The surprising facts about Securus Technologies in Crime Prevention

Secures Technologies is a Texas-based US prison technology company that deals in criminal and civil justice, solutions on technology-based investigations as well as the inmates and public safety. It was established in 2014, and Its CEO is Richard (Rick) Smith.

There are many people that the company serves in the US.

This company helps the society not only in the investigations and physical safety but also in the provision of employment to the citizens of the US and Canada. It has served 2200 correction facilities, a population of more than 2.5 million people, and at the same time employs more than 1000 individuals.

What are the real services that the company has offered to consumers?

Every organization thrives from the services delivery review from the customers. Different consumers encourage the company to advance more on its services to them. The most outstanding ones are outlined in the release including the provision of clues on the criminal transaction conversed through calls. The deals that have been most common among the many cases that the company has helped in solving include corruption within corporations, illegal drug sales and even killings among other crimes.

Which software does Securus Technologies use to deliver most of its services?

Securus Technologies use some of the powerful technology software to provide confidential information about the calls that the inmates make. However, at times other companies also approach them for such services and they always deliver the best services. The company used LBS software to record such calls and store them for investigation purposes.

The guiding principles and ethics of Securus Technologies in crime prevention

This great company operates on the principles of confidentiality, transparency, and truthfulness. The company does not let its customers down. The Better Business Bureau in the US credits it here for their quality service and operational ethics.


The Innovative Drive at Securus Technologies.

Security in prison translates to security outside of prison. Security within and out of prisons is very critical for communities to flourish, develop, and rehabilitate. The prisons department is important to all Americans. However, the prisons department has always faced the huge task of keeping the most witty and technologically developed members of most societies (criminals) in check. In order to focus on rehabilitating these gifted but errant members of the community, most Canadian and American holding and correctional institutions have, for the better part of the recent past, relied on Securus Technologies to protect their cyber and mobile spaces. Securus Technologies have thus become indispensable security providers even though they cannot replace or play the role of prison security officials.

Securus Technologies is an information and communication company. It used to operate profitably outside the prisons market, but decided to focus on the prisons niche since the business is more fulfilling morally. The company provides all kinds of communication services within prisons. Such services include providing inmates with affordable calls outside the facilities, camera and audio monitoring within authorized parts of prisons, computer programing of cell and office doors, maintenance of databases, and securing of the mobile networks for control purposes within the cyberspace of the institutions served. Through its services, the company enhances the security of such institutions by cutting of any illegal and uncensored communication originating from within.

According to PR Newswire, the company is based in Texas and serves over 2,200 prison facilities in both America and Canada. The reports also state that the company has personnel of up to 1,000 employees. The company is well known for its major investments in making intellectual acquisitions and securing patents. Since its focus on the prisons market, Securus has spent over 600 million dollars on patents alone. The company aims at producing new cutting edge technology every week to keep its game ahead of that one played by ivy-league criminals in organized gangs and cartels. The company even enters partnerships with other highly innovative information and technology companies just to develop high-quality security products. One of the most recent and fruitful partnerships that Securus entered yielded the creation of the ’cell defender’’. The invention successfully blocks out any unregistered mobile devices in an institution from accessing mobile networks.


Finding Fugitives with Help from Securus Technologies

When my fugitive task force is handed a new job, we utilize every resource around to catch the suspect before they are able to commit any other crimes. This month we really had a serious problem on our hands, as two brothers slipped out of the minimum security prison they were housed and they immediately began to put the city on notice. Once they got their hands on a vehicle and guns, they started a crime spree that had the entire city on edge.


We knew these brothers very well, part of a local gang of skinheads that preferred violence over communication. If they wanted something, they took it. If they had any resistance, they instantly turned to violence. The clock was ticking here, and we knew if they knew we were searching for them that they would welcome a shootout, something we could not afford to happen.


The brothers did have a network of friends keeping them hidden, and it was getting difficult to break the code of silence they shared, so we decided to go to the local prison for help from the inmates. Those inmates would never talk to us directly, but we know one thing, inmates love to brag or complain on the telephones. Lucky for us, Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call monitoring system this year, and we were about to get a huge break in the case using the LBS software.


When the software picked up on specific chatter from one inmate talking about calling in a favor by housing the brothers, we dispatched a team to that location and waited. That evening, the two brothers walked right into our trap, and we took them down without them being able to fire off a single shot, all thanks to the services of the Securus Technologies call monitoring system.


Securus Technologies Appears in the List of Finalists for the 11th Annual Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards recently named Securus Technologies as the finalist for the annual Stevie Awards in the Customer Service Training Team category. Securus is a recognized company that specializes in providing technology solutions to law enforcement agencies. This announcement confirmed that Securus is bound to bag Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award in the highly anticipated 11th Stevie Awards.


Stevie Awards’ procedure for identifying finalists


Stevie Awards is an organization that pioneers in recognizing talents globally and organizing some of the worlds’ top business awards. Some of these accolades include the Stevie Awards for Great Employers and the International Business Awards. This organization will be issuing the awards to the winners on February 24, 2017, in Las Vegas. The Stevie Awards fraternity reviewed over 2300 entries sent out by companies all over the world. The criteria used to select the winner involved averaging the scores of each finalist. The first set of 77 judges gave their verdict regarding the nominees that were competing for different categories. Stevie Awards came up with a list of finalist upon averaging the scores of every candidate.


According to Securus Technologies’ vice president, Mr. Danny de Hoyos, his company is humbled to have received such a prestigious honor from Stevie Awards. He added that Securus is a company that strives to excel in service provision. Securus has highly trained employees who understand their client’s needs. Additionally, this company is driven by empathy, and it aims at providing solutions that alleviate stress from their customers.


Upon averaging the scores, the second set of judges made of seven judging committees will then decide what company gets to go home with the three most significant awards. This final selection is set to take place on January 23, 2017, to February 1. The president of Stevie Awards has confirmed that finalists will have a chance to share their stories of success before the judges make the final decision.