Talkspace – The Advantage of Using Online Therapy over Face-to-Face Therapy for Couples

Each and every relationship faces the test of time, sooner or later. It is during this time that they have to stand together firmly and act maturely to ensure that the foundation of a relationship is not weakened. However, the hectic and stressful lives that people live professionally and personally can get better off you and make things worse even before you realize. It is why; you need to take the help of professional couple therapy to help you get through the storm in your relationship together. Give your relationship a chance and take the help of couple therapy to sort out your differences with the help of a professional therapist. Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Talkspace is the mobile therapy app that would help you sort out your differences in a very simple and smart manner. As a mobile therapy app, you would not have to travel anywhere or visit any therapist’s office for counseling sessions. Everything takes place online, starting from counseling with the therapist as well as payments. You can make a video as well as a voice call to the therapist you are assigned to and can even text or e-mail. It is the convenience that Talkspace provides that has helped many couples decide to try therapy before parting ways, and it has worked wonders with most couples who have tried it. The best part is that you do not have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on therapy and can easily get the same benefits of professional therapy at an affordable price.

There are times when couples do not seek therapy because they cannot afford it. Talkspace has helped couples get the help they need without having to burn a hole in their pockets. Many couples are embarrassed to go to a counselor at their office as they do want their families or their children know about the problems they are facing. Talkspace eliminate this problem and allow couples to get help in an environment that they are comfortable in. They also do not have to worry about other people knowing what they are going through and yet resolve their conflicts.

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Rich Closet of Deirdre Baggot, the Healthcare Strategist, and Inventor

Deirdre Baggot is a seasoned medical practitioner who has extensive experience, unmatched expertise, and her profession goes over and above normal patients’ care. She is a Gregory Lavert Scholar, holder of a Nursing Degree, a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the Loyola, Chicago Graduate School of Business. This highlights her major academic achievements.

Professionally, after her residency, she began working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and later at the University of Michigan. These two health facilities exposed her to a diverse world of medicine and helped her discover her best values and worth. She spent most of her time researching in the lab; just trying to make sense of any information that was scanty. This began her crucial step into the world of uncertainty and discovery. Over time she had discovered innovative diagnostic tools and treatment methods that have been applied globally in medical practice.

Her leadership at the CMS, where she led the commission of the Bundled Payments Models was one of the high pitches in her career. This is a calculated and well thought out payment reform that healthcare facilities should adopt. It helps patient pay up bills seamlessly even when insurance fails. This is a new thing, with respective ends for both parties involved and facilities no longer suffer default. The Bundled Payment Model was rolled out in 2012, and Deirdre Baggot has been instrumental in its implementation. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

About Deirdre Baggot

She is a practicing clinician and hospital executive behind the Bundled Payment of Care Improvement Program (BPCI). Ms. Baggot has admirable expertise and experience working with established facilities in the United States. She is a highly sought after speaker who has voiced various issues at the American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, and Bundled Payment Summit to mention a few conferences. She has written many articles, journals, and reports from her research work that has spiced up her contribution.

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Strengths of Talkspace

Strengths of Talkspace

Therapy is the leading way of assisting people with mental health problems. Therapy covers a lot of areas but it majorly concentrates on the way we live today. That is Talkspace was started in order to assist more people to deal with their mental issues through online. The company is headquartered in New York and the company was started in the year 2011. The size of the company ranges from fifty-one employees to two hundred employees. Talkspace specializes in various activities which include online therapy and counseling, unlimited messaging therapy, psychotherapy, self-care and also health and wellness. The company has highly skilled and experienced employees who are always determined to deliver their best services to their clients at all times.

The best thing about Talkspace is that their clients can always feel safe sharing their personal problems with the company’s licensed therapist without any doubt of having their confidentiality being compromised. The company also offers consultations and long-term treatment plans that can be done through the internet.

The relationship between Michael Phelps and Talkspace

Michael Phelps has a strong relationship with Talkspace Company since he has once been a victim of mental health assisted him in various ways to go through the situation. That is Michael and Talkspace recently opened their official campaign on the importance of therapy on national television. Michael has been able to contribute to the campaign by sharing his story about mental health and explaining how therapy assisted him to go through the process in great ways. The two partnered and launched their campaign in order to empower more people to start engaging in more therapy sessions since this is the best way of reducing the rampant mental health cases.

While sharing his story Michael Phelps pointed out that he had spent most of his career life being depressed through holding various things he never wanted to share. But he realized that by holding a lot of stressing issues to himself he was doing more harm to himself and that is why when he decided to open up and talk to someone about his issues, he became stronger and he stopped feeling vulnerable.

Michael Phelps And TalkSpace Work To Relieve The Stigmas Of Mental Health Disorders

There are many people who want to get mental help but are afraid to take the first steps. Going to an office and speaking to a stranger in a small, secluded room can be intimidating. This is where TalkSpace can help by offering an alternative method which allows their clients to speak to a therapist from the privacy of their own home through text messages, emails, or even video chats. No matter what time of day or night it is, you will be able to speak to a licensed therapist if you are having a mental health crisis.

For TalkSpace therapist Melissa Moreno, balancing her work and family life begins by waking up at around 5:45 in the morning. In order to provide the best care for her clients that rely on her each day, she takes time to take care of herself before starting her day. While it can be difficult sometimes, she finds her career with TalkSpace to be incredibly rewarding. She states that some of her favorite clients are the adolescents that she works with who still remain hopeful despite what they are going through. In addition to her work with TalkSpace, she also works in a traditional facility where she is able to help students.

The work that TalkSpace does has been beneficial to a wide variety of clients, including some you may not expect. One of these clients is Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps who had been quietly struggling with depression for years. After receiving a second DUI, he realized that he needed to get help but wasn’t sure where to start. The idea of receiving traditional treatment seemed daunting. This is when he discovered TalkSpace.

Michael Phelps was able to find help when he was experiencing intrusive, suicidal thoughts on his own time where he was comfortable by simply texting a licensed therapist. No matter how successful and happy someone may seem to be, depression and mental illness is something that doesn’t discriminate. Michael Phelps learned this first hand and wants to help relieve some of the deep stigmas that many with mental illness face.

Talkspace Looks Into Why Therapists Sign Up For The Profession

Talkspace offers remote therapy for those who can’t make it to traditional therapy. It’s more convenient and cost effective. It is also just as secure as an office visit. All conversations are confidential.

Self-Care Then Client Care

For a Talkspace therapist, self-care comes first. They must be fully rested, eating right, full of energy, and have enjoyable downtime in order to recharge and be ready for their clients. After the therapists have taken care of themselves, they are ready to start their day. People take a career in therapy for several reasons, but the majority of them want to assist and offer some form of relief to others who are in need. From day to day, the therapists have no idea what level of trauma they will be facing, therefore Talkspace therapists have to be ready to take on anything at anytime. The stress can be high, but the results can be worth it.

Why Become A Therapist

There are several things that lure a person in the mental healthcare profession. Some people have the want to try to make the world better, and make life easier for others. Another group may have had their own experience and realized the value of having someone to talk to. Talkspace therapist Samantha White has that story. She says she learned about the profession when her world came crashing down and she needed support. Her personal experience caused her to want to help others in return. She remembers how critical the help was that she received.

Using Exposure To Encourage Others

Olympic Champion Michael Phelps has teamed up with Talkspace to attract more clients to get the help they need. Phelps shares his personal experience with anxiety and depression for a national TV campaign. His hope is that others will see his struggle and get encouraged. They want to remove the stigma that hangs over therapy. Phelps will stay on board with the company to continue to guide them with their mental health strategies. Mental health has been a topic of concern in the public over the past few years. The need for socialized healthcare, concerns for mass shootings, and the things that happen on social media have all been pointing towards mental health. Even though mental health is being discussed more often, there are still misconceptions and stigmas that keep people from seeking treatment. The main point Talkspace wants to get across is that depression can target anyone. Michael Phelps is an example of that. In 2014 he was one of the world’s greatest athletes and at that time he suffering inside.

Talkspace Millennials Generation Turning to Online Therapy Because of the Many Benefits it Offers

Finding a therapist in the city is much difficult today than it was a few years back. Millennials generation is finding it difficult to find time for therapy, and they do not want to spend their insurance on something such as therapy. Thus, people are looking for an easy way to get therapy but without the stress and expense that comes with traditional therapy sessions. It is the reason why Talkspace has become so popular in the past few years. The app that was launched in March 2012 allows people to speak to therapists quickly without having to make an appointment first. The users just have to enter some basic information to create an account, and they are good to go.

The best thing about online therapy is that they are available to people who have found it difficult in the past to get help. Even minorities and people of LGBT community are coming forward and registering with Talkspace. The reason for this is quite simple. It is because people are finding Talkspace accessible and easy to use. Also, many people want instant help, and it is not possible for them to wait for an appointment two days later. With Talkspace, they have access to a therapist right away with whom they can discuss their problems but without the fear of being judged. While many thought that online therapy wouldn’t be as effective as the traditional ones, the number of people seeking online therapy has only increased. It had allowed many people to get therapy that was hesitant to get it before online therapy came into being.

It has been seen that the millennial generation is finding it hard to cope with the current political situation in the country. Talkspace is seeing more subscription now than it did before Donald Trump became the President. The numbers are expected to rise in the coming days.