast. Yes, toast, bread from the toaster. If you order pudding over there you’ll probably be disappointed if you expect to get a bowl of smooth chocolate or tapioca, since they’ll serve you a piece of tasty cake with a weird texture instead. And guess what they serve for dessert at family dinners? Spotted dick. Not kidding, but at least it’s not as obscene as it sounds.

They sell wine in plastic cups in convenience stores, and their orange juice comes either with or without ‘juicy bits’ in it. Brits don’t get the concept of tipping, apparently, since bartenders over there get worried as to why Americans try to give them extra money. They say ‘fortnight’ instead of two weeks.

Some Brits wear bum bags, but that’s just what they call fanny packs. They keep a big plastic container they refer to as a wash-up bowl in the kitchen sink to wash dishes in instead of sudsing up the sink, for absolutely no logical reason I can think of. Rather than having knobs for hot and cold water, the Brits decided to install two separate faucets in each sink, which I’m guessing makes plumbers over there pretty happy. And they lose their minds when they find out Americans don’t use egg cups, because we eat our eggs off a plate like normal people.


Funny Viral Trends in 2017 This Far

The Internet is an endless spring of entertainment. More and more comedic content is popping up, and some are left in the past. Most of the content features memes and vines which sprout out from unsuspecting source materials such as movies, celebrity interviews, animals and children behaving funny, and above all real life situations.

Not too long ago, the primary source of comedic content was Vine which is no longer around. There are other outlets, however, that serve as a platform for people to share some entertainment. We are halfway into 2017, and the memes and comedic clips have come and gone, and of course, more are emerging.

Some of the most recent funny viral trends were memes such as ‘my name is Jeff’ which came from a movie that hit the theaters this year. There was something sad yet comedic in the way the actor said the phrase and that had many video content creators use it as a punch line to relay awkwardness.

Another viral trend on the internet this year has been the fidget spinner. It was originally for relaxation purposes, but it turned into somewhat of a meme when the toy became so overly saturated on the internet. People made a laugh out of throwing fidget spinners in the trash or pretending to play the character of the ”basic” person.

Memes have been around for about a decade. Almost each one of the creators is unknown, but their creations are used to entertain millions of teenagers and young adults every day. Content creators use them in unique ways and come up with new things in the process. What makes a good meme is usually the relatability and the comedic value while in some cases it is the cringy and awkward feeling they inspire. Memes are the internet’s way of expressing oneself.

Florida Student Faced Backlash For Proofreading Letter That Went Viral

College student, Nick Luntz got a handwritten letter from his now ex- girlfriend. The University of Central Florida then decided to do a little prank. He took the letter and decided to proofread it for spelling and grammatical mistakes. He also annotated it and even gave his ex-girlfriend a letter grade for her apology letter to him.

Thinking it would be funny, Nick Luntz took a photograph of the letter and his corrections along with the grade he felt she deserved. He then posted him holding him up the letter with the corrections and grade on Twitter. The message and posting quickly went viral on Twitter. It was quickly retweeted over 100,000 times in a short span of time.

I must say that it is a very funny prank or joke to play on an ex-girlfriend. There was nothing mean or harmful done here. You are merely making fun of the spelling or grammatical mistakes that may have occurred during the writing of the letter. The internet seemed to agree with this sentiment and Nick quickly gained fame in the online and pranking world.

This joke did land college student Nick Luntz in some hot water however. His ex-girlfriend tried to file an online bullying complaint against her ex-boyfriend which was dismissed by the Volusia County Sheriff’s office. They correctly said that there was no damage done or any intention of damage. You cannot file charges against someone just because they offended you or made you feel uncomfortable. There were no threats or risks posed said the sheriff.

Not only did his ex-girlfriend not take the joke well, but Nick’s own college did not like it. They suspended him, but then readmitted him after an uproar. As an attorney for Nick Luntz said, the college violated his free speech and it has no business in policing activity that he does outside of the university.

Funny Viral Trends on the Internet, 2017

You can’t afford to have a gloomy day if you have access to the internet. The web has turned into an entertainment hub. Just like any other community, the online community appreciates humor. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Snapchat, it’s easy to spread hilarious content to a large audience. Currently, there are funny trends that have taken over the internet. These trends include YouTube pranks, challenges, GIFS and memes.

The BowWow Challenge

This is one of the most hilarious trends this year. It was a sarcastic response to a photo posted by American celebrity Bow Wow. The artist posted a picture of a private jet on SnapChat. The caption read, “Travel Day.” Judging from the post, he wanted his fans to believe that he was traveling by private jet. However, he was spotted on a commercial plane and a fan leaked a picture of him on the internet. Internet users began posting deceptive images with the hashtag “BowWowChallenge” on their captions.

Tiny Trump

President Donald Trump was made the subject of a series of funny memes that went viral. Well, Trump is around 6ft tall. Since he came into power, he has strongly fought against fake news. Early this year, he met with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. People started posted memes showing President Trump as a tiny person, almost the knee-height of an adult. According to these memes, Donald Trump’s actual height is fake news!

The GIF Frenzy

GIF (graphical interface format images) have won the hearts of internet users this year. These kinds of images are similar to videos, except they’re very brief. The image contains a visual recording that is played over and over at certain intervals. It’s has become a viral trend as most people are converting funny one-liner jokes from TV shows into GIFs, and sharing them on various social media sites.

It Is Possible To Say A Lot With Humor

Most comedians have acknowledged that they can say anything that they wish to say through humor. The fact is that all of us are talking about similar things all the time. But very few of us can be funny while doing so. Hence such people can turn the sheer craziness of life into good comedy.

People feel that being responsible means being away from humor. But now they realize that it is possible to say anything they want to, through comedy.
There is no age for being funny. The sooner, the better it is. It has been seen that people tend to move away from humor as they get older. The fact remains that humor makes people happy and takes them away from their worries for some time. Besides, it keeps them physically fit and mentally relaxed too.

Leaders are held accountable for producing results for their customers. This means that they fail if their team fails to deliver. This can lead to a lot of friction between the team and its leader. Humor can be the bridge over here to remove this tension from any kind of unpleasant conversations that are bound to take place at some time. There can be consistent attempts at humor that can make it more enjoyable for everyone. It will also help to make the painful profit-focused tasks more tolerable for all.

Leaders are well aware that executing of business plans in an effective manner will require engaging in activities that tend to create animosity that would reflect animosity all the time. This is where humor can help to release tension in all kinds of business situations.

Good humor is when a person is self-aware. It means being comfortable with making fun of ourselves in order to light up the mood.

The Impact of Memes on Politics

Memes are funny viral internet trends that have surfaced on social media sites. While they are commonly used for fun between friends, they also have larger implications that were evident during the United Kingdom’s general election. Memes about the politicians of both parties popped up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the weeks before voting. They swayed some votes with particularly entertaining content and jokes. One voter from Glasgow reported, “some memes were really impactful…although they were just meant for humor, they really hit home on some of these issues.” The most successful memes included animations and caricatures of the candidates. As with any good meme, the text on the bottom referred to social issues or traits of the candidates. While it is not known whether the candidates themselves saw any memes, their staff certainly did. Both parties declined to further comment on the phenomenon.


Most experts agree that memes are not a form of corruption in any manner. They are free forms of expression on social media, and because they reach such a large audience, their effects are felt around the world. However, there is a fine line between memes and fake news. It is easy for designers to alter memes to contain faulty information that could skew the outcome of an election. It is up to users to determine which memes are valid and which ones are sinister. In any case, memes are a relative newcomer to politics. A few decades ago, it would have been difficult to imagine a society where humorous cartoons have such large impacts on elections. Memes are the most common in the United Kingdom and America. In addition, certain sites are more susceptible to this medium than others. Overall, we should respect that memes and politics go in tandem, and when it comes to advertisement, they truly are powerful images.


Some Funny Trends Taking Over The Internet

The Internet can be a very creative place. All of those individuals from all over the world contributing to this great thing we call the Internet. It is easy enough to see how great trends can come from all of that. Even more impressive is when some of those trends are truly funny and really do make us laugh. That is the case with a few of them that are ongoing right now.


Consider the “whisper challenge” first described on the Jimmy Fallon show and reported on by CNN. This is a game where one person wears headphones with music turned up very loud while another person looks at them and whispers a phrase. The person wearing the headphones then tries to read their lips to see what it is that they are saying. Doing so often leads to hilarious results since most of us cannot honestly read lips.


The try not to laugh challenge is another one that anyone can get behind. It is just about watching some very funny videos on YouTube while trying not to laugh. It will really test your funny bone because the videos are designed to be quite funny. The longer you can hold on without laughing the better. If you are really good at this game you can impress people by just keeping those laughs in.


Finally, the mannequin challenge has been so popular that it has even taken in some celebrities. This is a challenge whereby a group of friends gets together in any particular situation and poses like mannequins while another person walks around and video tapes them with their phone. The video is then uploaded to YouTube along with music to go along with it. The more creative the scene and the music selected, the better.


These are just a few of the many great challenges currently going on via the Internet. They are the trends of today, who knows what might come along when we open the Internet tabs tomorrow.