Funny Viral Videos That Will Smith Created Brings Back the Comedic Side of The Fresh Prince Persona He Created

One thing that people can say about Will Smith is that he is creative and funny even when he is not trying to be. He has had a lot of serious action rolls over the years, but everyone knows from his early rap career and his TV show that humor is where he finds his groove. He has mastered acting and become quite good in action movies and dramas, but the humor that he has been known for is showing back up. There is a very funny wave of viral videos that enlighten fans on who he was before he became the mega superstar that he is known as today.


The funny thing about these videos is that these stories are golden, but somehow the world doesn’t know much of anything about these stories. He has such a great story as he transitions from his time as a rapper to an actor, but few people know that he was reluctant to do the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Will Smith has the ability to sustain the attention of a crowd. He is someone that knows exactly what it takes to keep people intrigued by the story and it is very possible that his children will have some interesting stories of their own to tell one day.


Tracee Ellis Ross and Rashida Jones have both told great stories of how Michael Jackson was at their homes when they were little. Many people are envious of the lives that these celebrities led as kids. Many of them have met celebrities that became big name superstars. Michael Jackson has come to the home of both Ross and Jones, and Will Smith even has a Michael Jackson story. The Will Smith encounter, however, is much different from a typical day at the home of Diana Ross or Quincy Jones. Will Smith has posted a video about the humorous meeting with Jackson, and he told it in only a way that Will Smith could.

Will Smith is Enjoying His Time Away from Hollywood

Funny viral videos can make people laugh and even inspired them to create videos of their own that may go viral. Long before the internet people have been sending their funny videos to shows like ‘America’s Funniest Videos.”


It has been many years since this show has come into place, snd it is still in existence even with the Internet being as prevalent as it is. This show is hosted by Alfonso Roberto, and a good friend of his is taking over the Internet with the posting of some very funny videos that are instantly going viral. This friend is Will Smith. Will has carved out quite a niche for himself as a social media entertainer that many people love to follow.


Will Smith has stayed away from social media for a long time. A large part of this had to do with the fact that he was focused on his career. He was so engaged in what he was doing on the big screen that he had very little time to post funny videos like the ones that he has posted about meeting Michael Jackson. These types of videos may have taken a backseat because he was much more involved in promoting his career and the careers of his children.


A lot of time has transitioned over the years, and he has managed to create some very interesting videos about his showbiz life. He is not acting as much now that he is older, he appears to have a lot of down time on his hand. He has become something of a YouTube sensation that is really getting as many followers as younger entertainers that are active in the business right now.


Will Smith did make a movie for Netflix in 2017, but his ability to relax and simply enjoy the money that he has made appears to be what he is doing right now. he appears to be having fun with viral videos.

The Funny Viral Video Craze

Funny viral videos have become a great pastime for all of those that have nothing to do when they are bored. One thing that is certain when it comes to viral videos is that people can always find some type of funny viral video of a cat or dog doing something hilarious. The same thing goes for funny viral videos that involve babies. These tend to be the bread and butter videos that often go on television shows like America’s Funniest Videos.

There are some videos, however, that go viral because these videos are duplicated by people that have embraced a trend.
This is exactly what has happened with the mannequin challenge types of video. These are videos where an array of people are standing still in different positions while a slow motion camera movement is made across a wave of people standing as stiff as a mannequin.

The thing that has made these videos so popular is the celebrities that have tapped into this type of video fun. It is obviously something that becomes even better when a larger crowd is present. This is why you often see these videos in big settings where there is a crowd for something like a family reunion or a birthday party. The mannequin challenge has also been duplicated in larger arenas for things like football games because it takes so much for a large crowd to stand still.

Ironically, everyone in the mannequin challenge does not have to be still at the same time. They only have to be in a place where they are motionless when the camera is on them. More people are getting into the mannequin challenge because it is fun and it brings forth a whole lot of excitement for those that may have just been bored. It is a viral video concept that has lasted longer than most people would have assumed. People assumed this would be a fad, but it’s still popular.

The Funny Viral Trend That Asks You Not to Laugh

In the endless space of the Internet, viral trends come up every other day. Some of them die out fast while others persist on top of the trending pages on websites for months. One of those is the viral Try not to laugh challenge that has been done by thousands of content creators, and even news sites have been jumping in on the fun.

This viral trend sparked other similar challenges such as the try not to cringe, cry, or puke challenges. Still, the laugh challenge has been on top of its rivals, and it has also been evolving into editions. People that are on the internet and have been familiar with a vast selection of funny videos, vines, and memes, create compilations of selected content that people then watch, and do their best to keep a straight face throughout the challenge. Most people break down and laugh when a dog or a cat does something funny, however.

Compilation for such challenges can be found throughout the internet, and there are even compilations for target audiences by profession, age, hobby interests, and so on. Parent, teenagers, teachers, content creators and so on can all find enjoyment in these compilations in the form of videos or pictures.

But what makes it funny? It is mostly the relatability factor and lightheartedness of the challenge. Sometimes trying your best not to laugh makes you only laugh even harder. Some of the complications are also rather creative. There are montages that make crossovers between various movies, songs, or current events. Such montages are a viral trend of their own as they carry the element of surprise a well as creativity in bringing two different things together.

Funny viral trends are one of the most popular aspects of the internet. People love a good laugh especially when they get to share it with friends and family, or watch their preferred content creator put on a compilation and provide half the comedic value.

Funny Viral Trends; the true effect of Sending a Sext the Wrong Recipient

Funny Viral Trends; the true effect of Sending a Sext the Wrong Recipient

It is bizarre, annoying and even disgusting when you are on the receiving end. The advent of social media, quick text messaging apps and chat application have come with their fair share of embarrassments and social accidents that make some laugh, surprised and even shocked. The act of sending a sext message; which is the internet shorthand for a sex message in text form is undesirable but comes as a reality of the internet and modern technology communication forms. Here are some of the hilarious sext messages ever sent on various media but largely caught on Twitter. Note that they may be hilarious or otherwise depending on where you are standing. The general audience will perceive them differently from the immediate people that the sext messages affected.


The first one trending currently comes from a Twitter user Sarah Hallowell @ Sarah Hollowell in a reply she wished to send to @ Nicole Cliffe. She tells Nicole that she at one point arranged a threesome that failed to happen; she sent a text accidentally relating to the threesome plans to another man that she had met online in the recent past. She says that she had no thoughts of having sex with that man and did not intend to sleep with him because she did not even like that man.


In another Twitter mishap, @collectdust in a reply to Nicole Cliffe says that a stepbrother sent a penis image to his mother. He remarked that she thought that the cell phone had lost its head because according to him, he says, he had actually sent the image of a puppy. The humorous part is that the stepbrother sent the image again just to prove that the phone had lost its mind.


@eppiciunto says that she sent a sext message to their fish tank cleaner asking why he never kissed her goodbye when she left. She had intended the message for her husband.


@hikatie says that her husband accidentally sent his ex-girlfriend who bears a name similar to hers the image of his cookie shortly after he had started dating her. The ex-replied that she would like to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Are Cats Man’s Best Friend?

Dogs are ubiquitously known as man’s best friend. So where do cats fit into all of this? Aren’t cats just as supportive, playful and friendly to men as dogs are? One video developed by Purina Fresh Step shows that Cats can be man’s best friend too and it does show in a hilarious and funny way. Here are some of the highlights of the video.

The video is officially called dude’s best friend. It features a young male “dude” and his adorable orange cat. The dude has a dilemma on whether to text a girl he went out a date with and his cat is by his side. His cat’s support helps him make the right decision, which is something that all pet owners can probably relate to.

Next, the man decides to take a bath after not showering for a while. His cat looks on and he talks with his cat about how bathing is like taking several showers. The support of the cat once again helps him realize what he did not do and what he should be doing. It is a testament to the “silent” support that our pets offer us unconditionally.

Even when the dude does some of his private albeit funny antics, the cat silently watches. This again shows that the cat is the man’s friend and supporting him throughout his ups and downs. The man talks with his cat throughout the video, which is something that every cat owner and pet owner in general probably does. Although, they may not understand our language, they probably understand how we feel.

Cats and dogs have been shown to react differently when we are happy or sad. For example, a cat or dog may try to cheer us up when we are feeling down or depressed. While they cannot speak to us, it is as if they know how we feel!

The end of the Dude’s Best Friend video shows the guy saying his cat is low maintenance and putting in some Fresh Pet litter in his litter box. The description of the video does not do it much justice. Watch it for yourself and get a good laugh.

The Latest Youtube Trend That Is Going Viral

A very funny internet trend is making people laugh. The trend consists of people uploading videos of them removing ingrown toenails. It may sound a little awkward at the beginning, but it is also extremely fascinating and funny to watch. There are ingrown toenail removal videos all over the internet and all over Youtube. In fact, there is an entire Youtube channel dedicated to ingrown toenail removal videos, called Ingrown life.

This follows another viral internet trend that a doctor started. She started uploading videos of her removing pimples and blackheads and stuff like that. This seemed to fascinate many people. That lead to even another viral internet trend, where people baked cakes with sugar cherries in place of pimples. Sorry, but that is extremely hilarious. Some people would even pretend to pop the pimples on their cakes.

These ingrown toenail removal videos are fun to watch, but they should not be taken as a source for authoritative information on how to remove ingrown toenails. Not all the methods shown in the videos by the people who uploaded them are necessarily the right way of doing things. These videos should be watched for humor only.

There is a reason why people like these videos. It is similar to the way that people like roller coasters and other scary amusement park rides. It is also similar to the way that people enjoy going to haunted houses. You would think that people would not want to get scared, but that obviously is not the case.

The videos shown on Ingrown Life, despite what you might think, are not gross at all. They are just videos of people removing ingrown toenails. Of course, there are all kinds of other ingrown toenail removal videos all over Youtube and other social media platforms which may be different.

In any case, if you do have an ingrown toenail, make sure to go to a certified doctor who can help advise you on how to treat it.

Funny Viral Internet Video That Trends In 2017

It’s surprising how a trend on the internet can take off within a short time and a few minutes later, even seconds, goes completely viral. People have different ways of thinking and they transfer just that to memes and hilarious videos that trend easily, receiving millions of likes, views, and even comments. Below are just but a few viral trends of 2017.


This is an emerging dancing style that has gotten people speaking. A dancer swings their arms and shoulders sideways while they yell ‘Yeet’ along with the beat. However, people have forgotten the desired meaning of the dance, and they will only yell ‘yeet’ to make fun. It is also used as a sound effect.

What are those?

Very few people would dare confront a police officer and ask them a shitty question, just like the guy in this popular video does. First, he starts by asking the cop whether he could ask him a question. Then he pulls out his cellphone and points it to the police shoes before posing the question “what are those?” Watch it here.

The potato in the room

The original version of this trendy video started with a child who when singing a song swapped the word ‘tornado’ in the song for ‘potato.’ The video got more than 10 million loops in fourteen days. The second version then came about, but this time, the audio in the original song was paired with a real potato that was suspended from a ceiling fan.

Jeff is my name

Channing Tatum in a film fakes a foreign accent when trying to say his name, “My name is Jeff,” but fails. This got thousands of people creating uncountable memes that trended in 2017.

I eat pears

When Rick Ross in an interview expressed his love for eating pears as a weight loss strategy, he did not know it would be the talk of the year. How he pronounced letter P in Pears was all it took to make the video viral.

Why More People are Choosing to Watch Comedy Videos Online

We’re living in a time now when everything is incredibly serious. You can’t go online without hearing about a news story or watching a video full of violence and hatred. This is why more and more people are choosing to watch humor videos. Humor videos are great because they allow you to unwind and relax without the worry that you’re watching something so graphic. There are literally millions of different comedy videos on the internet, which makes it effortless to find the one that’s right for you.


If you use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you already know how easy it is to find videos by scrolling down your news feed. These videos can be on all different subjects, which is ideal for people of all different comedy types. Whether you like crude humor or dry humor, there is pretty much something for everyone on the internet. You will find that there are a number of people who are changing their settings on their social media pages to prevent themselves from seeing more serious videos. They only want to view videos that are considered comedy because of the fact that they want to enjoy the content as opposed to get annoyed or aggravated with it.


If you’re finding that you’re watching too many serious videos and they’re taking a toll on your happiness and well-being, it might be a good idea for you to set certain blocks and restrictions concerning the content that is found on your social media wall. This will prevent you from seeing videos that you don’t want to view, making it easier for you to come across humor videos that are considered viral trends. There has never been a better time for you to have a good laugh than now because of all the videos that are readily available just by looking onto your social media page and scrolling down the list of funny videos posted by other people online.


A Look into Funny Video Trends

While funny memes and clips hit the airwaves and fade off afterward, they are still worth checking out. Some might be inappropriate (vulgar in language or sexually explicit), but there are still those that are insanely hilarious. Here are some of the recent viral internet trends you should check out.






Yeet is one of the famous dance moves that’s not only popular on YouTube, but also other vibe application such as vine. This dance move involves swinging your shoulder and arms while shouting “yeet” to the beat. Those accustomed to the dance move will yell “yeet” as a sound effect or in specific songs.



Potato song



There is a song uploaded of a child singing a song swiping the word “tornado” with “potato.” After gaining over 10 million views in less than two weeks, another video was uploaded but with an image of a potato tied to a ceiling fan.



The girly things



The girly thing was created by a popular Tumblr blogger who posted images full of text showing relatable things girls love doing. The twist is that the trend paradoxes the blog by showing a photo from the blog and pairing it up with Vanessa Charlton’s 100 miles and then acts out a scene that’s unexpected or exaggerated.



Disney junior’s theme song “Little Einstein’s.”



The theme song for Disney juniors TV show blew up the internet after a trap remix version was released and posted on YouTube. People took advantage and used it as background music and pairing it up with ridiculous dance moves.



I eat pears



A clip of the famous hip-hop artist, Rick Ross, saying how he loves eating pears went viral. The catchy part is how he pronounces the “P” sound when he says the word pear. That was enough to create a buzz online.