Betterworks Creates New Programs For Managers Because of Series B Funds

Betterworks is one of the leading software companies in the world. The company is located in Redwood City, California. Betterworks’ CEO Doug Dennerline mentioned that the company secured an additional $27 million, making the entire Series B investment $51 million. The total B rounds will be $65 million led by seed investors, Kleiner Perkins, and the Emergency Capital investors.

The customers are seeing improvements in performance and management programs. Betterworks is planning to use the Series B investment to maintain production innovation pace and accelerate sales momentum. Customers already see an improvement in Betterworks enterprise agility, talent retention, and the overall performance of the employees.

In the past year, Betterworks has made many improvements. Program Insights allows Human Resources a way to visualize intuitively to promote action insight in management programs. Product global promotions are made in 20 global languages. Team Goals increase cross-functional team progress that allows team average user to engage with Betterworks every 10 days. H R Advisory Council comprises of a board members from Betterworks, Optima, Symantec, and many others. Motivate is a series of groundbreaking events that the software company for managers puts on around the United States, especially around New York City and Silicone Valley.

Improving workforce productivity seems to be the greatest challenge. Adoption of seamless and continuing performances helps employees become successful. Betterworks is a HR software company founded 2013. The software company has many projects that are designed to help managers becoming goal aligned, better feedback, development, and coaching their subordinates.

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