Meet Clayton Hutson- the Music Industry’s Top Business Person

Clayton Hutson is a successful name in the United States music industry. The expert has served many companies in the entertainment industry, and at present, he runs a leading concert management company.

How did he manage to develop from a theatre design graduate to his current position? The following overview of his professional career will help you understand.

Who is Clayton Hutson?

Hutson is a trained theater designer. After his studies, he worked as a project manager at several US-based live music companies. After some years, he decided to establish his music firm that organizes and manages concerts. In particular, Hutson enjoys rock music concerts.

His firm has managed to serve top rock music bands like Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses. Moreover, he has served Garbage, a band that performs multiple concerts in Europe. Moreover, the expert worked as a monitor engineer during the Honda Civic Tour, a three-month concert that took place in Asia and North America.

How and why did he start his concert management company?

Clayton Hutson decided to open and run his live entertainment production company after obtaining necessary skills from previous jobs.

Hutson says that he established his first company when the recession took a toll on his former employer.

How does Clayton Hutson’s typical day look like?

According to an interview posted on, Mr. Hutson disclosed that his typical day is often busy and engaging. His typical day starts at around 6:30 AM.

At the venue, Mr. Hutson cooperates with his team of assistants to design the venue, lay the sound system, set the stage lighting, and he performs any other activity required to run the day’s concert as expected.

What makes Clayton Hutson a successful entrepreneur?

Hutson says that his hard work is the key strategy that has made him a successful entrepreneur in the music industry. Besides working hard, Mr. Hutson says that he uses the word of mouth marketing strategy to market his services to prospective customers.



Talos Energy Update

It’s official folks, Talos Energy which is based out of Houston, Texas will be acquiring Stone Energy Corporation. Stone Energy isn’t based that far from Talos, being headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. These two companies when combined will create a $1.9 billion merger and that is what was reported by a press release. Not only is the deal expected to close next year, this will change the overall makeup of current giant Talos Energy completely.

“This combination represents an important step in our goal of becoming the premier offshore exploration and production company,” as stated by Timothy S. Duncan. Duncan, who is Talo’s current CEO has been behind this movement 100% and is thrilled to see what the future has to bring for his company.

In other news, Talos Energy will grow not only in the areas of finance by this deal, they will be expanding in terms of physical size as well. The acquisition of the Gulf of Mexico acreage will seal the deal as a major improvement company wide. The increase of 136 million barrels will definitely raise production levels greatly.

The final part that must be addressed is the set up of the board of directors for Talos Energy. The current CEO Duncan will head a 10 member board of directors. Six members for Talos and four members coming from Stone will be the balance of this board for the foreseeable future.

Talos energy will see some form of familiarity with the headquarters staying in Houston, Texas. There are currently plans for additional offices in Lafayette as well as New Orleans. Stone did, however, file for bankruptcy in Houston last year with $1.23 billion in assets to go along with $1.75 billion in debt.

This discovery has lead some to believe that bankruptcy s the main reason for this news of a merger. Back in 2013 Talos merged with Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc or ERT for $620 million. ERT had a specialty and that was oil and gas, as it was a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group. Talos has recently expressed how stiff the competitors were for the Gulf and Mexican exploration efforts.

During 2015 Talos happened to win it’s bid to explore in Mexico after the goverment reformed their energy industry. In July Talos made the announcement of an extraordinary find yielding oil in the amount of 2 billion barrels, which will surely make a difference to investors.

Lawrence Bender Best of Films

Ever since his claim to fame with the 1992 Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender has staked his place in the movie industry as one of the most respectable and talented names in film production. Born October 17, 1957, he’s well into his years but showing no sign of slowing down. The American producer of Kill Bill series, Pulp Fiction and other well-known titles has worked his magic on all of Quentin Tarantino’s films since his ascension to stardom except for The Hateful Eight, Death Proof and Django Unchained, and he continues to take an influential role in his industry to this day.

Lawrence Bender has won several BAFTA and Academy awards for his work such as Pulp Fiction (Best Film and Best Picture in 1994), Good Will Hunting (Best Picture in 1997) and Inglourious Basterds (Best Motion Picture of the Year in 2009). My favorite movies of the bunch, the Kill Bill series, have won Gold Derby and Circuit Community awards. I’m as far from a movie buff as one can get, but the least obscure of movies make their way to my eyes sooner or later, and I of all people can say that I’ve experienced Lawrence Bender’s work multiple times in my years. I don’t think anyone can argue with my movie taste here; let’s be honest.

I don’t favor the Kill Bill series for anything more or less than the lone wolf personality of it mixed with Eastern concepts of channeling one’s energy to improve their combat effectiveness. The story itself seems to ride on the coattails of this appeal, but that’s particular to me as a viewer. I’ve always taken fascination with concepts of psionics and Buddhist principles of inward control, which I thought were well-portrayed under Lawrence Bender’s production. Then again, I’m not a connoisseur of movies, so my opinion might not count for much, but I can’t be wrong when Beatrix Kiddo has developed a following of this size.


Talos Energy Intensifies its Activities in Mexico with the Zama-1 Well

According to a Bloomberg News article published on May 30, 2017, Mexico’s energy sector particularly the oil industry had opened up to investments from foreign firms, a new development in over 80 years. The Mexican government hit the headlines on March 18, 1938, when it nationalized the oil sector allowing the government-owned Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) to dominate the industry.

Although the 1938 decision stirred anger from some quarters including the U.S, the UK, and Netherlands leading to an international boycott of Mexican products, the country was determined to implement its decision. However, the Mexican oil sector started experiencing a downturn in 2007 prompting the government to debate on the possibility of allowing foreign firms to revamp the industry. 2015 marked a new dawn in Mexico when international companies including Premier Oil Plc., and Talos Energy LLC won rights to prospect for oil in Mexico; this was the first round of bidding since Mexico changed her constitution to accommodate foreign oil and gas companies.

Houston’s Talos Energy and UK’s Premier created a joint venture with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. Talos owns a 35 percent a stake, Premier, 25 percent, and Sierra 40 percent in the venture. At a news event addressed by Premier, the UK firm was optimistic that their first well, Zama Well, would be drilled beginning on May 21 and the drilling would reach completion after three months. Premier emphasized that the Zama Well showed signs of crude oil more than 500 million barrels. Premier concluded the address by stating that the Zama Well would cost the company over $16 million. Click here to know more about Talos Energy.

International players in the oil and gas industry were elated to learn that a well partly owned by global firms would be sunk in Mexico. They interpreted the significance of the well in different ways, but they all agreed that the Zama Well would change the prospects in the Mexican oil sector.

Talos Energy is tasked with overseeing the operations of the well perhaps because its activities are centered on the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Timothy Duncan is the CEO of the company, and he is also the co-founder.