Funny Viral Trends in 2017 This Far

The Internet is an endless spring of entertainment. More and more comedic content is popping up, and some are left in the past. Most of the content features memes and vines which sprout out from unsuspecting source materials such as movies, celebrity interviews, animals and children behaving funny, and above all real life situations.

Not too long ago, the primary source of comedic content was Vine which is no longer around. There are other outlets, however, that serve as a platform for people to share some entertainment. We are halfway into 2017, and the memes and comedic clips have come and gone, and of course, more are emerging.

Some of the most recent funny viral trends were memes such as ‘my name is Jeff’ which came from a movie that hit the theaters this year. There was something sad yet comedic in the way the actor said the phrase and that had many video content creators use it as a punch line to relay awkwardness.

Another viral trend on the internet this year has been the fidget spinner. It was originally for relaxation purposes, but it turned into somewhat of a meme when the toy became so overly saturated on the internet. People made a laugh out of throwing fidget spinners in the trash or pretending to play the character of the ”basic” person.

Memes have been around for about a decade. Almost each one of the creators is unknown, but their creations are used to entertain millions of teenagers and young adults every day. Content creators use them in unique ways and come up with new things in the process. What makes a good meme is usually the relatability and the comedic value while in some cases it is the cringy and awkward feeling they inspire. Memes are the internet’s way of expressing oneself.

The Fun Things on the Internet that Show Up Every Day

The internet certainly evolves and develops faster than any other media that we know of. In the online world, trends come and go with very fast pace.

For example, on last year Viners were all that the internet was consuming, and now Vine is one of the biggest guilty pleasures of the network. Who didn’t catch the popularization of the social media two years ago? And the popularization of the Twitch memes? How come that now they are one of the cringiest things on the internet?

Trends come and go, and one of the most everlasting places to find the latest trends is the good old YouTube and its potential to have something new for the internet every single day.

One of the best channels to visit to have a good laugh is the channel “Cut,” that constantly releases footage of dozens of people doing the same thing, but to each on their own. This week, for example, their newest Viral video was the “100 people share their evil laugh,” and it is certainly loads of fun to see awkward and cringe moments where the evil laugh is something much funnier that you expected.

Twitter and Facebook are great places to find new funny videos as well. For example, lately, there’s been a video circling the network about a security robot that patrols on its own. That is fine, but there is footage that shows the robot simply falling on a pool, helpless, while trying to execute its commands.

How can we talk about the funniest news without mentioning politics? Donald Trump, doesn’t matter if you support him or not, certainly increased the availability of funny videos on the internet regarding politics in the U.S.

In 19 of July, for example, there’s proof that the wife of the Japan’s Prime, Minister Shinzo Abe, met with the president in an afternoon, and told him that she did not know how to speak English just to blatantly avoid talking with the man, while she later showed to the internet that her English was perfectly fluent.

Hurry up: By the time you are reading this article, there’s already something new to digest from the immortal pool of memes that is called “the Internet.”

Innovation of Technology and the Birth of Internet

Technological innovation has led to the creation of the internet. This is a network where people interact, share resources, and pass information. The whole world has adopted this network in the carrying out of nearly all activities. The internet is used for both official and entertainment purposes. Internet trends are being witnessed daily whereby people abruptly decide to do a particular activity through the internet. Some of these trends are very funny and entertaining. Here are three commonly viral items.

1. Sharing Funny Videos

The internet has various websites through which people can record, upload, and watch videos. Websites such as YouTube have enabled this service. Currently, people have adopted the trend of creating funny videos and sending them to other internet users. Whenever a person receives the video, he goes ahead and forwards it to another person. Within a short period, the video goes viral, and everybody gets it. However, not all videos shared are funny. Some are pranks and end with deadly results.

2. Sharing Funny Pictures and Photos

People frequently use social media websites to interact with each other. These websites are only accessed whenever a person accesses the internet. In these sites, people take, post, and share photos. Others create their photos through programs such as Photoshop. Whenever a funny picture is posted on a social site such as Facebook, people comment about the picture. The picture is forwarded to another social site whereby more people see it.

3. Sharing Jokes and Information

People to share jokes and information have used the internet as a medium of entertainment. In this case, one person can create a social site and share a joke. Other people will view the joke and pass it to others through the internet. Twitter has been the most successful in this area. A person creates a twitter handle and posts a joke or discussion. Other users of twitter view the information and tweet about it.

Florida Student Faced Backlash For Proofreading Letter That Went Viral

College student, Nick Luntz got a handwritten letter from his now ex- girlfriend. The University of Central Florida then decided to do a little prank. He took the letter and decided to proofread it for spelling and grammatical mistakes. He also annotated it and even gave his ex-girlfriend a letter grade for her apology letter to him.

Thinking it would be funny, Nick Luntz took a photograph of the letter and his corrections along with the grade he felt she deserved. He then posted him holding him up the letter with the corrections and grade on Twitter. The message and posting quickly went viral on Twitter. It was quickly retweeted over 100,000 times in a short span of time.

I must say that it is a very funny prank or joke to play on an ex-girlfriend. There was nothing mean or harmful done here. You are merely making fun of the spelling or grammatical mistakes that may have occurred during the writing of the letter. The internet seemed to agree with this sentiment and Nick quickly gained fame in the online and pranking world.

This joke did land college student Nick Luntz in some hot water however. His ex-girlfriend tried to file an online bullying complaint against her ex-boyfriend which was dismissed by the Volusia County Sheriff’s office. They correctly said that there was no damage done or any intention of damage. You cannot file charges against someone just because they offended you or made you feel uncomfortable. There were no threats or risks posed said the sheriff.

Not only did his ex-girlfriend not take the joke well, but Nick’s own college did not like it. They suspended him, but then readmitted him after an uproar. As an attorney for Nick Luntz said, the college violated his free speech and it has no business in policing activity that he does outside of the university.

Funny Viral Trends on the Internet, 2017

You can’t afford to have a gloomy day if you have access to the internet. The web has turned into an entertainment hub. Just like any other community, the online community appreciates humor. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Snapchat, it’s easy to spread hilarious content to a large audience. Currently, there are funny trends that have taken over the internet. These trends include YouTube pranks, challenges, GIFS and memes.

The BowWow Challenge

This is one of the most hilarious trends this year. It was a sarcastic response to a photo posted by American celebrity Bow Wow. The artist posted a picture of a private jet on SnapChat. The caption read, “Travel Day.” Judging from the post, he wanted his fans to believe that he was traveling by private jet. However, he was spotted on a commercial plane and a fan leaked a picture of him on the internet. Internet users began posting deceptive images with the hashtag “BowWowChallenge” on their captions.

Tiny Trump

President Donald Trump was made the subject of a series of funny memes that went viral. Well, Trump is around 6ft tall. Since he came into power, he has strongly fought against fake news. Early this year, he met with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. People started posted memes showing President Trump as a tiny person, almost the knee-height of an adult. According to these memes, Donald Trump’s actual height is fake news!

The GIF Frenzy

GIF (graphical interface format images) have won the hearts of internet users this year. These kinds of images are similar to videos, except they’re very brief. The image contains a visual recording that is played over and over at certain intervals. It’s has become a viral trend as most people are converting funny one-liner jokes from TV shows into GIFs, and sharing them on various social media sites.

Golf Cart Versus Friend

Since the internet began many years ago, and people started posting their videos and photos, internet trends would explode over night. One of the most famous internet trends that everyone has either done themselves, or at least heard about, is planking. This is essentially just laying face down on different surfaces acting like a plank. There was also the “what are those” trend which was people going around to strangers, pointing the camera at their shoes, and yelling “what are those!” The point is that an internet trend can literally be nothing one day, then the next day everyone is posting videos or pictures of them doing the same thing.

While the “what are those” trend is seemingly harmless, others are not. When planking was a trend, people would do it in dangerous places like the middle of the road, or on top of an open door. The internet’s most recent trend is no exception, and can be very dangerous for the sake of comedy. People have been posting videos of them on the golf course with some friends. It usually entails one of the members golfing or walking on the golf course, while a friend is recording a video of themselves driving a golf cart straight into their friend. This trend began when a verified Instagram account called “bestvines” posted a meme of a little girl driving an electric toy car over another young boy. This video was titled “Would you run over your friend for 2 million dollars?”

The internet is divided on whether they think this trend is funny or not. Some people are worried that it is too dangerous of a trend, and that it might go too far. Others are just excited to watch a new trend spread like wildfire on the internet, and enjoy the videos.

50 Cent Confronts Unsuspecting Music Lovers

If you are someone that has listened to the music of 50 Cent in the past, this Jimmy Kimmel video will put a smile on your face. This viral sensation recently became very popular online because it offered an interesting and unique concept that included people being asked for their honest opinion about where they would rank 50 cent compared to other Rap artists. When they answered the question, they were facing the camera and their attention was being focused on the person conducting the interview. However, positioned just behind their head was 50 Cent waiting for them to turn around and take note of him standing there. This made for a lot of humorous situations when the person indicated that they did not think 50 Cent should be considered the best Rap artist of all time. When they turned around, 50 would pretend to be offended by the comments and this would lead to an interesting confrontation. This video is not only relevant to fans of the Rap artist, but society as a whole and how we communicate with each other.

Typically, people are more comfortable sharing their honest thoughts about someone when they do not have to worry about potentially having problems with them as a result. There are probably many times when you did not share an honest opinion with a friend in an effort to protect their feelings. This viral video does a great job of bringing that tendency that people have forward. When someone is asked about their true feelings attached to the quality of 50 Cent music, they have very little idea that he is anywhere close to them. In fact, there are a few people that alter their statements once they discover that he is within reach. View this video and put a smile on your face in no time.

Robot Drowns Itself and The Internet Responds

Robots have been a fascination of people for decades ever since the first Science fiction author came up with the idea. This latest internet meme plays into that idea. On July 14th, product manager Bilal Farooqi, posted an image on Twitter of a robot that appeared to have drowned itself. While no one from the company that created the robot, Knightscope, was able to provide an explanation for the apparent suicide, instead simply saying that it was an “isolated incident” and it was under investigation, many of Farooqi’s twitter followers and social media commentators had plenty of ideas.

Fans of the Hitchhiker’s Galaxy were particularly affluent, as the security robot, which was designed to look a bit like the depressed robot Marvin as depicted in the Many Twitter users posted quotes from the movie or wondered if it had been read Vogon poetry, which for the uninitiated is another reference to the book, movie, tv, and radio series.

As the photo began to go viral other people pointed out that Marvin is not the only depressed or suicidal robot out there. People posted a number jokes, included several Daleks who inexplicably fell off cliffs, and of course, Bender the suicidal robot from Futurama made an appearance. Buzzfeed even posted an article featuring the some of the best of these tweets.

But among all these jokes and tweets, no one was able to come up with a reason why the robot committed suicide. Was it simply bored, as such a high-end security robot that is able to prevent crimes and save lives probably didn’t have much to do in the relatively safe DC Harbour office building where Farooqi worked? Maybe it wasn’t suicide, and Knightscope’s tight lips are because of a cover-up, rather than just a lack of information. We may never know, but at least we can have a few minutes of fun at this robots expense.

Why More People are Choosing to Watch Comedy Videos Online

We’re living in a time now when everything is incredibly serious. You can’t go online without hearing about a news story or watching a video full of violence and hatred. This is why more and more people are choosing to watch humor videos. Humor videos are great because they allow you to unwind and relax without the worry that you’re watching something so graphic. There are literally millions of different comedy videos on the internet, which makes it effortless to find the one that’s right for you.


If you use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you already know how easy it is to find videos by scrolling down your news feed. These videos can be on all different subjects, which is ideal for people of all different comedy types. Whether you like crude humor or dry humor, there is pretty much something for everyone on the internet. You will find that there are a number of people who are changing their settings on their social media pages to prevent themselves from seeing more serious videos. They only want to view videos that are considered comedy because of the fact that they want to enjoy the content as opposed to get annoyed or aggravated with it.


If you’re finding that you’re watching too many serious videos and they’re taking a toll on your happiness and well-being, it might be a good idea for you to set certain blocks and restrictions concerning the content that is found on your social media wall. This will prevent you from seeing videos that you don’t want to view, making it easier for you to come across humor videos that are considered viral trends. There has never been a better time for you to have a good laugh than now because of all the videos that are readily available just by looking onto your social media page and scrolling down the list of funny videos posted by other people online.


Martha Stewart Gets Roasted

According to Flavio Maluf, Martha Stewart got to make brownies with Mr Snoop Doggy Dog and Smores with Seth Rogan. What the life it must be to giggle and joke about thing on social media.You can find out all about the latest and greatest in the life of the wonderful Martha Stewart. She attended the Justin Bieber Comedy central Roast and apparently had an accident.Though with the people she set by and the antics of Bieber what else could you expect than to see her joking and making fun of a very serious situation. Kind of like insider trading its ok until you get caught. Just a friend helping out another friend.Well that’s the way it works now.Go to jail, continue to break the law and lets laugh and joke about it on TV. Some people do not find this funny at all. But hey you be the judge.