Britons Are More Loyal To Hairdressers than Better Half

One significant part of grooming is the hair dressing part. This is a section of the body that attracts more attention compared to other areas of the body. That is why in areas like Britain, most citizens are loyal to hairdressers compared to their romantic partners. This may sound funny but it factual. Just like any other person in a different country, Britons are known for their multiple visits to the hairdresser. In fact, these visits and friendly relationships cannot exceed average couple relationships.


Most Britons are worried about getting a faulty haircut or style than they are concerned about getting into a fight with their partners. It is no wonder that in the United Kingdom, 69% of the citizens are committed to their partners while 74% of the same population is determined to the hairdresser. The relationships also have a reflection on the dwindling personal relations with other people. To make the matter worse, the relationships with the hairdressers take an average of over five years on the lower side. According to reports from the direct line of business, most of the older Britons have been loyal to their hairdressers. This is because 57% of the adults pay a visit to the hairdresser about 55 times in a year.


In the entire cycle of personal relationships as well as those with the hairdressers, natives of the north east area are more loyal to the persons who treat their hair. Two-thirds of this population explained that they always visit the same hairdresser. About half of the same population from the south west stated that they were loyal to one hairdresser. This community pointed out a particular shop in the locality. Most of the people who visit salons trim their hair every year. It is interesting that in a world sinking in economic crisis and political misunderstanding, news concerning people’s relationships with their hairdressers tops some of the media channels.

Meme Scrapbooks are a True Sign of Friendship

Friendship sometimes makes a person do crazy things. More often than not, those crazy things are done purely out of love. There’s a guy named Khaled who might be the most epic friend ever and it’s for a reason that may surprise you.

It’s because of memes! Who doesn’t love memes? They’re a great source of humor to break up our sometimes monotonous days. Memes are silly pictures with word captions that can be found all over the internet. There’s typically a different meme trending every month if not every week. If you’re not at a computer at all times, it’s difficult to keep up with the meme trends! According to Buzzfeed, that’s exactly what Khaled was worried about with his friend Jasmin who was heading to boot camp. He didn’t want her to miss out on all the great memes since she would be without a computer for several months.

In boot camp, they’re allowed mail. That’s when Khaled decided to make a scrapbook full of memes! People all over the internet saw what Khaled was doing and they absolutely loved the idea. Many wished that they had a friend goofy enough and thoughtful enough to send them a meme care package because let’s face it, who doesn’t love memes? This silly idea was actually quite simple. All Khaled had to do was paste them on Microsoft Word and print them out. His care package required minimal effort and almost no money yet it’s something his best friend will love.

It’s also great because now she won’t have to worry about catching up on all the memes when she gets back! As we all know, meme trends change so quickly. Blink and you might miss some of the greats. Now, Jasmine has something to look back on and remember especially when boot camp gets tough.

Was Taylor Swift Inside The Black Box?

A large black box was carried out of Taylor Swift’s apartment and people are losing their minds trying to figure out why. The box was carried out by two men and escorted by several security guards, leaving fans and locals to believe that Taylor Swift may actually be inside this box in order to leave her apartment without being seen. Although there is no proof that Taylor was for sure in the box, fans have compiled a list of reasons to make this accusation seem very plausible. Here is a list of reasons why people believe Taylor Swift was definitely in that box. (

People have been doing their own investigations to see if this is actually possible and the result is very comical. Some have done extensive research on when and where this box has also been seen and whether or not Taylor Swift was present at that time. People have even gone as far as predicting the measurements of the box and seeing if a human being can fit in it if they fold themselves in the right position.

Apparently, Taylor has used multiple methods to avoid the paparazzi in the past, such as walking backward or sideways to avoid facing the camera. Fans believe that she is always trying new and improved methods to avoid paparazzi and say they would not be surprised if this “box theory” was a new attempt. So what do you think? Was Taylor Swift in the box? If not, then what do you think she does carry in there? With all of that security around it must be something very important, but for now, we will just have to wonder.

Thoughtful Guy Sends Meme Care Package To His Friend

One of the most valuable things a person can obtain in life is having friends who go out of their way to make you laugh, and according to Twitter, the internet couldn’t agree more. After discovering his friend Jasmin didn’t have access to the internet, let alone her phone, 27-year-old Khaled Kharma, a photographer from New Jersey, decided to mail her a compilation of memes. Jasmin left for Texas to attend an Air Force boot camp where the only possible form of communication between the two were letters. Seeing as though she would be missing out on a lot in the meme world during her time away, Kharma initially planned to save the memes in his phone and show them to her when she returned from Texas. However, later on he decided to go the extra mile by printing them out and sending them to her in the mail. He emailed the memes to himself and compiled them into one document in order to avoid sending a bulky pakage, he even made the effort to print them out in color, which he was also praised for. Not only did he have hopes of making his friend laugh, but according to Kharma, “I can imagine it’ll make her laugh and probably the other girls she’s friends with if she can show them.” After tweeting about sending his special meme care package out, Kharma received an abundance of tweets commending him for being such a thoughtful friend, and alongside these compliments he’s also received a fair share of requests from people asking for their own meme care package. Since Kharma only recently sent out the memes, he hasn’t gotten a reply from Jasmin just yet, but surely it will warm her heart even more than it did for the people of Twitter.

More Than Apple Pie

Nothing is more American than apple pie. Or is it? In the case of baked goods, Americana is more than the sum of its parts. The United States of Baked Goods. From Sea to shining Sea, desserts of all types can be found. In an article published by Food Network, one sweet treat from each state is highlighted and described. Some foods can only be found in America like the Oregon Marionberry pie, but of the 50 baked things listed, only half really seemed American.

America is the melting pot of the world where all cultures theoretically come together to create a new homogenized culture: Americans. It give the idea that no one thing can stand out. The desserts of America prove individuality of each state matters. These desserts echo the mother lands from which Americans sprang. The Whoopie Pies of Maine and New Hampshire appear very similar to French macaroons. The Michigan Paczki is a replica of Polish snack. Nebraska being known for waffles is mind boggling. Waffles scream Belgium.

There is something more to food than simply eating. It is an integral devise used to identify cultures and relate to one another. Food is definitely the first step to engaging in and understanding other cultures and people. A sweet bite can alter time and space. A warm waffle can transport a person to the brick streets of Brussels. A bite of sour cream pie can take a person back decades to an America only grandparents remember. The baked goods of America are not simply baked goods. They are reflection of American history, which is World History; no apple pie included.

Prank Videos On YouTube Getting More Dangerous

Prank videos can be a lot of fun, and that is exactly how they started out when they first appeared on YouTube. Someone would set up a funny prank and video tape it with the person being taped not realizing that they were about to be the subject of a prank. If the prank is executed well, then we can all watch it and have a laugh. However, pranks on the Internet lately have gotten more and more desperate. has published a great article that details how prank videos have gone from fun and innocent to downright terrible. They show some early prank videos that are very innocent and funny such as a person getting wet from being sprayed with a rigged up water faucet. However, the pranks started to get more and more dark as people were willing to do anything to get the clicks they wanted.

A member of the cast of Big Brother UK Sam Pepper was one of the bigger names to get in trouble for using YouTube as a means of doing something wrong. He made “prank” videos in which he allegedly sexually harassed someone. When this video came out it received immediate backlash. YouTube star Laci Green even went so far as to write an open letter to Sam Pepper calling him out for what he had done.

The criticism of the actions of Mr. Pepper grew and eventually he removed all of his Internet existence for a short time. He later returned to the Internet with more horrible material and was once again denounced. It was just the latest sign that some people will do whatever it takes to become “Internet famous”. There is a lot of money for those who really can generate a following, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Man Wrecks Tvs Worth $6,000

If you ever think that you are having a bad day just know that at least you did not wreck $6,000 worth of televisions. That is what happened to one man in England recently, and the video is making the rounds.

The Huffington Post reported on the story and even showed the video to go along with it. The customer was leaning down to take a look at the television screen when he ended up knocking it over and into another television screen. That was crazy because the two sets together have a value of about $6,000.

The customer has not yet been identified, but people are already laughing so much at the video. The video is pretty funny because we can all relate to what this experience might be like. We can all understand what it might feel like to be in a situation like that, and we might even feel like it is something that we could see ourselves involved in.

The person who got himself stuck in a bad situation like this made it even worse by reacting in such a way to the first television falling over. He sort of snapped back and ended up bumping another television set over as a result. That was certainly not what he thought he was going to get into when he went in the store.

Perhaps at the end of the day the store will just take the free marketing that they are getting from the video as payment enough for the televisions that were ruined. Maybe the customer will also come forward and identify himself as well.

Newest Viral Sensation Involves a Naked Japanese Guy, An Electric Fan, a Table Cloth and a Tea Cup

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock or lost in the forest for an extended period of time, you may not have heard about the newest viral sensation to hit the internet. Or maybe you seem to recall mentions of that naked Japanese guy and a table cloth around the office, but you just haven’t gotten around to checking it out. Well, whatever the reason, it’s time to bring you up to date because this guy is simply too great not to see for yourself.

Kazuhisa Uekusa is a comedian from Japan’s Saitama Prefecture. At 29 years old, this innovative fellow has found himself to be the latest global sensation due to his rather unique talent. We’ve all seen versions of the table cloth trick in which someone yanks a cloth off a table so swiftly that it doesn’t disturb the place settings of fine china, glassware and silver. Well, Uekusa takes this classic bit to a new level by using his naked body as the surface upon which strategically placed cups and saucers are set.

His videos began circulating on Twitter just recently after he posted one he had leftover from a series of television show performances. Hating to see the clip go to waste, he stuck it up online and was then surprised to see how popular his parlor trick was becoming. His latest version involves the cloth being wrapped up in an electric table fan so that when it unravels, it is pulled from beneath the cups without causing them to crash to the floor.

Pretty amazing, huh? While it may be a bit risque and more than a little bizarre, this viral sensation is also simply too amazing not to see.

British Habits That Make Americans Say WTF

When Americans think of British culture, words like ‘sophisticated’ and ‘refined’ usually come to mind. It turns out that folks in the United Kingdom have certain really weird habits that make us say WTF.

What could our neighbors across the pond possible do that would make us think their heads aren’t quite screwed on straight? For starters, they keep their washing machine in the kitchen. Instead of eating beans out of a bowl or off a plate like a normal human being, Brits put it on toast. Yes, toast, bread from the toaster. If you order pudding over there you’ll probably be disappointed if you expect to get a bowl of smooth chocolate or tapioca, since they’ll serve you a piece of tasty cake with a weird texture instead. And guess what they serve for dessert at family dinners? Spotted dick. Not kidding, but at least it’s not as obscene as it sounds.

They sell wine in plastic cups in convenience stores, and their orange juice comes either with or without ‘juicy bits’ in it. Brits don’t get the concept of tipping, apparently, since bartenders over there get worried as to why Americans try to give them extra money. They say ‘fortnight’ instead of two weeks.

Some Brits wear bum bags, but that’s just what they call fanny packs. They keep a big plastic container they refer to as a wash-up bowl in the kitchen sink to wash dishes in instead of sudsing up the sink, for absolutely no logical reason I can think of. Rather than having knobs for hot and cold water, the Brits decided to install two separate faucets in each sink, which I’m guessing makes plumbers over there pretty happy. And they lose their minds when they find out Americans don’t use egg cups, because we eat our eggs off a plate like normal people.


Funny Viral Trends in 2017 This Far

The Internet is an endless spring of entertainment. More and more comedic content is popping up, and some are left in the past. Most of the content features memes and vines which sprout out from unsuspecting source materials such as movies, celebrity interviews, animals and children behaving funny, and above all real life situations.

Not too long ago, the primary source of comedic content was Vine which is no longer around. There are other outlets, however, that serve as a platform for people to share some entertainment. We are halfway into 2017, and the memes and comedic clips have come and gone, and of course, more are emerging.

Some of the most recent funny viral trends were memes such as ‘my name is Jeff’ which came from a movie that hit the theaters this year. There was something sad yet comedic in the way the actor said the phrase and that had many video content creators use it as a punch line to relay awkwardness.

Another viral trend on the internet this year has been the fidget spinner. It was originally for relaxation purposes, but it turned into somewhat of a meme when the toy became so overly saturated on the internet. People made a laugh out of throwing fidget spinners in the trash or pretending to play the character of the ”basic” person.

Memes have been around for about a decade. Almost each one of the creators is unknown, but their creations are used to entertain millions of teenagers and young adults every day. Content creators use them in unique ways and come up with new things in the process. What makes a good meme is usually the relatability and the comedic value while in some cases it is the cringy and awkward feeling they inspire. Memes are the internet’s way of expressing oneself.